by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

All right guys this is the last video where we do another crazy crazy giveaway of a thousand xrp five people are gonna be winning 200 xrp if we can get 1777 within 24 hours if you want to enter this crazy

Giveaway and i'm telling you it's crazy because i think it's insane all you have to do is press the like button be subscribed and comment something down below if you've done that you're automatically entered you're

Automatically in and all you have to do is wait for some results i still think it's a little bit too crazy though but all right last couple of days i've been hearing a lot of different things and a couple of fun things you gotta

Admit as well robert r just posted xrp changed my life went from eating at mcdonald's to working at mcdonald's and i didn't i i laughed out loud for this for a couple minutes

One of the funniest ones i've seen in a long while so gotta give him some credit where it's due robert art hilarious tweet gotta give it to you really really made me laugh i think i

Made a lot of people laugh it's a really good one just certainly it's kind of sad because i think this is actually the situation for a lot of people um while i don't want to recommend you

Guys to ever invest more than you're able to lose i can also understand a couple scenarios where you're just over invested where you could lose it but it's just

Changing your normal way of life right so for example you earn let's say five thousand dollars a month and all of a sudden you're investing so much where for example the next three months

You're going to only have to live on let's say let's say 400 a month where you got to get yourself a second job at mcdonald's for example to maybe you know just just come by

Or maybe you you've put it all you know you've quit your job you quit everything because you thought you were going to retire with xrp and all of a sudden it took a lot longer and now you're there without a job and

Without really any credentials or anything like that nobody wants to hire you anymore because of the crisis and so you just work at mcdonald's maybe that one i don't really know but i think there's a couple fun scenarios a

Couple ones i can understand and also the fact that a lot of people have invested more than we're able to lose and right now are deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep losses

What i can say about that one is dca if you still trust a crypto if you don't then uh you're kind of doomed crypto tato says accurate or what again this is just fun stuff to

Get your spirits up a little bit d5 bull market literally everything else plus 4 000 plus 200 plus 420 plus 69 xrp 4 minus 94 percent yep sometimes it feels like that guy

Sometimes it'd be like that all right then of course you guys wanted to get into this article so as i could leave you guys out of this one crazy ripple is challenging the establishment

Payment infrastructure the imf says challenging the status quo embracing crypto innovations in its august report which focuses on how innovative technologies are affecting the financial sector

The imf recognized ripple as one of very few new players that are challenging the establishment payment infrastructure quote some new platforms aim to compete with payment systems such as

Tch ach tch that's they said uh tchrtp sorry and the fedwire funds service which are only accessible by banks for example ripplenet provides the

Software and the rulebook for a transfer mechanism whereas financial intermediary function as nodes and may partake in the consensus mechanism now the status quo the imf notes that

Ripple alongside with facebook's libra and calibre actually and circle's center consortium is aiming to compete with existing payment solutions this sets it apart from popular payment

Gateways such as paypal and square that are merely complementing existing money transfer agents with their services because in the end with paypal the fun fact it's not like everything goes instantly

They just make it on your end look like it goes instantly right but some payment paypal transfers still take a couple of days for example um if i if i pay right now there's a couple of things when i pay

It takes at least one working day right which ripple would never be the case and also them it's a whole operation that's still behind the scenes that you don't witness but that is still there right and with

Ripple hopefully it's all going to be just out there it's going to be kind of superficial and just transparent where you can just notice everything and what you see is

What you see you know it's just simple as simple as is is you know i guess too simple of an answer but you guys get the idea as reported by you today brian brooks which we've been talking about a little

Bit more before head of the office of the control of the currency recently criticized swift the go to payment network for how slow and inefficient it actually is thus

Making a case for ripple's blockchain technology while offering substantial efficiency gains the distributed ledger technology dlt is still in its nascency and a lack of standardization hinders

Its adoption i can't really get into that one i can really understand how there's right now still quite a lack of adoption which might remain here for the next couple of years because of the the whole

Situations running at all embracing crypto innovations well this one is i guess the most difficult one to understand because embracing crypto innovations you would think

You know a country like the us would really embrace innovation like crypto because honestly speaking a lot of countries here are not that accepting of newer technologies like

China has banned a lot of crypto buying and things like that they're not that accepted mostly because of anti-money laundering and the fact that they're not they can't control it

However in the u.s i always feel like the u.s is like the free country with a lot of things and they also support a lot of innovation because they just want to be number one in terms of

You know market and economy and with a lot of other countries like they're they're already emerging and accepting such crazy technologies is a bigger risk now for the us like the us can take that risk

Because they're already so established and you know kind of accepting innovation is what you need to do if you're number one otherwise you're gonna fall back down since other countries will be accepting

It now even though that's not really the case for other countries with crypto there are countries that will right and they they might come out of their emerging status if

They're the only ones to do crypto right so from that perspective i'm still kind of confused that the u.s is such a conservative stance upon crypto where they're not fully embracing all and everything that it comes with

Another major roadblock for such innovative payment systems is the absence of a straightforward regulatory regime yes guys regulatory clarity is one of the biggest issues that crypto faces today quote

Ripple net is designed as a wholesale payment system without being subject to payment system specific requirements other than requirements posed by banks there is however

Some limit scrunty eg by fincen and the federal reserve end quote ripple took it to twitter or at least bengali house to announce that he would be speaking at the inaugural cryptic town hall earlier

With tom emmer we talked about that we went over all of that and he was getting argued that american regulators and lawmakers to embrace crypto as the future payments in his tweet

The us has a real opportunity to embrace crypto innovation as the future of payments despite 2020 throwing an ongoing series of cataclysm events our way in the end what he basically said and what he referred to

Is the fact that again ripple really kind of needs this regulatory clarity to operate fully crypto needs it and eventually will come there's a good chance right now for them all to get in but it will take some time which is the

Truth which is hard but it's it's it's really what it is and again fun to see that rip was really disruptive ripple's really trying to change everything they're challenging the status quo

They're really chilling in the way of living right now the way we all live they're trying to change it all instead of just paypal it's not trying to build on top right if you think about that

Then save a lizard just said on twitter i'm joking by the way i don't know how you pronounce this i'm sorry i just tried my best but maybe it's really insulting i don't know i'm gonna follow him for that one because i messed it up

Maybe all right he said hey guys look what did bearable guy put above xrp right here i don't know um like below it i can see like the the the

I don't even know what this thing is called like the the thing that's above comma everything that's above dot like the freaking brackets and then the slash in the middle like

The a you know if you you type in http it's like before freaking i don't know how it is called i don't know uh and this is a little dot maybe like a little snow dot ball point is i don't believe in this

Stuff stupid-ass stuff any longer right i've never really believed it too much but sometimes i could see some faith in this type of thing whatever i'm looking at now like anybody

Who really sees this as something legitimate with with content with with real stuff inside i can't take too seriously i just can't honestly speaking guys i'm sorry if you believe in

Bearable guy in 589 per xrp in the end of 2018 because it didn't happen um but but you know even not the end of 2019 not the end of 2020 it ain't going to happen but i just don't understand how you can

See some some real value and all of this type of stuff there are people talking about it still all the time and guys this is not the only part right there's a ton of people talking about these riddles all the time

Like from what is his name the other guy i don't even know what his name is anymore i had it open here but i think i lost it somehow uh whatever it's it's mr pool yeah that guy people still

Talk about it every single day and i just don't understand how people do that how people get themselves to to feel connected to that type of stuff by the way before we skip over to

The subject omg network ready to plummet after prices triple i've been getting spammed by people saying omg omg because that's of course ironical right omg omg oh my god omg is doing so well don't even know

What what position this coin is in 28th here 64 on the 24 hours 200 on the 7 days 220 on the 30 days so it's definitely been outperforming the market by a little bit and definitely within the last week here

It has done amazing don't know too much about it i just got spammed by people talking about it key takeaways of that or tether announced it has integrated tether with omg's scaling solution

To deliver faster and cheaper transactions following the announcement the price of omg surged by over 60 percent adding to the significant gains posted in the past week

And despite the recent bullish price action multiple on-chain metrics suggest that the uptrend is reaching exhaustion now one thing i always wonder is for example if you want to be verified over on twitter

You got to show that people search or that there's a lot of links to your your your your thing but if your name is omg how does that work right or should it be the omg network

Because if your name is just omg there's tons of people typing in omg for everything right maybe it should be amaze go then instead of their abbreviation because i'm like oh i'm just too general

Here and also the search results in google they will always lie then right because it's never going to reflect how many people want to see omg the crypto it will always reflect how many

People are using oh my god the abbreviation for that one which is kind of sad about it but yeah pretty damn big guys a lot of games made there and i i don't know if it's gonna stop from here on

Forward however i saw a lot of people put it um up front here in search results because of this gain because which is why i just mentioned it and it could be the case you know it

Could be that omg is doing good because of all this it could be ripple xrp is complementary to central bank digital currencies it's something we shouldn't forget all right often we say you know it really

The way ripple's doing everything it's going to be ruining there's some other theories you're in there no xrp is complementing everything it's not replacing anything ripple's not a bank there's nothing

Strange about it all all you need to know is that it's really just like the butter that's between all the pieces of bread right and the skin if you're if you like bread and you like butter and then you

Understand what i mean here it's just really the butter and the the between all the bread between all the toast here just kind of making it all smooth making it all yummy according to senior ripple employee

Emiyoshikawa xrp neither competes with central bank currencies nor stable coins he went over that before in a world of cbc's xrp could also serve as a bridge currency for cross-border payments in order to solve

The liquidity problem which again can be understood very well by moi so hopefully you guys get that as well tron loses 23 of its 4.3 billion dollar usdt reserves to d5 hotbed ethereum

Basically just guys switched over from tron to ethereum swapped in conjunction with a third party according to tether tweet the token transfer drains twenty three percent of usage reserves which previously stocked four point three

Billion pretty much crazy and tricksters pill for over 1.5 million xrp off of coinbase users who were mostly affected just once more guys be careful with all

These scams just take care watch carefully and really just just watch out for everything people are trying to take your money all the time but mostly is the two for one scamp again watch carefully for

Those don't fall from again and that was it for this video hopefully you guys all enjoyed it if you did make sure you press the like button and subscribe and i would definitely see you guys

Again in another crypto video take care and have a very very nice day guys

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