Ripple XRP News: Ripple Is Convincing The Governments, XRP Will Be Used Everywhere, Road Is Clear!

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of the daily crypto news months after consultations with ripple brazil's central bank considers cbdc very important title very important article very

Important message because guys as you all know it's been a very dire situation right we've been talking about these cbdc's for so long but the progress just doesn't really

Seem to add up it's like we've been stuck in the same type of scenario for months now but in reality like really in the back of our heads we all know that ripple and a couple of

Other parties are are really doing their best to keep emancipating keep working and keep improving really now here's just another article explaining exactly that

And it actually coincides with the message that i gave to you guys a couple of days ago where i said that there's been meetings for the last maybe three or so years where it's just

Ripple or some of the guys over at ripple talking with companies talking with regulators talking with governments about what type of regulatory framework they would need or what

Would think would be necessary or would help i think it's because chris larson has a lot of authority in this space where a lot of guys just like hey this chris wants us to tell us some let's hear it out they've been talking

To this and those people already and all of that but also we kind of concluded a note at that even though they've been talking for years right now it will not be like that that they will just like update us all

Throughout everything most of the time these bigger regulatory things they just pop up out of nowhere whenever it's due like they could have been talking for 10 years right now

Not give a word of update within the middle and then all of a sudden come out with a framework and i believe the main reason for that is like whatever you're researching something like this you often want to

Give out some hints as to what you're researching but not really like what you're going to be going for right because because most of the time these frameworks are so difficult because

You want to make sure it's completely solid until the core like to the bone and the problem with with giving out information pre emptively i don't know how you say that like prematurely is that you could really think you're

Going to go for something all the way till the bitter end but really at the last last moment like the real end still change your mind or still come to a different conclusion

It could be that nine out of the ten researchers showed one thing but all of a sudden the tenth research which you know puts in all those first nine inputs as well really comes down to a different

Conclusion and this is of course with risk management with the policy with how you want to do everything right and yet it could be that all you thought was good won't be really

That good which is also why it's always so difficult to um to note down exactly what these guys are are at like where these guys are at what exactly they want

And that's why it's so good that sometimes from some different countries here for example brazil we see some things coming out now even though this statement is not that crazy we're just seeing here that it comes

After consultations with ripple but i don't know if there's really a connection between these two things here we're saying that because at least the way it's looking because ripple consulted with brazil

They right now are considering cbdc but it could also be that they were just talking with the central bank of brazil let's see here in may ripple's bragg golly house held a meeting with the central bank of brazil

Where institutional matters were top of the discussions we don't know whether or not ripple really played the end goal on all of this

The bank on its website says that close conversation with the ripple ceo during which president robert campos neto conversed with garlic house and some three other representatives um they were talking about institutional

Matters the point is i think ripples is just putting a lot of effort into getting a regulatory framework around the world making sure that all these countries adopt their cbdc's or or kind of just

Move on in terms of crypto progress and technology technological progress in that sense as well and i think the future outlook is looking very good as long as ripple keeps us up

And we shouldn't be discouraged by not getting enough updates back because it might really be until the last moment that we get that type of stuff right right here we know that brazil has considered

Center bank digital currencies right we all know that the reason is i think almost every country in the world has been thinking about it and they've considered it but they're

Just not as as far enough where they're like you know let's let's go for it possibly brazil right now is not in a phase where they're considering a go for it at all they're just considering can we really

Do it can we really build it can will it really be beneficial all of that which is why they're considering it it's not like you know it's not like in the first phase they're like at phase 4 out of the 10 already right now which

You shouldn't forget by the way and again it could be that ripple plays a big role in that i do think they have a lot of authority and i do think more and more companies will be coming out after talking with ripple

And that's also why i'm so excited about the government coming out with some bigger statements um somewhere in the future here as i personally do think that ripple has added to that as well

Having said that though adam back calls xrp losing his genesis block the biggest fail yet block stream ceo adam back mocks xrp ledger for using its early

History and i you know i wanna i wanna mock him but to a certain degree i can't right because it's pretty stupid it's pretty strange to lose your genesis block on the

Contrary it's it's a normal event i can understand that you've lost it that is completely faded okay bitcoiners come for chris larson 32.5 000 blocks short of a blockchain in a caustic tweet block stream ceo and

Prominent bitcoinmaxi adam back claims that the xp ledger's losing its genesis block is the funniest fail ever yeah that's the funniest fail yet lose some of the blockchain history

Working copies goes from zero or from one to zero as shocking as it may sound the first week of xpl's history has indeed been permanently erased which i can understand if you think that's

Very odd you know i'm not gonna i'm not gonna counter that as expected the op-ed written by former ripple ceo chris larson for the heel certainly did not sit well with the

Bitcoin maxis either as reported larson argued that the chinese had enough power to seize control of the bitcoin network due to high concentration of global mining hash rate in the communist

Stake in the communist state at least 65 percent of the crypto mining is concentrated in china which means the chinese government has the majority needed to wield control over those protocols and can

Effectively block or reverse transactions block stream cso samsung mao countered larson's argument by pointing out that the communist party of china itself does not

Subsidize bitcoin or any other crypto chris larson's a few blocks short of a blockchain the chinese government does not subsidize the mining of bitcoin

Or any other crypto i'd love to see his sources that state otherwise well i believe the bigger point here is though that if china were to just print a trillion dollars within their country or maybe allow some

Bigger rules where they have to you know uh standardize it or you know like like collab how you said like like make it from the government or something like that you know maybe maybe to a certain degree

You know they're they're going to get messed up somewhere i don't know i'm just thinking about it a little bit uh here's that part by the way about the being a little bit short of a blockchain

32 570 blocks short of a blockchain in retaliation monero developer ricardo spagni i really adore him on twitter man good guy paraphrase the aforementioned quote claiming that the x ripple boss is

Actually 32 570 blocks short of a blockchain and again to a certain degree i like him right and of course on a completely different scale i really despise a lot of things he said but you know he's a

Good guy i believe monero good good crypto good community at some points so he also attached a post published by ripple cto david schwartz on bitcoin talk back in 2013 in which he

Explains that xrp ledger can only be traced from ledger 32 570 due to a critical bug that has erased the earliest days of the cryptocurrency history and uh again i i think it's good fun

Right this is just i believe a little bit of fun because it's true right it's a little bit strange that they that they they destroyed it all it's a little bit strange that the

Real origin of the 100 billion coins is not known anymore but on the contrary a lot of people were there at that time it's not like it was so secret it's just yeah it's just a little bit

Hard so the whole situation here and actually what i'm trying to say is i don't like the mockery and i don't think the bitcoin maxi should be complaining or whether or not it will be an issue i don't think so

If that's your question i don't think it's an issue for xrp at all the price will not matter because of all these things but it's just another little complaint you know it's another low complaint it's

Another bashing it's another jab when we're gonna be talking about bitcoin there's another like like whole chunk of points that are not mentioned daily or not mentioned that often

Which i guess could counter a lot of this stuff where you have a couple of points for xrp let's see you have five there's for every one of these points five more points with bitcoin which just doesn't sit right and one of

Them is just that bitcoin is a proof of work which is first of all not friendly for the environment second of all has you know quite a good possibility of being taken

Over completely third of all it's reliant on how good our computer stuff is right like the second point was where it can be taken over completely uh one way to do that is with a ton of money the second is with

Very freaking good computers like quantum computing and so you can just go on for a little bit there's a couple of it's not fast it's not scalable you can go on for a little second if you're just going to note all the bad

Sides to bitcoin as well so for xp there's a couple of bad sides yes but is it a real big feel that they don't have the genesis anymore well it's a little bit odd but it's really not forming a problem because why would

You need it in the end i don't know then something i must mention to you guys is something i did not expect would be needed but it really kind of was all right so kyle here send me a message

Which is good i'm going to give him a little follow because if you have a message or have a question that is simple to answer uh you can always send it to me or i'm trying my best if you can please

Send it on discord but if you can't you can try tweeting it i'm not always replying but i i try my best kyle here ask a question hey not sure if this is legit but and then it's a picture and basically

The picture is as you can most likely see here from brad gallinghaus to somebody else right and it doesn't really matter what it is about but you can read it hi

Guy david said you were trying to get in touch uh hey what's the real story on quantum financial system stuff oh that is no big deal it's just a global reset flipping the switch and going live with

Experience with central banks across the globe happening right after labor day okay that's cool will it be pretty good for xp does the pope in the woods huh

Gotcha one more question will xp be backed by gold christ on a pony of course not don't know where this stuff starts thanks brad i promise we won't share this info with anyone

And the reason i want to share it is because i can understand where there would be a little bit of confusion all right i think this is the fakest discussion ever

Because it doesn't look real at all but it shows that some people do think it's real and basically it comes from xrp productions or what is the official name xrp the standard

Standard productions or something like that this one it's a very cool twitter account i personally really like it because i can see the satire in it and i can just understand this can make a couple of

People giggle the problem is that there's still a couple of people who don't know enough about xrp or don't know enough about the situation or don't know enough to

To judge or things like that where they're you know taking this stuff as real and it can hurt them really really bad because they're investing into something which you don't fully understand or

Don't understand at all and that's where you really started to speculate not invest in i just i just think it is a little bit of a problem he

Maybe he should just be branding with just hashtag satire in all his posts so people don't get the wrong message on the contrary it's it's to me so obvious but it's a difficult one it's a difficult one

You know it's it's as you guys can see with it with the message i just got i don't know what exactly to say about it but okay guys that was it for today oh no i actually have another one damn here's what to expect at 66 000

Bitcoin options await expiry well yeah i can't talk about this for an hour or five minutes uh or even 10 seconds all i have to tell you guys is it doesn't matter these interests these options i mean

We've talked about them so many times it's billions of dollars possibly but in the end it does not do anything for bitcoin price uh there's been multiple studies which have shown that it really does not do

Anything so you don't have to worry about it at all you don't have to check it out even just sit back relax and uh watch it watch it all unfold guys it's a crazy situation right now

And uh we'll we'll see what there is to come but guys thank you for watching this video hopefully you enjoyed if you did make sure you press like and subscribe and i would definitely see you guys

Again in another crypto video take care everybody

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