Ripple XRP News: The Last Piece Of The Puzzle Has Been Placed, FINAL PHASE HAS STARTED!

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

A lot of you guys have requested me to do some crazier giveaways and today i think it's time to try it out so i'll be giving away 200 xrp to 5 different people that is 1 000 xrp in total

If this video can get 777 likes within 24 hours it's my biggest giveaway to date it's gonna be insane huge crazy but all you have to do to enter this giveaway is press the like

Button be subscribed and comment down below your favorite crypto or if you don't want xrp but some other currency also guys make sure you follow my second channel called five minute crypto make

Sure you follow me on twitter you don't have to do those two but still it's kind of cool and yeah i think i think would be very crazy if we hit that goal guys because oh that would be big now a couple of big

Things have happened today it's actually been quite a big day for ripple and xrp as i said earlier today there was a conference in which brac online house was which normally you know whenever brad

Gone house closes those things is quite disruptive but did ripple scrub ceo brad gollinghaus's wikipedia page of controversies so the question basically is on the house get a bit of his wikipedia page

That he had because there were a couple of losses going on and things were kind of you know going a little bit strange well key takeaways ripple ceo brad gullyhouse page

Was repeatedly edited to remove a section on controversies this month both sides in the edit war have plausible conflicts of interest and this represents just one of the hundreds of small scale crypto related

Edits or added wars on wikipedia so a big problem with crypto related edit wars on wikipedia is that wikipedia is like a a place where you and i could also edit

Information right and let's say you're a bitcoin maximalist i'm an xrp maximalist and we're talking about xrp right i of course want to be pro x or p you of course want to be you know con or negative towards xop because

That's kind of in the nature you want to kind of you know make sure your own kryptos looks better than that other crypto i think that's that's what a lot of maximalists are going for right same for if you're gold

Maximum listen you go and write on a bitcoin page you're gonna be like this stupid thing things like that now with brett gollinghaus i think anybody who's really against ripple or xrp

Would often say like yeah you know you know more so in a security fashion they would write about it or more so in in what they did in a negative sense you know like if they tweeted something

They would put it up negatively and things like that so i can definitely understand how there could be a conflict of interest and how some controversies would come by now the question that pops up though is

Really what happened afterwards like right now it's being said that ripple has deleted these sections because they were so controversial some are saying that ripple has deleted

Them because they were saying something that's untrue and some were saying ripple deleted them because they were uh because they were saying something negative you know there's a couple of

Different things coming out different things coming out everywhere and of course i don't know which one is the right one but i want to go over it with you guys so you can make your own opinion

Beginning on july 31st editors began to remove information from brad gallinghaus's wikipedia page which is already kind of strange right the editor deleted three lines from the

Page on the grounds that the controversies were not about golly house himself the first in uh in this thing was regarding swift the second and third are about ripple labs

The editor explained so the big distinction here is that for example a lot of lawsuits are concerning brad galinghaus and ripple labs so it's quite often that they because he's

The ceo kind of bundle everything together right if ripple says something you can kind of already assume that it has to do with brad because he's the ceo so he has like the

Last word in a lot of these things and also all the lawsuits are against ripple but also against barack only house so again that's why it's not that strange however there's a war going on

Between all of that because well you know why is he deleting it right it also edited an article on a minor kansas politician suggesting ties to ripple ceo by golly house a former kansas resident

Uh and some are saying by the way that the changes made were maybe done by ripple could be because it's an ip of san francisco office could be the other account pizza my heart which redeleted the controversy

Section may be owned by ripple's executive director of communications based on the topics of interest that the profile has edited crypto briefing reached out but

No comment though the ripple connection cannot be proven wikipedia's conflict of interest policy means that employees should not edit pages related to their company or employers

At the very least the policy means that editors should disclose any relationship they have with the company if they you know do have some relationship wiki admin just as controversial for now

Calling houses a grad calling house biopage has a controversy section once again however david gerard the editor and wikipedia admin who reintroduced that section

Is decisive in his own right gerard's extremely restrictive editing policies have caused outcry beyond just ripple because iohk charles has also had some stuff on this leading content from the cardano wikipedia page in march

Ethereum community has also criticized them gerard's power of content is clear in this case he twice stated i suggest stopping what stopping whitewashing the article and was able to

Enforce his stance without any serious challenge and uh you know that's this is going back and forth right at least what i've been seeing a lot for ripple is that it's just either them doing it or some

Some other guy who has like a different interest in it because this is not the only instance in which i've heard about this right it's not the only instance it's more so normally where it's like

They're adding something which might be true might not completely be true uh that's there's one part but more so deleting the things which might be true and what might be beneficial to them which is a lot easier and a lot

Um more plausible but yeah you can see a little bit more about that on the page here but yeah then u.s representative tom emmer my position's very clear xrp is not a security

I think to all of us that comes as a very positive statement tom emmer a lot of people look up to him he is a u.s representative and he has claimed now that the crypto affiliated with ripple

Xrp is officially not a security again in his own opinion so the problem with that is he has no authority in that sense where it's not really going to matter what what the freaky things you know he could

Have said it's security it would only get headlines but in the end it would not do anything if you think about it however you know it's a good thing because why would it be bad right him saying

That it's not a security all i can say about that is just positive stuff it's just positive movements for the fact that we now once know or know once more that yeah he has said that so congressman tom

Emmer applying that xrp the fourth largest crypto by the way fourth because tether retook the top three crypto for a little bit tether took top three tether the most traded stable coin is

Challenging ripples except yet again but can you keep the spot and it was kind of a back and forward thing going on here xrp now went up a little bit again in the last couple of hours

At least a small little upside i saw but that's because they they really chunked hard what tether of course prospers then in times like that where where crypto really chunk hard or fall down hard

Tether most of the time prospers because it's a stable coin and it remains at the same point sometimes it even goes to one two three five whatever sense i won't put in the past they even went to 23 cents i

Believe or at least a dollar and 23 cents tether has become the third largest crypto market cap today pushing xrp down to the fourth place according to crypto analytics per

Missouri and coinmetrics if you multiply the number of coins that crypto has times the price you get the market cap and again that's basically the whole section about this here's a little bit

More about tether basically just says they've passed xrp tether usdt has just surpassed xrp and is now the third highest capitalized asset after bitcoin

In ethereum at a market cap of 13.14 billion across all platforms where it exists the total stablecoin market cap now stands at 15.2 of us dollar liquidity injected into the market

And here you can see the highest growing stable coins here today you can check that out here if you want to don't care too much honestly speaking what i care about though is the fact that

Uh they mentioned it here with s4 crypto which i don't like but it was for a little bit the truth i don't know if it was the truth so when they published this but it's about the idea

Quote first of all my position is very clear xp is not a security all right the lawmaker singles xrp's ability to cut the middleman as his favorite thing about the cryptocurrency

Quote one thing that i love about xrp and there's lots of love is that you don't need an intermediary and again more about that we already saw here we saw a lot of this stuff come out earlier today i

Didn't report on too much of it because well it's just a couple of hours ago but still it's it's all been on twitter everywhere already i've been checking it out ripple ceo berg only house who took part

In the circle ceo's event um note that it's been two years since the sec declared that bitcoin and ethereum are not securities the uncertainty around how xrp and other assets are going to be defined by the

Sec is one of the biggest challenges for ripple according to gauling house quote it restricts innovations and i think that having that clarity and certainty and certainly

Allows companies to invest in and activity that is happening origin organically but it will happen more quickly emma predicts that this lack of regulatory clarity in the us

Will make entrepreneurs in the likes of ripple start looking elsewhere again that's a debate we can make but you know the real final answer i can't tell you guys on that one just quite yet it's just something i'm thinking about

And everybody's thinking about i think money will go where it's easiest to flow which is the truth it's the truth and the more governments put in or puts in obstacles and one of them

Is just in action the less opportunity we have to position the us as the leader which is the truth all right the slower the u.s is with all their regulation and

Everything surrounding that the higher the chance that another country will win the race and with that i would say like for example that china wins this whole cold war

The slower the u.s is the higher the chance of that happening you guys got to all admit it it's the truth all right the more the higher the chances that that will happen and again that the connect makes me afraid of the

Whole situation as well where i'm like maybe the u.s is going to be so slow but they're really just lacking behind you know really lacking behind really really in a bad spot i wouldn't want that you guys wouldn't

Want it nobody would want that because it's the u.s dollar that right now is at the top is the u.s that's really the best market at this point and all in all it's all looking like

It's gonna be be the best for for the kind of eternity i'm not hoping it's going to switch up because all our stocks would also hurt from that a lot right and surrounding the same thing

It's all kind of the same thing um emers says that a lot of members from congress still think about crypto in terms of silk road which is of course obvious a lot of these guys have conservative fuse

But the congressman is now accepting encrypted donations via bitpay which is something i did not like too much to a certain degree and grand house says that rip will contribute xp to his campaign which is

Something i'm like man you know they're gonna contribute to his campaign which makes it all that kind of whitewashing like a you know a money laundering type of idea which is why i didn't like it too much

Him contributing xp to this campaign i don't like but okay then ripple executive says 20 of ripple net transactions occur using xrp it's a little bit earlier that we

Saw this already like the first time that it occurred but now it's been resurfaced or has resurfaced ashes burlap as vp of product and corporate development of ripple has said that twenty percent of riponed

Transactions occur using xrp digital asset so basically the whole situation right you know i don't need to tell you guys 50 minutes about what happened just here the only thing i must remind you guys

Off is to write yourself in for swell of this year all those swell conferences that are online make sure you write it yourself up so you can watch them live as they come especially europe so that one's going to be a lot bigger

But all right guys that was for today's video hopefully you all enjoyed it if you did make sure you press the like button and subscribe and we'll see all right i don't know if

We'll get to the giveaway because there's still a lot of likes that we need to hit but if we do it would be damn freaking crazy it would be so freaking crazy i can't even imagine but yeah let's see

I'll see you guys again in another crypto video take care and have a very nice day don't forget to follow five minute crypto as well

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