Ripple/XRP News: The Best Will Win On A Level Playing Field

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey guys hope all is well kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update wanted to kick this video off with just a quick picture of brad garlinghouse on the left ceo of ripple and of course the former ceo of cimb huge group in the asean market

You know the islamic region in particular and of course when we speak of any parts of asia obviously the behemoth leading basically the race in blockchain and dlt adoption already

I think that it's significant there's many illiquid corridors we'll talk a little about about typical fees and of course how odl can help with that and mitigate those risks and of course time

In terms of you know settlement transaction etc we'll speak rather high level specifically for a lot of the newcomers that are just getting into the space and just showing the high caliber people

That ripple is of course in partnership with or at least in talks with now you can speculate as much as you want whether it's you know consultant-like roles with the bis

Imf completely completely your choice just wanting to show you you know a few obvious pictures of course all right we know you know singapore a lot of connections so really quick again thank you for sharing this

Picture we can see mr tenku i'll butcher your name again formerly at cimb and he is officially now the minister of finance since 2020. we've had a lot of ministers of finance what was it uh lichtenstein

Or was it luxembourg speaking highly of ripple as well and have a good relationship with chris larson so no surprise guys all right right here cyan b just to kind of go over them briefly

As we can see cm cimb group is a leading asean universal bank and one of the region's foremost corporate advisors it's also a world leader in islamic finance the group is headquartered in malaysia and offers consumer banking

Commercial banking investment banking islamic banking and asset management products all right as you can see large staff 15 million customers obviously you can definitely smell the potential

All about interoperability simply connecting to ripple net one way or another and allowing customers to you know actually transfer in real time and talk about settling over the core ledgers

Of the technology you don't have to force xrp down anybody's throat simply win from a level playing field perspective and have the ability to use x or p if it's there and as liquidity is

Developing over time eventually these savings will become a no-brainer people will start to get their feet wet and soon these institutions these financial institutions remittance companies

Will start diving in head first and i truly believe that right just my opinion do your own research guys and obviously you know let's continue on so just to talk about emi yoshikawa

Of ripple again global ops in partnership she is a senior director at ripple i absolutely love her content as well great information there's you know great video shared by leonidas of the xrp community at

We have bank xrp um his youtube channel back in the day covering great talks with her highly recommend it i'm sure many people and youtubers have already shown this recent article from maybe last week

I just kind of want to speed through it a few points that you know i walked away with okay so again right here as we know senior director global operations at ripple

Okay just a little background for her top 50 women in fintech influencer we see an mba from harvard business school and is also a cfa chart holder okay prior to ripple you can see your connections as well um

Previously part of morgan stanley as well okay so let's speed through this so right here i'm actually going to link this in the top of this video description if you want to read it for

Yourselves i think tons of good information you will have to translate it from japanese and i'm sure crypto eddie has already done a phenomenal job covering this information so i'll try to be brief

So essentially right here expect significant growth in japan such as ripple over international remittances and low high frequency remittances and of course we want the frequency to be high for

Ripple net across the board via odl um and hopefully in due time those transaction sizes increase as well so let's see right here i like this and i think this is really important to really understand as well

So blockchain in particular has a wide range of applications i mean even in this video we'll mention a new use case and of course groups developing for insurance or intellectual property etc

But all interactions lead to value exchanges and blockchain will not spread unless the problems of the exchanges are resolved we need the infrastructure we need the connectivity

Makes sense all right let me see what else i highlighted right here talking about the remittance market guys two individuals in smes small medium enterprises are increasing so again your trend is your friend just like

E-commerce and obviously their expected growth in the future that is something to take note of payments will play a role and i just don't believe that bitcoin is going to

Be the chosen asset it will be based off of open technology they're going to win on a level playing field and it's going to come down to cold hard math institutions are going to forget

Their you know their bias you know attitudes and preferences and they're going to pick the asset that gets the job done if something better than xrp comes along it is entirely possible

But again we are talking seven years strong at least 55 million ledgers successfully closed we already have liquidity being built into the system that is not for fun that is to build something

Truly revolutionary so however the international remittance uh let's see so in the last 30 years remittance in particular has increased 13 times and i think we're just getting started right obviously we know the

Population of the world continuing to grow talking about how inefficient remittances on an international level and one that is let's see speed of a problem it takes three to five days to

Send a payments we can talk about swift obviously with the correspondent banking system and right here the cost is high as well so we have you know time to transfer the cost is high for commission alone

And we'll talk about that um and then also currency exchange we need a highly liquid asset to mitigate that as well there's a high air rates as well we know brad garlinghouse and many people have

Said approximately right here six percent of international remittances fail they don't get there and i say this a lot just like everybody imagine if every single six percent of your texts six percent of your phone

Calls didn't go can you imagine doing that or an email in a working environment impossible and then right here in particular migrants in developing countries

Those that actually need it most in you know 200 is so significant to them cost an average of 14 to send two hundred dollars guys that's approximately seven percent in fees

And this might not sound like a lot to you but now let's imagine actually large value transactions well over ten thousand dollars i'm saying like a fifty million dollar transaction seven percent of that

Do you really want to be paying that at you know this day and age no okay so this is where this is all going we know swift five trillion a day we can talk about the foreign exchange market five

Trillion a day at least um we can talk about derivatives i'm just saying there's a lot of money a lot of you know value transfer and a lot of friction xrp doesn't need to get all of it if we

Can even just get a fraction a tenth of a percent of this market i think obviously this speaks volumes for the potential future and this is the use case that ripple is focusing on initially

Remittance low value and then hopefully high volume transfers next up and sorry if this is very redundant for some of you i just really want to cover this because i think this is

You know very vital for us to just kind of remember what is at play here the use case ignore the price you see for xrp you know in the future obviously that is going to you know reach a balance in

Equilibrium and find and discover its actual price per the market we are in early days okay talking about migrant then right here just comparing it with you know bitcoin and other assets

So bitcoin for example takes an average of 10 minutes and sometimes an hour and obviously i would agree with the latter if you guys have sent bitcoin during you know high volume high congestion just like ethereum has been

Experiencing the fees are insane i don't want to pay a 50 fee just to send a very you know low amount of bitcoin and then of course instead of it taking

10 minutes or an hour it's taken three hours i've waited 24 hours before now was that on the exchange end of things i'm not entirely sure but i do not want to deal with that again xrp taking three to five seconds

And cost as you can see point zero zero zero two per transaction insane all right bitcoin this is being generous 27 transactions per second uh uh i i would say seven transactions

Per second and again xrp can process 1500 transactions per second all right the algorithm uses different from that of mining again you know mining with work the feature is

That the energy or you know the energy consumption is minutes all right and then last but not least just to finish off i want to show this little paragraph that uh she shows here is a global business

Strategy the field of international remittance is a large market but the focus is low in high frequency such as remittance of companies sorry and marketplaces it also supports financial institutions as infrastructure

Partners for financial financial institutions on top of that he said that it would be necessary to partner with existing financial institutions to create a wide

Network that's the goal furthermore we will focus on popularizing odl so i don't understand the fud you guys think we're ripple ripple's not changing their business model they're not getting rid of xrp

That would be the dumbest and silliest thing that they could do they have been transparent they've been saying it is a marathon not a sprint and i honestly see no reason why we shouldn't believe

That all right i remember when that news with all the treasury stuff in the sheeshboard made that comment everybody saw it as fud until it was cleared up like a week or two later then everybody

Felt better and actually was extremely confident the same thing same thing with flare networks guys the future is bright so in order to expand it it's only bright because there's such disaster

Today in the world with payments so everything comes at a cost there's pros and cons i'm simply trying to make money in an emerging asset class i've been very successful thus far and i'm sure

Some of you have and if you're not it is simply a waiting game all right it is necessary to collaborate with regulatory authorities we are also working with market players to collaborate

With crypto asset exchanges as solution infrastructure and improve xrp interoperability so remember bottom line just look at what's occurring with fees you can look at you know regions in the uae

And just remember you are holding a piece of protocol that will appreciate in value as network effects take place okay again talking about the pandemic

Acting as that catalyst for obviously accelerated digitalization period next i did reference this a video or two ago i saw arturo portea again formerly head of exerpece center on twitter sharing this again just to

Show you proof because i don't think i showed you guys the link this is on commerce bank closes 200 branches we're seeing groups doing this more and more and as we can see reduction of its

Network before the changes at the top of board again i i think banks will still be here for quite some time but the majority of these brick and mortar you know locations are going to slowly

Dissipate we're going to the cloud we're going to have the power at our fingertips mobile banking um you know mobile money internet of value i think this is obvious i think you guys can agree with me a lot of bankers at

Least agree that you know just look at you know phone call automation um just look at you know atms it's just kind of like replacing middlemen and getting rid of people for

The redundant jobs per se right just like fast food restaurants where you can order on a machine now same concept all right right here imager so i know you guys know the connections with

Immature and coil as well essentially they're launching an ad free subscription service powered by micropayments in partnership with coil which pays out to sites and creators

Good news guys i do not know a single competitor to coil per se again all built on an open protocol if you guys know any true competitors to coil doing what they're doing or even a little bit

Similar please let me know remember stefan thomas is you know leading this initiative obviously web monetization batching of payments it's going to be

Going to be the future and i couldn't tell you you know what other verticals they could enter as well ripple can focus on odl coil can focus on web monetization we can have spring working on all kinds

Of developments for a variety of developers we can have algorithm we can have you know these logos network acquisition with spring work on the derivatives market or even

You know a vega protocol exciting times and i think that everybody is working in a various your a variety of directions and hopefully ripple um doesn't become a hypocrite with that whole you know peanut butter

Manifesto again spreading themselves too thin by trying to go and you know every direction so they're just again providing seed funding so that these groups can focus on you know what they

Do best whereas ripple focuses on becoming the standard all right is that kind of global bridge asset all right right here so hcl technologies

R3 launch blockchain insurance platform building block so just wanted to show this use case right here so a leading global tech company in collaboration with our buddies r3 again they are going to be a huge

Name people were very hesitant to talk about them even in 2017. i've been a huge fan ever since i don't think it's a coincidence r3 is going to be very very successful i you know whether you believe in any

Conspiracies of mergers acquisitions i don't care i think that you know r3 will absolutely be used i'm going to be watching what's happening with the reconciliation platform or project spoonta

With the italian banking association hopefully around october 1st pay attention to news and again we are still looking towards settlement mechanisms in the future for you know the big boys of trade

Finance wall street goldman sachs backed lehman brothers etc so again right here streamlining business property insurance for multinational companies just talking about the benefits of dlt

Immutable cryptographically secure security we get it nothing we haven't heard before guys if you want to speed through this it's a super short article um and again this is on crn.i.n um

Just keep an eye on these groups and developments and just remember i don't even need to go and do it about r3 we can talk about board members compared to them and you know swift and talk about the vested interests

You guys can speculate as much as you want i just believe that r3 will be an obvious player in this ecosystem along with ripple than any other group that helps a digital transformation just remember corda

Has integration with swift gpi and i don't think it's all just coincidental or all just for you know proof of concepts okay all right just in other news ripple launches the xrp ledger version

1.60 for consensus mechanism amendment you guys can check this out again as we can see introducing three new amendments and again this is all based off of voting 80 votes from a pool of these trusted

Value validators will occur within two weeks all right same concept with like the reserve amount of xrp guys at like 20 extra p to have a wallet if xrp you know mooned or appreciates in

Value we can have these groups votes to change the reserve amount okay at any time so you know don't think that your xrp is going to be trapped forever or that you'll always have to have 20 x

For p as a reserve amount or five x or p whatever they can change it okay for the better all right and i feel like that's enough guys i'm tired of hearing my own voice hopefully

I provided some decent information here i'm going to kind of cover some additional information read more about these recent lawsuits that we've been seeing to me you guys can hate me or like me but i

Think it's a lot more of just white noise that could be you know my complete bias i still see xrp i still see crypto assets playing an instrumental role in the

Future we're going to have you know financial advisors in the future and remember when you do have financial advisors or if you already do specifically in crypto or you're looking for people to really cash out

Me personally and i know many people have said this if my future financial advisor has no experience with precious metals or crypto assets i'm not using them period so hopefully you guys enjoyed and again

Big thank you to my top channel members guys i couldn't do this without you bmore1113 mark phillips lunar phoenix jamie xrp crypto beginner ken melendez xrp holder 4 and all others

And i will see you in the next video

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