Roku Stock Analysis – 2020 Price Forecast

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Today I'm going to conduct an analysis for the Roku stock one of you guys asked me to cover Roku in my last week's analysis of the Xoom stock so here's your a to your q Roku is a TV streaming platform in the US and it actually allows users to discover and access a

Variety of movies and TV episodes as well as live sports and music and news and others obviously its competitors include Disney and Netflix Roku doesn't pay a dividend and I would assume that during the cove at 19:00 it its revenue

Will actually increase but today I'm going to conduct also a psychology and a technical analysis on its price so that if Roku makes sense for your investment portfolio you can know when to buy and when to take profit if you want to in

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Continue in because next couple of months okay so here I'm looking at the Roku stocks aruku started its trading back in end of 2017 and it actually had a pretty successful bullish momentum in 2019 after struggling a little bit after

Its IPO which is very normal for majority of stocks this the line that you can see here is back when I actually invested in Roku we got in at 31 37 when we took profit at 72 and after that I actually haven't been looking at Roku

Today with our premium investing group members we covered a number of other stocks my must-haves are a little bit different not that Roku is a bad investment it's just that I don't want to I have other stocks in this category

That I have been investing inside I didn't look back at Roku but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't look at it I didn't recruit people are gonna look at its price action so I am going to actually create a Fibonacci trace

Available over here to see how its stock price has been moving in the past and the interesting thing and I do want to do a quick comparison between Roku and Disney's stock market price as well as Netflix because as you know during Kobuk

19 majority of people are now stuck in their homes and probably are turning to Netflix Disney and perhaps also Roku in order to spend their days so initially I would think that this would actually be good for Roku but obviously as you can

See it a stock price and the February had the same exact pattern as the Dow Jones and the rest of the market there were so the market and the Dow Jones this literally is the same as the Dow Jones I

Should show you for a second this is how down is exactly like this and then we have this angled double bottom bullish formation right now and that is exactly the pattern of Roku along with basically every other saw other than zoom and a

Number of biotech companies that have been taking a boost at a corner virus zoom wall not so much anymore I have covered zoom last week and today but the premium investing group I updated my analysis but let's get back to Roku so

This shows me that the reason why it dropped it just would took over the wave I do want to also take a look at Netflix because Disney they had their parks shut down so it's not the perfect one but compared to Netflix Netflix actually did

Bounce back up really fast Roku did not and the interesting thing is that actually if you look at the market sentiment and what other investors are doing at the moment majority like Morningstar and majority

Of hedge funds are actually bullish on roku so I'm I would actually say that this me like with Netflix it might already be a little bit late great got a Netflix awhile ago and if it's already broken above a chuckle cloud is reaching

Back to the all-time not all-time highs but the skew resistance of all but Roku it's still pretty cheap and this wave this is pretty interesting so we have now our levels rate the resistance of all is at 50 percent boo now at 100

Around 100 and is trying to get back there one more time now the question that I answered with RP members and group members today was is the market really balancing backup for real or are we gonna see further drops now obviously

Nobody can answer that because nobody is Nostradamus and all I said was my observation of what is going on I've been saying since in the February that when we started buying our way down that nobody really knows when Corner

Virus is going to go away we know that China and Iran have not been giving real data I know about the Iran one for a five because I have family there and I know that people are dying and they're not on the krona list now in the US we

Have a different problem and that is all the conspiracy theories and the political bipartisan of the whole thing now we have for example bull gates trying to invest in a vaccine and then people creating creating conspiracy

Theory that he has an agenda he wants to populate the earth he actually create the Karno virus we have on the other side on the left side that they say trump administration actually shut down a government body that the whole point

Of the whole job was to verify different viruses around the world and they had identified thousands of different viruses throughout the years including hundreds of different types of carnal viruses but Trump had shut it down

Literally two months before COBIT 19 came out now his promoting his treatment for COBIT I have my obvious in my B's I'm not gonna say it because I don't want to get political the reason why I'm

Bringing this up is that as you can see the u.s. is completely divided and if China can overcome coronavirus and South Korea can overcome it and maybe even Italy and the UK and all other countries that don't have as much political divide

Nurse in their country and they have leadership that everybody trusts they may be able to overcome it but in the u.s. we have people who if the vaccine comes out they're not going to take it we have people that if the treatment

Comes out they are not going to take it because there are politically motivated and they're believing into these conspiracy theories and whether you really truly believe it or not the matter of the fact is that half of the

Population in the u.s. is not going to take whatever action is that is going to be required to stop this virus even in New York right now today we had over 700 deaths but if you go to Queens and Brooklyn people are still going out and

Another problem with that is that yes some people have the luxury of being able to stay at home but some other people in the US they don't have that luxury and the government is paying them 1,200 bucks check that is probably not

Even going to cover their rent so for that reason they have to go out it's not like Canada that they're getting an actual wage so they can cover their cost without working so we have so many problems that kind of tells me that this

Corner virus thing is gonna stay here a little bit longer and for that reason we could see a little bit of a more of a pullback in the markets now because Roku has directly correlated with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and has not

Been correlating with other sorts that have been getting boosted by the COBIT 19 I would imagine that if the Dow Jones go down Roku will go down with it once again and that would create an interesting buying opportunity if you

Look at it right now still even at the current market prices at around 90 um I would say that this is not a bad starting point for somebody who really wants to at Roku to their portfolio so how I do it personally is I buy my way

Down because it is kind of stupid to really want to find the bottom but how low could it go it really depends on how long how long Cove it is going to stay around and how long the unemployment which is right now in the millions in

The US is a record high is going to continue because guess what if people don't have money to spend they probably are not going to pay for luxury items like Roku they might they might invest in other things that actually act value

To their life if they're smart about it so for that reason I would supply them two orders at 82 57 and 26 for Roku and for the time being I would actually take profit if there was a surge if you buy today at the market market price I would

Subtropical at 139 173 this for me not a must-have it does not pay dividends and so I will take profit and get out with other stocks obviously we would pay attention to it differently that was my a to your Q about Roku stock

Roku is not on my top 10 must-have list and that I have shared with our premium investing group or the pig members so if you're interested in joining the pig please go ahead to learn to invest I become /yes I've said it before and I

Said again I do believe that a recession is a perfect time for taking advantage of this other stock market and at cheap prices it could go lower and but the matter of the fact is that some of you guys might not have the money to invest

And it's super important for you to become cash rich and that's the reason why I've been interviewing the experts in developing online businesses and starting online businesses go ahead on my youtube channel I'm gonna add the

Links on the description area as well so if you have lost your job due to Kovac 19 make sure there's opportunity all over the place I am doing it I have an online business there are so many other people who are increasing actually there

And and and scaling their businesses online and that's awesome for the economy so I definitely encourage you to look into this you can do it there's so much opportunity and the more cash flow you'll bring in not only it's good for

The economy it also enables you to have the money to invest and have multiple revenue streams which is the true path to wealth again once again thank you so much for joining me today if you like this video

Definitely like it comment below and let me know what questions you want me to cover in my next week videos I do publish videos every single day share it with your friends don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you again in

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