Ripple/XRP News: Worst Case For XRP Chart?

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey what's up everybody kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update got a bunch of information to cover today so what i'm going to do is try to split this video into two saw king solomon do it feel like that's a much smarter idea than making 30 minute videos because i

Know you guys don't have time for that i want to respect that so i'm going to talk about the charts in this one super informal just what we're seeing at a high level we'll see if it even comes you know to play out like we

Are kind of speculating for fun and we'll see where that goes but again in the next video i want to talk specifically about all the partners from a global domination perspective again payment

Providers teaming up it's about interoperability across the board and now what people do not seem to understand is obviously the effects of you know ai machine learning the future where all of

This is going if you guys think that crypto assets are just a trend you are beyond misled whether this is not even my confirmation bias coming out if you guys do not comprehend what is

Happening today so think about data and information where is all of that getting stored we have massive amounts of data we have you know google analytics storing all of our behavior

And understanding our psychology and you know all these tags they're following us everywhere right the pixels well what we have to understand is it makes no sense to have all of this data that is again

Infinitely growing to be stored on a centralized system in one location on a single server that makes no sense correct well what's going to happen whether we like it or not is all these systems are

Going to become much more decentralized or at least more distributed so everyone will have a copy with dlt again dlt is the revolutionary tech that puts all this together and you guys

Can own pieces of protocol because they're open sourced and this is where this open you know obviously this investment opportunity lies in some of these crypto assets aka digital assets there's a finite

Amount depending on the project you're looking at obviously xrp is finite they're focusing on payments so again they have an entire ledger it's a consensus network

Um it's highly secure highly scalable uh you know decentralized exchange built on top of it you guys decide for yourselves and i believe there's going to be other assets and altcoins that have short-term

You know better short term than xrp but for me as a long term hold xrp obviously is one of my babies it's you know has some of the biggest use case one of the you know oldest groups in the game and

They essentially have roots everywhere if you don't see that i don't know what to tell you they are you know connected with technology providers the federal reserve many of the largest central banks in the

World um and it is simply inevitable in my mind all right so what does that mean for price you guys decide i'm simply showing the chart here um i know some of you want me to tell you it's going to go to

500 tomorrow uh i i can't tell you that i don't know but what i do see is extra peaking getting hung up here for quite some time before getting that next leg up so yes

Yes guys i promise that i do believe that extra p is going up um but worst case is we stay i've seen other assets kind of play around here and then explode again but xrp you know some say it's asleep i

Think that xrp is in a coma and obviously it has massive potential for upside so mr level up did a live stream showing this uh yesterday if you guys want to tune into that on youtube mr level up xrp

And we have omesigo with xrp side by side so what we see is the behavior so this is not technical analysis per se we're simply just watching the behavior and kind of looking like for like it's

Not verbatim so again you have to keep an open mind and kind of just step back when you're looking at this so we see again the red line is the 200 moving average

The blue is the 100 and the yellow is the 50. we see the red is on top and we see the yellow cutting through red on top yellow cutting through we kind of get this big nice candle okay for a few days straight same thing we

Had for xrp obviously in july we are excited it was about time to move a good 70 and now we are again playing around in this channel so if if and only if and this does not

Mean it will occur we play around here we're going to get caught here for a little while so people can either play the swings and you know sell every time it's around 30 cents and buy it you know 28 cents

Again you know you guys kind of decide for yourselves there's going to be people taking advantage of these market you know market moves um and we'll see so it looks like the yellow again the 50 ma is up top here it

Went down and right back up to touch it and now you know again we're 25 cents weeks ago i was talking about xrp going to 25 cents in youtube videos i had people calling me an idiot and saying i didn't know

Anything and i mean it doesn't matter because i'm right and wrong a lot and we're trying to you know essentially put the pieces together and speculate on what these moves will be to take

Advantage of them so my guess is if you know i'm speculating is that extra people kind of climb back up towards that 28 29 cent region maybe even higher

Before going down again now this also goes in line with the narrative of the bitcoin cme gap that has to close all right that cme gap we should be seeing if it closes and historically it's closed every single time

Which is worth noting is this gonna be the first time that it actually fakes everybody out and it never closes it who knows all right so if bitcoin did dump to you know under 10 000 or even 10 500 in wicked down to

That you know that 9600 region what will happen with xrp will it get dragged down some people believe so some people believe that xrp still has to follow suit and kind of touch down okay

Whether it's 25 cents again or even around that you know 22 23 cent mark and we know some other exchanges with tons of tons of leverage trading it's not uncommon to see some massive massive wicks

If you guys have experience with leverage trading or have ever you know been margin called and wiped out your entire account i'm right there with you i've experienced that many many times

Okay so we're gonna see what plays out again so this yellow kind of goes under cuts under the blue and then it comes to the top and then boom so again look at this upside overall

This was pretty significant we know that omiso has gone up hundreds of percent and honestly what we're seeing is could it do the same potentially but i'm kind of seeing that target of you know 38 cents to 46 cents

We're seeing the assets as many people are saying i know mr level talks about cutting through again the february 2020 and then next up is typically the may or june 2019 price point and then so on and whether it's you know

Slow and steady or gradually over time the assets that again are following this algorithm are approaching their all-time high what does this mean for xrp you tell me this is why i am a permabull in this

Market you guys think i'm always bullish even if we go down 20 yeah i'm bullish now because we've been in a bear market for two and a half years and i see what's coming i see the

Fundamentals and you know people can act conservative and stay put but to me this opportunity is once in a lifetime you know once in a lifetime and i'm not missing it one shot one

Opportunity for me so let me know your guys thoughts and please tune into the next video i kind of want to show you how you know simple integrations with ripple can pertain in particular

Connect them to 6 000 banks right then and there all right we got to talk and stay a high level and understand this market and where this is all going and then also just apply what i was

Talking about earlier with everything going decentralized and distributed these assets will play a role we've had the imf we've had you know bis we've had all these groups i mean the federal reserve they all said

That they will be at least connected or plugging into public blockchains all right because there's going to be interoperability it doesn't mean that they're just going to live and utilize

That yeah they're going to have privacy they're going to have their own closed systems people in power are not going to give that up willingly per se what we're going to say is that they're all going to be bridged

Via technology now which technologies are doing that we question and get frustrated why it takes so long for these assets to go up in price because you guys just want easy money you want the convenience of

Profits without the inconvenience required to wait and that's the truth understand we are owed nothing in life nothing we are simply owed in opportunity okay

That is the way i see things just try to you know stay level-headed and for fun we will see if omisogo is similar to what xrp does but until then i'm going to be trying to

Capture as many trades and with that profit instead of going to usd i'm trying to accumulate xrp that's my personal choice my choice for me it should not be you know what you do for yourself you guys gotta weigh in and

Decide but again let me know your thoughts down below and i will see you in the next video

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