by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to today's video yesterday's video went absolutely crazy you guys went crazy on the likes thank you guys so much

What are they gonna do for this video smash the like button smash like one again it would be crazy it would be crazy if we hit 1 000 likes okay i might i might just i might just share

One xrp back with you guys share the amount i have i i might just you know people say i shouldn't and i might just just we'll see if we get a thousand if we hit a thousand likes if i do that so make sure there's a match like one guys

Let's get you in today's video wow so you guys see the title a lot of you guys are gonna be like oh man he's just doing this again he's talking about you know these day predictions it's not a prediction it's truly not a

Prediction it all it is is me using ta as a way to look at the general trajectory in the short term of the price action okay so understand that it's not a prediction it's not a time-based

Prediction i don't care if we hit 50 cents or if we hit 22 cents in three days like i really don't care what matters to me is how the how the cryptocurrency market

Is doing in general and how the global i'm i mean global um opinion of cryptocurrency is that that's really what matters let me get straight into it before i get started make sure to follow

Me on twitter um at crypto jeremy yt lego description down below as you guys can see guys okay we're talking about some volume here the volume is low we saw some decent movement here

Over the past you know three or four hours we are about to close today's candle in 11 minutes we will be in the video when that closes to see what happens i'll try to drag this video out a little bit

So we can see that so for fiat leak i want for those who don't really haven't seen what a real pump is like we see levels of 4 million maybe 5 million xrp

Traded in the past minute so 200 000 is relatively normal it's very low also you'll notice that when we do have higher percent like or i mean higher xrp val amounts traded per minute you'll notice that there's a lot more volume in

Eastern asia when we're currently just trading normally a lot of the manipulation slash volume is happening in usd pairs so what that means is back in the day in 2017 there was this

Insane i don't know if it's still around but they pretty much would say asia's waking up so it'd be around like you know 12 p.m one am eastern time here and sorry 11 59 p.m 1 a.m eastern time

Here and um you know asia's waking up and what would happen is you'd have these pretty crazy pumps back in 2017 early early mornings or hours of the

Morning and it usually would be for some reason saturday night saturday night into sunday morning was an insane time if you guys don't remember same with friday saturday night my

My reasoning behind this and why i'm actually telling you guys this is because there are trends that we can see that pretty much prove to repeat themselves okay when it

Comes to for example in trading there are a lot of people that trade bots included on fit retracement levels i have shown people perfect examples of how fib retracements come into play

For example i don't have an example right here i want to show you guys for example you know really what that means let me take the you know the long the longer term favor trace and you guys will

Notice that nothing's happening here because we haven't dropped down below we are bullish currently as we speak however the 382 this level right here will be

Crucial and i mean crucial crucial if we do drop down to this level so when i'm looking at this as a trader i'm looking at this as you know that could be the bottom if i'm looking this as a huddler i'm looking at this as

Maybe i should accumulate more and this guy this is not financial advice read the disclaimer description down below but that this is what this is what's important about these levels same thing with the pumps when volume hits that's

The only time that price action can actually go crazy in fact if price action starts going crazy off of low liquid and low volume the volume will follow it's just how it is people become aware of what's

Happening and then they start training it so what i'm saying here is that fiat leak is a great tool not sponsored you know not at all i just it's it's honestly

One of its kind tool i love the the um graph for music enter the graphic interface whatever you call it gooey um and yeah honestly guys i don't spend too much time on that but that's pretty much it for that i also want to point

Out something very interesting i'm getting right now into why this week here is going to be crucial and i think that we are currently going to start i mean it guys i think we

Are starting a short-term uptrend today tomorrow i think we are because if you look here at august when did the actual fair value move back above

Or like where did it start where did it interact with the actual price action it was on august 17th what happened on august 17th oh look right here impulse big impulse where we have the

Interaction here of our fair value and our price action was actually exactly at our second top so what i'm seeing right here is a very textbook very textbook triple top i

See it happening guys honestly the question is do we obviously there's gonna be retracement after the third top but the question is what happens after that usually a triple top is a top a top pattern we go back to

The 382 i was talking about before and then start a new bull run making a relatively higher low higher low notice that we have the three general exactly where it was we'll draw it right here actually oops

Um there it is yeah we see right there right where i circled this will be the higher low so this is a pattern that could happen and in my opinion guys and because of that i honestly see us you know the next

Few days uh this how long did it take specifically the past few let's go here real quick the that's the wrong one i'm really messing up these so

Three days and then our downtrend was nine days and then our uptrend was four day five days our downtrend was five days so five to six days maybe you know oh look we're heading here

Close to the end of august 28th of august what happens in august end of august what happens end of august look right here monthly candle confirming confirming

A second monthly green we have never i said this yesterday's video we have never confirmed a second monthly green back to back since 2017 bull run guys it all links together it all links

Together that's the most important thing about understanding ta it sometimes doesn't work most of the time in fact it doesn't work but the trends do matter the trends happen it's not a

Surprise to see a fiber transition bounce or to see a you know a macd crossover trans um translate into bullish or bearish price action signal line is the same line for a

Reason talking about that hopefully if we do make that um uh triple top whatever we want to call it hopefully that will allow our macd shorter term moving average um difference line to go

Back above the signal line so guys it's gonna be very interesting you know this week there's if you look at ta you can you're always gonna be more interested for the next week guys there's always so many

Interesting things whether they be bullish or bearish things in ta that will make you excited excited truly excited for the next week so i'm excited to see what happens here we're going to quickly check out

This interesting article thailand judicial system planning big shifts to blockchain will migrate records to distributed ledger so the b about about blockchain here technology is that it's immutable

You cannot change the information on the blockchain so i'm assuming they're using that so they have plans to move court or records and other judicial information to additional ledger by 2021

Thailand's largest court body cl claims that this this is the first government agency in the world the transportation records of the blockchain as part of initiative the country judicial arm is getting ready to train court

Officials how to use the system so this is huge guys this is truly huge because the applications for blockchain are limitless they can be used to preserve information

Like this they can be used for global payment transfers it can be used for passive income thanks to proof of stake um you know all these different blocking technologies

Can be used for different things and that's i think that's why chain link has been so successful beyond you know it being in a fomo overbought bull run i really will trend i should say i really think the

The strength of the chain link market relies in the u the uniqueness of the project and xrp is relatively similar to that situation the only similar crypto i can think of

Is stellar xlm and xlm you know through the seller foundation is taking a different approach which in my subjective opinion is not as um grandiose and has not been as

Successful as xrp hence the market gap hence the fomo two billion dollars is not nothing they still have a very big share here for sure in the crypto space however uh with xrp and ripple you know it is a

Native token that is honestly providing the funding for services that will change the world and i do not doubt it so three minutes here until we close

The daily we have the decent pump here happening interesting stuff for sure i'm excited to see what happens here in the next couple of minutes we are gonna quickly before we wait for

The next few minutes look at this interesting xrp price calculator i've used it before i deleted all the um the numbers that were in there the stock numbers and we're gonna we're

Gonna think about i'm gonna think about this i'm gonna really be conservative get realistic right total esme daily transaction volume i am going with two chilling guys honestly

Um i think swift guys is has a lot of volume okay i've used swift i've used swift to transfer money south america however i do believe that the the um ripple net system

Whether it be through odl or whatever technology you know comes in the future i do think that there is a sort of legislative you know knowledge is not necessarily legislative but it's going to be like a lot not

Licensed but it's going to be very much um not the only solution okay and i say that with a good assault because i wanted the only solution but i think 2 trillion is reasonable um you guys have to understand the

Magnitude of true trillion dollars that's per day that's ridiculously big average time of days between transactions per 1xrp so i'm gonna use around the day of

Around three days because i'm gonna average hodlers and then actual people using transactions or actually using it daily obviously a lot of people are going to be liquid and xrp

After using odl odl in itself requires the transaction from a native currency into xrp xrp transfer to another xrp wallet xrp back into the next native currency so that's also

Crucial store value in usd i am sticking with the good old 10 children guys i truly believe that that is the level we're looking at that hundred dollar xrp that's my pay on that duration at which

Above volumes are estimated to be reached in years i am going very very long for this one okay i might get some slack for this but i don't i don't you know it doesn't matter to me i think 10 years

Is conservative enough and not even two it's not even that conservative you know it could be 15 years i just hope ripple's around in 10 years we look at amazon it was around the 90s late 90s it's still around say 20 years

Later 10 years passes like this it really does certainly supply above at the above duration i'm going somewhere around 70 billion i do believe that there is still going to be some sort of centralization

Here for xrp whether it be through ripple or other um companies institutions hodlers you know well not hodlers obviously but you know xr or ripple etc you know the circulating supply escrow

You know we're gonna actually put this up to 80 billion escrow will be released i'm bullish on escrow honestly interest rate to discount from the duration to the present time i'm gonna go with five i have no clue

How to calculate this let's see what it says here a hundred and twenty seven dollar usd for xrp now understand this is based on a valuation model okay this is just as realistic as my ta it is purely

Um an opinion right there is mathematical i have not gone into the fundamental paper explaining it you guys can go read it here if you want to uh truth is anyone who's trying to

Estimate a price action there's always so many um factors that do come into play because look even if gold is a perfect example not only do we not know the exact

Quantity of gold in the world you know that has yet to be on mined there also is a big important factor which is are people liquidating gold and are people buying gold the liquidity index

For an asset is crucial because that is directly proportional to volume which is definitely proportional based on what i've seen and i i still long to find an exact ratio it is proportional my opinion to price

Movement at least volatility so reasons you guys are interested um seems pretty simple from what i'm seeing here not too complicated if you read a mathematics phd paper this will look like

Um a first graders book to that compared to that um i don't recommend doing that you'll understand anything um this seems very economical if that if that's the term looks like an

Economics paper anyways i'm not reading through this it's here if you guys are interested a funeral framework for crypto assets june 2018 it's a little dated but you know how it is

Information lasts a lifetime a lifetime so we just there it is we just opened the new candle one minute ago and as i said you guys as i expected here we do have a little a little bit of movement it always

Happens here we're not going to spend too much time to i don't waste too much your time looking at this however i want to point out here that hopefully hopefully hopefully hopefully this was our

Second bottom and now we're going for the third top our third top will be looking around you know this level it goes even higher and higher here right here at 32 cents so we're excited here i'm excited i have

My bags ready i'm interested in seeing what happens here the next few days that's pretty much for this video guys if you guys enjoyed please smash that like button let's try to hit 1 000 likes on this video i'll see you

Guys thank you guys so much for watching actually if you guys enjoyed the video please make sure to comment down below and if you're still watching the video right now thank you so much means the world to

Make sure to comment down below still watching so i can thank you personally guys thank you guys so much for the support i'll see you guys my next video until then and until then as usual


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