by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video this is going to be a quicker one you know i just want to cover a few things

There's not much that happened here in the past 24 hours in the xrp space but i still want to cover a few interesting articles that you might you know gain some knowledge from

Uh in terms of the price action where we talk about that as well guys if you guys know the video please make sure to smash like but let's try to hit 500 likes on today's video and let's get straight into it

First things first we open our new candle here for monday uh just about one hour and nine minutes ago now this candle is crucial because this candle is going to be the candle to

Confirm uh potential for us to actually hit that triple top now it is not required that we hit it within those five or six days however it would be better and more realistic here for the crypto

Space how i've seen you know the price action move that we do start heading upwards if we head downwards again and keep on bouncing here at the lower level that will provide the possibility

That we do not confirm three touches on this level which would be relatively bearish specifically because that would mean that um xrp would be losing that momentum that we've been

Trying to regain and we're really looking low here on the um macd so tomorrow's gonna be exciting guys make sure to you know check it out if you guys are interested i'm hoping we can see you know ourselves

Above the nine-day ema once again because now it has been five days but that's pretty much it for the ta guys nothing too important i want to get straight into this this was from forbes now forbes does do some

Crypto articles um however not as commonly obviously as you know crypto websites themselves but they're talking about xrp so talk about the fact that we were from 18 to

30 cents in just three weeks or six weeks time that ain't bad anyway for the just for the record xrp looks like um this now in the daily chart showing that beautiful double top here

After tracking mostly sideways is slightly down in price from may to july you can see that the late july breakout etc etc we'll come back to it throughout the video i want to really focus on what's

The you know the subject of today's video guys make sure to follow me on twitter guys unless i hit 2 000 followers make sure to follow me link in the description down below

So imf has been tweeting about cryptocurrency now they're tweeting articles that are older they tweeted one other article that was from 2018 and now you know they're tweeting this as well show talking about you know

Just right not even reminisces just cryptocurrency and central bank so i think what this is guys to be honest here is just an average post that the crypto the xrp community will take out of you know

Will push it you know like viewed as some bullish content truth is like this is not new okay this has already been there all you're doing is recycling content in order to you know show it to people who

Haven't seen it yet so what this really means here i think it's just you know general um you know recycling of content of posts in order to you know reaffirm something you know i don't think this is as

Important as we might make it seem however i found something that you guys might think is very interesting which is this this is a 2009 october 2009 you know user guide pretty much for remnancies so this is like before

Bitcoin or you know this is around bitcoin's creation inception you know the net the genesis block and it just goes you know for almost a hundred pages on how to properly deal with remnants

Um or with um international transactions or um transactions and reminisces so if you guys are really the kind of person here who likes to look at the really very important very you know um

Deep details you know really look at what is really behind the scenes what you know obviously not a lot of people are reading this other than the person who wrote it and those who

Really have a specific need i've noticed a lot of these um papers like this are great for information however the um information is relatively readily available online and you know through other people

Teach it to you that this sort of you know um these sort of papers that are that are produced here by whether it be the imf the world bank group etc are um purely in my opinion for just a

Bank of knowledge guys so make sure that you guys are interested this is pretty much what ripple is trying to completely revamp okay here's an example of um how the money is transferred between the

Countries um and through a hawala operator within each country now amount of money transfer collection code and destination communicate to operate the country

This is what matters here is the money transfer the rest of the system you guys can see here this is very similar here to the odl system where the two um native currencies on each side

However what really matters here is the settlement so settlement between the operators in the operating in the senate and receiving countries is completed either through recep versus i know how to say that in

French in french it's gonna say say reciprocal sorry so i'm so stupid oh my god give me a second reciprocal that's what it is settlement for future transactions or

Reverse transactions between operations different countries so this is what ripple with rodeo through xrp use case is developing that's really going to be the future here for sure guys i'm

Excited about this though this really shows you how far we've gone how far we've come here for ripple for xrp so the transparency whatever etc i also think that imf is a great great one of

The best sources for data if you want data on you know gold holdings for countries if you want data on liquidity indexes for countries imf is the place to go because they have

A lot of legitimate you know real really specific data that you will not find on a simple google search you will have to go look specifically at the the primary source so yeah i want to close off here with

This art actually before that let's go into the rich list here real quick so the rich list are doing well they have been here over the past month or so continuously been increasing people are accumulating price action

It's fine when price action goes up so does the accumulation okay we have reached the point here where it is beyond price action people are interested in having a slice

Of the pie and i keep on repeating this you know i just see my you know if i don't if i'm like qxrp i just see my in my account going lower and lower and lower and lower and i never you know

Want to be outside of this range because you know realistically now you know it's a thousand dollars to be top 10 but in five you know not even five years i'm gonna say five years in

Like two years that could easily easily be somewhere around you know 30 grand um usd you know if xrp does hit three dollars again you know ten thousand dollar xrp would only put you in the top ten

Percent compared to now ten thousand dollars in xrp will put you around the top two point five percent so understanding that the the um accumulation you know if you're if you're let's say

Assume let's say allegedly you know not um hypothetically someone accumulates during accumulation phases they will if they're accumulating in the same tier as their current percentage and their accounts

They will continue to stay at the same level however because you cannot accumulate every single day that will mean that we will you know decrease because in terms of the percentage of our

Account because that will inevitably have new money flowing in however we can't complain because we want that new money that new money is what is even providing xrp value in the first place we're looking at xrp who intrinsically

Valued realistically you know relies a lot a lot a lot on ripples developments you know there's a very clear clear line here between xrp and ripple however ripple whether we like it or not is

Affecting the xrp price based on what they do okay if ripple were to go you know would be gone tomorrow xrp would have no use case understanding that is important okay people have to realize stop complaining

About the security it's i i hate that that you know after i watched the um braggart house livestream a couple days ago i hate that the security um issue has you know really been a hindrance for

Ripple let's focus on the fact that xrp itself is powerful in itself okay it feeds off of ripple neither of them will work without the other understand that concept once understand

That concept then you understand what's at stake here what we're really looking at um you know um i would say i want really badly for the security lawsuit to be unsuccessful

Uh because i agree i agree with what the um what they said in that you know uh the town uh town hall because truth is you know for a starting

Ripple is a unicorn company for them to have to deal with stuff like this is just annoying it just it uses resources time and yeah um but yeah i'm pretty impartial on that lawsuit just you know because i don't

Know enough about it you know i'm the kind of person who's like and a lot of us should be like this if we don't know enough about it just don't talk about it all the content i put out on youtube i know

Enough about it to actually cover it um that's why i don't usually cover you know these sort of like theories of like you know even the imf you know there's been so much talk about

When christine lagarde was the head um you know that she would push a sort of um cbd c slash you know digital asset point of view if i don't have legitimate information

From the primary source i'm not going to cover it man i just want to make you guys realize that the only time i'm going to be a little bit more bullish and hypothetical is in the ta and i you know it's how it

Is man i'm bullish on xrp and i'll continue to be bullshiter if you guys sorry this video wasn't too interesting i just want to make a video today make sure to check out this forms article guys interested the dramatic drop in

Price is clear evident of the monthly time frame however look up there you guys can see right there on the monthly time frame two green candles that's going to be huge absolutely amazing guys anyways

Guys i hope you guys are all having a fantastic day tune in tomorrow for a more interesting video guys i just wanted to you know continue to make the video i saw this guy who commented

Um on one of my tweets maybe um let me actually see if i can find it this was this was heartwarming man this was absolutely heartwarming let me try to find it um oh it's gone

I'll find it yeah i think it's gone did i delete that tweet anyway there's hard work when he says something along the lines like when you're not making videos um i don't like it or something

I feel bad or something like that anyways guys that means the world's coming i can see tweets like that so yeah that's it for this video guys social support if you guys enjoyed please subscribe like button if you guys

Are still watching please video for subscribe i'll see you guys in my next video um and until then as usual peace

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