Ripple/XRP News: Quantum Financial System & The Interledger Protocol Family

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Hey guys hope all is well kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update be sure to watch until the end of this video got a bunch of information as always and let's get right into the information so as we can see this document is the

Interledger protocol family this was actually created just so you know for full disclosure by matt b three rg on twitter guys definite follow putting together a lot of the connections we're well aware of

And sometimes infographics are just extremely helpful helpful to see that we see you know permissioned ecosystems closed in ecosystems but again it is about interoperability connectivity across the board

So right here as he says showing you know a lot of people's favorite cryptocurrencies such as xrp xlm i know a lot of people like xtc with you know r3 connections i personally love el algo and i have for

Quite some time be ready and be on the lookout for many more announcements with them um obviously you guys remember even on like early july they were like 19 cents and again currently

They're bouncing between 50 and 75 cents so right here here's an updated version of the iop family i'm starting to think that algo again you know elgar and elgo you know algorithm foundation

All backed by you know mit many many groups will also be playing a role in this ecosystem now that usdc again their stablecoin by circle which is another group that most likely would go public mr you know jeremy olaire as well olaire

Is using al goran to blockchain and considering all circle pay connections and also the algorand protocol guys this proof of stake protocol is one of the first protocols to actually have a central bank digital

Currency being built upon it okay the marshall islands granted i know it is a relatively small country but what is you know occurring and obviously the improvements in just a

Reduction of fees is going to be massive and this is simply the future we're going to a distributed system i do want to talk about the buzzword now again it's picking up pace the qfs the quantum financial system

Give you my thoughts on it i'm not going to really get too far into it but i just want to address it so before we get into this information of course guys we know quorum by jp morgan we know circle in usdc we know

The announcement of them interoperating with algorand in their crypto asset elgo okay all the tokenomics are sound obviously do your own research look into it and it's definitely worth a look i'm not

Telling you guys to buy anything i'm simply showing you crypto assets that have backing had significant volume and to me have a true future already okay

Hyperledger fabric of course in tandem with our you know company ripple we have iop interledger protocol and of course the native asset that resides on the xp ledger xrp and again xrp was developed in tandem with iop is

The secret sauce this is still whipple's main goal and nothing is going to happen overnight per se guys this has been you know eight years down into development so people keep saying oh another five

Years another five years i don't believe that's the case whatsoever i think it's coming a lot sooner than later i mean look at 2020. so we have these groups of course

We can see ripple iop and xrp and of course we can even connect them right to r3's corda and of course we can see connected right to the swift network whether rippln that is low value transactions

And of course hypothetically did use xrp for some or a lot of settlements that is high value those are high value payment systems okay all right and again i'm excited for you know xrp's use case even with you know

Flair network and all the work going on with spark tokens but again so we can see the inatba founding members we even see iota with the tangle of course many people used to love it

A lot of fun you know the past couple years as well so sometimes that's a good sign for me in particular of course with the internet of things on the rise we have sap which is one of the groups that have you know actually helped

Large banks trial xrp not just integrate ripple trial xrp between banks that's significant okay consensus and of course accenture so i want to talk about accenture a bit

As well and notice that jp morgan they've had their you know feet wet this entire time they you know tell you they look this way and they're doing something else so again guys i'm just extremely cynical

Of anything that they say accenture you know obviously um you know a part of a ripple alliance since 2015 one of the original investors of ripple helping all kinds of groups around the

World update their real-time growth settlement systems of central banks guys we have them even helping swift in r3 revamp their partnerships and integrations for dlt adoption fyi the xrp ledger is

An example of distributed ledger technology coincidence well there sure are a lot of them all right so let me and again guys definite follow here

Let me kind of address this so with interledger protocol i know i say this all the time but for anybody new again authoring all things is a good website for you know teenagers or older people or

Not tech savvy people to learn again inter ledger is simply a protocol it's not a cryptocurrency an inter meaning between and ledger between ledgers just accessibility just that pathway really a protocol that

Allows them to move between just like an interstate which means a road between states okay or international between nations so just wanted to share that i thought that was a super super simple example

For any newcomers so accenture as we can see i am legion sharing this i wonder if there's a similar pattern here accenture with india guys i talk about india all the time one of the brics nations as we can see

Rbl bank of india partners with accenture to build a digital infrastructure digital you know digital adoption digital inclusion is happening we are seeing brick and mortar banks i

Saw another one was it a commerce bank closing like 200 branches it's going to the cloud we're going to be having more control via our fingertips and it's making you know physical

Locations redundant to some degree brick and mortars are still going to have obviously a future um an absolute future i'm just saying in terms of banking just watch that trajectory go much more digital

Okay less workers and you know just a focus of automation all right so you know when you think of you know anything with india i always think of dr rajan as well former governor of the

Reserve bank of india we can see another screenshot i am legion posts here is swift and accenture they outlined their distributed ledger you know adoption path in 2016. of course we've known about this we can

Talk about sweden and their e-chrono their currency on corda and guess who helped you know corda again is r3 who helped them do this as we can see accenture using the corda enterprise

Blockchain accenture is you know one of the most obvious you know guys in the game we can talk about the digital dollar project they are also the lead architect so honestly you know this document of

You know that uh matt shared here of this interledger protocol family i think it holds a lot of weight and i really like this and i'm really looking forward to kind of you know editing it in the

Future and seeing what he adds as well because we are just at the very beginning guys we're seeing you know infrastructure being built and price simply has to follow later all right i'm not just looking for

Speculative slings like we've witnessed the past you know three years or so i'm looking for sustainability i'm looking for market maturity and i think we're still a long ways away does that mean that we're not going to

See you know price spikes in the meantime absolutely not i expect to have quite an interesting ride from now until end of year okay so cbdc's digital dollar project remember

The advisor on this you know is the former cftc chairman also an advisor for ripple all right and that is in the united states again pushing domestic payments working on real-time payment systems

The united states has to catch up or at least that's the narrative being told to other nations and i absolutely agree right now we have bank of thailand to trial central bank digital currency for corporate payments

No surprise well we've seen a lot of things with the thai bot in terms of on-demand liquidity you know corridors the potential is there to talk about even you know siam commercial bank of course and in particular

This is reminding me of the other uh document i think on coin telegraph that uh article i showed you of you know even thailand and also uh even groups like huobi working on d5 guys these huge alliances that are

Growing it's truly coming down like an avalanche like a snowball like domino's right in front of our eyes period okay and as we can see in conjunction with accenture they're all connected all

Right now who's next and then as we can see just additional proof for any newcomers ripple in accenture you know back in 2015 cross-border payments absolutely every settlement okay real

Time now i actually wanted to just show this clip if you guys are sick of this clip please fast forward 45 seconds and still stay with me because i want to address this so this is charlie ward he's been

Talking more about this quantum financial system recently on youtube talking about you know xrp's potential role he you know gives disclosure that he doesn't really understand blockchain tech

And you know you know uh ripple net or even you know the extra p ledger is not blockchain per se it's not like bitcoin with proof of work it's a distributed consensus network guys this is truly state of the art

Obviously we know a thousand times faster essentially a thousand times cheaper i don't either repeat that anymore but again i'm gonna play this 45 second clip just listen up take it with a grain of

Salt i do not believe in timelines and deadlines again this quantum financial system i have people that have only been studying xrp or crypto for a one year and they're coming to me like this is

Some secret archaic knowledge or arcane knowledge and it's it's really silly because you know this talk of a quantum financial system has been occurring for years i mean you can even go

Three years ago seeing xrp being mentioned in 2017 on you know conspiracy type websites if you want to believe it awesome i know what i invest in it is truly going to be revolutionary despite all

Conspiracies whether it's low and steady or overnight i don't care and i'm not going to tell you exactly how it's going to occur all i'm saying is this technology is groundbreaking i'll show you some you

Know old websites mentioning this um this is not a new thought whether you know you think one dollar ten thousand dollars i don't care i'm just showing you from you know what we can see

Just basic dot connecting and speculation in a speculative market and you have to speculate with any investment that is essentially what any youtube video is that you see and if there was

Not speculation there would already be price discovery and investing would be relatively boring so just listen up and again this is charlie ward sorry that it's uh

Sideways here so this is shared by b-a-z-x-r-p to be backed by god it could be even more only because xrp is going to be the main one xrp will be the main platform the blockchain technology used

For the quantum financial system and is already backed by gold but it's not public knowledge and that started that went live on the 15th of august correct correct and you know you um we spoke

About saying that currency revaluations would be we would see currency revaluations from the 15th of august through to the 15th of this uh september yeah can you tell me why

Um why up to the 15th of september and not beyond that point why is it captain up until that date no it's just to be backed by god it could okay so the talk with backed by golden again guys

Nobody is correct 100 i'm not going to say i know exactly how this is going down i'm just giving you my opinion for what it's worth and i don't care if it's worth a lot or a little to you again it's just an opinion so when he

Says backed by gold um a lot of people think he means everything's gonna be pegged to gold per se um i personally believe whether xrp is a super high price like some of you

Believe it's possible i can't rule it out and i would love that because i'm holding a portion for life but xrp is simply a digital asset that will

Its value is going to be based off of the value that it is consistently transacting so there's going to be you know whether slow and steady doesn't matter there's a lot of moving parts in this equation

There's a lot of moving groups regulations this is truly you know you have like a multitude of considerations it is going to be absolutely insane so whether you believe that xrp will

Provide liquidity for this new financial system to some degree or 100 of it because xrp has a finite supply the ledger will you know allow that to allow it to do just that iop will be one of the protocols to

Allow it to interoperate yeah i mean it's absolutely possible you know whether it's gold oil or any other asset that you can send over the extra p ledger we know the benefits we understand why the tech is

Superior to many others 55 million ledger successfully closed after several years and there has never been a single error ever that is something that banks would potentially adopt or at least

Utilize as a technology as a bridge asset a highly liquid one specifically okay so anything is possible just wanted to share that and i mean even just on these websites and this is keep in mind

You know i'm not i'm just reading what this article says i don't know who wrote it anything this is on into the light dot news so it's you know the quantum financial system the gcr is a global currency

Reset and just talking about this with activation of the qfs the alliance will have completely destroyed central banks this banking system that was designed to destroy the world economy

And put the world population in the debt slavery and says the truth is that this has been running parallel with the central banking system for many months now this is old this is from 2018 and it's the same narrative that you know

They've been saying today as well so anything's possible if you guys dive you know much much deeper props to you i'm just sharing my opinion i'll believe it when i see it and i'm going to be a happy camper either way

Because i'm holding extra p again none of this is financial advice guys always do your own research don't blame anybody for your choices your investments or what anyone says it all comes down to us and our choices

All right so again iop family we'll keep going now i want to talk about some fun stuff so regarding elgarand we're going to talk about extra peace connection and usdc these ecosystems that we're seeing

Fostering you know obviously better control dlt adoption and tons and tons of funding guys brian brooks again acting comptroller of the currency he was formerly chief legal officer of

Coinbase he's talking in this video with jeremy o'leary of circle now they used to work together the connections are very very deep and um obviously right here ex-underscore anderson guys on uh

Twitter definite follow show remember when coinbase said this and remember brian brooks was here at coinbase when this was out coinbase internationally for free sending money fast and he gave you two

Options to send money across borders instantly you could use xrp or you could use the usdc against circles coin they're stable coin free no fees to send or receive we can

See global available to coinbase you know mexico philippines notice obviously mexico and philippines on-demand liquidity corridors just like seeing that and of course india brics nation

Obviously you know just me ranting okay so just wanted to share that and remember the gentleman formerly there okay so now i want to play this clip here and this is shared by alex j

Woke up so breaking el grand connected to the us treasury so brian brooks who was just who just allowed literally in july guys last month banks to custody national banks to

Custody mean hold crypto assets we've already seen bank accounts the past year year and a half linking you know coinbase accounts and yes that's not just the purpose of

You know crypto assets obviously there's a future they have you know they solve real problems but it is really really cool to see that integration and i think this asset class is here to stay

If you really think this is just going to be one bubble i don't know what to sell you i mean there's going to be assets that are fake in some bubbles that don't solve real problems and die or die out due to

Competition or regulation yes but if you are investing and diversify wisely and you're looking into assets that have true road map fundamentals and are

Backed by people such as this i think it is a lot smarter and safer nothing's guaranteed but i'd much rather put my money into something like this rather than a micro cap coin with 1 million dollars

Of 24 hour volume okay so right here listen to this 70 days to 10. so that's where it all started was realizing that as important as finance is

We had really been rooted in a lot of practices that were somewhere between 30 and 100 years old and tech may help you know that you and i worked together at coinbase uh when i was at coinbase you were at circle we put

Together one of the most important stable coin projects in the world and you know that's just another version of the same thing and i know you guys know this but

Remember brian brooks literally in what yesterday or two days ago his interview he used the same example that brad garlinghouse has used over a year ago saying if you want to fly money across you know across the world to another

Country it's faster to physically put money in a suitcase and fly it there that's insane okay period so again talked about brian brooks there here on just talking about

Center again the center protocol as well allowing fiat denominated digital currency standards to be used across multiple blockchains again this iop they can all have their specific use cases guys

So by enabling stable coins built on centers protocols to be available on multiple blockchain ecosystems while still providing underlying interoperability center will enable wider adoption in the

Usage of digital dollars built around usdc right here el granden circle their collaboration was announced today and again this is an older article um it was released on june 24th of this year so again it's tying together we are

Edging ever closer to this as well so pay close attention remember el grand has already gone up from you know 19 cents to around you know 50 to 75 cents it's bouncing it's

Pretty volatile right now all right so which has demonstrated strong features and capabilities that are optimized for high volume payments in financial applications we're gonna have more

Applications built upon it these are early days okay defy collateralization obviously going to be huge i absolutely see more cbdc's not all of them

But i absolutely see more cbdc's being built upon el grand in the future okay all right right here as well on center so center today and this is june 24th as well announcing the framework for multi-chain

Support on usdc so again usdc i think it's here to stay and that is just me saying that based off of speculation and information and announcements we have i mean i think that's the most obvious

You know statement i've made because brian brooks who basically spearheaded this project is in charge of all the entire banking system the united states and the funny thing is that some people

Watching this video are still going to say that i'm reaching and you know that's fine okay and then let's see just to finish things off guys another project i personally like yeah i'm shilling it no i'm just

Telling you to take a look again tara luna again this is the actual ticker here l-u-n-a binance the actual binance exchange not binance us listed them the cool thing is on the 21st tomorrow

They will have a usdt pairing i personally like them um similar to algo looking at them as well considering you know terra pay connections to visa recent acquisitions and also a partnership with ripple

Goes very deep it is a i believe it's a delegated proof of stake network um and again luna you can issue stable coins on it as well i think there's going to be a lot of these more so distributed networks and

Ecosystems and this in particular is in asia more of a focus on e-commerce and i just think that there's going to be a lot of these projects that succeed there's a lot of money there's a lot of friction in the world

Therefore there's a lot of opportunity to obviously improve some of these systems whether you get a tenth of a percent of the market share i think that is you know

Quite substantial considering some of the market capitalizations for some of these projects and don't get me started on how silly it is to use you know stock like metrics market cap on crypto

Assets i'm really curious to see you know how they change that in the future with some type of you know liquidity metric or index but again guys early days exciting times and this is truly an opportunity

To make a lot of money for those that choose correctly keep in mind when there's an opportunity to make a lot of money there's an opportunity for a lot of us to lose a lot of money so be safe okay all right appreciate it

As always guys remember to check the links in the video description for all things related to cryptocurrency eyes on the prize always your own research do not just take my word for it big thanks to all my channel members be

More 1113 lunar phoenix sounds like luna jamie xrp crypto beginner ken melendez x therefore and xrp life take care guys

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