Ripple/XRP News: More Coincidences, I’m Sure

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

Hey guys what's going on kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update let's dive right in so again this imf international monetary fund document was surfacing around twitter recently it was just published august of 2020 and interestingly enough again no coincidences in the space as we know ripple has been mentioned seven times at least in this document it's a 55-page document and right here as you guys can see um right here financial sector assessment program technical note on supervision of financial market

Infrastructures resilience of central counterparties in innovative technologies now something interesting again i mean you can see the typical points ripple calibra different payment platforms non-bank players again entering the space incentivizing again adoption the private sector is going to play a you know a huge role in this even right here facebook pay with these acquisitions and whatsapp and expansion towards these brics nations obviously there's a bunch of money to be

Made here um whenever i'm seeing you know square of course squares getting into lending just like coinbase now we know brian brooks uh literally acting comptroller of the currency is addressing you know square you know paypal a lot of these groups are innovating and you know visa mastercard same thing they are you know the well-known brand names for now but there stand to be a lot of people that really you know level of playing field so to speak right here ripple net few players aim to

Challenge the established payment infrastructure brian brooks himself said again ripple with chris larson executive chairman they can literally replace swift whether it's you know in you know end of year five years ten years this is inevitable people whether you believe x or p is going to play a role or not i don't know what to tell you all you guys can do is obviously do your own research decide for yourselves i know exactly where i stand and i know you know what seems to be too

Good to be true and i kind of i mean i've entertained everything guys truly i've had people that have only been researching xrp for a year come to me with every single conspiracy and i promise that i've looked into it deeply and the best thing that i can do is essentially prepare for you know everything expect worst case scenario and pretend that we are going to go slow and steady the whole time i do not believe in that but again to each their own so ripple rip on that provides the software the rule book for a transfer mechanism

Again all their customers are directly regulated hence they are directly regulated as well um seems pretty obvious as well wholesale payment system again wholesale interbank transfers period again we have you know groups utilizing and adopting swift gpi day by day i'll talk about that at the end of this video as well and this is why on-demand liquidity in particular which uses the native asset xrp is the only thing that will put them ahead

Of their competition last time ripple was valued we were talking a clean 10 billion valuation well extra p's price is going to be going up and yes that has to do with the valuation of ripple it is in their best interest whether they squeeze in an ipo by end of year which is seeming you know unlikely day by day some people believe they're still going to do it typically businesses are already you know going public by now but 2020 has been crazy enough you can't rule anything out um if not this year i

Do believe that ripple you know circle coinbase a lot of these groups will be going public next year as well so maybe this year is kind of uh a mini spec you know low utility baseball run and it's leading into the following year just like pre 2017 to end of 2017 just like those two big bull runs and nobody remembers the first one okay again talking about you know fincen as we know federal reserve and then basically the stuff i wanted to show you right after this so rippln that

Again not subject to specific regulatory requirements and do not need a specific license really really interesting here as well all right so if you guys ever want to dig into this again moneygram the second biggest money service business in the world is utilizing rippln that is utilizing xrp period that should be you know speak that should show enough comparing you know what is it thousands five thousand plus cryptocurrencies that exist today some will go to zero some are going to

Obviously explode for no reason some of it will be sustainable and some of it will not be and to me xrp will just be one of those clear survivors and winners in the future okay so i really like this so as you can see retail payments in wholesale payments they still have to interoperate they still have to exist together this is going to be huge we can talk about inert with many groups and again cls is continuous link settlements any foreign exchange market they are processing trillions per day this is well over

Fifty percent the forex market on the low end is you know five trillion dollars per day in transactions i'm not saying xrp is going to do all of it is it designed to do that yes okay so again cls you can i mean we can talk about partnerships forever connections with you know cgi again which has an intelligent gateway for ripple coincidence no they we can talk about um you know finastra with their payment platform global pay plus which is already integrated with

Cls which is already integrated with ripple net again pay plus is ripple enabled we had darren moore we had a bunch of researchers um xrp nuts several people discovered this as well showed the documents we've gone over it a lot of times as well okay i can see fed ach we can talk about natcha again our real-time payments the clearinghouse as well they have all the tech providers that are ripple net enabled we can talk about fed now again this is domestic if you guys you know want to

Entertain the idea of xrp having a domestic use case it's not impossible considering you know 24 7 and you know paying half a spread and certain benefits like that maybe less volatility and faster speed but again guys i'm just focusing on cross-border international use cases initially perhaps the whole slow and steady approach will be true and again that is in my mind worst case now please do your own research nothing's guaranteed i am incredibly biased on

This channel yes i'm well aware of that but i've done the research so and i'll change my mind if i see something otherwise all right um and again you know maybe we focus on odl on demand liquidity and then scale up and develop more of the liquid you know illiquid corridors over time and then we finally ramp up with bigger customers and higher transactions perhaps but i think that you know the more this year goes on and the crazier events occur that were predicted it almost seems like we might actually

Ramp up a little quicker than anticipated but we'll see all right now what's interesting is let me see there are a few buzzwords so dlt platforms in particular obviously ripple net is one of the most obvious ones we can talk about ibm and worldwide and you know xlm's connection and then also center and i know it's spelled with an re center stable coin network guys remember in the previous video and i've been digging in i just watched like an hour of video recently just talking about the center

Protocol all having to do with again circle and usdc the us dollar coin um all having to do with al goran as well there's a lot of behemoths again al goran i think will play a pretty big role with circle perhaps in the united states just like i'm seeing some other type of delegated proof of stake protocols and networks such as terra pay and luna and collateralized type of tokens potentially playing a huge role in asia and i think a lot of people are sleeping

On this but again if you're in the crypto asset space you're doing your research props to you i think there's so many all coins that i am going to be missing out on and i'm fine with that because i understand that you know i'm not going to get everything i'm never going to buy the bottom perfectly and sell at the top i'm just happy to you know be playing a role in the first place okay i mean we can even talk about you know zell connections with um what is it interstellar of you know

Still uh literally lumens the cryptocurrency it just goes on and on guys all of these people are well connected high caliber people um so again just don't rule anything out and try to you know see the connections but again every connection i show you it doesn't mean it's legitimate but when you consider the 400 plus videos i've made and looking at every single connection and going okay well if a tenth of a percent of those are valid this is going to be huge and that's kind of where i'm coming from

Okay all right so again what i was referencing so arturo portia sharing this so now that swift again has managed to successfully copy deploy and literally just steal ripples technology their pre-transaction verification negotiation protocol again you know with swift gpi kind of stealing x current as well just the same type of narrative with all these technologies odl is more important than ever as a competitive advantage now he's referencing what just recently came out on fenextra

And as we can see bbva becomes the first bank to hook up to swift gpi this is the pre-validation service allowing transfers for banks to confirm all the account info everything standardized standardized excuse me prior to conducting the transaction now in the world of finance in the world of correspondent banking they're acting like this is some innovative solution guys we are 40 years behind and this is still not fixing the issue at hand of the highly inefficient correspondent

Banking network okay so we're getting a little visibility it might help with some of the transactions but for the illiquid corridors is it really helping settlements on the core ledgers of the central banks no period do you know what do you want to know the only solution that really exists today that can be put to work and scale acceptably and it's much more than just making a few random people rich because it's open sourced and distributed xrp period all right

All right i'll talk about that next video now i want to dive into this just high level so we have eflon underscore harry sharing this so directly from the ceo of quant this is just another crypto asset i don't know why people are so tribalistic whether it's link versus you know quant q and t versus xrp versus bitcoin versus ethereum that's a really silly narrative in my mind i might make fun of bitcoin and the scalability issues or i'll point out that ethereum does have some issues

But i'm grateful for both of these assets and i think that they were going we're going to have to work together period to see widespread adoption okay so right here again this is uh what's his name gilbert or uh yeah gilbert uh verdian verdian i don't even know how to say his name to be honest watched a lot of stuff on him as well ceo of quant network has a really really cool background you know software cyber security you name it and essentially what i want to talk about just high level is this

Document and this is legitimate and he's just kind of talking about you know some use cases by using over ledger okay so in turn you know again we're talking about corda we're talking about over ledger connecting to ripple xrp in the xrp ledger itself talk about hyperledger interoperability between all of these applications and blockchains guys think of kind of the internet of blockchains so to speak with overledger so quant again

Some people say i mean there's every single project people say scam i think qnt is legitimate it's just a matter of you know the tokenomics and how many qnt will actually be needed to you know what is it have a license and kind of operate all of this we'll simply see but i do think this is absolutely groundbreaking technology just like a lot of technology in crypto the partnerships are legitimate to me but again i have to continuously dig deeper and qnt is one of those assets that i have bought

And held in the past and i do have a little bit currently all right so again we have even over ledger bridging jpm coin the intranet per so their intra network even though they might tell them you know they might call themselves a type of inter bank settlement i still think it's intra all right we got libra and then right here this is what's interesting so i also and this is from mr you know the ceo i also see a use case with our universal utility token approach where we can move digital assets across

Networks guys across blockchains powered by qnt again the finite supply the tokenomics or sound and then do settlements via xrp a central bank digital currency or usc again we've also met with david schwartz cto of ripple at consensus new york all right and as you can see right here i'm also part of the inatba for those of you that do not know it is i was just kind of looking at the ceo doing some reading right here the international association of trusted blockchain applications if

You have not seen that previous video i did showing that one document that matt made really really cool laying it all out even showing you know xtc iota lumens um a few assets including algorand and usdc all right almost done here just wanted to show this as well i'm sure you guys if you're in the twitter verse you've already seen this but i thought it was worth mentioning and kind of pointing out so einstein four is actually pointing this out pretty wild to see the connections

And guys i know this community has conspiracies and riddles and yeah it's fun to entertain and it's not fun to entertain when things don't work out the way you have you know wanted or you had you know different expectations but again i'm simply showing this because it is entertaining and interesting so we know amazon aws you know connections we can talk about microsoft running a validator on the xrpl and what's interesting is this so we

Have a few keywords and let me kind of briefly explain them so we have snowball we have you know aws with the snowball protocol okay avalanche flare as we know with you know all the news with spark token and then byzantine joke and again joel cats david schwartz aka you know cto of ripple did a recent twitter joke and a lot of people you know whatever you guys believe i don't care i respect it but some people believe that his messages are coded and personally you guys can laugh but i

Absolutely do believe so to some degree i mean he is literally a cryptographer all right so just a few screenshots and again i was kind of just going through these links if you want to later i'm just talking about aws and snowball talking about flare flare network and all you know all the protocols and utilizing avalanche as well and this is what i wanted to show you so right here screenshots he has so snowball protocol implemented and implemented on top of the gossip layer

Okay so as we know just talking a little bit about this now we can see avalanche architecture okay talking about the virtual machines consensus all right dag optimize just kind of you know catch all terms we've seen before all right custom chains blah blah blah now flare network and again right here as a distributed network running the avalanche consensus protocol adapted to federated byzantine agreements and leveraging the ethereum virtual machine okay so

Interesting that they're all connected um and again pointing out to bearableguy123 with this picture that he released a long time ago um with you know xrp kind of the snowball gathering momentum and it also looks like an avalanche all right so just wanted to share that for fun you guys take it as you will i'm sure there's going to be some dislikes on this video because i even showed this i couldn't care less all right and then last but not least just wanted to point this out so as we can see guys on a new

India or new just a few other players that we're seeing so t block accelerator shortlists 30 startups for further training so a few names obviously r3 cord a personal favorite this platform i do believe that corda will be utilizing xrp in the future can i tell you exactly when absolutely not but i think that obviously cord integration with swift gpi in corda literally named xrp for settlements it can do it with any asset it's a level playing field we know that the winners are i mean it's being

Designed this battlefield is designed to be a level playing field that so that truly the best technology the best crypto assets the best you know tech can win if you're forcing something to win or facebook tries to force you know libra to be the new currency of the world it's because they'd be afraid or intimidated that their tech would not win without forcing it down someone's throat this technology is going to win on a

Level playing field so i'm really believing that it will be xrp for obviously a multitude of reasons and i think my reasoning is sound when you're combining some of the biggest news ever with what flair is working on guys with smart contract capability and obviously this will not affect and congest the x or p ledger this is going to be huge i honestly like this month i think in particular minus price i've never been more certain in xrp and you guys might be rolling

Your eyes but please just assume after you know a good three years almost over three years now um i've seen all i need to see it's just a waiting game and patience takes a long time all right so also with arthur record another group you guys and i'm sure many of you like this asset as well with tazos india and then also settlement excuse me and so i've seen them around i don't really know much about them i'm sure i'm sure a lot of extra p researchers already know a lot about this but i

Apologize i'm not too familiar with those guys but just wanted to show that again you know different groups working together working on merging blockchain technology with the real world incentivizing you know developing technology to go to market and implement it all right as we can see grants you know typical things that we're seeing throughout you know all these startups working together so good to see these types of accelerated programs this is not the only one that we've talked about

But again india is stepping up so when are we gonna really see the united states step up is this just a charade is it the narrative that we're being sold let me know i have an open mind and just in tandem with that guys remember there's so many things i cannot cover in a single video my mind is moving a million miles per minute i usually cringe if i ever listen to a video of mine because i realize how many points i miss or i didn't present it well enough and so be it but you have to just kind of

Follow these bread crumbs and at this point these are loaves of bread that are being like literally sat right in front of us we have berkshire hathaway gathering more you know stock of bank of america investing heavily into bank of america than they ever have before we have confirmed confirmed since like 2017 that bank of america is a ripple net partner we also know that bank of america has some of the number or the highest number of patents on

Blockchain technology we've also seen some of the patents that specifically talk about ripple net we've also seen even the recent email from swell of ripple talking about bank of america and d local again which is you know develop their partnerships spend to brazil in china so brics nations no surprise all right um it just goes incredibly deep we had danny aranda at ripple say this and you know 2017 2018 people said they needed more proof there's been like five different things

Right in front of us showing that bank of america is ripping that does not mean they're using xrp i'm just showing you that one of the biggest banks in the united states has the capability to do so so if you really think that ripple only has 300 to 400 customers i don't know what to tell you directly yes that might be an accurate number but keep in mind pareto's law 80 20 principle you only need the high performers to really make a difference and again just like that snowball coming

Down a hill that avalanche analogy the rest will take care of itself now interestingly enough we've heard you know david schwartz used those same type of analogies we have brian brooks and brad gonghouse using these same talking points now we see regulators i mean literally whether it was you know of course you know the cftc chairman the former chairman christopher giancarlo is an advisor for ripple he's using the same talking points as we've heard

And now he's talking about the digital dollar project talking favorably and saying yes we need to partner up with the private sector well how many private sectors i mean groups do you really know that are significant that have made a dent already have significant market share and high valuation yes r3 yes ripple and yes there's a few more but to tell you the truth there's not that many that stand to take on and replace or even just basically enable swift to

Upgrade besides ripple in r3 corda and again r3 i'm just saying corda because it's right in front of me i you know i just think there's a lot of information out there there's a lot of misinformation and at the end of the day yes you can gamble but you can gather information and that is what i call investing okay so again enhancing improving your probability alright let me know your thoughts down below guys i appreciate it as always and i will see you in the next one

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