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by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today a crypto convo with a good friend and trusted colleague his name as Robert Beatles or crypto beatles as many know him Rob thank you very much mate for making time to speak with me today

Hey thanks a bunch for having me man it's always great to chat with you and it's been fun the past day or so absolutely and for those who wondering we have had some you know pre conversation chats because obviously

It's good to catch up there's colleagues and it's mates now Rob is well known in the space he's done a multitude of interviews he's a personality that many can't can't help but you know respect because he is all about trust on the

Blockchain so wrong this is the idea of this is just having an open conversation have a relaxed phone if I can possibly do that cuz I tend to but mate yeah thank you so much for you on today and let's just get into

It and start with you you know tell us a bit about yourself and you know what really interests you in blockchain in blockchain man all right well Christian husband/father that's that's who I am at the core you know I build businesses and

I started off really young you know been with my wife since we were 14 years old and so you know we were married at 17 years old with our first son we went through you know the whole government you know assistants the welfare the food

Stamps all that kind of stuff that you know sucked but I'm glad that you know we had that ability to you know to live right and I'd always been you know a little techie you know I used to have bulletin board systems and drive my

Parents crazy you know taking and hogging the phone lines because you know they needed a modem you know we needed to connect and talk to the world right and so you know I started off you know with little Commodore 64 and amigas and

180 60 X's and all that and so I've always had you know kind of a fundamental understanding and more so than most of you know programming and in tech and so you know I love doing that but getting married early right I had to

Make money and so the first thing that came to mind was construction because they'd been doing that for free learning about it and so I went the construction field and ended up running the business not mine somebody else's and then I got

Into with them and they said hey man you can do a better job to start your own company so I did and I built up one of the largest construction service companies here in California in around 2009 yea God's great man and I got great

People and you know it's just a big big family but around 2009 you know that big family and and all these great people basically made it to where I didn't have to be there every day anymore so I got to go back to my roots and get my geek

On right so I you know created a you know like the world's first reusable envelope and then I created you know this greeting card you can put your own video or photos and called memory tag and I ended up you know talking with the

United States Post Office and they loved the text so much they started having me do you know things for them so we created a software company and we started creating like applications and platforms you know for United States

Post Office and then around 2011 my buddy Max Keiser you know the guy that was talking normal and talking as normal as I am right now and then that's the fly's up and all you know eff Jamie Dimon you know all that kind of that

Stuff it's he's incredible I love the guys he's brilliant his health as well oh yeah yeah yeah but he opened my eyes man in 2011 you know 2011 and I totally got Bitcoin I looked into it got bit by the bug and then around 2017

Everybody knew by Bitcoin right so I was getting blasted by people left and right now they heard it's you know it's going to the moon everybody's gonna get ambos all this stuff but they didn't know how to navigate the waters so after they

Asked me a bunch of the times you know how how to do this how to do that a couple of guys that were smarter than me just said hey dude why don't you put together a video for us so that way you don't have to answer the same questions

Over and over and over again so we put those videos together I've got to have you know a lot of friends and family that watch them a lot of celebrity friends they shared them they kind of went crazy viral we you know have done

It I don't like a thousand times now right for a friends and family and we give away a hundred dollars of crypto on every single one of our videos to get people into crypto we don't take money from any project or anything like that

Whatsoever we're just there to kind of let the CEOs and the founders and the builders explain their projects you know to the friends and family and and the family's grown man you know we we got our youtube-channel crypto

Beutel's me and my son we've got a TV show and 46 million households we've get we're the face of tradingview sessions for people that want to start understanding what trading is all that kind of stuff and then now we created

The monarch wallet in 2017 and every week it just gets better and better and better so I've been rambling for a minute what I mean the reason why we have we've known each other for some time is because you know you mentioned

Things like you're an entrepreneur you mentioned things like you give away kind of dollars with each of your you know pieces of information it release and you know initially when I have to admit when I first saw those kind of giveaways I

Instantly thought oh is this about you know money over information but knowing you I can attest that you know that was just you know once again part of that entrepreneurial business savvy that you have but underneath that's what I looked

At sincerely so the information is what matters and you're always about truth transaction transparency things like block there are something we're starting at the moment stands for as well and so once again made you know kudos to you

Because you've maintained that ethos of information you know of trying to provide people with access to that when many others are actually selling that information in some way so I really like how you allow for people to have access

To that yeah you know at the end of the day if I take money from one of these projects to me a piece of news gonna feel like I'm bought and paid for and I'm gonna have to explain to people you know that you know I took money and you

Know I'm really I'm really you know trying to show or expose them or whatever but you know when you when there is that exchange you kind of become an employee of sorts right it kind of takes you know some of

The not only credibility but it also just takes you know kind of that objectivity yeah yeah it takes some objectivity out of it and so yeah but then I give away the crypto man it's you know there's a big chunk of my audience

That's you know from around the world it's not all from the US and a lot of people they're hurting for money and a lot of people want to know what crypto and blockchain is and so they stumble across our channel or some of my friends

Or family points into it and maybe it's you know people in the Philippines or maybe it's people in Venezuela or whatnot but they download the monarch wallet and then they get that hundred bucks

They're paying for tuition right they get they're paying for food for rent school all kinds of stuff man it's it's incredible to see the videos and the photos come back and you know it's one of those things that you know it does

Feel better to give than to receive man and when you see those stories and the people how it affects someone how not only did they get into Krypton blockchain but they're able to actually you know maybe take care of their family

Or something because a hundred bucks goes a long tricking away in some of these countries right they may not go far in in Australia or may not go far in a New Zealand or the US but dude I convinced Whelan you're like a friggin

King with honour bright right and trust me Rob I mean even in the regions you mentioned you know the more affluent ones it still goes a long way I mean a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks no matter where we are and some

Stretches further but the point is you do give that from your team to you know certain parties and obviously the the interest is or the aim and objective is to have more distribution more widespread adoption of technical

Technologies themselves and so is that one of the reasons why you're so passionate about the projects then all blockchain startups more generally yeah I mean if you look at like the internet bubble you know only a handful of a

Maitre right there was a ton that came out handful mate we're gonna see probably the same thing in crypto right so you know it's it's kind of fun to learn about these different companies to learn about the teams torn about the

Problems you're trying to solve you know it's genuinely just intriguing to me into a lot of other people and so we just give what they want right they want to know well what are they trying to solve who's trying to solve it and tell

Us you know a little bit about the person right and so in doing that it starts bringing more awareness to blockchain to crypto the use case and sport all that kind of cool stuff and the free crypto dude nothing gets

Somebody involved in crypto more than somebody who doesn't know anything about crypto they just get some free crypt all right they're like well it just sent me this this magic money what can I do it did right and so they have to start the

Journey right they got to figure out okay a wallet and exchange you can earn interest on it you can do this you can do that you know I mean just kind of opens their mind it's you know kind of like the old red toe on matrix right

Right so it does exactly you're always gonna get haters in the space and they just don't understand it they just like oh he's got an angle he's got he's doing this he's doing that it's like no man God is taking care of us we

100 bucks a day is not gonna hurt me and this is gonna help you know somebody on the other side and so that's why we do it and just to help people and to bring adoption to blockchain because the end of the day if it's just us just talking

To ourselves nobody else is gonna get involved right right we can only have so many conversations but we can start talking to new people and getting them in maybe it's just one at a time but whatever that leones

It's really interesting Rob because you're passionate about expanding the reach expanding the conversation that crypto conversation beyond the microcosm that we kind of have it and those closed walls in the cryptic community itself

But do you find also given that you know you've spoken to so many CEOs you've spoken of any other proponents of blockchain some engineers you know the backend as well do you ever get concerned about the risks in indirectly

Supporting some of the what we would call pump and dump schemes and I know that you directly you don't but the risk as you mentioned before is that few will likely make it the majority of these startups might so in talking to those

And then also expanding the reach through those offerings that you provide and there's giveaways do you ever get concerned that inherent in doing that that there's a risk in some of these just not being of value oh and a lot of

These are not going to be a value but the education process there people are gonna go through but just from learning about the founders maybe they'll learn something they didn't know this maybe not even blotching related maybe they'll

Learn about blockchain and crypto that they'll be able to apply to something else because of that interview look from the very beginning I've been very clear that it none of my videos are ever financial advice and that it screams

Through the video as we're talking you know I've been a very upfront with people kind of like the thousand people I've interviewed Ivan I think I've invested maybe eight alright so and you're transparent about that as well

I'm like oh my God look guys you know like for instance like with the searing lamps you know like I bought a ton of those tokens you know early on right because I sound cool man you gave him a blockchain phone that just sounds like

So sexy cool it's like all the things that I stand for it's like all right technology crypto blockchain in a freaking phone using Android just sounds incredible and I told people my what guys do not

Buy this token alright don't buy it don't buy because I bought it you know this is just something I'm excited about and I'm gonna buy I'm gonna buy four of these phones and I'm gonna give him away to the audience just because I just you

Know they didn't give him to me they didn't pay me to say anything I never took a dime from any of them it's just something I was genuinely you know excited about my son actually delivered the phone that's more than 99.9% of all

Those companies out there but the sad thing is is most people they just judge a project by the token price right so I say yeah it's a big problem yeah yeah and then you get some of the CEOs and stuff that you know maybe they maybe

They're not so altruistic maybe they take the money maybe they do something they shouldn't do with it I don't know man but at the end of the day deliver they delivered a product right and it's cool I use it every single day and so

You know that's that that again right is just an example was something that succeeded but failed in my opinion so far right because they don't have the adoption they did deliver a product it does work really really well

But I haven't seen a make constant improvements so that's it's all said Ryan there's you know a ton of other projects to just have you know great ideas but it's all on paper it's on paper sorry to jump in but you know I

Can tell you could talk for hours as well on your own like I could but mate I wanted to talk to you more about also trust when it comes to this is this assumption that because we speak to a CEO for example or someone from a core

Team that many people just assume in the space whether it be crypto or or outside of it so that there's natural or an inherent veracity in that content but it's not always the case as you would know because sometimes these CEOs are

Representing a team and a technology that just isn't of substance as we were alluding to before so in that sentence do you ever get concerned about those parties in crypto especially those who are paid but even those were unpaid

Where they do reviews they do content that's not actually source primary source information where you know again the person is listening to the CEO and again the the the onus is on obviously everyone to do their research but again

If you look you looking at information there's nothing better I would argue than listening to what the team had to say regardless of whether they're real or not do you give a good concern about the kind of trust people place in

Other parties third parties other influences you know any source of information that may not be from the source itself yeah I mean to start you know like I've always told people I'm here to educate not to influence right

So the last thing I want to ever do is make anybody or tell anybody to buy or go do something right a lot of a lot of people out there that are on YouTube that you know talk about projects and get paid for it

Dude everybody has to eat right so a lot of these influencers that are out there they've got a family they got to do what they got to do but they need to be transparent with the audience and just say look guys you know this guy gave me

You know a thousand bucks to you know to interview them you know so you guys can fast forward if you want you guys can listen through it if you want but again you know he paid me a thousand bucks or whatever and just be transparent with

The audience and just don't look man I don't know if this tokens gonna go up I was gonna go down I don't know the project's gonna be here next week but I got a mortgage to pay you know I mean I gotta feed my kids so I took a thousand

Bucks right if they're you know front about that dude I mean you're always gonna get haters wrong envelope I push this conversation this topic a bit more because I tend to agree with you that obviously being someone who's done

Ambassador ships and people who know me would know that that's paid so you know obviously that's transparent as well and the reason I did those ambassadorships is because I was looking for a balance and way in which I could support project

That had potential because we don't know for sure if that projects going to make it it's literally impossible to know but through our own due diligence and our transparency we all make our choices and that was my choice to do those but what

I can say Rob being in this space in this position that I'm in now and life similar to you is that yeah some of the the people in the space literally are aiming to be influences as opposed to educationalists or those providing a

Platform for information as a conduit essentially and when it comes to money a lot of people I hear that common response of you know they've got to eat they've got to survive but the reality is in crypto and I can guarantee you

Either I know this some of those parties that are doing that information and selling you know that third party approach they aren't just doing a tease they aren't just doing it to survive literally charging sometimes above

$10,000 a video so to me there is a there is a line that people can cross where they start to you know really think about their own position their own pockets their how they can capitalize on crypto there is a real problem in that

For me personally but then there's also the argument that seems to be fine that if you're transparent and you're doing this for education and you need to eat okay fine you know charge what you need to to do that if that's the case a when

Do we get when does it become an insidious problem Rob yeah so I mean you're covered a lot there with with influencers right that are out there solely just to make money off their audience you know those guys should burn

In hell right I mean those guys that are just gonna you know try and take money from their audience – you know benefit themselves you know those are those people they shouldn't be you know doing what they're doing right and so for

Other people again you know every every educator every influencer you're asked to decide what's right for them and then just be transparent about it and so they're gonna take money then they just need to be upfront about it and just

Tell people look man this is sponsored if you believe in a project and you're on the payroll just be upfront about it man and I think the audience would be okay with that you know don't just if it's the people that say hey look you

Know I just bought a bunch of these tokens it's gonna go up I know it's gonna go up if things get a boon this thing's you know you know until you know we're aiming for the stars and even if it sucks it's still going on the moon

Those types of people man you know they're dangerous right but people that stay you know look I invested in this don't do it because I did it this could go to zero I don't know I you know I have no idea I just I kind of like what

They're doing here you know if you if you own it yeah tell them sure if they if they paid you then also own that say look man you know I own some tokens and you know they paid this to say this or whatever just be upfront and I think the

Audience respect that you're always gonna get haters though they're always gonna get aiders you're gonna get people to call us people that you know call you whatever but the end of the day if you're transparent and open and honest

And you explain you know what you know what you did what transaction took place I think most people in the space will understand me and they all got jobs they all got to eat but I got to pay the bills show

But I want to ask you as well again and we'll be really transparent transparent about this Rob is that sometimes I've also seen certain parties influences or educationalist if we want to call them that where they'll they'll flip in terms

Of support for a certain project or lack of support initially so I'm going to name a name and I'm going to explain this and what I mean so recently I watched an educational sort of livestream of Chico crypto was

The person who did that one of the well-known influencer in this space he was paid $3,000 by credits to do it but in doing that interview was livestream with three other prominent and respected startups so we had mad at college chain

And I forget the other one sorry quite chain so you know instantly the names attracted me to watch that so you know kudos to him for getting those four people on no issue but the point I'm making raising this is that prior to

That and it's several months prior though he was very very aggressive in not only you know the disdain he had for bayonets but literally spoke ill of Masek which was one of the people on that livestream now my question is you

Know when you're paying $3,000 by credits and you have a guest like magic on which was the case you know what does that say for the influencer you know if you know is a reasonable that they can do that kind of flip you know that can't

Transition from such vitriolic diatribe in that direction of Finance and then last matic because that was the case and then move into something where suddenly because payments made that they can not only have that person on the channel but

Change their tune where they're saying you know this is possibly one of the projects to watch in the future it just really money seems to really have a significant impact in this space yeah I mean it does in the world it doesn't

Matter what space you're in you know there's there's good actors there's bad actors there's people to do all kinds of crazy things for my right I didn't see that video you know I I watch some of Chico's every once in a while there he's

One of those guys that you know I appreciate what he brings to the space it's it's a different perspective right but again I didn't see it I didn't see or hear you know him talk badly about Manik but when he had those four people

On was he talking bad about Matt you know right to the guy's face or what did he change his tune entirely and he was just gonna like him overloading him what had happened is prior to his you know informative

Discussion because he essentially the plant the idea that paid peace with credits having those parties on those CEOs was to allow people an insight into their position through process of questioning which was actually soundly

Done you know you did a good job with it but my question is more about the change in to you know the change in perspective that can be brought about by essentially all I'm raising the question more so of money being put on the table because he

Was so direct not just at finance not just a Matic not just other IO related projects connected to Mattoon finance but also other influences like myself so my question I'm trying to remove myself from the equation actually because

Whilst you know I might have strong views about certain behaviors and actions in this instance it's more about questioning how someone can go from so directly anti a project you know literally state that because it's

Connected to finance this is what he did he said that you know startups like harmony for example it was very aggressively against them and he alluded to and stated actually that magic was another one that was just

Another as he called them finance shill or you know used other words as well so the big question I have is if that's how strong how strongly someone feels why would they have them on a platform why would have they had them on their

Platform and more importantly you know is the payment part of this the reason because chico mentioned that the Matic was a guest for of critics and therefore was reasonable that they were on him that that episode but again I still I

Still have to ask you know why would someone have such strong strong views initially and then switch and allow for that you know that party and that speaker to be on their platform I just get concerned about the power of money

And what it can do yeah you know people do different things for money I mean I guess if you if you if you look at his uh his episodes I guess where he was talking badly about manic and then in this one here if they were on the show

And he was you know beefing them up or promoting them or something like that that would probably you know be very questionable if he was doing a good job just interviewing people and he'd already stated the fact like like for

Instance I do not like like going I am NOT a fan of Michael and I've said that for years right right it has nothing to do with you know they're developers it has to do with Charlie at the very top selling his freakin cryptocurrency

Telling people huddle huddle huddle next thing you know he sold all his frickin crypto and everybody else got burned not to mention you know was a copy of Bitcoin right they just changed it a six-mile I kind of stuff and so you know

I've been very vocal that I don't like litecoin so I brought them on my channel you know John John Kim great dude he's an evangelist but the whole time I'm telling him I like you but I don't like like when you know I'm in that area film

Oh you know he's a great guy man you know we had a lot of laughs and chuckles and I said everybody in crypto need somebody like you right we need we need these evangelists for every blockchain out there and you know I'm a big fan of

John Kim just not a white queen and he respects that you know he's not gonna change my mind you know Charlie he's not gonna change my mind but if I was to then you know start supporting it right you know what I mean after after me for

Years saying I don't like it and then I started supporting it you know that would be kind of questionable right people change my people could come on right I think she code would argue also if he was here today and hopefully you

Know at some point he does agree to come on my channel and have a chat because we did we were friends a long time ago but when it comes to being colleagues it's important that we can be professional so that question is entirely based on you

Know professional sort of journalistic inquiry so I'm not suggesting in any sense that you know doesn't offer value but that's not the case it's just trying to understand with with that instance as an example you know whether or not money

Can really change the quality of our of our position or change the integrity that we start with because at the end of the day we don't want the the offers of money to really dictate or change what we are what our aim is and that is to

Provide good quality information so kudos to him you know for before his transparency with with sponsorships he does do that give him credit for that but it's just a question that among college

With you I learned more more extrapolate more the issue itself because I think it's important I think a lot of the times money really does become first when it comes to the certain speakers in this space as opposed to the tick so

That's why I wanted to go go into the check with you starting with monarch first for a start and then just discuss some of the issues of Technology the visa fees the interest of network effects and narratives because they seem

To sometimes work against each other sometimes work with each other but what matters fundamentally is that tech has utility tech has meaning so monarch is the project that you have spearheaded from the start with your

Team so when it tell us a bit more about that without me trying to show it anyway so yes myself and snai bot were the founders of monarch around 2017 or so is when he got an idea for reoccurring you know basically watching transactions be

Able to use crypto and a reoccurring fashion most people know that you can do that centralized but it's very difficult to do a decentralized because blockchain with crypto once you just send it down you know it doesn't come back right so

It's kind of a push technology so to speak so he had that idea and I had already been you know speaking with tons and tons of people and one of the pain points that they'd all mentioned to me was you know there's so many apps out

There right there's so many different things they have to do so many different things they have to know not not including just a word to store their crypto right how to send it by itself all that kind of stuff so the two of us

Came up and we decided to create one app to access them all so monarch is basically a wallet of all the best you know services and companies that we partner with through one login so that way if you want to store your

Cryptocurrency there you can if you want to buy and sell crypto you can if you want to use the built-in decentralized exchange you can it's got a portfolio tracker it's got news aggregator it's got a ton of different features that

Allows the user to have access to our partners through one login experience anybody that knows about exchanges they know that they have to go through like a KYC naml process and you know exchange ABCDE all that kind of stuff right

Well imagine with monarch you do your kyc one time and you don't need to kyc at all for monarch wall you can download it today we don't even have your email address but anytime you use Fiat you're gonna

Have to KYC naml it's just that simple so if you want to use the buy and sell in monarch there's a kyc process just like there is every exchange alright so once you fill it out one time now any of these other exchanges or anything else

That were partnered with if you're like hey I want to use that company too I want to use that service too well you don't have to download the rap wreak a YC create another log in through monarch they would just be able to share their

Data if they choose you know with that company and then have a log into it so now you don't need 40,000 apps for all these 40,000 different services and all these different companies you just have one so one app to access them all and

It's free you know let's live today we've already integrated with like five amazing companies will just keep integrating more and more adding more coin support you know people can earn interest on their crypto on it all kinds

Of cool stuff and then we we created the reoccurring payment platform as well so we created monarch pay for merchants a lot of people don't realize the pain points that you know merchants have to go through with like you know charge

Backs right so a charge back would be you know say Brad you get a t-shirt company and every month for $10 you know I can get a free tea or a t-shirt for 10 bucks from you right so every month you send me a t-shirt so I get the t-shirt

From you then I call my credit card company and say you know what Brad never sent me the t-shirt they give me back my money and I keep your shirt and you're out the money and the shirt and this happens every day with merchants for all

Different types of different you know things with monarch pay that's impossible they can't do that and then also as a merchant they have to pay a high transaction fees so anywhere from like

You know 3% ty 12% so people that are using patreon or PayPal or Visa MasterCard American Express all that stuff all those high fees or thing in the past as well now it's like 1% so it's like 1%

No chargebacks they have total control of their money the whole time it's completely decentralized entire wallet portion of it and then there's a kind of like a centralized portion of it – for the merchants because now say you have

That t-shirt company and you need to mail it to me right you need to know my address right so you don't want that part on the blockchain right so it's stuff like that you got to make it a little bit you know a little bit more

Centralized of sorts on the merchant side right so now way the you know you know have the the name the address the phone number maybe they want to put their own landing page right so maybe you want to create a funnel so

After people subscribe to your t-shirt plan you want them routed to your website to go through another funnel to do maybe maybe a couple different steps or maybe you have a training course right then after they subscribe you want

Them shot over to the training course to start right then and there you can do all that stuff your monarchs pay and so you know we try to add all those cool bells and whistles that people would want merchants would want things like

Having access to all their users from one click so that way they could download an entire CSV and import it into QuickBooks so that way they know who to send the t-shirts to every single month or when somebody opts out of the

Plan right because you know sometimes you sign up for something and you don't really like it right you just don't want to do anymore well there's a simple as a single button you just kill your plan you kill the subscription the merchant

Can do it or the user can do it and the whole time we're not the middle we're never ever in the middle of your guys's money so you know it's always between the merchant the customer and again it's available now this is monarch Paycom

With monarch wallet com all this stuff is you know usable today it's great right everyone better well certainly you pitched us well on you know the robustness of the platform that you built because a lot of people don't

Understand perhaps how how replete it is with the different services it's not just the wallet as you mentioned but again my intention is certainly not to you know shell in any way any particular product that's you know led out by

Prominent speaker but in that sense I want to ask you as well given that you are such a frontline speaker someone who's respected as essentially a blockchain journalist in many respects or a start-up journalist as well as also

Someone who started at their own startup that is tokenized and does have you know a position in the space do you ever consider that a conflict of interest or do you have any haters with regard to comments and fed your way I want to open

This up because you know it is an issue doesn't happen a lot in the space where there's prominence from both sides in that personality in their representation yeah so you're always gonna get haters I don't care who you are you look at Jesus

They put him do across and murdered him right so I'm just saying and all he did was let be all right so you're always gonna get it right always no matter what but if you truly believe in something right why

Hide when I just be out there you know telling the world about it I know that it's safe I know that it's secure I know that it's reliable I know that it's free for people to download and use today so when I tell people about it why I have

Somebody else they don't that doesn't put their blood sweat and tears their own frickin money like 97% of this is funded with my Irsay's money you know who best to talk about them the people that actually built it right so right

You know let's talk about that Rob I want to jump in you mentioned 90% of your money you know and that's also rare you know you didn't know I go out and outsource sort of the capital like we've seen the capital raisers using pseudo

Utility tokens and that is the instance to raise capital so talk us through the importance of utility from your perspective because if you've raised a lot of the money internally through your own and sorry if you've put a lot of the

Money into Monarch to really make this a startup for the future how do you sort of look at current approaches to utility token models you know given that so much fundraising has happened in the past with ICS IES and the like and also

What's your plan for the future in terms of the monarch token becoming something of more utility yeah so I mean one of the things I've said in the beginning is 99% of all these cryptos out there are securities they just are they're using

Them to raise money they're people were expecting profit from them otherwise there's no real reason to buy right right so I've been very very very very upfront from the very beginning I always told people you

Know don't buy our tokens don't earn them all right so go earn them go down or free wallet go join our referral bounty you'll earn freaking tokens right so that way you don't have to give me any money just go out there you know do

Some you know earn I'm right and go do some tasks right though you know retweet something you know you go do this go do that and kind of spread the word of Monarch and so we were very upfront about that but even more so in the very

Very beginning we wanted to make sure that we were compliant right so in the very beginning we made sure that we filed our paperwork properly with the different states you know we made sure the filed our paperwork with the SEC we

Acquired a broker-dealer license that we're waiting for thinner and SEC approval it's you know materially complete all that gonna stop or just we have some the best attorneys on the planet working

You know with the SEC and Federer man so in the very start we want to make sure we're compliant and the reason that's important because I realize that most everything out there is a security token that you know some of the guise of a

Utility token at least under Colonel Wow so we have a straight-up security token you know that way it's you've got a security token and you got a utility tote the security token is for a credit investors man it's for

People in the US that are credit investors all right and they get 15% of monarchs income and so that is a straight-up freaking security but how are they paid it they're paid it with their utility token we never ever said

The utility token is gonna go up in value never said it's gonna go down in value I always say that as its use case is to pay the security token holders are income well have to cut both B's and to

Cut the fees within the exchanges within the monarch ecosystem so like for instance you know you're with monarch pay pretty soon you'd be able to save you know half a percent using monarch tokens right it's only costs like 1% now

But it's gonna be even cheaper so there's a there's a benefit you know for using a straight-up utility token so and also you stand by the term utility in this instance so what you're saying it's quite a lot in there because you're

Saying that a utility tokens can exist this is based on your own modeling as long as it's the the focuses on utility use application interaction between parties but the focus clearly of them is not to have some sort of price

Volatility the intention is not that a lot chain bit but Robbie in the sense of the security let's move that to that for a second because we see the emergence of reggae's we see a non security based system emerging as well where there is

You know a potential for this anomalous sort of nebulous space emerging now of what to what to regard them terminologically you know are they in that's instance still a utility token but a supported by the sec through

Reggae rugby whatever it's getting a bit confusing because as you said MIT rightly so many of the utility tokens of the past simply were not but then we also have all the way back to BTC Imperium determinations of

Commodities and so it's getting very convoluted in the way in which even the top parties that we trust the sec freaks the cftc are actually stating what different types are so what are your thoughts on this and what are your

Thoughts on the the progressions we make and how we clean this terminological conundrum ah yeah so right now like you said it's very convoluted right it's not clear so yeah they typically go by the Howey

Test right so if you if you start hitting those prongs well guess what you got a security at least in current law but with things like facebook right with Facebook you know they're gonna be the pioneers force man they're going through

There you got them you got kick yeah these guys are they gotta go in there and battle the sec fan around the Congress the court system we're gonna get some clarity you know it's gonna clear a lot of things up for

People and that's really what we need we need some people with some really deep pockets with a lot of power big you know lots of legalese behind them and we need those guys to go to you know kind of go to war so to speak you know and then

We'll be able to follow in their paths in the meantime all we can kind of do is what we know that is I guess the best we can do right based off what laws you know I've been around for you know 80 90 years or something like that and so you

Know we've met with a ton of attorneys and so we wanted to make sure that you know in their opinions that we're doing everything as possibly you know this is illegal and as compliant as we possibly can right now I know isn't that a lot

Because obviously you asked that of all the CEOs you speak to as well but then there's the question Rob also of currency coins those currently centric systems all the way to stable calm coin conversations as well so I really want

To talk to you at this and I hope it's okay that we can but when we go back to the very first iterations of the white paper of blockchain integrated with cryptography to tokenize economies we see the narrative of BTC now in that

Instance when it when it first emerged the the premise there was if we based on the white paper was about peer-to-peer cash you know wanting to be global money sound money for the people we now see a very different reality I'm not talking

About ideals not talking about anything more than what we see provably in front of us empirically so the big question now is with the currency based system with the focus on trying to create new forms of sound money libros led a

Corporate agenda and really thrown that conversation into the mix special and comes the SEC and top-down power BTC was supposed to be an hour another narrative they really should led the way for a people's money but is it you know

Let's really dig deep in this because if we just look at the way it's treated the way it's colored the way that it's supported and a white shield what is BTC tiro so to me it was my red pill moment right

I love Bitcoin I love what it stands for I love you know all the benefits it brings the world to me I see it as digital gold people can say that's you know that doesn't make sense because it's you know there's only one gold

Right but to me it's kind of a store value now why well I think a lot of it has to do with you know the core team isn't incentivized to really work on it it doesn't have like Linux you know we're Linux's got all these big big

Actors big corporations paying developers to work on it there's really nobody paying you know the Bitcoin developers to work on bitcoins so they become motivated to work on other projects things like block stream stuff

Like that and what people don't realize that they're like wait a min bitcoin is open to the world you can all develop on it like yeah people can you know make all kinds of Bitcoin improvement protocols you know they can submit their

Bits but it's not going to get approved right there's you know only a handful that usually get approved and again it just kind of goes back to you know the core Deb's right are they properly incentivized to work on Bitcoin to make

It better or do they kind of just leave it the way that it is you know yeah it works safe it's reliable stop messing with it I've said that you know just fine just leave it alone leave it as a store value that's cool but if they've

Got to work on it you know they need to be a little bit there he's no more supervision I know that people say that it's open the world anybody can read it but how many people you know that are experts in C++ and

Understand block chaining they can understand you know exactly what what what improvements they're making or what they're not doing to it it's it's very difficult so I did a video a while back just said you know we've leave Bitcoin

Along kind of like bridge right hey leave it alone because unless you're gonna have a team that is a hundred percent dedicated to it you know that's you know trying to make it better they should just leave it alone leave it

As it is and it's just as a store of value it fails as pure cash it's as simple as just try to send me a dollar it's gonna cost you four or five bucks you can't s-some than this Whelan citizen to use

Bitcoin and you know when they're they're worried about freaking you know a penny you know how are they gonna pay four times the amount of the transaction just in fees it's failed you say this because everyone I'm sorry to interrupt

Sometimes it's only because some of the things you're raising now some people in the BTC camp even some of the Bitcoin is even some of the Bitcoin maximalist have actually suggested that perhaps bitcoin is not for everyone when it comes to the

Narrative of sov it's simply because of different financial positions different economic scenarios for different regions of the globe so in affluent regions you know comparatively BTC it from an sov standpoint can really work because

At the moment it's functioning as that sov but what I want to bring it back to the conversation of fall because we look at it technologically a lot of questions certainly arise when we look at that compared to the white paper itself and I

Know I'm harping back and really just trying to dig deep in the start of BTC but the reason is Rob is that that that white paper was the the reason why many cypherpunks were so passionate about BTC it's the reason why they spread the

Narrative it's the reason why BTC was so prominent so quickly because at the time there was a lot of governmental pressure there was a lot of financial instability globally especially in the US so it was a perfect sandstorm to really push for

Some alternative sound money but no one talks about that no one talks about the fact that at that time the agenda was very different and that form actually for years in fact that stayed that way but now the sov dominates and that's not

Reflected in any of that early narrative so again you know when people they become tribalists in this space and you know they don't want to admit their baby's ugly and it's it's it's really the kind of that simple right there so

If it fails to act what its core purpose was designed for they try to just kind of a little bit right say well you know it's not really meant to be a peer-to-peer cash it's meant to be a

Store value it's like well hold on in those nine beautiful pages that Satoshi Nakamoto wrote what is it the freaking top of it man it's peer-to-peer digital cash that is its frickin intention yeah and then you

Look at things like okay this Bitcoin cash incident right so you've got the core team that doesn't want bigger blocks they say that you know Satoshi didn't you know intend for that to happen right but then if you go back to

Satoshis own writings he says when the network and supported when the networks at a point it needs dit when the infrastructure around the actual watch-chain network is you know strong enough he'll make bigger blocks satoshis

On writing saying that right but these people with bitcoin core they get a little side projects right they got like block stream either working on lightning if you're doing something else and guess what if Bitcoin becomes

Peer-to-peer – and works really fast what happens to their freaking businesses what happens to their side projects and the making of money nobody wants to talk about this so people people think that I'm some kind of

Bitcoin cash maximalist no man look I like stone right I like Excel iam I go chain how I comodo I love stuff it works right that's what I like the stuff that's you know fast cheap reliable you know I like things like even XRP dude I

Mean it's fast cheap reliable man so all that stuff works better than Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash facing now why didn't they why didn't they want bigger blocks people they come back to this story and they're like oh we'll

Keep their coin caches blocks they're all frickin empty it's like okay but guess what when you have another crypto kiddies moment or something like that where you got this big wave of people that come in guess what they're gonna

Fill up those frickin blocks aren't they right why do I build it for just the usage we have today why not build it for the usage we intend to have tomorrow you know abilities higher the the focus for many of the forecasts the vault

Codes that have emerged since PTC's initiation into the space but Rob one of the confusing parts I find today in 2019 is that many of the Bitcoin maximalist and even some of the bitcoin is who are distinguished from the former they still

Advocate for the emergence of big to become a concurrency so the question has to be raised does this even make sense these two camps of sov and currency given finite supply given so many aspects that don't necessarily

Alignment monetary policy we have the likes of prominent speakers all the way from pomp and his pomp effect to you know a multitude of celebrities speaking about this a lot of influences are now transitioning from what they called the

Old coin narrative to now pro BTC but the issue is how can they in the same breath advocate for an sov and then a currency to be spread around the world to be used ring really serious about this because you're raising real

Questions about regional complexities you know use case complexities globally as well depending on where we're from and what we need BTC to do or any currency in fact so you know can you expand on this a bit more for us because

It's something of an issue that just isn't discussed enough look man there's different vehicles not everybody wants a Lambo maybe some people want a minivan look people just need to face up and realize that bitcoin can't be everything

For everyone and it can't do everything that everybody wants it to do either so right now they've pivoted and said it's a store of value guess what that's what exactly what it is it's not peer-to-peer cash it's not and they can

Say all we have all the second layer solutions that are coming that's great they're coming but lightning Network is a pile of crap it's too hard to use you got to be a freaking developer just to figure it out it doesn't work they end

Up having issues with their code and they just kind of push out messages it says I guys um update your code immediately you know with no other explanation whatsoever right it's like you can't expect people to adopt things

Like that right it's just not gonna work we're just making the blocks bigger could actually some things up and make it cheaper but they don't want to do that okay because that affects the second layer solutions that they're

Trying to do so with that being said if they want to just say that it's a store value and currently that's all that it is right you can't use it effectively for small transactions for cash you know just they need to stop being

Such a tribalist and just saying you know bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin you know launch you looked over here you know what's this thing called stellar right what's this thing called go chain what's the simple Bitcoin cash

What are all these other things because again not everybody needs the same vehicle so some people if they're not really into using crypto they're just totally new for speculation dude Bitcoin alright I mean that thing

Well you need a nail in the head you hit the nail on the head with the term speculation because I want to dig deep on that and then then I want to talk about that's okay the value in not being having a maximalist approach you know

Having a more open perspective on the potential of different verticals of different use cases and certainly different applications when it comes to currency these utility commodity and so on so going back to the term speculation

Now Rob if we you know you know the history with paper money was fiat itself it's a system of belief as well you know but it's it's geared from the top down you know it's supported by tax systems supported by governments is supported by

You know conglomerates corporates or you know everyone and then obviously the people themselves reciprocally engage and use that system now with BTC it's on the case the BTC unlike old even there isn't that the inherent reciprocal

Top-down grassroots support it is essentially grassroots movement trying to change the narrative change the game started with a different narrative as you know trying to be trying to circumvent authorities trying to be

Private none of those things are actually true the narrative of currency we now know the agendas shifted to sov so in that in that sense when it comes to speculation my question is the blockchain

The BTC blockchain is are built more so on belief of prospective value and I ever use the analogy of digital gold for a moment is that do you think also about the prospecting of gold I ask you this because if we look at the history of BTC

The real benefactors or the real the the real for the profit is essentially were those who entered in early the ones that got in earlier in time or the ones that now are able to ironically still if they want to some of their assets and you

Gone by their limbo or gone by their mentioned go and buy whatever they want but the the issue of speculation and the kind of promises that are made for more value is what I'm alluding to is the speculation that's the primary asset

Here so again with with Bitcoin in the beginning it was a beautiful thing right a lot of people that were out there promoting it pushing it altruistic motives trying to create

Global digital peer-to-peer cash the thought of you know it being worth your twenty thousand dollars a Bitcoin was probably just lunacy to them all right it's it's evolved it's changed since then the altruistic people that have big

Bags from the beginning you know out of them do you know a lot of philanthropic things with that money you know out of them do a lot of them don't even tell people they have it a lot of people just you know kind of just keep it in an

Account you know an old paper wallet or a monarch wallet and they just don't touch it today we have something very different and so the people in the space for the most part today are people that are you know they're bag holders and

They're here because they expect that bag to be worth more and if they can come to terms with that then be honest with people everybody's gonna be in the same freakin boat I mean if you look you know the trade volume all that stuff on

These exchanges it's all fake a lot of its just completely fake why why because people care about the price and so they have all this fake volume so they can pump up the price of these tokens which is what people are currently here for

There's not really a lot of people here for the tech the people that are here for the tech are usually the ones building it right they're usually the guys building it you know there are there are different people in the space

That you know are genuinely interested but those are the minority right now we still have a lot of bag holders that got burned in 17 burned in 18 they're doing tight hoping that they're they're crap going is gonna go back to where they

Were or their crap tokens and they probably out gonna see that but you know just to kind of go back to Bitcoin a little bit I mean these people need to realize that there's more than just Bitcoin out there bitcoin is the kleenex

Right it is the og is the most incredible invention of my lifetime it is a beautiful thing but it doesn't have to be everything for everyone if you're not gonna make a digital cash here then just fine leave it as a store value cool

Let's let's go look at some of these other projects right there's a whole bunch of them out there you get stopped by – – you got a zillion zillion different things out there you get dizzy by it right I mean these are people with

You know great communities that are doing great things got five different rhythms an auction it's cheap it's fast it's cool man and there's other things out there but they're so tribalist there they have their bag that's all they care

About is their freaking bag because they got a big bag of it right and that's you know I think they're gonna talk about because it's gonna deter from the message of Bitcoin and they're gonna maybe put the spotlight on some other

Crypto and that could somehow take value from their bag so these people just need to kind of wake up and just a man doesn't work as beer – it's just a very very very powerful message so if we use analogy for gold for example wrong and

You know obviously you're not an advocate for people going out and spending it like cash because you know you do regard it to be that likened to digital gold but in the sense of determination from the SEC for example

CFTC they've decided that at some point in history that BTC was a commodity now I want to talk about that quite seriously because for something to be a commodity my understanding is that it has to have inherent utility it has to

Have inherent proof that it has some sort of value beyond itself because otherwise you know we could literally pick up a rock on the on the ground and say look this has store a value if everyone just believe so so what is the

Fundamental utility beyond simply the point of belief beyond you know the masses or the Maximas proponents of Bitcoin the buyers what's the real utility beyond simply the mechanisms of the blockchain because that can be

Appropriated crypto cryptography is not the inherent single value of BTC because again we know the code can be duplicated appropriated so what's that one's distinction that makes it truly digital gold if indeed you know because gold is

Inherently commodity it's a utility it was a currency can be used as a parent see if it would so be it and you know is regarded entirely as a store of value not just from people but also from from the top down as well yes

So with anything you know it's it's worth something because people say it is right doesn't matter if it's a dollar if it's a tank if it's a rock but with Bitcoin it's the most beautiful like creation in a software or creation you

Know digital freedom for the world it's ever been created it's it's totally you know unique one-of-a-kind you can't replicate Bitcoin yeah you can fork it you can cone it but it's story like Satoshi

Nakamoto some benevolent creator that created this you know alien technology for the entire world to use people can take you know a paper wallet or twelve words in their brain and they can they can die with it right or if they can

Cross borders with the twelve words and they can go put it into another wallet and have access to their funds or SIM funds from you know from Venezuela to South Africa or wherever they want it's the first time in the world that could

Be done safely and securely right obviously there's there's some drawbacks all right currently because you know people just either a leave it alone as a store of value or be just kind of you know fix it a little bit so it's a

Little faster right but I don't get too into the weeds but you ask why is it worth something well if you look at Google Google for instance is start off is just basically an algorithm right just a line of code

That's that's all was was just lines of code and they built these huge businesses around it right and they use in those lines of code to create advertisements and target you know target users and they create you know

Tons of money right eight one are they like eight hundred billion trained our company something like that a lot and so I mean if you look at blog if you look at Bitcoin if it was a business it could be that too right I mean it could jump

In the premise was never for blockchain for BTC to become a business or for Bitcoin to become a business and we see the emergence of programmable money with efforts from the theory and and starts layer one solutions beyond that you know

Building smart contract solutions they certainly are moving in that direction but Rob pulling it back though to the question though of essentially where's the real utility you know determinations of quality of being made still trying to

Understand though what is the fundamental fundamental utility of BTC as an asset guardship so currently its sole purpose is you know basically a store value right so that's that's currently what its purpose is right now

The scalability Rho is that an actual terminal like can we determine that as actually utility so then for the utility side of things I mean I would say that's a utility or idea it's actually it's acting is a vehicle to store wealth so

That's a pretty solid utility I mean if I leave $1,000 out there on the sidewalk it's not very secure right so this to me that that right there creates the facility for me but the more so I mean you've got the

Blockchain aspect of it or you got the immutability you got the ability to store files in it that's incredible right then you've got the ability to actually spend it globally across any border do those are huge utilities there

May be there there may be block chains that do it better nobody's you know really arguing that and the people that are they they need to really read a little bit more but it offers an immense utility and another

Part of it is we don't know who who created it right there isn't some central figure behind it that we have to worry about doing some kind of nefarious things with it or having a bad day and you know burning it to the ground it's

Gonna take me you know it's gonna take you a big mining pools it's gonna take you know core developers it's gonna take something like that to make some kind of all right so can i and what's right it's fascinating you're talking about you

Know once again harping back to that not only believe but the store value being the primary utility asset but you also mentioned Satoshi so how do you think Satoshi would be feeling or the the the the group of people if you will that

Formulate that Satoshi an identity how do you think they feel given that they would argue that sov was never ever the utility intent it was never meant to be that primary utility and what does that mean in terms of potential for future

Court cases we know that there's certain figures certain very controversial figures right now going through some court cases but I'm being real about this rod because what point do we knowledge the basis would we acknowledge

The agenda and the initiative the initial premise for BTC yeah I mean the initial founders are that I would imagine if they're still with us you know they're probably rolling over in their grave I mean if you just go back

To you know Satoshi right when he left the project he turned the keys to the castle over to Gavin Andresen Greg Gavin Andresen got kicked out of Bitcoin I kicked that at Bitcoin core dude by the Bitcoin core

Developers a lot of people don't know that and I started talking about this a while back and you know that just kind of speaks to you know I guess kind of the environment there right so it's yeah it's not very friendly right

And so when Gavin Andresen the guy that Satoshi turned over the keys of the castle to guy kicked out of it he went over to the coin cache he basically said you know this is the project that I started working on and you look at my

People like Roger bear who was one of the biggest proponents proponents for you know Bitcoin create the Bitcoin foundation was the one out there pumping it to everybody telling her telling the world about it you know he's he's over a

Bitcoin cash you got freaking vitalic beuter and right saying bitcoins too hard to frickin work with but these Bitcoin cash guys you know I can work with these guys they're friendly I'm gonna start putting some I'm gonna start

Putting my data and their empty blocks I mean he started seeing stuff like yeah you start scratching your head saying well who's running Bitcoin right why is it why isn't this what Satoshi created right why isn't this you know working

Satoshi said he was gonna make bigger blocks Satoshi's on writing said that why don't we have that right what's what's really going on who's the people that are really coding this thing oh it's open to the world anybody can code

It no not true you know not true so and then there's not enough qualified people out there to be able to actually read the code if you look at stuff like they're they created how was it it was the the CBE report if I remember right

They in like September of last year created another bug that they released of Ivan of the world that could have allowed to create as many Bitcoin as somebody wanted so they could have created like another let's just say 21

Billion you know let's create 800 billion one like in 2010 they created a hundred and eighty four billion there's these bugs that happen right back then we had Satoshi guess who found

The last bug in September of 18-point cash the quick cash grab the Bitcoin freaking bug right and so why I'm kind of rambling on about this stuff is you know we really need to look at who the Bitcoin core team is we really need to

See who's there in know for the altruistic you know you know purposes or who's they're just kind of holding it back so that way these second layer solutions are making money on you know makes money and then you know how do we

Get people that are really amazing C++ programmers and people in Bitcoin they're incentivized to work on Bitcoin if that's what we decide we want to do well I find with just you know lone man just leave it alone you know leave

There's a store value there's all these other things out there the work better if there is it's really yeah I don't wanna risk messing it up right so right how about leave it alone because can you

Imagine Mike if if they put another bug in it on accident right nobody caught it and then there's 800 billion freaking bitcoins what does that do to the actual cryptocurrency market what does that do the bank's what does that do the people

That have their entire life savings in Bitcoin so I just say we bail alone Ingle you something else mean anything else use that for cash it's likely it's so clear from this conversation that you don't regard BTC it's sound money you

Regard that as the store of value that's a entirely different asset class so thanks for letting us know you know from your perspective I I certainly at this point in time do concur with that perspective but it is

Distinct from sound money now when we talk about sound money typically what tends to happen with good monetary policy is that there is a means in which the inflationary system that's built in or in this case deflationary or we'll

Look at that really enables for graduation toward stability now when you have a finite supply whether that socially determined or mechanistically determined by the blockchain that can arguably really change and

Challenge that possibility because again how do you stop this eh or any of those four codes from upholding that store a value coupled with currency it's a real anomaly because there's no suggestion that any bc8 or any of them

Will necessarily move into a stable unit of account for transactions for the globe despite the increasing block size if indeed the finite aspect of this is maintained so is there any flexibility in the BCH kam to him to really support

This global sound money system especially when we see sound stable coin systems emerging the suggestions of that whether they be from corporate enterprise or hopefully from grassroots movements to a really showcase what

Stable systems can actually do yeah so you know you kind of cover it a lot right there I think one thing I mean I guess just to be you know I just kind of just put my belief out there I think all crypto currencies for the most part you

Know don't meet the requirements of sound money they're for speculation that's what people are using them for and this market is they're holding them and a lot of them don't want to use it right

And so they're not using it to you know buy their Starbucks they're not using it you know to pay for you know for whatever goods and services and they're not going to they're not going to you man if you look at these Bitcoin holders

Right ask them you know hey when was the last time you use your Bitcoin for something oh no no no I'm holding on to this a mana it's gonna moon or I don't care what camp you talk to you they're all holding on to their crypto the only

Time they really get rid of it is when they swap it for something else they think it's gonna make them more money that's what we need in crypto for adoption and this is where you know but it heads with Roger Barry you don't like

Dude nobody's gonna frickin use this stuff is cash we need stable tokens man we need something that is backed by a dollar something that's or whatever the government's currency is all backed by a

Basket of currencies whatever the but gives in grassroots movement so how do you get around the issues of Libra and the digital currencies coming from the top role because I'm Andre Antonopoulos talks about this triad challenge where

You have the challenge from the top the challenge from the enterprise and challenge from the people so far we haven't seen an example of a true and authentic stable coin scenario from the people is it even possible given that

There's that intractable connection with fiat an intractable connection with you know money itself as we know it today yeah I mean there's things out there like David zoom that created a peg that's stable that doesn't have anything

Backing by it it's not backed by a currency or a basket of currencies or anything like that it just stays stable so it's you know it's it's incredibly genius what he did but it's also you know it's not backed by anything so

Again you know kind of the same boats so if you if you look at things like stable tokens and stable coins things like die right you could have smart contracts to create things that are based off of assets

People will use that but I'll tell you merchants right now they don't want to deal with the theorem they don't want to deal with Bitcoin they don't want to deal with anything that's volatile because dude if you're not really cooler

No man it's worse than that if you're a grocery store and you've got 2% profit margins and that's all you got in the in there in your token tanks 85% 30% 20% you're out of business that's what I mean Robby's you cut off the price yeah

Yeah so how do we get around that with Bitcoin capital corners well I'm so honest coin so honest coin is so high Bitcoin cash so that to me again is a store of value right you can use it as peer-to-peer

Electronic cash you can it's cheap like I can I send it out to people you know every single video a hundred bucks cost me like I don't know maybe a penny to send to them right I'm gonna like that it's super cheap but

Don't think for a second I don't think that that Bitcoin cash is gonna be worth more you know next year right I say do you think that that's a better store value than BTC so really I've never had someone had this conversation before

Yeah I think there's only one Bitcoin you know what I mean so Bitcoin cash is different from dick one all right so it's you know it's it's maybe what Satoshi wanted okay but the original Bitcoin isn't controlled you know I mean

It's it's Satoshi's creation that is the original Bitcoin so I fully believe that Bitcoin cash I think works extremely well is digital money it's not stable though that's why they created something called simple ledger protocol right that

Allows for the creation of their own tokens kind of like an aetherium of sorts and they have something called honest coin right you're honest token and so that's a stable token right and so merchants would use that so you

Imagine you work in Venezuela right you're making you know a dollar a day and you're paid in freaking aetherium and it drops right maybe it has a Black Swan moment they drops 50 percent you're down at 50 cents for the day if you're a

Worker and how you supposed to tell your family right if you're a merchant how you supposed to explain to your investors or or to your vendors why you can't pay them but if you're paying them in stable tokens and stable coins and

Things like that that's where you're gonna get adoption because it's so fast it's still done why why the focus on the increased block size why they increased in why the focused on trying to make this a more seamless Claus aful currency

Of the future for BCH if in fact you know this the narrative still of what lies beneath is the sov gajam so a lot of people now a lot of people say that you know if the price is gonna mellow out once we get enough people in right

Once once you get enough people in the price is just gonna mellow out maybe maybe and so that's when they say things like you know it will be cash one day we'll be stable yeah right we say the

Today if not man in all the businesses and all the people whose lives would be freakin wrecked if they took their paychecks in that in this market explain that to them like oh one day it'll be stable yeah I just lost my house

Breaking yesterday exactly Rob I'm and that's why I want to talk to you about this because it's it's fine to have a bell curve it's fine to have a tweet out you know from one of the Bitcoin maximalist or one of the Bitcoin is that

Eventually we'll get to sound money or if we have Andreas you know advocating for that position but the prospect of that you know is too damaging for present-day you know when we're talking about engagement so let's move to stable

Points for a second do you think that it's possible to have a Satoshi envision style no pun intended with esterday but some sort of alignment with the the premise of peer-to-peer cash that essentially is backed by something and

Isn't able do you think that's possible and is do you think it's likely that people would drive something like that to challenge things like Libra yeah I think that you know you get stuff like dye and it's out there right now I think

You can have things that are smart contracts I think you can have tokens built off of like Bitcoin see Bitcoin II you can create smart contracts off of it David said Beck did that in like 2013 2012 so you can do it yeah you can

Actually do this stuff now and you could have a stable toke and running off the freakin Bitcoin watching alright but we know that um Satoshi vision that actual you know Fork is trying to do programmable aspects they're trying to

Build on let me know that and they're also trying to be scalable as well but seven years ago me so this question is you know as you mentioned before many of the BTC can't don't want that I don't want it to be thwarted they don't want

That code to be changed or anything developed upon it so again how do we start to see evidence empirically of stability trust and means of utility for that for the use case of exchange for the for goods and services to be

Purchased but not with top-down controls cuz that's the big asset here really is having autonomy in San Mario yeah so a lot of people are on the masses aren't gonna trust it unless it's spoon-fed them from their governments or from big

Corporations right and that's that's just you know the straight-up truth right I don't care people will say all eventually we'll get there blah blah blah whatever look there's all kinds of benefits that

Blockchain is gonna bring to the world right but a stable token to be completely trusted by the masses gonna end up coming from a government you got China that is freakin doing their own cryptocurrency for better or worse all

These other governments are gonna start following suits it's going to align to rob because of the g7 alliance we might see you know international conglomerates and you know corporations yeah yeah I mean look you're gonna see these

Governments do that and in these people a lot of merciful man you know they don't understand they don't think for themselves they don't understand all this stuff and look I don't I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with

People just trying to explain the basics of like blockchain and crypto so now I tried telling that to a farmer and you know Vietnam a bit as well or any this kind of stuff you know they're gonna end up you know like Venezuela they've got

The petrol right they don't want it right they want to use something else like Dasher or anything I was one of your net is these government's are gonna end up for speeding cryptocurrency to their people that's not a way how do we

Fight that system that reality because that's what BTC usually it's why pain was trying to do so how do we start to engage in stable coins from the people sure but again you can't fight this stuff right people you know they say you

Can look you're not you're not going to it's they're gonna win they always do so what can you do to you know kind of you know I guess protect yourself and your friends and family and other people right that's that's what you should be

Asking yourself so we're not gonna prevent you know these global currencies from from coming to be there they're gonna happen people are gonna be using them but what it's gonna do is it's gonna Krita wareness and so when they

Realize that hey wait a minute I'm using this this currency that the government can you know track you can you know stop you can take it back from me and sees where I spend it all that kind of stuff they might start thinking a little more

Say wait a minute you know what's this this Bitcoin thing right what's this etherium thing what's this you know this I don't know this XRP this XOM this go chain is did you buy what is all this stuff over here right and that's gonna

Start helping you know the adoption to blockchain and all the cool services and all the cool things that come from the actual blockchain infrastructure itself right now everybody is so focused on speculation that's what we're in right

Now we're in this big speculative bubble right everybody's hoping it's tough to go up let's start time with the tech man how do we make this stuff better right so you want to create a smart contract

That creates a stable token that people can you know basically say hey look this is worth a dollar because you can see the smart contract right there it's bulletproof it's ironclad it's backed by you know this basket of assets or

Whatever that's in an escrow nobody can touch you know we know what it is and you can see exactly how many of them are out there and you know and they can put little controls in it you know to combat inflation deflation all that kind of

Stuff is possible people can do that we can create stuff like that but until we kind of have that global coin of sorts that gets a lot of people looking at cryptocurrency dude nobody's gonna frickin use it man well it just shows

Rob how early we are on in on this face now literally because now the you know the top-down powers the government's and the enterprises they're really paying attention they've been listening to those first the first decade of

Opponents of this technology and they're now acting finally so now do you envision envisage that subsequent to those parties reacting that would really be really going to see the limelight shed or the crypto space lit up then

Four options for education the reason I asked for this because never in history has social media been so powerful in terms of changing social dynamics even changing economic outcomes for regions around the world

So it's possible arguably that the technology ironically that preceded and predated blockchain and also that came forward beyond it could actually enable a greater you know real-world scenario of widespread adoption post government

And Enterprise reaction when we start as people waking up to just how dominant their new technologies are going to be it would tokenized systems that perhaps aren't in the interests of people yeah yes I mean yeah there's a lot there I

Guess just to kind of cover a couple things you know with with monarch you know how to companies like us we're trying to make stuff simple for people to use right because that's one of the biggest obstacles we have encrypted

Right now is people don't understand it they don't want to they're afraid it's gonna just explode on them whatever so we're trying to dumb it down for the people when they do come right so for people to come into the space what do we

Need well we need merchants and employers and people like that to be paying with true sound solid stable currencies right so that's like with monarch pay right we're trying to get people in that way because I can't pitch

To a business you know use aetherium use Bitcoin whatever when it has so much volatility but I understand why they understand TUSD a little bit they'll be able to just convert it and put it right back in their bank account and doesn't

Cost them more than a percent they're on board with that it's stuff like that it's stuff like the global coin it's it's all this it's this this huge different just this beautiful symphony of all these things that has to happen

To get the blockchain adoption we all want because right now everybody that's in here and says that you know that I'm an idiot for what I just said you know these guys are bag holders dude these guys are speculators not builders you

Know they mean I just wanted a guided tour a puzzle protocol is do the video huh is he gonna go up exactly senior time with a lot of the feedback one of the crypto Twitter sort of commentary as well so what you're really saying is the

Future is going to be built on stability and also Enterprise and more importantly the construction you know it's ironic almost or it's more a bit more very fitting that you come from a history of building construction based businesses

You know those that are trying to literally build in the real world and now you're doing this more in the virtual in the digital world by literally espousing construction of real world meaningful enterprise meaningful

Startups that can actually do real things and then perhaps have a token attached to them that is a utility but fundamentally what I like hearing about this conversation is stabilities relevant and volatility is is really

Challenging the future of this industry so Rob thank you so much for being so forward for providing so many different perspectives on very tough questions mate is there anything you'd like to say to everybody just to finish off the the

Conversation to really encapsulate what you stand for Manny you know it was always good just great hanging with you right it was we don't get these conversations very often especially you know what you know other

Channels you know people you know usually I'm the guy that's asking them about their project and you know so this is obviously some controversial stuff for some people but if they look into it they look past you know they're their

Bags that they're holding you know maybe they'll start to see that hey you know we need to make things easier for people to use and they'll start using it and that's what we got to focus on and and constantly make them better and with

Monarch that's that's what we're all about man we're all about just creating something it's a value that's safe secure reliable decentralized that they own their seed their keys or they don't have to understand what you know

Blockchain and crypto them just how it all works they just want it to work right they just want that Facebook experience so that's what we're building you know for you know basically for there they can be their own monarch

Anyone in the world right from the palm of their hand and then if you're a merchant you can use monarch pay and you don't have to worry about all the crazy fees and it's things like this and I think will help yet you know the mass is

In you know once or at least when they're ready to the stuff will be there for them and it'll be easy for them to use and so every day man that's that's what we do man we just we just keep making it better and better and so

Anybody wants to find you know find me I'm super easy to find if you want to find monarch wallet you know it's just monarch wallet calm if you're a merchant its monarch PACOM and again like I'm super easy to find just type in crypto

Beetles anywhere on the internet and you know you'll find me absolutely I mean we both seen your ads and might thank you on behalf of all those in crypto for having this very transparent conversation and thank you also for

Being an advocate for building block by block it's all about putting forward real meaning into the and injecting that into the blockchain you certainly are doing endeavouring to do that with monarch your own venture your own

Startup you're putting your own money where your mouth is as well and make you also do the other side that journalistic endeavor you traveling the world and very soon again once again trying to perform provide free information from

The source so made from many different angles I want to thank you for your time for what you do I sincerely mean that and thank you also for being a colleague in the space because at the end of the day we just simply may need more truth

Trust and transparency in this system and you are part of that conversation so thanks rod for doing all you do okay warm honored man so thanks a bunch for everything that you do as well I really appreciate you and all the stuff

To bring to this space so goblin you know I love all you out there and so anyways go Bitcoin thanks Robin okay

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