by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with our xrp video i hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video wow wow wow we have some extremely bullish um things happening here for xrp some might

Say oh no crypto jeremy this isn't bullish but i'm going to be explaining why we are really going to in my opinion be breaking higher levels here in the next few days and

You know i've always said the next few days are going to be big okay because i'm always bullish i'm always i'm always believing a believer in the fact that tomorrow and the day after will be better

Than today in terms of price action i understand that this market cycles need to you know have retracements have corrections however i'm a firm believer in the fact that when you're in

A bull run the possibility for a very good day a day like this day here for example you know where you have a volatility of 12 13 percent is very feasible any day any day in the board run ever so ever

Since we started the bull run here any day we could have insane bullish volatility and i want to get into that guys i want to talk about a few articles here i want to start off with the fact that

Xrp proved us wrong we had the the um bearish macd crossover where this um the signal line went above the shorter term macd moving average line and look at historically if you look at historically

Where were the last times we had the same cross okay an example was on june 10th that was the last time before this the single line went above what happened on june 10th oh what a surprise the next day june 11th

We sold off let's look at the next one what was the next time when did the when did the mac um d go below the ceiling line here's an example right here what happened here on

February 18th oh wait what february 18th what happened right on february 19th the next day massive sell-off there's another example um here for example okay on may 9th exact same thing next

Day on may 10th massive sell-off this time we didn't have that we did have the crossover here on august 11th and then august 12th we just had a you know a very relatively uneven doji

And the next day on august 13th we were already going back up so the patterns have changed we are now looking at a true bull run this is a true bull run and i know people are going to be like oh the

Alt season has not begun yet there are a few all coins that have really started moving but the main general our coins have not you know started really moving however i'd argue that that's incorrect

Bitcoin in itself is below 60 dominance at 12k at 11.9 k do you guys realize how important this is a lot of it has to do with ethereum and channeling's insane moves recently

Accumulating billions on the cryptocurrency market cap 59.24 this is crazy guys we have not seen this for months and months and months i don't even know the last time we saw below 60

On the bitcoin dominance so what is happening truthfully here is we have so much pressure whether it be because of the usd being devalued or just cryptocurrency becoming more interested in

We looked at the trends the google trends xrp is hitting yearly highs look at this pay id which was really very much so a catalyst of bullishness from my opinion for xrp

Rip pay if you guys don't know what it is is a application okay a use case that uses pay id okay so if you guys really look at it here anderson ripple cto david schwartz and ethan beard svp of x spring

Summarize that the proposal submitted exceeded the jury's expectation of many areas first place was awarded to the pay id validator a developer tool that provides smart contracts for valid id or pay id response headers however

Pay id received the most attention the community rip paid developer or sorry rip paid receive the most um attention to community repay developer um kuyawa kada explains that the decentralized application was created to

Facilitate the sending of money worldwide so what do we have here we have xrp being used beyond beyond just global payments okay even though they say worldwide i'm really

Looking at this as the use case that litecoin provides can be used by xrp and that 3.8 average second settlement time is a perfect example of how that is going to maintain you know

That possibility and so the continuation of this right the the use of rip pay throughout multiple social medias is going to allow for that internet of value to really present itself here

So you guys know about rip pay but i want to remind you that the link with pid is what matters because what it creates is a platform okay pid is a platform it is like a the

Internet of payments that's how i view it that's how a lot of people viewed it um the fact that you can you know pretty much send it like an email it's kind of like the email of payments one could say

So this is bullish stuff here on top of that the um liquidity index odl is not really sparking too much you know it's not doing too fantastic so the avenues that ripple is creating here

Are developing presenting themselves in different possibilities here it's not only about odl it's not only about a specific service that ripple provides it is about the idea

That the ecosystem is being developed as we speak and price action is finally following finally showing some sort of momentum i wanted to point out that we are really seeing levels that are very you know

Yearly highs for some of these coins all-time highs for chain link i want to remind you guys here to make sure to follow me on twitter guys at crypto jeremy yt link in the description down below as well

The pin comment guys let's hit 2 000 subscribers guys make sure to follow or sorry followers i'm so used to youtube followers guys make sure to go follow me

On that so i want to point out as well on top of everything that's happening here we talked about the fed we talked about um devaluation of m2 currencies printed over 3 trillion usd m2 in the past six

Months china is said to expand a digital currency testing program to large cities including beijing so in the digital space in eastern asia the real front runners are japan and korea however china now in

Eastern asia is developing itself as well and southeast asia is not behind either so we have all of um sea and eastern asia really following here the protocols

Required to develop cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency use cases and so because this is is you know develop itself in some with the places in the world where there is the most money um other than you know the us of

Course but a lot a lot of the money uh is going to provide you guys you guys know shenzhen you guys know shenzhen if you know what i'm talking about why shenzhen is a huge um creator of wealth here for

China you guys know what i'm talking about make sure to comment down below educate the people okay macau and hong kong okay guangdong these these um so macau

And hong kong are relatively close so they call this the greater bay area i'm pretty sure they'll cross the bay uh these are areas of straight power in terms of financial power

Especially hong kong especially hong kong there are a lot of crypto companies based in hong kong you know for example so what this means here is china is finally taking the step forward here not that

They were behind we saw brad talk about the fact that china is very much ahead compared to the us here in terms of actual regulations but understand the fact that china is a ringleader and has always been since the

Late 90s you know actually late 80s and now it's developing itself even more into the digital asset space now where does this put xrp it doesn't matter guys xrp is going to develop a global payment

Procedure regardless of which companies adopt cryptocurrency this is going through the um it's not countries um not companies make countries ripple is working through the companies

Okay bitcoin is founded on the countries use case okay if countries have regulations that you know prohibit bitcoin i don't think it's my personal opinion everyone's a little opinion on this i

Don't think that it will affect ripple and xrp as much as it would bitcoin okay because i think that is a completely different area of you know power here strength

Truthfully for cryptocurrency that's pretty much it for this video guys that's my honest opinion you know i'm gonna be making daily videos to make sure to stay

Tuned i want to point out here again guys chain link number five here getting close to tether actually not really but you know five number five it passed bitcoin cash sv

And litecoin cardano this is crazy chain link man i tweeted about this um i'm curious to see if this can break twenty dollars we are currently at an at a high of around eighteen dollars eighteen

Point one dollars and when i see this i just wish one day they'll see that same price here for xrp uh although it's a hundred times more supply but currently it's only 44 times the

More supply in terms of circulating actually sorry it's 350 million um it's pretty much you know 100 give or take that's it for this video guys thank you so much for support if you guys enjoyed

The video please make sure to smash the like button if you guys are still watching make sure to comment down below still watching so i can thank you personally the support has been crazy guys it means

The world to me i'm excited for this week guys we'll be starting off the news we're about to um well it's currently 10 38 p.m on friday the 14th uh this weekend could have some you know momentum we've been

Seeing saturdays being relatively high volatility recently even sundays uh but when litecoin you know comes around or not litecoin when monday comes around the corner it's gonna be very interesting to see what really

Takes place for that anyways guys you guys my next video thank you so much for watching i'll see you guys next video until then as usual peace

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