Ripple/XRP News: This Is Not War | The Triskelion & Golden Ratio

by birtanpublished on September 11, 2020

Hey what's going on guys kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update hope all as well want to kick things off today showing this video clip some of you may have already seen this but i do want to show it again this is not just

You know anybody this is glenn h hutchins and again for those of you that do not know he happens to be a co-founder of a 39 billion dollar private equity firm you may have heard of it silver lake

Partners so listen to what he says and has to say about blockchain technology specifically the token or the transfer of value the medium the bridge asset and i just basically want you to imagine

This being xrp so before he even starts he says again this analogy the token today will be like the boxcar again that is x or p it's transferring the information okay or the value

The blockchain again is like the cargo the invoice the manifest similar to the xrp ledger or the rcl today and then also the protocol specifically is the rails or in this case it could be interledger protocol

Again bridging between various networks or ledgers all right so just listen up think about the cryptocurrency world um is there are three parts of it

The blockchain the um the token and the protocol uh and the three of them operate together to create one solution one integrated solution has the capacity to

To revolutionize the way we move things of value around the world let me let me use a railroad analogy to make the point um the the token is the equivalent of the boxcar

It's the thing in which you embed something of digital value that needs to be moved from one place to another from one part of a blockchain to another this could be records information any type of information really it's again

Keep in mind blockchain or just dlt specifically is a type of database okay a distributed ledger it's just more distributed the blockchain is the cargo

Invoice is the invoice and the cargo manifest and the rails is the protocol and you have to think about all three as one integrated solution that enables you to accomplish the

Purpose of moving anything of value around the world at the speed of light at no cost the way we we talk about email today people who just talk about

Blockchain are talking about something very interesting uh but it's a piece of enterprise technology that's an advanced database and a private blockchain unconnected to the global

Uh to the to the uh bitcoin or another digital currency blockchain is the equivalent of the intranet remember we had intranets to begin with where it was really cool you could do um

Internal communication with people in your own companies you know but but it wasn't really until those intranets were connected via the internet protocol interesting so again think of an

Intranet um perhaps an intra network of a closed permissioned database for example jpm coin is a closed silo meaning that they do not interoperate with other ecosystems or

Other networks if bank of america wanted to make their own coin who how would they interoperate again they need a bridge asset an agnostic protocol does it make sense do you guys understand

Where xrp's role could play specifically or any other digital asset for that matter all right keep listening to other intranets to create the world wide web of intranet it's called the internet

Again the internet by definition is essentially a network of networks so with obviously this new global financial system or whatever is going to occur in the future with dlt being one part of it this will

Be again bridged by potentially protocols like interledger right and a network of ledgers per se of distributed databases and each network each token

Can have its own use case again xrp specifically for this example would just be a simple bridge asset that the world changed the world is going to change in finance when we connect the private

Blockchains via the bitcoin or ethereum or other protocol xrp's never named in anything um to the other blockchains in the world have a global blockchain that's the world

Wide web of blockchains that'll fundamentally change the way in which not only do we move value around the world speed of light but also in which we actually fundamentally change the way in which we

Compute because it's the fourth computing paradigm i've experienced in my lifetime the decentralized computing paradigm that is the vision of where we can really go with this that

And i can assure you guys that this gentleman and his investors are taking advantage of this wealth transfer that will be occurring it's not something that just happens overnight this is occurring day in and

Day out if you are paying attention very few people besides obviously crypto investors which are arguably learning some of the best skills that an investor can learn obviously most of you have i'm assuming

Some have lost money some have endured crazy amounts of patience some have endured volatility some have had to do so much research into what they understand that now they no longer you know have

Fear regarding certain investments again nothing is guaranteed but i'm telling you some of the foundations that some of you have learned in the past few years are going to you know go with you for

The rest of your life all right so um i do want to show you just a few tweets before covering some additional news and yeah i know kevin's reading tweets but i think that they're valuable and i

Wanted to share them with you so arturo portilla very smart gentleman formerly head of extra peace center says this fact there's no way to send money from mexico to the uk without going to a bank branch in

Manually filling an ancient form by paper guys the only existing alternative today is crypto and it might even be cheaper what do you think they're going to decide now again this reminds me of

Just think of standards across the board remember chris larson's near um example for again um standardizing the railroads or not the railroads the boxcar um the shipping container excuse me i'm thinking boxcar because uh glenn

Hutchins video again guys a single standard even iso why is ripple not so popular because it standardizes everything it's the same information in the same spot um it's not

You know different digits of a phone number different digits maybe one account wants nine digits and the other has 13 in another another country that would be very confusing and obviously that just sounds like this um the exact

Uh corresponding banking network today correspondent banking network guys all right inefficient no standards obviously it's just going to make it a lot more clunky alternatives today are crypto all right

Next so we have again cameron kovas one of the brothers he is the co-founder of the exchange gemini now stay with me here and i just want you to look at this all right so he says bitcoin

Works like your email it's borderless never sleeps any amounts can be sent anywhere in the world over the internet 24 7 365. there's never been a commodity in the history of the world that has ever been this portable

So he's comparing it to the likes of wheat gold you know anything in between oil right so again he just talks about that and again she goes this lady right here says only thing is it's

Slow but i do love it his retort because he's only comparing it to a commodity is not as slow as moving a bar of gold or a barrel of oil now although he may be right you know at

The end of the day businesses are going to be basing everything off cold hard math and efficiency so our fees can just network congestion and time to even you know have confirmations going to be

Sufficient for the new world i highly doubt it okay even lesser lazarus the model t is much faster than walking too again guys and i just saw this because i saw brady neal sharing it

He's not comparing you know apples to apples again i could name probably close to 4 000 other digital assets that are faster now obviously the new economy people businesses

Institutions are going to value different things i just don't believe that it will be bitcoin could it continue to be that store value narrative perhaps i'm just saying at the end of the day guys to solve i

Mean specifically cross-border payments it's not going to be bitcoin that's all all right next and then also xrp darren guys definitely follow fame21 more the reckless monetary and fiscal policies

Makes investing in crypto easy today specifically guys this chaos creates a huge opportunity as bad as that may sound so if we had sound global you know if we had a sound global economy

My holdings would be a lot less absolutely it wouldn't seem to make as much sense and we will be finding out shortly all right all right next up xrp quantum leap

Sharing this thank you for the tag so we have again mentioned the financial conduct authority in the uk well why are they relevant well besides allowing now ripplnet partner to receive their emi their electronic

Money institution license which essentially allows them to issue e-money and provide cross-border digital payment services in the uk we remember mentioning the fca the financial conduct authority

Specifically saying that x or p is not a security as well all right can you guys see the clarity can you see who is connected and can you see kind of just everything being set up for global

Domination and in my opinion i think that ripple net is going to get a huge slice of this pie in the future all right and it's because there's so much friction that exists today on

Again this is a customer case study of neum they mentioned customers like btech that they helped in brazil um of course you know at least 35 countries um currently and notice that this video is from 2019

So talking about friction talking about the same narrative as always in this video they mention obviously with ripple net being able to improve their cost savings they can focus on other endeavors such as machine

Learning all right so again southeast asia there's tons and tons of friction you can think of you know philippines thailand etc but then we can even go to other regions like the uae which we will talk about

The fees are ridiculous this is helping everyday people notice eight weeks to begin leveraging ripple net remember ripple is now a lot more or it's migrating more to be cloud-based

As well 98 savings on domestic rate or transfers for customers that is insane all right so if you guys want to read these i highly recommend it just some great case studies on ripple's

Website all right now let's talk about newm so we again registered or now licensed by the financial conduct authority now let's talk about what else they've been up to

Ripple's partner newm teams up with major payment firm teledollar in costa rica all right so spreading now through latin america as well so no surprise again you can stay high level

And then also neum works with visa direct now again when i'm looking at these i go through it but at the same time guys you don't want to waste your time with the minutia

Every single time just understand that the partners are typically integrated it is very common for financial institutions to team up and leverage each other um to some degree and the cool thing is

Though that ripple net again is creating really just a global platform i mean it really does have a rippling effect and it will be reaching as many groups as possible for example neum has i mean a good at

Least 60 financial institutions plugged into them right away so think of them as hubs think of them as you know organizations platforms that need to be multi-currency and need to send payments on a daily

Basis and then think about what we mentioned earlier how specifically in areas in the united states in mexico for cross-border payments they have to fill out forms by hand to

Transfer money and it is still waiting for human intervention and the correspondent banking network still relies on that in parts that is insane guys

Nothing is autonomous can you imagine how automated we can make everything via smart contracts absolutely crazy right so notice here neum has managed to obtain a license

From the central bank of indonesia as well working with visa direct it allows numerous customers to receive remittances directly into their bank accounts

It's all about just improving payment payments again they're leveraging visa direct here they may leverage ripple net in other places this is not a ripple net killer again people really need to understand their

Investment a lot better and what this means for the future okay again corridor singapore fintech hotbed just pay attention to all of this they're all being interconnected and

Again payments are going to be approaching and going cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and i think we guys we are aware of the cheapest option and what it means for fees to go to near zero all right

Next again so ripple partner nbf the national bank of fujairah as we know they have teamed up again with the sme this is a small medium enterprise platform in the uae

So we're just talking about them again nbf is a rather large organization and just so you can see here visa and the emirates telecom giants i'm going to butcher this name let's just say a tesla feel free to

Correct me has been launched under the name nbf connect this platform will be the first to cater to the interests and needs two of sme small medium enterprises in the uae

Remember what nevin gupta said of a ripple of again the middle east northern africa region he said that fees were what nine ten percent absolutely insane um guys

I mean some areas domestically there's friction but let's just focus on cross-border payments alone there's plenty of friction plenty of market share to clean up in the meantime all right

Pay attention to what these guys are doing again you can watch ripple net partners you can watch ripple net competitors and you're gonna really start seeing similarities overall okay so again nbf

Is a well-known ripple net partner this is you know not conspiracy this is just fact so guys do that with what you will all right so again the bank was going to take advantages ripple net to send

Remittances to india all right next let's keep going here i want to talk about tech mahindra to offer blockchain solutions on aws amazon web services we know many groups i mean even you know microsoft azure

Azure tomato tomato are you know migrating and helping a lot of these solutions go to the cloud should be no surprise guys um and also remember tech mahindra is a well-known ripple net partner i even remember i

Believe it was this year last year king solomon had some interesting finds with tech mahindra um talking about it was like a t-block accelerator in mentioning showing like literally ripple in a slideshow just mentioned as

Like a direct partner for their services this should be no surprise to you guys they're all just trying to improve payments if you have a system or you know software that can make

Payments cheaper obviously it's going to happen sooner than later period some people just like you know accenture they're not necessarily going to want to build their own in-house platform

So accenture leverages ripple for certain things just as they're helping as the lead architect of the digital dollar project makes sense all right so we will see what the markets are going to be doing

Today guys i know everything's been trending sideways i know the dow jones has been going down um i know tesla is down things of that nature um really really eerie month thus far and i

Know i put this on twitter but i'm kind of curious what you guys think so i'd be really interested to see the overall statistics of when cryptocurrency dumps so for example when we saw

Like last week when bitcoin came down you know a little bit are do you think are there really more people selling and giving up on their investments during that time while the whales are just manipulating the price

Down to snag up all the good prices or are there actually more people buying those dips and accumulating massive amounts because you know statistically if you know ai's involved

Wouldn't it make more sense to only do it if it really scared people out and allowed them to accumulate more if it wasn't profitable for the whales to manipulate the market they wouldn't be doing it

So you know my theory is it has to be statistically a little bit more profitable than not for them to be doing it in the first place i just want to know what you guys think

Um you know genuinely curious and i'm not sure we'll ever have the data to really confirm that um and then also guys i just want to emphasize this so i love xrp it is one of my biggest

Investments it will be and i'm not going to be touching it for a long time i believe in it i think it has the most sound fundamentals and obviously has some of the highest price potential per the technology in per where we are today

Um however i just don't like you know the tribalist silly names that this community gives each other so i i don't really want to say like i'm a part of the xrp army because i'm not fighting anybody

I'm simply looking to invest in protocols and assets that are going to change the game so i'm never going to consider myself a member of this army i'm not in war at war with anybody guys i'm just

Another dude another community member and honestly we all know what is happening across the board the best assets are being set up to win on a level playing field the best protocols the best networks

It's it is what it you know what will happen will happen period it's going to be based off of cold hard math eventually tier 1 banks are either going to try to create their own products

Or be forced to adopt we know government governments they do not innovate they're going to be adopting technology we have brian brooks saying that we will hear you know additional news or protect you

Know perhaps regulation within weeks during that interview so within weeks guys not months so i'm kind of you know really curious in anticipating what he's saying and how

It would even affect crypto assets specifically um and i just think that extra p is one from the beginning an obvious contender in the space that should not be overlooked it is some

Of the most sound of fundamentals there is a lot going behind the scenes there's so much fun propagated about it i'm grateful for a lot of people in xrp community researchers youtubers bloggers everybody because you have a role to

Play um i know we are here you know early it can be frustrating but do i have doubt in my investment absolutely not period right and then also i was joking but i i do

Sincerely mean this as well with you know your crypto portfolio bag size does not matter it truly is how you use it which assets are you holding your what's your level of risk what are your price

Targets or exits are you gonna leave a little to ride for life what is your level of patience um you know where are you on the globe what's your financial you know situation what do you want from again

Cryptocurrency is it about money is it technology is it just about improving your standard of living what is it because again guys to each their own we're all here to improve our lives

We're on the same team period and again i'm excited for what the future may bring and i'm going to be supporting many assets as i do why do i talk about xrp most because i love it um it is most interesting to me

I understand it a lot better but yes i've been diving in and trying to research a lot you know probably maybe another three to five assets but i'm really trying to do one at a

Time because they excite me i'm well you know doing way more than just looking at the charts if you're only doing that you're going to be missing the rest of it you have to i think when you do a

Combined approach and do your best um and of course there's trade-offs with each so you know i'm far from perfect but when you try to really look at everything from a holistic point of view um i think that it really helps at least

For me personally to each their own though so if you guys want me to you know specifically look into additional asset um assets please let me know um i'm kind of

Avoiding some of the microcap defy assets some of them could explode and i wish you guys well i have my eye on a few of them i would never really throw any serious money at them or some liquid exchanges

Just too risky for me at this point i've uh i've already had my fun with my level of risk earlier on in this game but you guys let me know for now though i'm definitely focused on you know the top 100 top 150

Crypto assets for now so hopefully you guys enjoyed and again whenever you're in doubt just go back to this video just listen to glenn h hutchins say this remember brian brooks it's not

Just me some idiot on youtube brian brooks literally said that again these networks will be plugging into the public networks bitcoin ethereum etc so that is something big

This asset class is going to be happening with or without us and i'm just happy to be you know essentially a part of the game so also i highly recommend you guys just go

And read some customer case studies for ripple learn about some of their other customers and look at that specific impact remember the network effect network effects is a real thing

All right word of mouth and you can look at the people in high places and see who is you know i'm going to swell this year or you know tuning in and speaking really really exciting times ahead guys

Stay focused the price you see is not the future price all right take care everybody appreciate it

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