by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with the xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today's video we're gonna be talking about some ta

Some news articles more articles and news some coin fair value talking about what i really think about that and we'll be looking at the parameters and how you know price action can potentially be

Predicted based on that um i'm sorry i've been uploading to so much recently i just haven't really been feeling uploading um it doesn't do the market you know train sideways you know i used to upload

For like six months when the market was just trained absolutely disgustingly sideways it's just really i'm gonna get back to it i promise um maybe tomorrow we'll do two in a row we'll see but yeah thank

You guys so much for still sticking by um about that twenty eight point five percent of you guys i believe 28 point something percent of you guys are not or are subscribed

That means 71 71 of you guys are not subscribed so make sure to smash that subscribe button right now if you end up not wanting to be subscribed you can easily unsubscribe and it is 100 free

So if you guys you know come back and watch the videos whenever whether it be every single one or you know half a quarter you know make sure to subscribe thank you guys so so much so when you guys

You guys will be able to actually see you know the videos pop up in your feed i want to get started here first with so i kid you not i woke up this morning i got a notification and a new person

Got the um or the cro card and thank you guys so so much okay uh this is an ecosystem let me talk about here real quick how it's been developing so for those who haven't heard but i'm

Pretty sure all of you guys have heard i have a fifty dollar referral bonus link description down below for one thousand cro you get fifty dollars if you stake the 1000 i get 50 it's a way to

Get into the um ecosystem you don't have to you know your life your choice do whatever you want i'm not telling you to do anything if you guys are interested talk about the ecosystem okay so this is big

I don't personally um know much about d5 however it's really taking the crypto on market by storm here and this is a new feature that just released pretty much if you want to become a

Liquidity provider there are rewards based on this okay sierra um d5 yield for liquidity providers who also take cro et cetera et cetera read it understand

Um sadly this is not allowed in the us but there are a lot of you guys who are not in the us so i want to make sure that you guys you know are aware of this and yeah so if you guys are interested

In d5 this is very you know i'm assuming it's a big deal right it seems like a very very big deal uh i'm more you know prone to the earn feature

To the using the card etc um hopefully i'm probably playing myself honestly because as i've seen in the past to be honest uh i knew about a lot of these d5 um projects

Maybe six months ago maybe four months ago and i looked at them you know for example one of them was where is it why finance whatever it's called this one right here

Oh i just missed it like i've heard about these they know what they were was too lazy learned from my mistakes here was too lazy to do the due diligence you know i learned about not when this

Came out whenever this came out um not this specific coin was the four four months but yeah was that three 3.6 this one hasn't gone up that much oh wait 42 grand okay never mind what i literally just

Had a heart attack man like on oh my god i thought this like 4x dude i knew about this wow okay well it is what it is guys it is what it is you missed out some so learn from my mistakes and educate

Yourselves before okay educate yourselves before i understand how the markets are moving so the market talking about the markets moving how about the markets moving interesting

Okay so when we look at a sell-off right usually if you've noticed in the cryptocurrency space these sell-offs usually are much quicker and then the you know upward trends are much longer

You know longer upper trend sell-off retracement longer uptrend self-retracement usually like that if you look at the charts it's just usually how it is and so what this creates is it creates

At the bottom this sort of like i need the the the crypto assets like i need based on the trainings like i need to stay above a level and so this level here as you guys can see from literally five weeks

Is that 23 to 24 cent area and we finally broke in to start using our 90 moving average as our resistance okay so hopefully turn into a support on top of that you know short term is

Bullish i'm not gonna lie i came in here haven't seen the charts for a few days and i'm looking at this and i'm liking this i am liking this we got a potential bullish cross here on the macd uh this pretty much means that the signal line

Is getting crossed over by the shorter term moving average the blue line is a difference between the 12 and the 26 day moving average was a shorter moving average compared to the mat the

What you would call it the signal line which when the signal line does break above or go break below the uh macd line it pretty much resets this histogram which can be

Characterized based on what all this all the research i've done as a momentum type indicator so once you if you've noticed once we really flip green let me

Actually increase this by a little bit here once we really flip green we usually spend usually you know at least five days in that level in that you know

Trajectory if we look back obviously there are exceptions to that but if you really look here for example if we look at the past you know a few months since march only once did we not truly flip and in

Fact it was a good thing because we bounced off that level so interesting stuff for sure that that's that's a bullish sign that means that we are getting closer to that or we found

The bottom and we're getting closer to the upward trend that's very interesting so i saw this article yesterday i was literally about to make a video yesterday i had all the um

Articles or it was two days ago all the articles set up and i was about to do it but then i was like nah um i don't know why man i'll get back into i promise anyways this article was a day old but the point here

Is tyler reynolds and i always wanted like to say before i talk about you know a specific tweet about person speaking of person i respect all opinions this is a hundred percent not having to do with this person or his

Opinion this is just my opinion you know sharing my counter you know our um debate our um argument whatever you want to call it projects with no future worth more than double iron finance

Okay xrp worth 10 billion dollar market cap it's pretty much that you know we're a little bit above 11 billion so what this means here he claims according to this tweet that these projects here

How do these have valuations because of restricted circuit and supply mark manipulation extensive marketing too vulnerable so number one thing i want to say restricted circulating supply is

Obviously not an issue with xrp in fact everyone would argue that the opposite is an issue okay and i'm pretty sure most you guys will agree with that market manipulation is debatable we cannot really quantify

That for this specific crypto extensive marketing too vulnerable so my opinion here for um xrp when ripple does marketing it is very focused on marketing to

Not the consumer but to pretty much companies that are going to have consumers that make sense here they are not working with the front end they work with the back end and that's me very in terms of business

I don't know the correct terms um i am not in any way shape or form uh professional in business finance and my understanding here about xrp i want you guys to think about this what is another cryptocurrency other

Than xlm that is providing reasonable and physically obtainable solutions for the cross-border payment hysteria that we current speaking currently um live in give me one example

Other than xlm there is none extra pnxlm are the only and i'd like to argue that xrp is doing it much much better and that's just my obvious um obviously very biased opinion

But there is it's a very untapped um ecosystem and look at d5 for example right it's going like it's pretty much creating a whole new wave the wave that xrp has created

Is not being seen during bear markets understand this back in 2018 i i was on snapchat snapchat of all places and this one like guy that i a streamer uh gamer whatever you want to call it

Who he posted on a snapchat story dude look at xrp man is that two dollars it's gone up from one dollar two dollars in like two days or something and he was like yo i'm i'm buying xrp and stuff

Why does this guy care about cryptocurrency he doesn't he probably even know what xrp was he just saw the returns and he saw the hype the talk etc has d5 gone out of the cryptocurrency space

I don't think so it hasn't in fact if i ask 99 of people they will have no clue what this is in fact i didn't know what it was a few months in like until four months ago and so understanding that in terms of

Ripple they are succeeding and my videos are proof of that every all the content i have for videos whether it be through pushing adoption through

Legislation or legitimately working with banks or pretty much just developing itself as a company compared to all these other white paper shills that we saw back in 2017

On top of that xrp itself has the potential to push thanks to fomo there's something special about xrp and this isn't you know i don't i don't need to talk you know i don't want to be some sort of

Like moon boy for this anymore i truly believe it i look back in 2018 right and i was i didn't really i knew about xrp since 2017. but i thought of it as a stable coin

Didn't really take the time the due diligence to look into it 26 2018 thought the same thing 2019 comes around early 2018 late 2018 i'm like wow this is a fantastic asset i need to look into this and i did

And so that's my thoughts on that okay i talked about the fact that i don't see it's it's an untapped market that ripple is dominating like literally dominating so how long have i been recording for 10

Minutes um i gotta go pick up something let me i'm gonna close off with this i'm not going to talk about this it's just some ta read if you guys are interested

This is what really caught my mind caught my eyes guys the fair value if you guys don't know the fair value is based on this okay you guys can read it so this is mathematical based on look

The ratios the circuit the the um what you gonna call it i don't want to make any mistakes here it is a race i'm not even going to the math you know honestly like i am um

I guess i'm in college yes i i'm in discrete math right now as we speak i don't want to make a fool of myself because i know i know somewhere there is someone who knows who wrote a thesis on this so i'm not going

To make a fool of myself read it if you want i'm going to talk about purely trends okay just purely talk about the trends so i i don't know how to export this

Information onto excel to do a physical analysis i would if i could if i know how to i'd love to let you guys know down below i don't work with apis or anything like that

So let's go to the monthly that was actually one of the sorry the all time i'm gonna look at the average okay i want to look at if we look at this chart where do we see a average coin fair value here for xrp

It seems like it's around the 35 to 38 cent range you know we're currently at around 30 cents we've gone all the way up here we we're starting right here obviously at around on one cent

It seems like it's around this cross right here around 35 36 40 cents now if you look at the ta here oops it's not the ta 35 to 40 cents what is that range what is that range 35 to 40

Right there this give or take do we have congestion in this range the answer is yes the answer is yes very much so so what does this mean what does this mean this means that in a neutral market

Where there is no manipulation happening from and i say manipulation you know with green assault because obviously there's always manipulation i mean like social media fomo kicking in like the

Snapchat i talked to you guys about that's the price we're looking at that is a true price that xrp stagnantly is valued at and that's taking into account that we saw the bottom

We saw the bottom so it could even be lower now however i want to point out even though that's a decent price even for people that bought the low levels assuming we stay at 40 cents that's still

200 or 100 return on your profit from the low maybe 200 if you bought it even lower why does this why is this too conservative because we realized something realize

What i talked about before realize that the fact is um if price action is a product of trading trading is a product of perception trade perception is a product of

A relationship a consistently moved changing relationship between fear and greed fear and greed index very interesting stuff so what this means is when the bubble burn or not in the opposite bubble when

The bubble creates the second wave here of the hyperwave the true hyperwave when that happens the fair value will not spike it will not spike because the fair value is not based on social media speculation

If cryptocurrency existed without social media prices would be trash social media is such an influence on price action for cryptocurrency and we have to understand that as well as obviously products and vc

Placement et cetera projects i meant not products is what i mean here like we're looking at a level beyond um 40 cents 40 cents seems nice but even if you look at you know ripple

In terms of its you know goals here it xrp is highly scalable it is highly scalable odl can function beautifully even with a 20 xrp it can so price actually is not a

Restriction here you guys notice when there's high when there's um high you know interest and crypto remember back in 2018 or sorry 2017 bitcoin fees are ridiculous i remember spending like 20

Bucks on one transaction once for the minor fees it was ridiculous that's not going to happen here for xrp so we're looking at true future you know potential

And yeah i'll see you guys thank you guys so much for watching um i appreciate all the support guys it's been crazy all the support you guys have been providing um but yeah if you guys as i said before

Make sure to subscribe and yeah if you guys know the video please sure to smash the like button if you're still watching that means the world to make sure to comment down below so i can thank you

Personally that's it for today's video guys thank you so much for watching i'll see you guys in the next video and until then as usual peace

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