Ripple XRP News: XRP $10 End Is The Minimum, We’re The First 0.01% Of The World!

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

Uh hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of the daily crypto news and yes guys i am that guy who's given away 2 000 xrp and i might even up it to 5 000 xrp within this month just because it's been really really

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Little bit earlier today i went over this article and i got quite a lot of criticism together we're talking about this article i went over the macro economics today

And i went over some some some ripple odl friction today i went over a lot of stuff right in the end though i think some people think i'm negative on the xrp price over

Longer term or or i'm an xrp bear or something like that because that's really really not the case all right in this video here i talked about the price of stocks possibly going down however

What that does not mean is that xrp will be going down even though we talked about the the most likely scenario for the short term is a downfall it's the most likely scenario in my

Opinion i don't agree with this one too much it could be that when stocks fall xrp and bitcoin prices skyrocket it could definitely be so i can tell you guys because i don't really know and

Even if bitcoin price skyrockets it could be that xp stay stagnant at the start but eventually it will skyrocket i'm quite convinced of that and so what i what

Let me just quickly explain to you guys what i think will happen is bitcoin games first and then people take profit and move into all coins having said that i also earlier today talked about the

Intelligent investor the book but it didn't get too many views i only got a thousand views in four hours which is is normally you know one-third of what i normally get i think we get

About 3 000 views in three or four hours most of the time now what it was about though this whole book and i guess my saying was about was that whenever prices go low is when it's more safe

And the main reason for that is the lower the price the safer you are with buying because you only have more upside to go if it's at an all-time high it will only fall down further and with

The s p 500 is it's like the clearest example here is a very scary point to buy here is a very very very very nice point to buy and also if we're going to go down and fall further

It's only going to become a nicer position for yourself because even though it might look like you're going down for a little bit in the end you're always better off

If you buy at lower points it's always safer it's always better so don't get these articles wrong don't get my thoughts wrong even if i say the price is going down it's in the end always a positive thing

For the coin and again guys like xrp owl or king solomon has said everyone knows where this space is going and no one knows how it will be rolled out so i diversify i can joke

About xrp price because i know if it succeeds i will win and if not i'll be okay if you're angry about the price you've either invested too much or

Haven't diversified enough the consecrated positions generate wealth and diversified positions maintain it argument doesn't work in the asset class that's going to shallow

All the other asset classes and basically here you should diversify and you shouldn't worry too much about the price over a shorter term because most likely if you are you're either invested too much

Haven't diversified enough or or maybe you're trying to trade and buy some more coins on the short term for which i guess you can be a little bit anxious having said that guys

I do think that xp will reach a dollar i do also think it will reach ten dollars um i actually in the talk or in this video that i talked about the this article went over all the points where i explained to you guys how i

Don't think it makes a lot of sense that for example the user growth just isn't there and the digital fiat is a threat i explained to you guys that i don't think that's true right i don't think

Digital fiat is a threat i actually think xrp and digital fiat complement each other so the more available stable coins get the better that xrp will do i just personally think that if cbdc's

Get rolled out it won't be a bad thing but it would be a very good thing for xrp and in my ideals and my thoughts and my thought process there's no question that xp will reach

At least a dollar and i'm actually quite certain that will reach 10 in the future as well but again guys don't quote me on that as i don't know i'm just another guessing guy like you are all right i can't tell

I i just think that that's what's going to happen now moving forward renee dh says they will be the amazon of finance xrp no doubt it's a reply to gal gatrano said who regrets not buying amazon

When it was a bookstore that was a super risky investment you really had to understand that tech had potential to find comfort in that investment ripple is a bookstore today

It's actually a better point than i um than i would have expected so even though this quote is from over one or at least one and a half year ago it's still very solid today and the main reason for that is

As of this point it could be very profitable to invest into ripple as a company if they go for an ipo or xrp because they're most likely just at the start and also you should realize that not

Even one percent in the world has invested into crypto and most likely not even 0.1 percent of the world has invested into xrp or even knows about ripple because yes guys i'm gonna say

95 of the people that are into crypto don't know about ripple they might know about xrp the crypto they might have seen it or something like that but they don't know what ripple really does maybe they know banker coin

But what ripple really does you really gotta dive a couple of steps deeper into it and even with some of my friends that are invested into xrp don't know really what ripple is doing

And you guys are watching these videos oh you are far ahead you're way further than 99.9 percent of the world right now and that is why we see through the shirad we know that even though a lot of

People are mocking this company even though a lot of people don't have faith in it and will blame it down and say it's a bad thing or it will never do great we know we we see through that now

Ripple's also really been doing a awareness campaign over on twitter for a majority of things i'm personally assuming they've gone to promote a lot of their posts

Mostly for either getting themselves to a million followers or getting the name known more in the space or having to do with the lawsuits where

They just want rip on xp to be separated by providing a lot of ripple exclusive news as a company that doesn't have to do with xrp necessarily or maybe some other one like i tweeted

Out earlier again check out my twitter because i post quite a lot of cool stuff on here i try my best here here's what i said maybe they're preparing for swell could also be it right

But also like they did right now they posted a tweet that explains how to spot xrp giveaway scams for the longest time i've been telling people how to i guess watch out for these scams and what not to do and how to spot them

And really which ones i found but ever since i found the i think we were first on the channel right when i shared it i never saw anybody else

Share it before i just noticed that it's a really big freaking problem guys it's it's not a small feat it was this one right here by the way it's not a small feat it's not a small thing it's a very huge problem

And it's getting more and more people every day because they're being advertised they're being advertised firstly on our videos over on youtube second of all on google itself with very

Very interesting hyperlinks and titles and things like that over on twitter everywhere they're replicating people so they're doing the identity theft type of

Way of doing it they're trying to really really steal a lot of these youtube accounts they're doing everything in their power to make sure people get scammed it's just we can't do too much about it but

It's so freaking bad guys it's so bad so it's very good to see that ripple's doing something against it by putting up another post by the way don't get me wrong they've already sued youtube for all this eh

So it's not like it's the first step but still xp crypto wolf ripple ceo brad golinghaus said the company has more demand for its xrp cross-border payments product

Odl than it can currently facilitate brad also says demand for odl is even outpacing ripple's arching international payment platform ripplenet and all i can say about this is just

Perfect the demand for xrp is ramping up we all know it is now being confirmed by the ceo the only problem is ripple is not yet ready and to a certain degree we kind of knew

This right we knew there was a snowball effect and we knew that ripple was not yet ready for some main adoption as they still have a long way to go especially with the regulatory framework

They've been building it but it's not yet ready uh they've been building with regulators and explaining it to them but since it's not ruled out just quite yet ripple is not at full potential so they

Also don't want to ember and bar emerge in bars whatever emerge get into whatever too many of these big partnerships since they don't have the full go ahead right they don't have the full green

Light so they gotta be weary and watch out with what type of scenarios or and what type of um companies they want to work with at this point and which ones they want

To save for a little bit later because sometimes it's very profitable to wait with a couple of mergers wait with a couple of acquisitions or wait with a couple of partnerships and announcings because it might be a lot more

Profitable at that time all right then something that is a little bit controversial i didn't know if i should or shouldn't show it to you guys because i know the comment section is going to be filled

With this but guys just know i won't take my personal stance i won't even explain my personal stance i'm just going to read what's out in front of you publicly available over on

Twitter and i'll let you to decide what you think about it brett gollinghaus just said over on twitter it's up to each and every one of you

To continue calling out something systemic yada yada mlk spoke 57 years ago about a more just and equal world for all and we will not give up the fight i personally am now doubting whether or

Not brad gallinghaus writes his own tweets he's the ceo of a multi-billion dollar company and at first i was always when looking at his tweets like yeah you know it's

Just brad trying to give us something now i'm more and more convinced that it's just a pr manager who's doing all these big guys twitters at first i was skeptical because i'm like well he doesn't really post that many crazy

Things but he sometimes replies in funny ways so i was like maybe he doesn't do it himself but now i'm more and more convinced because this is a very politically smart thing to post but i don't know if

It came really from him from inside of his heart or just because he thought hey you know like all the ripple for good things it's very smart to put up a statement like this for the media

Because they like it they might reflect you as a very good individual might be a positive thing used for lawsuits later on where it's like he's philanthropical uh background and things like that

Maybe or good for the world type of scenarios instead of money hungry and also really i think it gets away from more of the the questions of that ripples only after money if you're also after justice in the

World right here's my thoughts ripple deca corn wires 60 million xrp while binance and other big players shift large xrp lumps too so first of all come in monday you'll most likely see this happen some

People call it red monday right when this type of stuff happens it could be but also there's nothing to worry about when you see these types of articles it's almost never a really bad thing and

Most of the time nothing really happens from it even though they might be moving huge chunks it doesn't really mean they're selling them necessarily so you should look into

It further and then determine from what guys are saying whether or not it's bad but even so 10 20 50 million xrp it ain't gonna make that much of a difference since they won't be selling it instantly regardless

All right i just saw as an ender here another tweet with uh the cryptographic stuff a little bit at least that's what it looked like it's a little bit different though

Interesting and it's looks like a trust line was just added on the ledger for gold yesterday with the trust line adder for china coin now this has begun and i can see xl here or gold

Mentioned bpg bullion gold but i don't really know what the purpose of showcasing this is and what the idea behind all of this is like what was the purpose of showcasing this what's what's really the end goal what's

What's the good part what's the bad part about it because i don't really know all right i i personally don't know why it's too good is industrial recycling fund management

Pbg precious metal refining all right bpg could find is fully owned subsidiary the company is registered with yada yada i think they might be allowing some trading of gold with crypto then

Maybe maybe something like that which could be cool bpg launches excel trading on ripple oh that's what it is maybe no this is 2016 so that's not nothing new or anything like that

Hmm yeah i don't know why this is now happening then i have no idea guys so again don't quote me on any of this stuff i have no idea i'm trying to look it up for you but i just can't find it too bad though it's some cool stuff

Maybe you guys know about it then let me know in the comment section down below guys thank you all for watching this video don't forget to follow me over on twitter i want to hit 5k on here soon and thank you for watching

Take care everybody and have a very nice day

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