Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2020 (CRAZY Statistics)

by birtanpublished on September 21, 2020

If you would have just put $1,000 into xrp ripple at its all-time low you would have made one way way low 1 million three hundred and seventy thousand dollars the percentage increase would be one a hundred and thirty six thousand nine hundred and forty four per percent

This might be the craziest price prediction I have ever done keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and today we're going to be talking about Ripple the bankers coin

Okay we're gonna be giving you some price predictions I'm gonna going over stuff guys this is gonna be a really important video because a lot of people talk about Ripple there's you know a huge fan base for this cryptocurrency

And I'm gonna be giving you guys a very unbiased perspective you know obviously not all cryptocurrencies are made equal some are a little bit more centralized than others but that doesn't mean we can get we can't get rich off this stuff

Okay so before we get started guys if you ever already subscribe to my channel my name is Alex and I talk about everything internet entrepreneurial if you're looking to make money on the internet

This is definitely the channel for you and I'm not trying to showboat or anything like that you don't see any Lamborghinis in the background I'm simply just trying to give you guys some practical advice that you can apply to

Your life like today right like the price predictive calculator that I have here I offer it in my course called blockchain basics so for the remainder of this video if it all sounds like gibberish you don't know what I'm

Talking about maybe you should check it out check the link below it's how I get paid support me and let's move on so I'm right here we have the price predictive calculator I just want to double check my numbers I might be crazy let's just

Double check that because that's a ridiculous return I have not seen that before and this is probably why ripple has a huge fan base right so the all-time high is three dollars and 84 cents and then the all-time low it was

At a two point eight cents at one point let me just make sure I'm right here all the time how are you up all-time low yep I'm there and the price of the coin today is 22 cents let's just make sure that's correct

Yes 22 cents so yeah guys this is correct if you were to put $1,000 into ripple at its all-time low and then sold it perfectly at its all-time high you know which was at three dollars and 84 cents you would

Have had a one hundred and thirty six thousand nine hundred and forty four percent increase you had been a millionaire off of a thousand dollars I think that blows my mind that's the power of cryptocurrency you know ripple

Being that it is a Baker's coin I could see why you know these huge increases happen right the lot of what's going on and I would say the traditional finance world is that they are scared and they are so scared of decentralization they

Have no control over it so a coin like this a lot of people the general consensus in ripple from what I've seen is that you know they want to take advantage that like look all the money let's be honest here guys you know this

Is my cryptocurrency channel I try to keep it as real as possible let's be honest here where's all the money all the money is in the power of these old you know rich people bankers right that are not used to decentralization not use

They have all the power they've had it for generations of family right do you really think they're gonna let you know Bitcoin come and steal the show it's highly unlikely you know again I'm not a huge ripple fan like I love I like

Ripple I like that it's a crypto currency I like that it brought you know awareness to this space but I do I like decentralization better and I'm just being unbiased here right we're doing this price prediction in an

Unbiased way I'm giving you guys real you know now I know a lot of people I go you know I do just simply type in ripple and this is why this is an important video because you simply type in ripple on YouTube and you see all these people

Shilling Ripple like it's you know the best thing that was ever created right it's the best thing in the world and there's nothing that can go wrong with ripple and that is just not the case it's just like any other cryptocurrency

It has its problems and you know we got to be level minded here this is investment you can't get emotional right now there's a couple things I don't like about ripple you know the the coins are you know they were minted

Right the owners have the majority like 60 or 70% of all they have they have all the coins but I'm taking that into consideration when we're making this price prediction doesn't mean we can't

Make money right doesn't mean that you can't 136 thousand nine hundred and forty four percent increase your money right obviously because you know it happened for some people you know they say that uh one of the owners was like

The richest person on earth for a select period of time because of ripple think about that a person ends up being the richest person on earth for holding a cryptocurrency guys all potentials here but I'm rambling let's go into the price

Predictor we went over the first part there it's like kind of fun math right and then we're gonna go to the second part here which is basically if you took a thousand dollars and you put it in today how many coins would it give you

Give you about four thousand four hundred and sixty three coins and it will give you if you if it goes back to its all-time high of three dollars and 84 cents then you would make seventeen thousand dollars off of that thousand

Dollars that's not bad that's not bad okay that's not bad at all now for the part that most people are waiting for future price predictions of Ripple okay now there's a lot of ways we can go about this but I like to take worst-case

In situations right so we don't overestimate we're not too optimistic try to keep a level model we're doing this stuff so you know the two things we have to come up with the two things that we have to predict to get the price is

Going to be the market cap and the circulating supply I like to start with circulating supply now you can come read this article by the startup it talks about ripple if you could see this jump right here basically

This is somebody dumping ripple and it's most likely one of the founders they own like 60 to 70% of all ripple it's not that decentralized I mean they're claiming that they're using it to further the progress of adoption of

Ripple which is a good thing don't get me wrong but you know if there's a way it could go wrong most likely it will so I like to use worst case scenario so let's just say hypothetically that the owners decide to dump the majority of

The rip okay let's say they jump they dump 70% of all ripple well let's take the sword so the total supply of XRP right here go to the calculator and I'm going to show you how I get the circulating supply so

Hypothetically they dump it let's take this multiply it by 70% so that means a circulation you're gonna get this number okay and that's how I got this circulating supplies come back here to the chart and put it into future

Circulation supply and this is a pretty you know I mean they could dump more will do more price predictions like let's say they dump you know ninety percent will do that after this so they dump 70 percent now future market cap at

One point ripple was I believe at a hundred and twenty billion dollars in market cap as you can see here a hundred and eighteen hundred and twenty billion dollars so this is a price prediction if it goes back to its previous market cap

We got one dollar and seventy one cents you could turn a thousand dollars into about eight thousand dollars not bad at all eight X you know obviously there's other cryptocurrencies that you have seen my other previous price prediction

Videos that you would have made way more money you can turn like I think a US was like a thousand to forty thousand or something like that but that's assuming that 70 percent of the supply are dumped by the owners and the makers right so

Chances are that's not gonna happen but let's say it you know it is but let's look at a future price prediction let's say it goes past all-time high which I'm confident it will now by the way guys you know ripple right now

They're not necessarily being accepted by banks they made a technology that has nothing to do with the XRP coin it's helping it's a it's a better it's a better alternative to swipe swipe is basically a money transferring program

Or you know system that sends money across the world they made a better alternative to that and a lot of people are using it but it doesn't necessarily mean that they need to adopt the XRP coin okay keep that in mind guys when

You look at ripple and you look into it you know the XRP coin is a lot different from what they're doing but they say that it's kind of moving the goalposts which I believe that I believe that so I believe the future market cap is gonna

Be more than 120 billion dollars in the future I really do you know and this is me being unbiased guys I'm Beast you know I've been in cryptocurrency for longer than even ripple has been out or ripple has been

Popular should I say and you know I like decentralization but I'm giving you guys the realistic perspective here you can't be mad at me for doing this then don't come and bash me ripple community for being realistic okay so let's go over

Here and so it gets to almost double a little bit let's say a little bit more than double and I say it gets to 300 billion dollars okay now if we look here you know that's basically all cryptos we're getting over here close to the

Amazon so that's I don't think ripple now you can't say nothing leave a comment below if you think I'm right but I don't think ripple will ever pass Bitcoin that's a fact but let's say you know Bitcoin gets to whatever Bitcoin

Gets to 500 billion right and then ripple gets past all the cryptos market caps right now right and this is like in the future like five years and then let's say hypothetically they dump you know 80% of their supplies oh you let's

Say 90% of supplies to make it a worst-case scenario right so let me get this calculator out again let's say they dump 90% of their supplies so I'm just going to come here get their total supply copy it put it in the calculator

Multiply that by ninety percent times 0.9 equals this right here will be the circulating supply okay I gotta get the point six right for accuracy come back to this price predictor calculator got by the way guys if you have it you

Didn't know the course that created blockchain basics has this price predictor calculator and I'm updating the blockchain basics of course almost every week so if you haven't checked it out use the link in the description

Below and look at it for yourself so and you could do your own predictions you don't have to watch me doing it right I set it on my Instagram story today by the way follow me on instagram alexander the marketer basically said you know

When you start thinking for yourself you know though it's a lot harder you have to take the training wheels off right start doing things yourself and stop taking people's work force stop watching YouTube videos it's funny because I make

Money off youtube but I'm telling you to stop watching youtube videos it's because you know when you actually stop watching it as you start doing you're gonna have a higher respect for me you know I'd much rather a person excel in

Life then increase my watch you know my watch minutes right I can care less so when you take the training wheels off you start thinking for yourself and doing for yourself you can go away faster that's a fact

Right so if we look at the market cap here we have like we said 300 billion and then we increase the circulating supply assuming that they dump 90 percent of it he put a thousand bucks in that is four thousand four hundred and

Sixty three coins right now the future coin price would be three dollars and 33 cents you could turn your thousand dollars into 14 thousand dollars not bad and that's assuming they dump you know a huge percentage of the supply now let's

Do this for fun let's do this for fun let's say they only dumped 50 percent of their supply which I believe is a little bit more realistic of course I like to take worst-case in situations so we can make accurate predictions but let's say

They only dump 50% of the supply it's gonna make a lot of people happy here okay cuz they're gonna like this number if you're holding some ripple this is going to be a pretty intriguing for you so let me jump that in there boom whoa

What happened okay let's try this again maybe I have to write it in but let's put that in there delete that maybe it's because we have air here maybe this is a little bit too big function dr parra expects the numbers

Let's just try typing it in there's something going on here I never had this problem before pull up the calculator let's move this over to the right here and let's type in the future circulator five four and nine nine five or nine

Nine five six one eight eight oh seven all right now let's see what happened okay for some reason the copy and paste feature wasn't working but we have a price of six dollars you could turn your thousand

Dollar investment into $26,000 okay so there you go guys that's a price prediction of Ripple you know there's a lot of things about Ripple I don't necessarily agree with but definitely has the earning potential it's number

Three on coin market Capcom you know there's a lot other crypto currencies that are scams out there for sure a lot of scams out there that I would always say to stay away from Ripple probably not a scam definitely not a

Scam let me just let me say probably not definitely not a scam I think they're doing beautiful things I don't think it's gonna pass you know these decentralized coins because I believe in democracy

I don't believe that you know people should have control over everything but that's just my opinion who am i right Who am I ripple can pass all of them and you know potentially you know change the world forever

But that's it for this video guys if you like the quality of content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticisms subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will

Get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one peace decentralized


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