published on August 2, 2020

If you're an xrp baller subscribe to crypto jeremy what's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp we hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video and guys have you seen the charts

Amazing we just opened a new candle 53 minutes ago around the 29 cent level you guys can see right here we are testing testing the 30 cent range hoping for that breakout above 33

Cents to make that higher high on the short term guys i have so much stuff to cover i want to cover all the indicators all the parameters that matter a lot of interesting stuff so make sure

To sit back relax grab some popcorn grab some coffee although i drank it already and enjoy the video guys enjoy the video truth is i'm excited i'm excited because we've been waiting for so long

This bear market has been seemed like endless but you guys look at the parabolic guys this is parabolic this is nothing but parabolic eight green confirmed candles on the

Daily eight eight not two not three eight real real traders understand what that means okay the buy or the fear to greed index on bitcoin is 73

Huge um hugely um greed which is good thing and xrp itself doing fantastic you know the whole market what is this a 400 ethereum 400 ethereum that's another level

That is another level and you guys know that is another level guys we're getting to it let's first start off with some quick ta here i want to point out something very interesting which is the actual it's a relatively

Trashy fib retracement i'm still going to use it regardless we went from our you know high here at 34 cents all the way down to our low at 11 cents you guys will notice that this in this case right here the

786 line is this one right here is right at the top of yesterday's wick coincidence i think not on top of that are um in this case in this case look the thing about the fit retracement

Is some levels matter and some don't okay and you have to ask the bots and the traders for the reason for that i can't explain to that all i know is the 382 is very very high you know frequency it

Happens the 382 was very you know relatively useful the most useful if not that the 618 right here was also where we opened yesterday's candle so we were playing in check with this

Long gone favorite tracement and you know why that is because we are extremely bullish we are extremely bullish and i think when they say the pullback i think the pullback max is down to here at 26 cents

I don't see us pulling back more because the bears are getting obliterated every single day we have bears the bears create these wicks but they don't succeed even in the doji it still was bullish

Even this doji here three days ago was still bullish good stuff guys let's get let's also look quickly at the xrp2 btc chart which is also going to be very interesting for sure look at this

Look at this guys we are completely gone away from the lower levels here we are at 2400 satoshi i think xrp should be between 3 000 and 4 000 satoshi's

This was too over um oversold in my opinion just too low and truth is what's causing this right now is just you know a lowering bitcoin dominance bitcoin dominance below 62 percent

That's good stuff for xrps good thing stuff for the all coins let's get straight into the news guys let's go back to the xrp usd charge here real quick and let's start off with this this is

Interesting you know why this is interesting because this shows that adoption takes time it takes resources in one of my streams someone was you know saying why is xrp going to go up if the if

Ripple keeps on dumping it and you know that's the question that we can ask ourselves about jen mccallum who has a large amount and you know has specific rules for how he's going to dump it dump it you know sell it

But here's a perfect example of why it matters ripple needs to have xrp because they can use xrp through escrow through other whatever ways they use to fund their adoption and this is a

Perfect example by finding adoption moneygram can then use their um services through odl specifically in this case and turn a profit right they said it made a 88 million

Net benefit so i'm assuming that's a profit there for sure and yeah it's looking good i think that the development for ripple that the fact that they have access to

Liquidity like xrp you know to provide those services as opposed to just what they're privately funded with those you know grants they get on those investments that private equity

I think this is definitely important and understand this everything pays off in the end um if if ripple didn't have this xrp to liquidate and to really you know use where would it be where

Would xrp press action be we have no clue it would xrp would not even be what it is because without you know without ripple he hasn't understood what i mean about that i also want to point out the liquidity

Index looking great guys the liquidity index here pushing higher this is the australia corridor i want to see liquidity index back to 10 million xrp index that'll be nice um

Truth is this is the only one that's really recovering this well and i'm hoping it continues to go up i hope as price action increases there is more odl volume happening that's definitely interesting fiat leak which really

Caught my eye here sorry about that i don't know why that's all it's also green there let's there it is um look at this it's less now we've seen before a lot of korea and japan volume was happening

As you can see here we're still above 1 million trade in the past minute which is high volume relatively high volume for xrp i like to see eastern asia really waking up and really having a lot of

Volume because that's usually what provides an extra oomph that looks weird the extra oomph to like really push it above um resistances that you know the us markets might be setting so that's always great to check out uh i

Wanna check out the coin for your value real quick you guys will notice that we are above the coin for value is that good or is that bad i think it's good let me explain to you guys why coin for

Value is nice because it shows another you know set of parameters that quantifiably gives value to xrp which in itself you know it's hard to find intrinsic value however you guys will notice that we

Just recently if you look at the past all month here we just recently on july 28th so you know three days ago we actually broke our um price broke above the fair value and if we look at the long term

You guys will notice that when we it happened the first time it happened was back here you know in what was this 2017 march of 2017 but then the whole time we had a massive bull run we were above the fair value

And then in fact when the price finally broke back above right here that's when we had you know our insane bull run so we have right here is our fair value has been slowly but

Surely you know increasing sorry the opposite opposite i mean like it's it's a inversely um there's an inverse correlation inversely proportional between price and orange and then our

Fair value here in green so the fact that we broke above it says a lot guys it says that you know based on his history you guys can see right here we'll have more room to really push up

Because the fair value is showing that we've been you know we're not that level anymore you guys can you know use this how you guys want i just i just noticed that i think it's definitely an interesting thing

For sure guys on top of that i want to point out this bitcoin stock to flow which is one of the favorite indicators in the bitcoin community i want to point out here the the colorful um dots are

The price action and the purple line is actually the stock to flow on the 10 the 10 day ratio or whatever it is whatever um ratio they use the math doesn't matter at this point

But you guys can see each time we do have that spike it's because of the having because there's a decrease here um in the the flow right and that's why since there's a decrease in the flow which is the bottom

Of the division it will increase the the stock to flow stock is same you guys understand i mean so what that means is every time we've seen one here two here and three here after the

Havings i don't know this is the third one but you know the past two times at least right after the habit a few months after the hab and give or take maybe even half a year we have our price action slowly but

Surely creep up above the stocktophone the 10 days so we guys can see it here it's wicking you guys can see right there right there it is wicking up a little bit so it's going to be interesting

Obviously there's a logarithmic chart so we're going to need a lot more pressure here to even break the 99 000 stock to flow ratio level but definitely keep an eye on this if you guys are

Interested i think this is very telling for the whole ex or the whole crypto community because even though you know bitcoin is dropping below 62 percent dominance it's still 62 dominance you know what i mean it's

Bitcoin still controls the market to some extent right on top of that guys i wanted to talk about the wish list so let me actually go to the rich list uh stats here

Accumulations happening and why why is crypto jeremy why is accumulation happening because by pressure has increased when by pressure increases there's more people buying what that means is more

People are accumulating right it's pretty self-explanatory but why is this important because it's nice to look at the even though it's increasing slowly the levels are insane the one percent is

Still oh it just broke above eighty thousand xrp that's a milestone when the one percent hits ten thousand or a hundred thousand xrp that's gonna be a huge milestone that needs to be

Celebrated because when we look at the amount of wallets for example right we look at the number of wallets here there are only a little bit above 2 million wallets in xrp wallace

Assuming you know the exchanges of course we know the exchanges do take up a lot of wallets and money and people that's still extremely low i show you guys the percentages before it's extremely low percentage

So what that means is the more we go you know into the future the more exposure xrp gets right these rich lists are going to become more and more congested and the wristlets are going to become higher and higher and higher it's

Going to be a continuous upward trend here so you know if you're just holding you're going to be you know slowly but surely trickling down you know into lower percentages

However the thing that really caught my eye was this if we go to the rich list index when we search even today even today we search 10k look what happens look at this guys gonna blow your mind six percent six

Percent i understand that you know the exchanges mess up with this number and exchange a lot of people have you know small wallets but you're still six percent have you guys seen the six percent net

Worth category for the us you know for the us it's in the multi-million dollar level just so you guys know like at least one point 18 i think i know 10 percent is 12 million

Yeah remember that this is only only three thousand dollars right so remember that okay remember that i'm taking this too seriously anyways you guys get my point i really blew my mind is the fact that

The 100k which is a big amount that on the other hand 30k decent amount there for sure that's still the one percent 08 08 percent and keep in mind the whales

Ripple exchanges have a lot of the xrp so keep that in mind guys i just really wanted to show you guys talk about here real quick it's pretty much it for this video guys i wanted to also

Close off by saying that i had a lot of people asking me two specific questions that people repeat all the time i'll give a final answer for you know for once you guys can in the background can

See this beautiful here chart right here beauty is it the first question is how much xrp should i own and through the rich list stats i showed you guys it doesn't matter everyone to each their own you know i'm

Just i'm just i'm giving my personal you know opinion not financial advice read the disclaimer in the description down below this is all for entertainment purposes only it doesn't matter what i have or what

You know everyone has is what matters is what you have you're willing to have right and you have to do your own research and really follow your self your self interest you know

Follow your best interests every person is gonna have a different number and you know it doesn't matter because we all have the same access to the um ledger so it doesn't matter whatever the xrpl it doesn't matter

What you have how much you have as long as you you know are happy that's good without the price action i want to talk about the two differences between um a time frame and a

Price level a time frame is when someone asks hey crypto jeremy what do you think the price action is going to be end of this year there's no way for me to know okay the question that's going to be better

Answered and provide more information would be like crypto jeremy do you think xrp will hit one dollar and without a time frame because the time frame removes we don't we don't know anything about time frames it could

Happen in two days and 20 years we don't know but the price levels we can use for retracements we can support resistances we can use you know volatility interest we can use

So many different things you guys will notice that in a parabolic run we start with lower volatility we get higher higher higher volatility we know that's going to happen so there is you know some sort of golden ratio

Happening for these candles i don't know exactly what i'm assuming there is so understanding that you know is very important that's all i want to mention about those two um questions i'm excited guys i really

I'm not i'm i'm excited to break one dollar someone has to shave my head that's for sure guys that's it for this video guys if you enjoyed the video please make sure to smash the like button i hit 500 likes on

Today's video thank you guys so much for all the support if you guys like the camera and you guys want me to keep that make sure to let me know in the comments down below

I'll see you guys next video until then as usual peace

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