Ripple XRP News:”XRP May Never Reach $1 Let Alone $10″ & CEO Garlinghouse Federal Reserve Statement!

by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

Yes guys today i might be giving away 2 000 xrp to one of you guys and basically how it's going to be working is if we get a thousand likes within 24 hours i'm giving away 500 xrp if we hit 2 000 likes giving away a thousand xrp and

If we hit 3 thousand likes within 24 hours i'm gonna give away 2 000 experts i'm going to hop on a live stream i'm going to be giving away two freaking 1000

Live it's the biggest giveaway i've ever done at least in terms of xrp and all you have to do to enter is make sure you press the like button make sure you are subscribed and comment something down below but also you have

To follow me over on twitter since again guys maybe we're giving away two freaking thousand xrp and i already put the money in a different account to make sure i don't associate it with

My own money anymore in my in my head it's already gone make sure you press the like button and let's get into it now first of all i saw a video earlier which came from

Moon lambo now i actually didn't check it out fully i of course went to scroll through a little bit because i don't have all the time in the world but basically the title really appealed to me and that was because it said

Ripple agrees to rebrand after lawsuit filed when i read that i was like ripple lost the the big lawsuit about being a security so something really really bad just

Happened but no that was really not it that wasn't really not the situation that was going on at all it was actually concerning pay id and it was the fact that right now over in australia there's already a company

Which is called pay id and they basically just want that right they want the name they they don't really like it and one of the guys in the comments said well i use paddy to buy xrp and i must

Admit pay id is already quite established over there so basically what this means is that ripple will have to change the name of pay id and actually the title is not correct at all because it's not ripple

That has to rebrand but pay id which ripple is a part of but in the end you know it has something to do with ripple but in the end it also doesn't because it's not like

Internally from ripple but it's just i guess just to name it right that's why i did it however robert here says rebrand should be easy ripple should just call the id thing x

Pay id or pay x id or even ripple pay xrp also crossed my mind simple easy on keep on moving forward and even though i don't know i actually don't think they have all the

Power to just name it xrp pay or extra pay because there's also 39 or 40 others within pay id so i don't know if they can have the decision completely on their own it

Is the lawsuit filed against them because they trademarked it partially right so to that to that degree i'm like maybe they should go for something like that because they can also associate it with

Their brand and then you know help with branding so maybe that could be something cool if you want more info check out all the lawsuits and check out all the stuff just type in ripple lawsuit australia

You'll find it in the end though even if they change their name who really cares right who really cares i personally don't so yeah it's it's not really a big problem at all uh here they've said that they've

Invested a couple million dollars this pay id a company that's already in australia on promotion all of that and right now they're just you know freeloading off of their promotion which

I can understand and you can see more about it here we went over it though i just wanted to explain once more that i i just wanted to let you guys know that this change and the lawsuit is not a bad

Thing it's not even a worrisome thing at all so i will be fine ripple ceo brad gollinghaus claims that fed's inflation shift is good for crypto ripple ceo brad

Garlinghouse says sign point to further dollar debasement jerome powell makes history yeah we were all up to date on that one i went over it a little bit earlier

Today as a lot of crazy stuff came out today guys it's really been a mind-boggling day it's it's i've never seen something like this but all right august 28 tweet ripple brett golly house

Shared his take on the federal reserve's historic decision to allow inflation to overshoot the two percent target it's kind of true and it's kind of not true like they decided now that it could be going up they also decided

To uh keep the interest rates 0.25 percent which is mentioned a little bit further into this article but they still want to get close to two percent garlic house believes that this

Unprecedentedly uh unrepresentative monetary policy shift is setting the stage for further dollar debasement in the near term which will benefit the crypto industry and of course gold and some other metals

Um jerome powell makes history on august 27th fed chairman jerome powell caused a marketorim oil with his virtual speech that put an end to the long lasting policy

Of quantitative tightening that keeps inflation at bay by raising interest rates so guys i i think you also all know that uh i think you guys all know that it's it's a really sticky situation

It's a really strange one because it's never really happened before and it's also looking more and more like the the federal reserve cur no sorry guys the world reserve

Currency is going to be changing as it's already been 100 years and all things are kind of coinciding all things are coming together and thus him saying it out loud like that showing the policies

As we all expected is just a little bit of a amazement powell made it abundantly clear that the central bank was willing to keep the interest rates the two point or two percent threshold

The legacy of the former fed chief ben bernard bernard is no longer a play as the fed is struggling to revive the struggling economy so

On average the inflation rate has actually been 1.4 percent for the longest amount of time like i said in one of my earlier videos today however right now they're going to be shifting up and upwards and

I don't know exactly what it's going to get to but it will most likely be uh you know it would be a good chunk higher even though i think they're still gonna go for two percent i think it is going to come out above two percent

But again we'll see about that one guys it's pretty pretty hard to say the report bitcoin and gold moved sharply higher on the news but they quickly gave up their gains but the assets are in green a day

Not so much but a little bit uh then the japification of the u.s earlier this month garlic house noted that the global population was losing confidence in the us dollar creating a need for

Diversification as global populations continue to lose confidence in fiat currencies as we're seeing with us dollar they would choose to diversify our future global financial system would

Do the same that said debasement fears might be exaggerated even in the light of the fed's most recent u-turn jonathan gullip of credit suisse recently told the financial times that he expects the world's largest economy

To undergo japanification we've had 30 years of japan doing well very aggressive policy and you didn't get either inflation or growth there why do we believe we are going to be different

Very good point very good point guys very good point despite maintaining his extremely loose monetary policy for years debt ridden japan is failing to increase inflation and restore its stagnating

Economy the us sec charges policy scheme companies that promised fake crypto trading sec charges ponzi scheme targeting african immigrants

Yeah this is just charging on a lot of these companies that have reigned for too long and i'm hoping that the sec is gonna eventually do something about these crypto scams that are available right now like

All the promotions that are available on on google and all that i don't know how far they can go right but maybe at some point they can have some influence by saying something about it right or showing like hey

They support it or at least they don't support the scams either exit your link position before it's too late zeus capital so yes guys it's not it's not the last time it's not the first time that zeus capital came out

With such an article once more where the like you got to get rid of your link you get a sell sell sell zeus capital has requested link investors to exit their positions or risk losing at all

Zeus capital still maintains chain link is vaporware the team has released a new report analyzing the attempt to liquidate them that started in august 2nd link is once again trading about 15

Well what i have to say about this one is take it with a grain of salt uh take it with a grain of salt because these guys are not in a position to take channeling down

But they are in a position to just show people that you should be careful right or they aren't opposition to convince a couple of people to watch out and they can't change people's minds so take it with a grain of salt but but

Stay cautious with chain link because maybe people will just change their minds all of a sudden and yes guys this article i also had open next to here as you can see the smoothest transition

In the world yes that's how i got you guys i was almost perfect just now wasn't it it was really really good xrp may never reach a dollar let alone ten dollars by crypto analyst i just

Laugh whenever i see this type of stuff all i can say is just you should just laugh laugh it off as this is this is really not realistic if you're not really that convinced it

Could ever get to a dollar i don't know i don't support your views if you see the likelihood of getting there a little bit lower that's one thing right but if you don't think it's really possible ever

I don't take you seriously because i think we're all kind of convinced here and i kind of know that the prices which you got to at least as of this point look like a starting point for xrp in the future

I'm 100 certain we could get to those points again and i'm really hoping that we even will do that pretty soon here but also a little bit late today i'm talking about why it's good that we're at the

Position where we're at right now so again stay tuned and watch out for more things to come now in summary timothy peterson's recent analysis of xrp paints a stagnant future for the digital asset he explains that

Xp may never reach a dollar let alone 10 and his analysis is based on low user growth and digital fiat threatening xrp he also points out that extra p is one of greyskill's smallest funds which doesn't really

Showcase like to have a lot of faith in it well timothy peterson said on twitter ripple may never reach dollar level 10. the user growth isn't there and the digital fiat is a threat

It is one of grayscale's smallest funds so it doesn't seem like there's much investor interest either and what i have to say about that one is it's just really really sad to see people talk about it like that

And also if you guys check it out here the user growth just isn't there and digital fiat is a threat anybody who's educated on xrp knows that digital fiat is no threat whatsoever they actually work together they're

Complementary assets even though there might be a ton of fiats out there there's still necessity for a intermediary acid like xrp i've explained to you guys tons of times before so claiming something like this

Is just ignorance so you shouldn't take it too too harshly again guys digital fiances might make xrp obsolete some of the guys think that it's been it's been countered so many times over

On twitter i don't even know how many times so let's also not get too far into that and uh there's also another good thing coming right the flair network it's coming along for xrp

Could increase xrp user base we don't know but it's something cool polka dot leading the trending coins of this week yfv and y f l behind polka dot is the most trending coin

According to information on coin gecko several device coins such as why value and y of link are next on the charts well who cares about those ones it's about polka dot here

It's been outperforming everybody like crazy with such a huge amount of articles such a huge amount of hype such a huge amount of just price increase really really crazy to see a coin move like that it's such a

Short amount of time look what it is guys sixth in the market cap that's insane and then i also had this one ripples really still going on with the promotion still going

On with just putting themselves up for a good position on twitter they said are you a developer frustrated with scaling challenges learn how bitcoin's shortcomings inspire the development of the xrp ledger

Crazy guys they're really trying to promote this block stars i don't know why they want the you know that too much but it's still cool it's still nice to see pretty excited for it but guys thank you

All for watching this video hopefully you all enjoyed it if you did make sure you press like and subscribe and i would definitely see you guys again in another video i wanted to mention this one again about

V chain need details on v change project verified car with bmw unveiled i don't know published a few weeks ago i highlighted the new details about veech's partnership with bmw vegan has developed the verified car

Solution to track possible fraud and manipulation of second-hand cars wechat's gonna be huge talk a little bit more about that in my second video coming out today uh yeah just make sure you subscribe guys i

Got a lot of cool content you got a lot of stuff to talk about so uh you know stay tuned for more we got a lot coming

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