Ripple XRP News: Why $0.25/XRP Can Make You Extremely Rich + More $589 XRP Stuff

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Uh hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of the daily crypto news and guys we're giving away 500 or a thousand or 2 000 xrp the way it's to go is if we hit a thousand likes within 24 hours i'm giving away 500 xrp if we hit 2

000 likes within 24 hours i'm giving away a thousand xrp and if we hit 3 000 likes within 24 hours i am giving away 2 000 xrp i know it's a little bit crazy but i'm going to be trying that one for

Right now until we hit it once you know if i'm giving away 2 000 xp today then the giveaway is going to be over for maybe a couple of weeks maybe not we'll see though how you guys like it all you have to do to enter

Is make sure you press the like button make sure you are subscribed and make sure you comment something down below having said that though let's get into the news ripple partner aci worldwide

Joins e-banks in making new payment solution for latin america guys i have been so freaking excited about what they are building and every time i hear ripple partner building yadda yadda bit ripple partner

I just get another little boost of just motivation and enthusiasm because i know eventually almost all these articles that you find online will just be like ripple partner is doing this reporting

Is doing that because of this point it's fun right it's because you see it every every so often but eventually there's going to be so many partners as the snowball effect is going to take place

Where all will be partners right which is why sometimes they all will be using xrp as at this point it's so small there's only a couple hundred guys on riponette but as you've seen before

There's a lot of players that don't want to utilize it because it's too small that's why i said the slowing snowing ball what's it called snowball effect yes ripplned customer aci worldwide

Has partnered with ebanks to offer new payment methods for residents of latin america to buy goods from expanding global business expanding electronic payment variety in

The region e-banks to let aci customers enter latin america and about aci secure e-commerce business wire has reported that aci wood wide which has been using riponed since 2019

And a major supplier of electronic payment software over their ebanks have signed a partnership to deal to improve the online payment ecosystem in latin american countries they intend to offer global businesses

And local residents new payment options including via credit cards installments etc now the reason i am mostly excited about these things is not because they potentially could utilize ripple and is

Expanding ripple i like that but that's a side thing right here this is mostly because of my philantropical interest so even though i'm not going to

Call myself a philanthropist in the bigger sense i do like however to see all these things that are improving our world making payments cheaper or even making them costless for people

Is in my opinion one of the most important things within this world so what ripple is building here and what ripple partners up with and what those partners are doing again even though it might not increase the

Size of our wallets instantly with another big deal for xrp it is so good to see that they are building on this at least in my opinion because it's just been so overdue it's been so necessary for the longest while

And finally are they doing something for it now it's not just my opinion all right that that that were in necessity or needing some beggar wow what am i saying that's some better

Way to deal with things we need better payments everybody knows it in the trump office they know it they also know we need to do something against all this electricity consumption read this one holy i'm watching trump

Talk at the white house and trump said we will have america energy efficient and marvin gaye said that america will start with the energy efficient economy

And gold standard will follow with xrp to provide liquidity to both so a part is kind of stupid because all this more of engaged stuff is conspiracy

It's speculation which is not based on fact it's not objective but it's it's subjective right it's just an opinion of somebody and thus you can't believe in it i'm not you know telling you guys you

Shouldn't it's just it's not a fact right and i'm trying to in my videos make more of a distinction between what is really facts and what is just a theory and what could happen

So the first part could really be true all right america energy efficient it's something america needs something if america wants we all understand that so it's not that crazy for a statement to come out like that

Morphin gaia said everything will start with energy efficient economy with a gold standard with xrp to provide liquidity to come that's the second thing but it's a very big statement to make as well

You know i i can understand a gold standard could be coming in place however it's not a necessity it's not a certainty especially since jerome powell's statements of keeping inflation intact

Not wanting deflation to keeping the whole system kind of normal they're not really adding to the whole gold conspiracies that have been going around and also it's not a certainty you know you guys

Should make that big distinction it's not 100 sure that we'll get something like that going on so i just wanted to make you guys aware of the situation in that sense

Where you know it could be that no gold standard no extra p to profile liquidity with a gold standard is going to be coming even though it would be very nice right

And even though maybe some hints are there just keep in mind it's speculation only and all the bearable guy wanted a barrel guy one two three and five and nine stuff is

Is nice but it might be a little bit too nice so i just wanna tell you guys know about that but but we're talking about energy right because that's the basic point i wanted to mention here

We know the trump office we know all the bigger guys the regulators and all that want a more efficient world because it's a growing concern and with all the vegan stuff and by the way i'm sorry if you're vegan

All the all the electricity concerns stuff all the sustainability issues that have been coming around here there's more people getting aware of it right

And with that there's also a growing concern i believe for the bigger difference between xrp and bitcoin as of this point which is also showcased very beautifully on status's twitter

Page even though i can find it it's in a lot of those infographics bitcoin is just very very inefficient in terms of transactions it's just way better to utilize xrp to

Try and transact something because bitcoin just takes up so much electricity and having said that it is really not efficient in the longer run to just keep on using bitcoin here hands

Of stone xrp posted on twitter just now i'm going to give him a follow then that's a lot of juice why did he say that because there's an article here which says it takes an estimated seven nuclear

Plants to power our bitcoin mining and even though i am not that concerned about electricity consumption as of this point the philanthropist in me comes out again

And things like you know what we should better this world and get rid of things that use this much electricity right think about a couple of brothers and i'm saying that way because there

Are people you know are just like you and i who are in for example some places in africa who have no light no never and we're spending this much on a system that doesn't need it bitcoin

It takes so much electricity doesn't need it at all why are we spending it all all of that then why are we not going for some some extra piece standard then which uses 1 54

000 of what bitcoin uses i've just been thinking about that for a little bit guys so again if you think about it too let me know in the comments down below right it just makes a lot of sense for me to

Not go with such a system than if we don't need it all right and then allison here says something which really hit close to my heart because if you guys follow me on twitter

You know that somebody very dear to me just passed away recently and really what it kind of made me aware of once more is that you should be grateful for a lot of things that are given to you

Right you should be grateful for a lot of things but you should also take care of the people around you you know right now if you're watching send a little message to your you know one of your siblings or

Somebody that sits close to you because before you know it everything could switch over in a matter of seconds and also another one is don't forget the people you know you've been with for a long

Time like i i've seen a couple of things over on snapchat in the news section which is not really news but again where people are forgetting their friends whenever they become famous

Things like that maybe you're not famous yet maybe you're not but maybe you've distant yourself from some of the guys that you really used to like i'm always a guy that says you know get rid of people that are a bad influence

But still you know i'm also going to tell you guys that you should stay close to a couple of guys that you really like and enjoy being around and not forget about them if you're too involved with something

Else you know don't forget about your people it's just what i'm trying to say here just because uh you know you might regret it one day and i want you guys to think about it even if you

You know think this is the best decision just think about it once more if you still think so go ahead right on with it but if you don't again maybe reconsider allison said here be grateful expert price is low

I can agree with that be grateful nobody knows about xrp can be grateful about that be grateful you're part of a paradox well i would say we're part of 10 different paradox

Because i mean you can you can really name a lot of them with xrp be grateful you're about to witness a paradigm shift be grateful this is what investing is when the tide turns it will be too late

To position in be grateful xrp all right nice little poem nice little little talk it has a lot of meaning though because i think a lot of people right now are too greedy

With their xp holdings where they're like why is xp not at the moon yet or you guys have been claiming xp moon for five years or three years whatever the problem is though ultimately nobody

Knows when it's gonna moon and ultimately we should be happy that we got ourselves in a position for krypto with such longevity i mean i'm convinced xrp is here to stay for the next at least two decades

You know at least let's say 15 years so whether it does good today or in you know another couple of months i i personally don't really care all right even if it takes another year i'm not investing more than i'm able to

Lose i already have a good sizable position where i'm happy with it so i don't really understand where i i should be doubting or where i should be not happy

Because the price is low i can buy more i wish it was even a little bit lower because not that many people know about xp just now but i said before guys the snowball effect is going to be taking effect

I hate that i said effect twice or but still and eventually a lot of these players like bank of america which can't utilize odl because liquidity is too low and santa there who can't utilize odl

Because there's not enough pairs on there already ultimately will be hopping onto odl right even though they might not be the priorities banks are not the priority it's like payment providers

They ultimately may be provided with that odl as well and that list is going to continue on and on and on and even if we go to a cbdc standard xp most likely if all goes according to

Plan with all the regulatory framing they have been trying to build we'll be in the middle of it all providing liquidity and just being the intermediary intermediary asset

Ultimately will be great we'll be you lesbian many and all it takes is waiting and i'm all up for it guys i'm all up for it and if i had to pick a crypto i'm still going with xrp maybe i'll change my mind

In the future who knows but i'll tell you guys if i do and right now not all in xrp but you know sometimes i think about it you know sometimes i'm thinking about it but no my strategy is a little bit

Different i go for a lot of crypto first then move most likely a little bit into bitcoin once the rush takes off and then sell a lot of bitcoin for xrp and a couple other coins once you know the run has you know got

Me to that point but that's a story for a completely different day guys thank you all for watching this video hopefully you all enjoyed it hopefully not something new i got a couple of

Other things i want to show you guys today i just have been really into crypto today man i think it also to get away from my loss a little bit because i just lost somebody

You know crypto really helps with all this stuff to just be able to talk about money and things that i guess matter even though money doesn't really matter too much it's the things that matter like like the progress in

The world like it has something cool but guys thank you all for watching this video hopefully you all enjoyed it if you did make sure you press the like button and subscribe

I would definitely see you guys again in another crypto video take care everybody and have a very very nice day

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