Ripple XRP News: My 100% XRP HYPE Video | You Can’t Be Half Pregnant

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

What's up guys kevin cage here i just want to dive right into this so be sure to watch the entire video and watch the end for a good laugh and appreciate anyone that likes and subscribes so just want to dive into here jay bianco mono of state street by no means a large group or a small group they essentially hold as of even 2019 they're one of the largest custody banks in the world they hold more than 30 trillion dollars of electronic wealth in more than 10 percent of the world's total assets and guess what they're saying we have a guy managing director of digital assets

What are digital assets crypto assets yes cbdc's central bank digital currencies yes tokenized equities in real estate yes everything will be going digital we see that move towards a cashless society cashless less cash inherently i'm not saying it's going to be 100 digital overnight but as the decades are coming this is what is happening these are the people at top at the top and what i want to address are some recent articles with some new trading custody

Groups and these institutions are saying you cannot be half pregnant you are either in or out this is how this institutional space works the sector does not have an on or off switch it's not like i mean they are literally either in or out and this is not coming from me i'll show you the quotes and i'll show you some interesting things that have been work been being built behind the scenes for quite some time and then also i do want to go over that

Recent swift news of them entering low value payments specifically remittance payments taking on the likes of ripple revolut which also turns out to be a rip on that customer on the background that slipped and that information came out and then also transferwise and we know transferwise is already tightly connected to ripple if not directly they have very of many of the same exact partners visa acquired earthport which is a ripple net partner and a transferwise partner

And also we'll talk about the bank of england a paid ripple net customer so before i keep ranting just understand this is not me this is not don't listen other youtubers listen to the facts here and then you decide your own risk risk tolerance and understand what is yet to come i believe in xrp is one of the obvious ones i hold lots of assets dozens at this point i really need that hanker down and kind of hammer a few and focus on them but this is the future we are witnessing i know it's funny if you're looking at a

15 cent xrp or even a three dollar xrp we're just at the very beginning this is all notice his quote trickle trickle flood for this digital asset space when the floodgates open i love that it's all water-based centralized or focused on liquidity and liquidity is in my mind something that is a pre-prerequisite to high price as well xrp focuses on the velocity of money removing these pre-funded

Accounts around the globe and can do so much more than that do not box it in and do not box in any other asset we saw in my previous video if you've seen it guys the energy web what is happening with decarbonization this is so evident in my mind i know a lot of you can't agree and i'm sure you're sick of price but please ignore price right now focus on the fundamentals and focus on where this is going the strongest and most successful investors in the world

Understand this and have followed it regardless of how much time it takes it is coming rest assured so let's get into the information this is an old documents of state street i just wanted to touch on so finance reimagined finding long-term value in a digital age so even pushing this notice this is back in 2016 so they had 2.5 trillion assets under management and 29 trillion dollars assets under custody now 2019 they have about 30 trillion no surprise with all the quantitative

Easing the federal reserve is doing in amongst other groups and you know rates of inflation but just keep that in mind all right so i want to start off with this article on coindesk shared by martin valk definite follow in the xrp community really really smart guy puts out tons of free information all the time so if you're interested please follow this gentleman super i mean super intelligent and underrated as well all right so right here institutional crypto platform i'm going to say

Tailos but it might be talos or talus who knows emerges from stealth mode so i've heard of this group before and notice this has been being built for quite some time and it's on the back end it doesn't they don't have to tell us to you know market it or anything this is happening for institutional investors notice some of the backing is coinbase ventures they have their hand in every cookie jar as well they've been quietly onboarding a couple or a core group of capital markets participants

If you guys do not know capital markets are where the big money is specifically in the world of trade finance for groups like r3 focus on that all right so now just a few things it's not that we're really hiding but it's just that we come from a capital markets background and would tend to shy away from talking about things before they are ready when you're selling to institutions that can be frowned upon i respect that now i think we have reached a good point working with a good

Set of customers and the platform is a more mature state in my opinion it almost seems like they're really focusing on digitalization we see nasdaq integrating and partnering with r3 all these groups they don't have to tell you anything they can pretend to be behind they can make you look at this hand and do the sleight of hand trick and when they're ready the launch boom they go everything i i just believe everything's going to be towards dlt based systems and if it is not directly dlt

I can bet my you know what that it will be integrated or at least able to interoperate with dlt based systems that's not my opinion that's you know straight from the imf the world economic forum the central bank of central banks it's coming all right next i think it's important to keep in mind and this is what i was referencing that the institutional sector the big money does not have an on or off switch it's not like it's not like that or they're either

In or out interesting all right now i wanted to reference this so in my previous video with transferwise notice transferwise has become the first fintech bank to gain access to the bank of england's inter rank payment system remember that's a paid a rip on that customer to this day as regulators and they've trialed you know xrp iop all that stuff and the government step up their efforts to encourage the competition in the uk's financial sector cough cough accenture as well what about accenture remember when lee from spqr

Predicted this as well the bank of england appoints accenture in the technology delivery partner for the real-time growth settlement rtgs xrp wink wink specifically that's what extra p can help mitigate service renewal program so accenture one of they had a ripple alliance in like 2015 one of the first investors essentially they deliver a lot of their integrations as well for ripple net how clear can this be digital dollar project former cftc chairman it's you know it's all in the

Air all right in front of us so just wanted to point that out and for all of you that think when i talk about a group transfer wise when i talk about news with transferwise i'm not screaming xrp or ripple what i'm showing you is evident proof that we are going towards a more digital ecosystem i don't care if transferwise the actual company the money service provider ever uses xrp or even works directly with ripple because it doesn't matter in my mind a lot of their customers are

Already connected they have some of the same customers the same partners it does not matter a lot of these financial you know fintech groups financial technology groups do and that is common in the space specifically as we are working on interoperability across the board whether it's msps money service providers fi's financial institutions that use dlt-based systems or not they will all interoperate and that is exactly what excites me when i share the transferwise

Info does not mean xrp it just means that this company is taking initiative in this space and will have a ripple effect on all others in this ecosystem pun intended all all digitalization across the board is good in my mind all right next arturo portea definite follows so swift is working with the 20 banks to develop a service a new service for low value consumer and sme payments small and medium enterprise payments now i'm sure there's

Going to be plenty of silly bitcoiners that construe this as fun as always i'm used to it if i listen to other people i wouldn't make any money in this space i've been listening to me and i keep failing towards success making so many mistakes that are actually just blessings in disguise and that is how i've gotten to this point i'm not talking about a silly youtube channel i'm talking about my own portfolio via trading okay so building on swift gpi the messaging

Network will provide its member banks with the means to compete with the likes of revolut which came out to be integrated with partners with ripple net they also listed xrp as well in their app transferwise which we just touched on and ripple alright so what i want to show you here they're moving this low value remittance market sounds like a threat to xrp doesn't it providing member banks with the means to make instantaneous transactions across borders for small and medium sized companies and consumers

Well luckily i know ripple is you know good six years ahead at least in talking about some of these groups that i want to touch on and let's just kind of dive into this so last week the first payments through the new service were successfully exchanged between banks and let's just see these banks so we have bank of china barclays which is exactly rip on that we've talked about bnp pariba of france remember the central bank of france specifically mentioned ethereum and the xrp ledger as examples that could

Interoperate or essentially even collateralize central bank digital currencies on top of that's a bold statement i mean i know you know even some of these federal reserve banks are more so focused on research initiatives but come on i think that's extremely extremely interesting all right deutsche bank one of the banks that are too big to fail um national australia bank that is another ripple net customer smbc i think that is sumitomo mitsui banking corporation well

They're ripple not arguably because sumitomi mitsui financial group is sbi ripple asia that's their customer and then sumitomo mitsui trust holdings is actually a ripple net customer so yeah if you think that's a stretch so be it um let's see unit credit ripple net i mean we could draw connections to a lot of these groups you know bbva hsbc's ripple net obviously a lot of the same people you know previous board members board of directors even on swift etc so wanted to cover that and remember this

Is not alone going to replace x or p we've had plenty of people come out and i mean every article there's every two months there's a silly article they say oh this is the ripple killer oh this is the ethereum killer nonsense absolute nonsense all right the new initiative will pitch banks into a market dominated by new challengers such as transferwise and revolutes interesting there's no ripple in this article and already did a control find and other carriers that provide low

Value remittance corridors across the borders not mention ripple which is a deca billion dollar valued company essentially chipping away at you day in and day out interesting all right so we covered this and yeah there's no control f if you look for ripple and now gail gatron coming on this so formula for an actual ripple killer to replace ripple and to specifically replace x or p if it does not have all of these qualities it cannot compete with

On-demand liquidity that is the key word so right here eliminates the pre-funding around the globe people just don't really understand that and a lot of people that come from maybe um you know erc-20 tokens and ethereum tokens and other altcoins they don't get this because they didn't study the correspondent banking network they're trying to just work on the you know from outside of it if you're a bitcoiner i just recommend that you you know if you want to replace the system by

Working on the outside awesome good luck but i really recommend learning how it works on the inside as well and all the regulatory hurdles that come with that next established corridors connecting all countries in fiat people do not understand what this means and what it means to actually establish and more importantly develop liquidity over time it is much more than just incentivizing market makers to make profit has more liquidity than ever so tons and

Tons of liquidity just like i was referencing with state street all right settles instantly yes in settlements remember not just messaging settling on the correlator of these central banks with all funds repatriated repatriate what does that mean well returning to one's own country and the actual central bank of that country and then any entity can use it it's not exclusive it's easy to operate and some of the key words actually that i'm just thinking and remember all must

Be checked or it cannot compete with xrp this is one of the million reasons why i'm so confident in this space if you guys whether you like galgatron or not go read his blogs please go to i you know i don't care if you like me or not i'm just trying to put out information and give you my thoughts i'm right and wrong sometimes and i admit that unlike a lot of people all right um now i wanted to point out hopefully it's here

There was somewhere there was vernacular it might be in one of these are oh it'll be an article that i'm about to show you but remember the vernacular with a single api connection ripple's been using this for years remember even documents showing uber amazon google all of this all right so we talked about that now i want to point this out this came out earlier this year i believe so dj peter vos sharing this and remember all this talk with ibis so

The actual release was right here this is on ibis hyphen management dot com swiss route ripple net adapter now this consider this with basically what's coming out with obviously swift so swiss route service has been developed by ibis management associates in partnership with finastra funny enough finaster ripple net they are also one of the big tech providers for the entire united states domestic clearinghouse system and finastra obviously is on-demand liquidity enabled it doesn't

Mean it can just start using xp right away but it's showing the interoperability there and finaster fun fact because i don't know why people think ripple net is tiny it is freaking massive and when regulations and everything come no doubt in my mind that xrp will be one of the first to dominate this space people just don't see it in the cognitive dissonance these three-year bear markets happen because they work on sheep they're effective that's the only reason it happens

Whether it's an algorithm or whales it happens because it makes people lose faith and we are examples of that i wholeheartedly believe that so finaster also contains of the top 50 banks in the world the top 48 of them are their customers wow people just only look at the top 300 400 ripple net customers but they do not get that we already have thousands finastra what is it 9000 customers temenos you can talk

About even other network providers like task group integrated into the entire european system the euro system i uh you know in my mind i i don't need to be convinced i'm just putting this information out and you guys do what is best for you if you want to go after a sushi token i i wish you luck if you want to go play with defy projects i wish you luck some can make a killing but you know the same thing happened back in the day with bit connect if you

Guys have been around i've seen a lot i've seen a lot all right so remember finaster before we dive deeper matthew l i n y definite follow partner so ripple partner finastra now selected by the national bank of bahrain to future proof the treasury business um just keep an eye on finaster i do not sleep on these guys they're working on some very very big things you can watch mastercard um aci worldwide you can watch visa visa direct all of these okay and then also remember ariba group

I really like that a-r-i-b-a ariba group watch what they're doing with goldman sachs all connected okay so this swiss route they've been developed right here to provide institutions with connectivity to globally trusted payment gateways all right well what does this have to do with ripple notice with swiss route as your adapter to connect to the modern banking world so now we have an adapter a bridge to connect the modern you know to the traditional because that is what's needed

You can connect to multiple banks through a single secure channel almost sounds like that api vernacular once connected you can streamline and automate your business flows by communicating with your banking partners using global standardized iso and proprietary format mt messages now our exclusive offering includes ripple connectivity this just reminds me of even uh what was it the ripple module of volante which is already two trillion dollars per day they send in another tech provider of the clearinghouse in the u.s

They have a ripple module as well so yes guys i understand ripple's private company we don't see everything that's going on we don't see a lot of extra p payment flows yet but the key word is yet they're not building this liquidity for fun they are not trying to change their routes there's nothing that can all like there's nothing that can replace xrp thus far and is a serious serious contestant in my mind and please do your own research and time will tell we're either going to

Be a bunch of psychopaths and lunatics that have been researching something incorrectly or we are going to be quite wealthy with the practicality and flexibility of having multiple cross-border payment solutions and ripple in your pocket there are no more limitations to your banking possibilities swiss route processing transactions through the ripple net tm will be easy easier offering an out of box integration interesting that this came out right around the time when remember

Ripple net was migrating towards cloud as well and then here's the vernacular i was looking for feel free to read this we already know all this stuff with ripple but notice settles payments in real time with a single api connection and this is all via cloud all right in front of us okay one standardized api for all counterparty connections huge things on the verge guys all right last but not least i just wanna you know basically let you guys know xrp and i saw this

Floating around again this is a digital currency and this is a bridge asset to other currencies it's not going to discriminate between fiat or a cryptocurrency this means all the money all the value we have you know iop we have flare networks we even have you know information resurfacing that codius isn't necessarily dead it's just not being pushed and we have the extra p ledger foundation we have all these foot groups focusing on green initiatives we have ripple potentially going public

This year or next year most likely next year obviously um but come on i i just don't if i see comments that are just full of doubt and they are just asking me for reassurance i don't have time to give you reassurance my reassurance is just putting these videos out and hopefully pointing you guys in the right direction do not just watch videos use these videos as a tool to push you in the right direction to dive deeper that is my best advice all right and now this is probably going

To be for 80 of you so last but not least um right after this so extra peak ripped wolf showing this ripple's hiring another senior software engineer for liquidity this is probably going to be i mean this is the most important thing for ripple not to succeed remember they want to do lending this lending brings additional demand for xrp as well creating interest out of thin air um they're on a hiring spree this is not the signs of a debt company or a company that seems to be pulling

Back it's quite evident where the space is going and i think there's going to be a lot of key players it won't just be xrp and i'm repeating that because newcomers might think i only hold xrp i hold a variety of assets and i love a variety of assets but i'm just putting out the most obvious contender in this space for you guys to really develop an understanding of what is yet to come all right last but not least gave got a little laugh here so we got dime opinions so they show this v-shaped

Recovery on the right you know everybody on the presidential presidential debate saying it's all going to be okay always you know always reassuring people they can either go and enter an inconvenient truth or they can go to a reassuring life with their smiles and this is the truth this is people on youtube this people looking at ta that's positive or negative agreeing i mean we are all just looking for reassurance and you have to try and i'm not perfect because i do the same thing

But try to just step back and question this what if everything you've ever known and ever learned has been a complete lie if you cannot entertain that idea you you lack a lot of open-mindedness let's just leave it at that remember aristotle's quote it takes a truly intelligent mind to fully entertain an idea without accepting it that is what i urge all of you guys to do in any version of a belief i don't i don't care what it is just please

Keep an open mind and just pretend is a little mental exercise that you could be wrong that we could be wrong and i do that every day is this too good to be true am i wrong about this is this trade bad and i come back to the fundamentals i look at the news i look at the chart and i zoom out and i look at the macro and i i just go holy crap we are going to be right about this and that's my personal belief so notice most youtube viewers or most of you guys going to watch videos i mean i'm assuming most you know most

Of the people that watch hype stuff are a 20 year old kids that you know own a thousand extra p but guys sexual research to properly understand estimate you know estimate the risks and rewards and time frames to integrate potentially xrp with this modern financial system building infrastructure to get there or you can just keep watching 100 hype-based videos every single day that have not come true yet you guys can you know decide for yourselves do whatever you want take the

Red pill take the red pill take the blue pill um you know i realized there was no pill so you guys do whatever you got to do i'm still learning with you i'm excited for the future and i feel like you that i know what is coming for xrp it is not it's not if it is when so hopefully you guys enjoyed and i hope you have a great rest of your weekend

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