Ripple XRP to Explode!? BUT For an EVIL Reason!

published on August 2, 2020

We'll see yeah i'm live i'm totally live hey what's up everybody um yeah so consolidation volatility dropping to lows it's looking like setting up for a big move um but if you saw the title of the video

Some of you might think this is a troll because i have trolled xrp i'm not a big fan of xrp um i've made some videos about them what i think's going on it's a direct attack against decentralization in bitcoin

It's the banker's coin and something like people who say they support decentralization say i just want to make money so i'm going to buy xrp well that's stupid reason um

Yeah money's cool but you can make money in the right way you guys and supporting xrp in my opinion is goes against everything crypto stands for so the thing i want to start showing you guys is um what's

Going on in my opinion um some people may call me a crazy conspiracy theorist some people may call me a great researcher i just notice things that others don't i think

Um and i'm good at finding those little connections that most people would look over um volume is low uh let me try to fix that hello i don't know which one this is hello

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To outdo you with that baller hundred dollar tip right before you're five but i appreciate it all the same you guys um you guys are excellent so i do want to get into this content

Before tips start coming in and i have to answer them so and i want to bring up theta's chat too while i'm doing this hard to though hey what's up theta viewers

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Great job chico thank you i appreciate that sprite money you guys don't have to tip um but we're gonna talk about xrp i'm sure there's some xrp heads in here and this is actually if you're

Holding it not a terrible thing um because like i said xrp could make you money but it's for the wrong reasons and it all ties back into what's going on with twitter getting taken out and some of

The vc funds i talked about yesterday um getting into twitter getting their greedy paws in here right before all this happens you know it just something stinks and cheat goes on

On the stinky trail i'll tell you that oh diego thank you brother i appreciate your tip man and then yeah i probably didn't say that right but i appreciate the i'm praying emoji

Man oh tajir no worries about tipping you guys like just tuning in to to the contents enough and sharing it and not thinking i'm a crazy conspiracy

Theorist because i'm actually trying to do good research um so here we go yeah twitter they had the big scam hack thing and this game

Hackers tried to use the old bitcoin scam that everyone knows about and they got nothing you know it just stinks to me and so i looked into it and i found out you know right before all this happened

A major vc activist investing group eliot management bought a big old share in twitter it's what they do they get use money and then they buy a big old chair so they get

Board seats and then they like to shake things up and they've done it for a lot of companies but what was weird was there was a big battle going on with twitter you know ceo jack dorsey and all the shareholders

On his side were fighting to keep him on basically and then there was just rumors going around that jack dorsey was going to get ousted um and twitter is going to get a new ceo

That was around april um late march and then in april basically there's a deal signed and twitter elliott and truce overboard silver lake investment so the truth was that silver lake um gets

Another vc private more private than elliott um gets some big share in the company too so we're gonna get some just get this goes crazy dude

I mean the video yesterday was just tip of the iceberg i did that research in 24 hours i've had 24 more hours you guys so jk no shilling just appreciated i appreciate that comment and tip brother

It's awesome hey you guys change the chain link foot that stuff was funny you guys um that like stupid report if you guys didn't know 4chan coordinates these attacks on their

Own cryptocurrency and they've been doing it since 2017 i fell for the first couple because i didn't know but they do dude it's so stupid i mean but i mean it's fun to watch kinda

Because people get all scared and it's just 4chan being 4chan um but yeah so that's what's going on so a trump supporting activist investor just bought into twitter to try to oust jack dorsey

So that's what i was talking about there was you know they're trying to get them out before all this and who is behind elliott management i didn't get into it into this video

Because i didn't even dig that deep when i should have i should dug deeper for the video but i had to get it out quickly um so yeah i dug deeper and paul singer if you don't know who paul singer is

He's one of the largest donators to the republicans trumpster he's a big trump backer he's right-wing they're a right-wing activist so yeah he put 2019

337 you know on the books a lot more um and what's crazy about this too is paul singer wasn't necessarily a trump backer and you know the republican race

He was marco rubio and he yeah he didn't like trump at all actually and it was weird trump didn't like him um donald trump on billionaire hedge thunder he's been trashing all week who is he he trump act like you didn't

Even know paul singer was um but then all of a sudden oh yeah and then singer's own company was behind the russian dossier i mean great crazy stuff and this was

Just back in 2016 2017 uh but now singer um is best friends with trump so singer moved in to take in big shares some a t and t um this was just in 2019

October um crazy stuff same exact thing as twitter like they bought a percentage used their money to get in and then just started wrecking things and um yeah we'll get into this more tips

Coming in you sons of bitches when you say xrp do you mean xlm too um not necessarily for the video it could um we'll see peter gaffney i appreciate

Your 20 euro tip or yeah i think that's euro i appreciate that peter um hey dude any more thoughts on zora and chainx uh we'll maybe get into them next week

Um zora is going to be huge because pokeswap if you think of uniswap and its limitations to this ethereum right now that's what you you know soar is building with pokeswap

Is the uniswap for everything so big yes i mean if you see what's going on with uniswap right now that's why i'm bullish on zora it's not because of you know hyper hyperledger ihora

That's bonus i'm bullish because i see the d5 potential long valley t are crypto sherlock holmes thank you for everything um chainx2 regarding your last two i forgot to answer joseph

Um i'm digging deeper into chainx i haven't fully um i don't endorse any coin but i haven't fully you know convinced myself that it's a great investment

And then long valley t crypto sherlock holmes thank you i appreciate that the internet is a good place i will tell you that i just use the internet i just know how to use this computer and internet thing like

You'll never believe peter gaffney just another ten dollar jesus dude you guys stop it i'm getting so much tips hey chico d5 is mooning decentralized

Lending and margin trading will be huge bzrx is amazing i talked about bezrx um don't hold any of the tokens yet myself um but i have talked about it on multiple occasions

And i do think it's going to be big and then john d a canadian 50 tip jesus hey chico you've got a fan here in canada please don't get whacked laugh out loud how high do you think stinky linky will

Go um i mean it's going to cool down it's had a very bullish run um chain link is speculated on heavily right now but for good reason i mean if you see every

Blockchain project integrating with it there's a reason why they're bending the knee to the chain um chain link is what makes i don't know i mean there is some talk about you know polka dot substrate and

That being the reason that chain link's going to be blockchain agnostic so but there's a reason i'm starting to see value in the substrate polka dot ecosystem um i mean when you see chain link you

Know being one of the first ones to start building on substrate and everything you you realize why don't listen jesus you guys stop it don't listen to chico tip him because in

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Streaming in amsterdam right now but you know what happened damn roner any update on kusama um i was actually gonna talk about it later on in the stream

Um so i appreciate your tip but we are gonna get into polka dot kusama and some of the other coins great british pound sterling sir oh dang it they look the same to me for some reason

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I don't you know take out mass amounts of profits you know i just take out what i need um and i've invested in projects i think are going to change the world long term so

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It's going to go hot hey chico what do you think about acropolis polkadot eco first define an unsecured loan sidechain i might have to look into it um i've

Been seeing a lot of chill i'll say that but um i didn't know they were polka dot mendo good job i appreciate it man i all right so no more you guys i gotta get to the content seriously because i don't even remember where i

Was at so yeah a t and t elliott elliot did the same exact thing with you sons of bitches hey bro love your content and work i appreciate your tip oh my god

2199 thoughts on steaknet no because i haven't looked into it um i would love to bring it up on the screen but then i'm just going to get tips of people that's the reason they tipped me and i don't want to get that

Started um i mean if it has something to it i'm going to find it so tune in i appreciate your tip man so 18t basically same thing happened elliot

Came in pushed their way in with money got on the board shook things up and then who do you think you know is now loving elliott management trump great news that an activist investor is now involved with att

As owner of very low rating cnn perhaps they will now put a stop to all the fake news uh from its non-credible anchors also i either hear that because of its badge raising it's losing a fortune

Blah blah blah um yes trump's supporting him but if you know what's going on at a t it's bad uh the communication workers of america you know basically protecting workers

The communi in the communications industry um they're basically saying that yeah it's bad they investors about hedge funds under performance divestment by university of california endowment and

Pension fund and the job cuts so yeah create jobs take jobs yeah it's ridiculous yeah the university california pulled out but what do you think you know elliot gets in on

A t i wonder how i wonder why so guess who is a director of a t glenn hutchins of silver lake silver like the other people that they brought on and you're like okay who is silver like

I talked about him in that stream you guys um and or not that stream the video yesterday you know i didn't bring up who they were connected to i brought up who they're

Connected to in the crypto industry barry silbert digital currency group you know block stream some of the bad players in the bitcoin space in my opinion tether not necessarily direct connections

Together but there are you know some out there um but let's just see you know a clinton supporter makes a case for why she'll be good for business this was during the election

Who do you think it was glenn frickin hutchins so clinton trump clinton obama trump hates clinton they work together hmm you guys it's ridiculous

I mean there's hutchins hey woohoo hey hey woohoo yeah so this is dgc glenn hutchins board advisors lawrence aide summers another clinton and then paul singer the one on this

Side you know the republican says bitcoin is one of the most brilliant scams in history okay something's not making sense here because the person they just partnered

With to take on twitter glenn hutchins you just you you just make use of the technology and the protocols make it work the people who really understand what's going on with digital currencies

Understand that putting these protocols in place the blockchain protocol the ethereum protocol the xr the ripple protocol called the uh xr the ripple protocol called the uh xo

The ripple protocol yeah so i'm gonna get going you guys um i'll check my tips because i hope no one else took me tyler my man as promised thank you for being the swift kicked in the butt to

Start a youtube channel 44 subs so far my wife and i are having a blast with the new business keep it up dr h quinzel congrats on starting a channel man and i appreciate your tip

Um yeah i mean anyone can do it if you've seen the other youtubers out there anyone can do it um but commit yourself to good work is all i'm trying to say because i've seen a lot of

People who've said they've been committed to that and then the next thing you know they're showing by it i mean it's hard to navigate the crypto space because there are a lot of people trying to take advantage in scams

I mean even i file and pray for some of those and you just got to get better you know don't go backwards jorge jimenez yo chico thank you for your outstanding research would love to

See a video on the ocean protocol soon it's been on my list um i know some big things are coming with ocean um i just haven't been able to put together

The research fully i'm going to it's just there's other stuff on my mind can be zrx go to one dollar i don't know um i'm not gonna call on that i appreciate it tip

Brother but i don't know so glenn hutchins specifically mentioning xrp in discussions about cryptocurrency so we want to now this should have been put back a little bit

I mean this is just what elliott has done basically they've gone to other companies and done this um sap has won softbank before this is one which i didn't even bring up because there's

Stuff regarding that um simon's i think was one click lifelock so again i just want to show you guys the connections of left and the right and they work

Together um behind closed doors and it's a thing of arguments trump versus clinton trump versus biden left first right is a big masquerade um blackrock

Blackrock's prophets jumped 20 one percent as investor surgeon de bonds yes this is literally posted a few days ago blackrock is on fire

Blackrock is the people behind all the stuff the government did the qe blackrock wins 100 billion in new client funds during wall street rally oh black rock black rock black rock

And wall street wall street wall street silver lake wall street wall street larry fink ceo of blackrock larry fink okay larry i wonder larry larry loves trump schoolboy push and

Shove wouldn't you love it if you're just raking in the money i wonder who larry fink also loves more than 220 millions and phone calls between blackrock ceo larry fink and

Senior government officials 98 meetings between obama white house officials and blackrock executives 185 meetings and phone calls between senior blackrock executives and treasury secretaries spanning the

Bush and obama administrations yeah i'll tell you what's going on a bologna show this guy the shoe dodger george bush he's the one who brought him on he's

Quick he's you know george bush so this i'm gonna go through quick in swift um so yeah this is actually in jeffrey epstein's home george bush two planes tower jenga

Towers down clinton in drag jeffrey epstein just lane maxwell with clinton at a wedding chelsea clinton's wedding yeah yeah so we're gonna get into other stuff so back to

Glenn hutchins so glenn hutchins silver lake silverlake big big big vc investor fun i mean this guy owns a ton att boston celtics it's crazy silver lake i wonder what brad garlinghouse is also

On the board of huh i wonder silver lake partner senior advisor 2009 xrp i wonder why he's saying xrp hmm so if you guys watch my channel you know what i've been getting into um i've seen what ripple's doing it's

Nasty i've seen what's going on it's a nasty world we live in i'll tell you that right now how did that date go bud good i hope it went decent um i don't know if we'll you know end up

Together um she's a great tattoo artist um i don't know how compatible we are but we'll see i mean i'm definitely willing to give it another date and two but we'll see chico when deep dive on defy tokens ave

Kyber acropolis i deep dive on kyber more than a few times i haven't looked into um acropolis or ave deep even though i should have probably with ave but um

Yeah time is short when you post daily content it got a five on a fatty i appreciate that man should've tuned in for the theta stream i smoked a little bowl before chico what do you mean by your last video when you

Said about tether guys are cashing out and you are exiting too like on a temporary dump or forever ah so i've tried to explain this more than a few times um whales you know will try to pump i mean

It's just like 2017 do you see what happened pump and dump it will happen again bitcoin is kind of i mean characteristic of that so it's going to happen again

And it's going to happen on a bigger scale this time i think or maybe the same scale i don't freaking know there's going to be more money in it because of all coins but i think bitcoin's only going to get back up to

Near 20k could go 25 28 i don't know the exact number but i mean once it starts getting up to that level like that's where i see the next one

Coming but i appreciate your tip 15 doll jesus guys stop it what's up with velaz vlx snuck into the top hundred yesterday when i looked the coin payments guy

Uh pump pump it's gonna be i don't want to get into a bunch of altcoins you guys um 2017 it's i'm not gonna be superman where you know i'm gonna be talking about coins that get pumped into the hundreds and then

Dump back into oblivion i'm focusing on the projects i'm focusing on that i'm from my research so not taking community coin requests i'll if i if i stumble upon it i'll

Stumble upon it hey chico's polka dot on hot bit legit is it ready no polka dot is those are all ious so not that i know of actually hey chico i really enjoy your work

Haven't heard you mentioned iota in a while do you think they have a future they recently watched the paul and test that which seems to be a big step in the direct right direction i've never been a big

Fan on the of iota dags may have their place but i've never been fully convinced of dag structures so i'm more of a blockchain guy all right guys so

I gotta get into this so the mexican remittance market so have you seen what ripple's doing i mean they are moving to to help mexico move money from the us and back to mexico ah that's one of

Their goals they partnered with bitso they pardon oh god damn you where'd it go i know i had another one ah out of place so they partnered with another massive intermecs yeah intermecs is the one i must have closed

It out and that's a big one but bit so in irmax you have some things connected to them but this is why i could see ripple moving i mean if you figure out what's happening

Um you got to look in my previous videos to understand this fully i'm not going to try to explain it to you guys because it's hard um and the remittance rule so basically remittance rules

Basically if you do a certain number of um remittances per year you don't have to you know provide that much kyc aml information makes it easier you know for people to provide remittance services

Well that just got expanded from 100 to 500 and i looked into this and they're trying to get it changed for a while and it just got passed the final rule is effective july 24th to 2020 so three days you guys

Um and if you look into who is trying to get it past the bureau of consumer financial protection just go into xrp there it is and the continued growth and expanding

Partnerships of virtual currency companies such as ripple which offer both a payments messaging platform to support cross-border money transfers as well as proprietary virtual currency xrp which can be used

To affect settlements of those transfers these developments suggest that in the future there may be means by which banks and credit unions could reduce their remaining re reliance on estimates you know base

Basically i've shown too that banks they don't want to even get into the remittance spartans because they've been pulling out only shady banks are staying in it because there's some connections

To dirty stuff remittance remittances and the impact on crime in mexico it's one of the ways drug cartels are funded you know of course the bad stuff gets sent up border and then the money gets

Sent back down you know it used to be a crossing in cash but that cash is literally dried up you guys they're not even seizing that much anymore because it's going through

Bitcoin crypto and um remittances through the clear you know right through the clear now this is a big paper inter inter american development bank

Um it's not baloney it's the truth so this is why we got to be scared you guys so this was just posted on reddit and this is a cartel showing author equipment

Oh so yeah that's pretty gnarly i'll tell you that right now um oh dude i totally forgot theta

Viewers thank you guys i appreciate appreciate all you guys probably donating to i wish i could see the donations on here shmoey schmoofy said first i totally forgot about my fate of yours

Um i'm sorry you guys i just got into my content so many tips on youtube it's hard to keep track too many things i can look right here five minutes text letter thank you

You are awesome shmoopy first okay thank you guys you guys are awesome but you see what's going on with you know this they're being funded even heavily i mean they didn't have this four years

Ago why is cash drying up and they are getting more and more like cash being seized across the border and they're getting higher you know level equipment

Tanks armor it doesn't make sense um but it does make sense because trump you know was floating the idea of labeling these guys a terrorist organization which i mean i personally was like oh

Thank the lord finally they are um but yeah that got squashed mexico rejects us intervention after trump outlines their plan mexico said no and then trump said no because mexico's

President said no and then ivanka is hey beans for one of the largest latin america supply food suppliers come on it's just money talks money talks and money talks

To anyone it's disgusting and it sucks to see and if you support any of this you are terrible um yeah trump is nasty biden is nasty clinton is nasty they are all nasty left right we're in some paradigm of

Splitting trying to split us into when we should be thinking about a third buy these beans i had to do it had to do it um yeah so that's just crazy but this all comes back to you know

The twitter stuff and it just makes me think that this is bigger than what people realize uh what's going on in its attack on bitcoin not an attack on you know xrp in my

Opinion um so you saw the scam you know it's bitcoin they're asking for um joe biden brac elon some big names but it's a similar scam

That ripple is suing over so exact same thing going on on youtube i'm sure maybe on this live stream there's some of them from youtube and xrp ripple's suing youtube for this

Which twitter just got hit with is it some amateurs i don't know you guys so yeah same type of thing i just think it goes deeper um and i hope you know if i got quick kicked off of twitter because of silverlake

That ripple this isn't ripples you know ploy to take down the big bitcoin youtubers not necessarily only me um i might be the first target but yeah so youtube if you're watching watch these guys if they write into that

Contract let me know please that they want to kick me off i'm just i mean maybe i'm just crazy hasn't been a tip in a while dude stop it womp hasn't been a tip in a while hey chico

Do you think the womp coin will get to a hundred soon if i if you launch it right now with how all coins are going you just gotta say defy so yeah let's get into some altcoins so

I'm sure you guys got through all that um we'll check out some altcoins because they are surging or aurora whatever the crap is seven day up over 425 but the next top coin is one of my

Favorites and it's been growing um well for the past two to three months which is good to see instead of all that over you know a day or two seven days um i exec rlc which if you watch my video i

Predict amazon announcement maybe we'll see um but edgware is another one i am super bullish on and it's having a you know little tick down but

You zoom out the growth has been sustainable it's not like just one and then back down and then flattened and so it's like a rinse and repeat you know there's actual little

Bits of growth you know there is speculation dumps but it is overall growing which is good to see um and then yo edgware i did um purchase some i'm a big fan of you know

The ecosystem there's a reason i brought it up and there's a good if you guys got some um this figment networks has a good staking tutorial so polka explorer which i'm a big fan of so the

Polka dot substrate portal they've built is awesome um it's a little you know overwhelming when you first see it um but staking is pretty damn easy with um it and you can um

Switch to all the networks you know within a single place so you can be on polka dot you can be on kusama centrifuge edgeware and now they got the kalupu main net might have to look in that one

Looks like it has something to do with um substrate but i mean staking we'll do this real quick for you guys so i'm switching to my edgeware the blockchain

And then if you want to go to staking you got to be on staking of course on here but you go up to account actions and then you gotta go to nominator you're gonna nominate

Controller should not be set to manage multiple stashes all right that's all right um this could i could do that but what you want to do necessarily is first you want to add a new account

So you gotta add a controller account um i'm sure they're gonna when this gets more built out user friendly but this is literally some of these proof of state net networks are literally just went live

You guys um so this is really a test ground for stuff a proof state network and stuff aren't going to be like that right out the gate especially with that how it's working

So you do have to make a um controller account which you just here add a mnemonic password pretty easy it's just a new account it will have zero balance in it and then

You will have to transfer so as you can see this chico crypto extension too i transferred 10 edge just to satisfy transaction fees once you have the account made you go to staking and then you go to account

Actions and then you can do the nominator and then you want to take out of you know your stash account which has you know your crypto the controller account is

What's going to control it and then you put the number of bonded how much you want to stake you know you can put any amount and then you go to next pretty simple um i'm still getting used to some of the

Democracy stuff within it treasury i mean they have everything you know staking voting the treasury funds for each council so basically you know this is what's

Awesome these projects within the polka dot ecosystem are going to have to build this all out for their own project it's all going to be right here um

I mean that's what polka dot and substrate parody were doing they wanted to build a set of libraries that make all these tough things about blockchain easy for developers when polka dot goes live will kusama

Dump and be useless no i've talked about it my kusama video carlos i appreciate your tip um kusam is the kaderi network kusama is going to be used throughout the lifetime of polka dot um it's basically where

People are going to build live d apps that have consequences that'll eventually be used on polka dots where the big innovation is going to happen is on kusama enough

Tab enough tabs open laugh out loud um if you do research you understand the tabs um and it's kind of a chronological order of what i'm gonna go through so yeah if you live stream you'd

Understand the tabs too with the political unrest in hong kong do you think the cryptocom company could be in trouble um i've never liked cryptocom i personally so i don't know

I've never haven't looked into it man i appreciate your tip but i've never liked um that one they're connected to binance jimmy harris up man here's some money sup

Dude i appreciate some money dude guys justin huh not gonna work i appreciate your two dollars but i'm not gonna just talk about all coins because i get tipped

Not my channel not my style um there's other channels that do that because i just if i if i do it literally that's all i'm gonna get tipped for and i like good questions from tips i like

Tips that are you know just aren't trying to get me to look at your coin to pump bags so got to go back to my chat on theta does theta let you watch later or is it only live i'm pretty sure it's only live

But i hopefully they'll be bringing full um integration of yeah anonymous answered what's up big dog i like your name scotty p end of year price predictions for huli

Win hooly staking thank you for what you do for this space helping my silly little channel too really appreciate the pimping and your feedback hey scotty p no problem man i appreciate

Everyone tuning in and you guys should definitely give scotty p um a follow he is one of the best admins in the telegram chat um he puts out some hilarious content

He had old school advice i like scotty p so definitely give him a follow and i appreciate your tip you don't have to do that you do enough for the channel already ruben jimenez thank you man i appreciate

It so um i'm actually getting into you know talked about the kusama stuff um showed the staking i exec rlc is up that should have been over

There oh but then another altcoin so elon musk finally gets back you know after he gets hacked and he posts something that may look like he got hacked again it's inevitable dogecoin taking over the global

Financial system which it didn't get as big of as a pump as it used to you know only slightly elon pump so i think people are figuring out he just thinks it's a joke

Like don't join it dogecoin is a joke it's meant to be a a joke one doge is one doge and it'll always be um but regarding some of the coins i've talked about some people think i forget

About coins you know because i don't chill them on a weekly basis um i just bring up things when i think they need to be brought up because it's big you know it's something interesting and sometimes you

Know things aren't too interesting for me for a project and you know that's okay because they're probably building you know so don't think i drop coins just because i don't talk about them if

I drop a coin that i'm talking about a lot i'll let you know don't worry um but baseline so baseline protocol i've brought them up people are like are you still yes i still like baseline

Protocol huge connections to the bsn baseline west bsn east um but there's some big news for the baseline so this was announced um just

Yesterday or the day before um ernst young and ibm have had big partnerships i mean this is on ernst young um website they have big alliance together um ernst young is behind baseline

And then this was announced yesterday ernst young and ibm expand global alliance to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation combines ibm's premier technology

Service with ernst young leading strategy and business consulting capabilities provides clients with specialized hybrid cloud functionalities including red hat openshift as well as ibm watson ibm

Blockchain 5g and edge computing tech and it has to do with digital assets um i know there is something about digital assets

In addition the alliance will continue to support multiple function areas including m a finance hr legal tax risk and compliance supply chain and asset management to assist clients

In business and workforce transformations and cloud strategies so this is good for baseline protocol i'll tell you that right now and the projects that are involved with it which unit right is one of the

Bigger players involved with baseline from what i can see so people are like you haven't talked about unibrite lately well there you go all right well that is it that is a stream i wonder if i got

Taken off youtube hopefully not yes i did i'm taking off youtube so go leave youtube they took me down can't find my stream by searching my

Name that's how you know suck a motherfucker i had still 1500 people watching me youtube even though you shadow shadowbander yes sucker go watch it on theta because i'm actually going to be

Maybe streaming for a second longer on theta um because yeah they took me out youtube i don't want to do this to you i don't want to but if you search for me my name and my stream doesn't come up

You've shadow banned me um so what was i gonna do i need to do something else just to prove to youtube just

For the evidence um i need to search by the name because if you search by the stream's name it better damn well come up oops ah that's how you know it's 100 banned

There we go thank you youtube yeah i'm probably actually going to stop this stream on youtube because it is shadow band but i am going to continue

Streaming on theta because beta i mean my viewers i'm i don't know what to do youtube it's hard you know hard to xrp bumping right now uh oh i didn't want that i mean it's not good

I'm not going to be investing in xrp i'll tell you that um but i need to get the link for theta oh no it is banned it will come up if you search my channel

No if you go to my channel it'll come up um you do get the theta stream yeah come you know watch me on theta if you guys want to keep it going um for this video oh i

Can't put that what the heck so stupid why are they doing that probably just have to pull it up like this then so stupid

All right yeah so i'm being chatting on theta youtube viewers um trying to get the freaking link to work there we go so can i pin a comment

No so yeah um continue watching me on there uh and i'll probably be re-uploading re-uploading this video as regular content on youtube because they have shadow bandit and

People won't see it for about 12 to 14 hours um yeah you can find it on fadedtv i'm clicking on the freaking link dude content on your troll because um but yeah come watch me and then yeah

I'll probably be re-uploading this video so re-watch it you don't even you know gotta watch it just set her to watch and leave your vid your computer just because you know it does hurt my

Views algorithm them doing this um and it's probably purposely you know um to take my channel out you know with shadow banned me and take me out without you know taking me out i don't know what's going

On but come watch me on theta i gotta go to restream to stop youtube i think now i can probably stop it from the dashboard all right guys peace out youtube thanks

And oh yeah all of youtube viewers you know if you aren't watching me on zeta i appreciate your tips um i just wanted to say that and then monday uh have a great video coming too monday not regarding

Any of this i didn't even talk about it but bye nance peace

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