by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp but i hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today's video we are going to be covering an assortment of articles talking about price action talking about

Adoption talking about perspectives we're actually looking at a very a relatively bearish perspective and i'm going to share my bullish perspective now we will someone might say crypto jeremy

You're always bullish man you can always be bullish if price action goes up and goes down yes you can okay bullishness is a sentiment price action is not a sentiment price

Action is fact it is the markets trends the market movement so you have to understand that perspective understands that to honor really understand what's happening here guys first things first

Start with some ta so as you guys might know we did make a lower low here on our short term this is the this is the first low then the lower low and you know assuming this trend we'd

Have another lower low around this level which was where we bounced off on our flash sale back here on august 2nd so this week guys i'm going to explain throughout this video why this week is

Going to be very very big and the main reason why it is is because we're closing the month and as i showed you guys before i'm going to show you guys again for those who haven't seen

We are going to hopefully confirm a second green candle we've only done this once here and then once back in 2017 and it usually fall you know represents a pretty good you know momentum to the upside in the

In the idea here is that this is a bad um example because there's not much um historical evidence on this chart however what it really means is that it's a way to kind of reset the

Indicators and honestly it's a way to show a bottom usually when there is a bottom there's going to be a requirement unless it's a very very slow um movement to the upside

Is going to be a requirement usually to have at least some time monthly candles that are green next to each other once again doesn't have to happen but it's it is a bullish signal

For sure specifically the fact that we're closing out the year here um you know historically end of the year is good for cryptocurrency i want to start off with this interesting tweet here from anders

L to be completely honest other coins moving up when xrp remains stagnant is not surprising for those who were here in 2017 wasn't that expected

I've seen more and more people calling xrp dead bullish so the idea here is that xrp doesn't follow the cryptocurrency price action and that is very much true xrp historically has been

More of a response to bullish price action xrp price action follows it doesn't it isn't the beginning in fact xrp in 2017 didn't you know took a few weeks until it started moving

After bitcoin and i remember i was seeing bitcoin move litecoin moving i saw xrp stagnant at 25 cents back in 2017 late early 2018 late 2017 early 2018. so always remember that it does not

Matter truth is xrp is fourth on the market cap it has a 12 billion dollar market cap there is true money in xrp and the idea the next 30 percent so let's start off actually

We're starting for a little bit more bullish news here fidelity is a 1 000 bitcoin gorilla in the making so yesterday fidelity filed paperwork with the ussc to create a new fund dedicated entirely

To bitcoin which will require a minimum investment of a hundred g's a hundred big ones now this is kind of you know similar to grade school grade scale is the fund for traditional investors who want

To have some skin in the game for cryptocurrency why is this big because it starts with bitcoin and it expands 2x rp hopefully that's what grace gill did grayscale however doesn't have a big

Xrp holding because they're looking for the safer return but you guys know how markets work guys you guys know how market work markets work when xrp was two dollars the reason it pushed up to three dollars is because

People were fomo and i would not be surprised if these successful um you know well world-renowned investment funds were to fomo as well okay they want the roi whatever can

Provide them the roi with a decent they're very focused on risk management but if the risk isn't as high as one would assume specifically in a bull market the risk you know decreases obviously

Because there is you know a upward movement projector trajectory and just momentum that hopefully will influence here but fidelity in the big in the bitcoin and crypto game is

Going to be amazing uh the bearish news so xrp may never reach one dollar let alone ten dollars crypto analyst so we're gonna read through this here so timothy peterson extra ripplex rp may never reach one dollar let alone ten

Dollars the user growth just isn't there and digital fiat is a threat it is one of grace hill's smallest funds which as i just talked about so doesn't seem like there's much investor interest either so this is

Okay i respect opinions guys that's the beauty of the crypto space there's so many opinions and they're all just based on our thoughts there is no tactical or like actual proof that

That tells us that xrp in itself is going to be you know even not even a store of value but just successful we have no proof we are purely speculating and the beauty about speculation is that the

Conversation becomes very very very um opinionated which is a good thing and a bad thing so looking at this he says there's not much of what what he calls user growth so

This is the important part sure user growth quote unquote user growth for xrp isn't big in terms of wallets however if we look at the ripple net system 180 people using companies using ripple net 120

Whatever it is 300 partners banks vcs um consulting firms tons of companies with within different tech sectors working with ripple ripple's user growth has been developing

Like crazy so i think the idea here is to look at ripple's success right instead of it's the small type of calorie between xrp and ripple what's the difference the difference is

We've talked about so many so many times i don't come on repeating myself but we're looking at i really truly believe in the success for ripple okay if i could buy ripple equity i would and that's just

Fact i would have bought it months ago maybe even two years ago a year a year and a half ago when i first got into xrp however when i look at xrp i look at something that

Is the look at this way when is the the beauty of cryptocurrency is that you don't have to understand the tech to be you know active in the community however when we look at a purely text um point of view

You know what makes ethereum blockchain so powerful it's the erc20 tokens and the development of those over the years what makes xrp so powerful it's the settlement time

It's that's what it is it's the the eco-friendly settlement time it's cheap it's quick and it works so xrp should not be viewed as you know related to other cryptocurrencies they should be viewed

As a native currency a native digital asset that is being employed by ripple to provide better solutions that are completely going to outdate are going to completely um

Replace the outdated system that is swift and international payments so talk about digital fiat and cbdc's might make xrp obsolete i agree with the fact that digital fiat and cbdc's will be the

Future however behind every single digital asset there is a technology what is saying that xrp will not be that technology they are very relatively close okay think about it this way a

Company wants to buy let's say there's let's say for example i think oracle was a good example for this but like a licensed software a licensed program even a licensed service

That a company may you know pay a yearly you know like the bloomberg terminals for example they p uh institution will pay a yearly fee to employ them or use them i can imagine

That in the near future here that companies will be paying ripple in xrp or usd whatever to use their systems that will be running xrp that's my thoughts okay a lot of people disagree with that

A lot of people will think that they'll be better technology but look at the company that ripple is look at the job placement look at there's not jobs look at the job specs look at the people who are working

There okay the every single position i've seen at ripple requires at least four to seven years of um blockchain technology development which is kind of insane considering that

You know don't quote me on that that's why i'm assuming it like i've seen you know maybe three years whatever you get the point at least in the fintech space so we're talking about people that are

Head of the game and so you have to understand something when it comes to crypto currencies the biggest the biggest obstacle for the development of new um technologies and new cryptocurrencies

Is the lack of seed funding ripple has all the c funding it needs it got 200 million series c beyond that it can liquid xrp to develop its own services continue to develop what's happening

Guys it is literally the amazon of cryptocurrency and i believe we're getting even closer and closer to finally hopefully proving that but anyways the flair network can increase xrp's user

Base read all this you know what's good i'm not criticizing anything i i respect the bearish opinion i just happen to be bullish so i also want to point out this

I read this if you guys are interested um this is a very interesting article showing the new generation which i am part of and it's gonna be interesting here to see how much more important

It's actually interesting because a lot of people that are very um enthusiastic in the cryptocurrency space are actually older generation um you know we're talking generation um x we're talking

Baby boomers even and iris i really very much am impressed by that because you realize that you know that generation realizes the power here i think the millennial to generation z

Area the millennials specifically um are a little bit less actually i'm not going to make any smooth generalizations i have no clue each generation has a very you know a lot of enthusiasts and

Some have very much very little so uh however the next few generations are going to be critical in the development of cryptocurrency you know a lot of the kids that are growing

Up right now that are maybe like five to ten years old are probably never going to even use a check okay i think i honestly believe that they will never use a check and then the next generation will probably never use

Cash and so we're reaching the point here the cash of society it is the society in itself is moving quicker and quicker towards a cryptocurrency solution

I also wanted to point out this guys as you guys can see on ensemble domains jeremy.crypto do any of you guys know how i can get this um it says premium it says i need to add it to watchlist is there a date that'll

Be you know you know allowed um i'd be interested to see what the price would be and see if i should maybe get this uh let me know for anyone who knows a lot about this sort of stuff let me know either um dm

Me on twitter or um type in the comments down below uh but yeah that's pretty much it for this video guys see you guys so much support lately we're gonna go really quickly here into some more ta for the

Weekly i'm gonna i'm gonna actually check out for the first time here the weekly which we're gonna close in about 48 hours okay weekly looking very bearish however we did bounce here

On the nine day we are the nine week moving average which is a good thing um we are still bullish here on the weekly in terms of the golden cross here so it doesn't seem like we're going to

Be looking downwards anytime soon however you guys look at the um daily it's very very bearish oh wait no wow okay i thought we had crossed so we haven't had the cross yet on the month look at the monthly here

Real quick the monthly which doesn't really matter you guys can see we can't even see the 50 because it hasn't been 15 months um but yeah that's pretty much it for you guys thank you so much for the support

Uh if you guys are still watching please make sure to comment down below so i can thank you guys personally the video support has been crazy guys i appreciate it so much i'm excited for this week

Once again my opinion is that this week's gonna get a little bit hectic okay we're at all-time highs in the stock market precious metals are doing amazing if you guys actually look at gold for example

Look at this price man like actually what is this we're literally around two thousand dollars like oh my god like it's insane to me honestly it's going to be insane the next few months

Here we end the year it might be the most action in the financial um sector that we will ever see in my lifetime at least ever since 2008 so

We're going to see what happens 2009. we're gonna see what happens i'm excited guys if you guys do the video please subscribe but i'll see you guys next video until then as usual


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