Ripple XRP News: This Theory Says XRP Is Going To $50 On September 1st, Here’s My Thoughts…

by birtanpublished on September 16, 2020

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Yet again another pretty big day for xrp i've been scrolling through a lot of forums a lot of tweets a lot of stuff i've been reading today and we actually got some really really uh some crazy stuff i'm gonna show you

Guys in just a second first of all some very important news though ripple xrp labs founder talks about plans for xrpl security upgrade so according to xrp labs founder ritz

Vind two new security proposals could be implemented as part of the hoax amendment for the xrp ledger the first proposal could prevent the disclosure of the

Amount of the owned xrp holdings to third parties now you guys i think at least you guys know what i think about proposals that have been going around on xrp or surrounding xrp i i'm always very

Divided and that's because i think a lot of these and actually all of them as of yet that are very very good and very very bad size now what i think about these proposals like the checks feature and

All of that is they take away a little bit of this just and not necessarily anonymity but kind of the decentralized feel where just everything is kind of

The wild west it all becomes so organized and so determined by whatever factors that i guess are put into these uh proposals and i'm like it's taken away from the appeal a little bit of just really

Feeling like some decentralized space another part is that uh which is good is that it could add a lot more privacy it could add a lot of more features that we would really

Really like which is why i do think that this these implementations are actually a good thing in the end because they are here to increase either user experience

User comfort or mainstream adaptability because in the end it's not really about what we want as consumers here because we're not the end goal all right xrp is to be used at least that's that's what the plan

Is by these bigger companies and these bigger companies yeah they're looking for a couple of features and i can understand that so if this could really benefit them and i personally do not like but if it really

Benefits them and that ultimately leads to you know more xrp adoption and so forward yeah i'm not gonna be here complaining about it then all right i would prefer to just you know not like

To use it that much myself if it gets main adoption and really brings our world a little bit of a step further than me having the best experience in there all right as long as the majority

Of the people or the majority of the companies at least are are thinking it's something really really good i'm also good with it unless of course they're gonna take a completely

Different route and centralize everything yeah you know then then i might take a little bit of a different step as of this point though i think all the features are are

Reasonable all right they might not be something i would have gone for myself like the checks feature but they're reasonable i can't understand how how there is appeal

And how there are a couple of good parts inside of there now of course with any new feature the main reason you don't want to do them is because there's always a little bit of a risk involved

I believe i showed you guys that david schwartz explained it a little bit earlier uh like a couple weeks ago because david swartz explained that all these features yeah even though you

Would of course want as many cool features on there like as possible right because i mean more cool features is more use case sort of it's not really that way because with every single new feature

There's always another chance of first of all compromise but also slowing it down and also possibly breaking something or creating another opportunity for a bug to be forward things like that

Right so it's not always a very positive thing again in this article they go a little bit deeper into the hooks amendment and what they want to change right now but whenever i saw the title it's

Talking about security upgrades i'm always up for it you know if you can secure things a little bit further 99 out of 100 times is a good thing then comes the the controversial part of today

And by the way guys go ahead and follow me over on twitter i want to hit 5 000 followers today and with a little bit of help we can really really do it because i just asked you guys over on twitter

What this article here is about i just saw it and i don't know if it's pure satire if that's really what the the whole website is about or if it's um

Just just really really really dumb i really don't know all right and the main reason for that is it has conspiracy daily update as its title where i'm like it could be just some

Real big conspiracy insider talk that's going around or of course it's all just satire it's all just jokes and they're joking all conspiracy yeah or or maybe not i find it really

Really difficult to put put something real on there because a lot of this stuff set in here does make a little bit of sense in the end though the main message here is really freaking stupid let me show you

Guys why first of all they they have bear bubble as a quote and i'm not going to say bearables things are not good right i actually really do think he's a very cool person

As a person right as an individual some of his videos though same for a couple other guys i've seen they do not make a lot of sense for the real world all right are they entertainment yes do i recommend you guys to watch him

Well yes if you want to be entertained sure you know it's it's good quality stuff you know that's for sure is it realistic for our world though say for a couple of guys i'm gonna say

No all right and it's a long article guys it's not nothing small all right on this on this uh page here this is a daily update i don't know i think they're just updating this article daily daily which is also why

There's like 400 ads on here which is why my computer right now is just shaking of heat because uh it's loading a lot of stuff you can see here i've checked through it right i've checked through it for a little bit

There are currently no projections that ripple will fail only contention is how much it will rise the minimum projection that it will be 1.60 by the end of the year 10k and 5 to 10

Years soon and more of that talk is going on here and i asked on twitter uh first of all if there's a satire or not uh that's one thing but also i asked what is so special about september

And the main reason i asked that is because i've been seeing so many people say september swift yadda yadda i was like what but now and by the way guys sorry if there's a little bit of heat is

This article it's so heavy it's blocking 220 ads on this page so but yeah let's quickly go over it and then i can close the website so my computer can calm down

The price of xrp has gone down due to testing being finalized they are preparing for the next move which is that all of the 5 trillion dollars of swift transactions can be routed through the xrp network on

The 1st of september that is when we'll see the price rise dramatically the swift system will be turned off on the 31st of august 2020 and all five trillion dollars of daily transactions will be routed through the

Ripple xrp system on the first of september 2020 setting the price of xrp to 50 in 24 hours yup xrp is the new quantum financial

System for global finance yeah so that's why i was like i don't think these guys are serious because that would mean it's actually past 12 which means it's

The 31st of august right now here that would mean in about you know 30 hours or so our coin is gonna go from uh whatever 25 27 28 28 cents to 50 dollars that's times 200 or at

Least 180 in just a day i don't know doesn't seem very likely in my opinion but who knows you know i'm i'm eagerly waiting this guy's right i'll tip him a couple hundred bucks

You know what screw it i'll tip him a couple thousand bucks i'll send him i'll wire him ten thousand dollars if this happens tomorrow not even joking i'll do that all right if he's right with this prediction

He can consider him a made man i might even wire him a hundred thousand dollars who knows but uh i don't see the chance of this happening really highly so yeah i don't even know what to say i

Don't know i don't think i should be taking it seriously because i don't think you guys are either all right when you're reading this all you can do is just laugh right and the thing is if it's just satire

Then then i can laugh about it but it's written in a way where it's you know stupid but not stupid enough where i'm like you know this this is you know this is satire like when we're reading through it

There's a lot of real news in here and real stuff a lot of it comes down to you know things like higher extreme prices or very good xrp adoption and things like that but there's also just a lot of facts in

There and it's it's it's an aggregate you know there's a ton of stuff in here with a ton of different opinions with a ton of different other sources which is why i don't know which is why i

Find it really really difficult to to judge exactly what the plan is here it also has like a gold-backed money principle talk and all of that if you guys know let me know in the

Comment section down below because because i don't know if i should burn him or just be like haha you know good article good effort uh and that that's basically it because even though you know maybe

Everything here is correct except for that part you know which we just read and am i seeing this right now does it have 3.8 million hits i think that's the whole block not just this post right maybe he got four million views in total

He has 6 000 people following over on twitter or facebook that's also pretty great i must admit that's that's pretty damn nice i though i don't know i'm personally out

Of this opinion maybe some of the stuff in here makes a lot of sense what i just read to you guys though i don't think that does make a lot of sense but if you agree or disagree let me know

In the comments down below i'm closing it now though 220 ads gone all right let me quickly close that xrp crypto wolf has said u.s federal agencies like the department of treasury

Department of health and human service and food and drug administration are using dlt and blockchain federal agencies are increasingly using blockchains for transparency efficiency security and flexibility

And i just wanted to say as well that i've been seeing more and more small pieces of this crypto adoption and dlt and blockchain adoption within the high ranks uh of course as time goes by and i mean it's logical

Because crypto has some crazy technology which they all want but it's cool that we're also seeing it piece by piece you know it's happening right in front of us i'm really happy

That i can be part of that you guys can too then actually first i should talk about the irs because right now what ripple wants the most is just a good regulatory framework

Right and it's very fun that when it comes to framework or when it comes to arranging things the tax man knows how to regulate it all perfectly fine iris memo crypto earned from a

Microtasking job is taxable income because the tax man they know they know everything but when it comes to just a regulatory framework regulatory clarity and just i guess the crypto world like no we

Can't do that it's been a couple of years but no no no we can't give you that i find that so strange you know i know it's bureaucracies i know it's the system we're working with but can they hurry up a little bit

But why don't they want to i don't really understand what's holding them back what's scaring them so much if they've done their own due diligence they know it's not that scary

So what's holding them i don't really know then this one was just to show you guys that proof of work and not all systems are that safe and that's really nice

About the way that xrp is working and a couple of the other projects that i've been talking about a lot on the channel are working not through proof of work or not through a

51 attackable system hackers launched third 51 attack on ethereum classic this month over seven thousand blocks reorganized after august third ethereum classic 51 attack

I don't want to get too far into it it's just really really stupid guys then i actually had some more stuff let's see here the cryptic bull said most people owning xrp would not enjoy cashing out a 10 20 or 50

Or even beyond as you're busy losing money hope are hopping from one pumping coin to another hold and you will be rewarded now again i find this a very

Very difficult tweet to really judge because to a certain degree he's really right there's going to be a lot of people who are hopping from one point to another hopping from one go to another

However in in total i think there's going to be more people that are watching these videos right now they're going to be happy when it gets those prices than the ones that are really constantly

Selling that xrp i think a lot of people have xrp and are selling some other coins or you know doing things like that but i think the majority of people watching here like you i know what your situation

Is bro or girl or other uh but i'm assuming you at least again i'm not gonna say you should but i'm assuming you do have some xrp would you sell it all to to hop into

Different coins and bounce around what i personally do if you're wondering is i hold a couple of different coins and i've kind of mentally but also really i guess physically because i've just put

The parameters in um i've put everything kind of in sheets not it's not literally google sheets it's like i call it sheets but it's really offline because i like to keep every single thing that has to do with

Money and myself offline just to be sure but i just put down exactly what type of numbers i want to have so for example what type how many bitcoins i really want to hold never sell i put it down

How much xrp i want to have never sell i put it down then the second part which is you know my daily tradable so my my money which i can just always trade in and out and then my third sector which is you know kind of

Hold but still trade if necessary it's like a backup um but it's like intermediary it's like it's not really defined for anything it's just play around money you know if you guys get me it's

Like some smaller money which i can just move into different things if i want to it's also for the giveaways where it's like it's not really get money i consider my own it's just money that's there

To be spent sort of even though i don't spend crypto unless it's on giveaways um i i don't really like to sell crypto at all i'm just aggregating it i'm just buying into it which is more so the problem i think

People will be having it's not that they won't be happy at 10 20 50 is that they won't be able to cash out at those places because they're like well we can only go up and up and up and up

And actually in my next video i'll be explaining a little bit more about that because there's also a game which got really really popular which i briefly want to talk about concerning what you're seeing right in

Front of you right now but i guess that's for another episode as um it's going to take another 20 minutes to do to 15 minutes to go over some of the other articles i also had to open and

Talk about everything so guys hopefully you all enjoyed this video think about these taxes make sure you arrange everything properly make sure you also follow me over on twitter i try to post a lot of cool stuff that

You guys can relate to and things like that i'm also still wondering if this is just satire or not i thought i had two comments i only see one but if you know let me know in the

Comment section down below about this one i find it so strange i have no idea what's going on but again thank you all and take care

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