Ripple/XRP News: Maybe We Are All Just Crazy? | $27Trillion + $155T + $700T

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

Hey what's going on guys kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update hope all as well want to clarify a few things in today's video talking about again the 155 trillion dollar cross-border market of course we can talk about the dormant capital anywhere from 2 trillion to 27

Trillion doing nothing suffering from capital costs inflation you name it and again xrp can free some of that capital as well and then also speculate on

Why on earth if we're really only targeting the cross-border market why are we also building upon again the derivative smart derivatives market which is again anywhere from 544 trillion to 1.2

Quadrillion dollars analysts estimate because it is a rather intangible market that it is roughly 700 trillion dollars so again as we know ripple says they do not want to spread themselves too thin

Yet they have other verticals building other things they say that they are not going to go on and build other verticals until they have one locked in and in the bag so it is my bet that xrp has a lot more

Than we anticipate in terms of future adoption specifically for the cross-border market so whatever you believe is it you know we're waiting regulations are we waiting for liquidity

Liquidity to be built um let me know your thoughts down below but again just like anders lundberg shared on twitter i do believe this um despite you know other people and yes i do have a bias because i hold xrp

You guys decide for yourselves and i'll kind of touch on a few things in this video but again what he said is they're not late to the game it was their game from the beginning so without further

Ado let's get into the information so i want to play this quick clip of this gentleman from santander santander and finality again the utility settlement token i remember back in the day they called

It the x or p killer just like everything um and he even admits now i believe this was i think this was 2019 if it was 2018 again whatever year it was basically subtract three and a half years

And they admit behind closed doors they were building central bank digital currencies and they said that they could not you know talk about it until libra came about again facebook's currency so just

Listen to this the majority of these partners and banks that are named have done trials with xrp ripple net integrated or are just simply ripple nut commerce

Bank of central bank money so we at bank of santander and 15 other financial institutions credit suisse ubs and credit suisse again has done you know commentary in various documents on

Ripple xrp ubs is again ripple net in switzerland um kbc ing commerce bank santander eurozone barclays lloyd's pounds bank new york mellon state street nasdaq

Dollars cibc canadian dollars mufg mizuho snbc japanese yen 15 banks have been working on creating central bank digital currency as a consortium for the last three and a

Half years i've been working on this for three and a half years quietly the central banks have said to us say nothing and then our friends at facebook announced libra and all of a sudden

Thank you by the way for for because we're allowed to talk about what we've been doing so very interesting there as they admit they're finally allowed to again disclose this nda

Again regarding this type of settlement project all right so now as we keep going again this was back in the day of 2019 14 banks notice in the video he did say 15 banks um and talking again this is still a

Walled garden even if it is a walled garden a big walled garden with maybe 14 or 15 banks and some of their subsidiaries again this is not going to be built upon a level playing field like extra p

So nonetheless x or p is still needed period right notice the value proposition there now i want to go speed through this i know many of you have already seen this but i want to

Touch on a few things that may have been missed or specifically for you newcomers so talking about the dollar again yes it has been dead i believe it has been you know killed off since the beginning of this year

I am legion with this great thread whether or not you you know believe it or not that's that's completely fine i personally don't care i just want you guys to decide for yourselves

And of course we are going to have to speculate in a speculative market if that bothers you you're probably in the wrong market period so if conspiracy theories or anything bother you um you probably shouldn't be um

Investing in 2020 in a digital asset space period i'm here to make life-changing wealth just like many other people i already know people that have made millions of dollars so again just

Looking to capitalize all right so right here i am legion talking about again 40 50 central banks again these are central banks governments of the world specifically talking about interledger protocol the

Glue that hold all this together strategically gifted to the w3c the world wide web consortium that again basically promotes inclusion progress and basically governs the entire internet ripple created this from the

Get-go um i believe it has been their game for quite some time directly related the federal reserve from the get-go a unicorn out of silicon valley a private company a private company that

Is valued at 10 billion out of nowhere does not just get to see you know sit with the imf and consult with the bank of international settlements and the world bank

From the get-go and has you know been chatting with them since 2013 2014 um again you are of course we are investing in the digital asset but again the people we are investing in the people as well

Okay so again just like we've talked about maybe six months ago um you know all these fiat currencies usd euro all of this you know

Sterling um you know the pound sterling all this they have you know tickers in abbreviation well gold notice it starts with x even though the elemental chart is au so gold is xau

Just like silver instead of ag it's xag it's because it's not owned by a single sovereign nation just like x or p x r p okay so again back in the day extra p was actually called the ripples so again the x and then ripples

Depending on you see it again david schwartz cto of ripple does discuss this as well um so again just a little speculation there it was designed from the get-go you can look at

Early documents as well which could be a coincidence of the international monetary fund and they use an abbreviation called xrp which is exchange rate peg could it be

Coincidental perhaps but again i wanted to put that information out there so right here bank of england bank of japan in the european central bank to name a few back in the day when they announced

Ripple's global payments steering group well why is this a big deal besides having you know basically a ripple net members and bank of america here since 2016 by the way but no they're not rippling that

Because there's no proof apparently um again in mufg some of the biggest banks in the world again canada i believe they're already fully ingrained with you know ripple technology

Integrations at least and just simply future future proofing just like uh you know king solomon has been saying a lot and i really like that because it is these they're all future proofing they

Are basically adopting technologies that are basically getting set up to win on a level playing field if these assets if these networks if these protocols cannot win on a level playing field they do not

Deserve to win at all period if libra facebook libra has to get shoved down people's throats to in order to become a world currency or be used and mainstream adopted it means it wouldn't have been able to

Do it on its own thanks to you know its own technology all right so if xrp wins it's going to be down based to cold hard math not you know tribalism period my opinion your opinion it

Doesn't matter again what will happen will happen and all we can do is do our research play smart and again take risks and one of the um cool clips that was came out today and

I'm i'm pretty sure we've said this i'm sure a lot of people have said this um this woman here in this interview that xrp crypto shares she says one of the biggest risks that you could take this year

Is not taking any risk at all again we are on the precipice of either some big crashes before a bull run or one of the biggest bull runs ever period right so before i continue on

Again talking about finality continuing here so remember global payment steering group remember the dtcc essentially the federal reserve before there was a fed they funny enough don don donahue again

The ceo after he left became again the chairman of this global payment steering group which is ripples coincidence i don't think so all right also ripples ryan's are going to join

The federal reserves faster faster payments task force steering committee as we know um now a little bit about chris larson which i want to kind of go over as well talking about xrp obviously help

Preventing the next financial crisis um if you guys think you know 2008 2007 2009 yeah maybe they really had no end game in mind and was like oh my gosh a complete you know science experiment

That went bad if you do not think that these powers the lehman brothers the you know wall street if you don't think that these guys have had time to come up with a backup plan

Before this implodes all over again i don't know what to tell you i believe that there are some you know big plans in that you know um ahead some people believe and this is i'm not

Saying i do i'm simply sharing this information some people believe that you know x or p's use case towards remittance and you know cross-border payments towards these illiquid corridors is just

A distraction for people you know they put out the information yes they build upon it but it's all a distraction and there's greater things at play perhaps related to

You know t-bonds and um you know everything going on who knows we'll see how it plays out i don't really care you know which youtubers right i don't care what riddler's right i don't care about any of that

I'm holding xrp the only person i'm gonna think is myself because i took initiative and that's how you guys should be so don't you know don't thank anybody just again take advantage of this

Opportunity do what's best for you if you don't like you know xrp like another asset that's awesome i hold a variety of assets i recommend you know diversifying um some people argue diversification is

For people that don't know what they're you know for those that don't know what they're doing um i can agree with that and kind of give you know can laugh at that um but again guys you know hypocrisy is

All around us um just like crypto whale even put out a great tweet um and honestly great information as always just on twitter and basically just talking about since 2014 bitcoin alone in pretty much the entire

Cryptocurrency market has been artificially propped up by tether again the stablecoin usdt so we typically criticize the federal reserve and bitcoin maxis that's their value prop they criticize

The federal reserve but then they ignore the fact that the same thing is happening in cryptocurrency a bit hypocritical yes and you know i'm right there with you and i love that

Analogy all right next again pay attention to this so with christine lagarde formerly again the director at the international monetary fund back in 2018 when they expanded

Their fintech financial technology group to foster greater collaboration between national authorities and international organizations now notice some of the names in this complete list of the group below

So yes chris larson of ripple no surprise we have you know bank of indonesia we have us treasury we have the dtcc which we just mentioned with don donahoe one of the biggest banks bbva

We also have a look formerly look and financial again president ali baba and also the ceo of circle jeremy o'lear guys ustc circle big things i believe they're highly

Connected as well one of the firms i believe will likely go public in the future um and remember tightly ingrained with coinbase and brian brooks tightly ingrained with

Al goran and their currency algo again al grant is listed on coinbase finance us you name it and also for anybody that lives in alabama um today binance us did announce that you can create accounts with them as

Well below so again links are in the video description and then also as we can see the ecb so these people are tightly connected all about financial inclusion winning on a level playing field all

Right next i'm going to keep going here so right here what i like a lot i'm legion sharing this so with microsoft so back in 2015 guys on ripple's insights page microsoft's marley gray ripple and

Interledger protocol will be the fabric of multi-chain future now keep in mind right when iop was becoming a thing in a term when they refer to a ripple it's not just extra p it's really just the entire

Protocol of helping move value as seamlessly as information so when they say ripple it can be messaging it can read the whole software suite back in the day you know their x series

X via x rapid um you know x current all of that okay so again marley gray leads microsoft azure's blockchain as a service b-a-a-s initiative so right here intellectual protocol at the end of the day

These things are are underlying all these applications in smart contracts or smart contracts as payments big guys again all of the value so again it's not just 27 trillion pre-funded

Accounts that you know xrp might be able to replace some of that or you know going after the 155 trillion dollar cross-border market one percent of 155 trillion is 1.5

Trillion 10 would be 15.5 trillion 50 would be 77.5 trillion and again we can talk about the derivatives market of 700 trillion dollars is that mean that average

1 of that 7 trillion 10 percent 70 trillion dollars in 50 350 trillion dollars now notice all of these verticals are also growing we are printing money quantitative easing into infinity the government is

Not stopping anytime soon so i mean people believe that there's going to be something that saves the day we have elections coming up really really interesting um it's we are

In very uncertain and exciting times but also very scary times as well so if someone says this is exactly how it's going to you know go down don't believe them nobody knows for sure

And if they do they're certainly not telling people um please guys just just be smart and just thank yourselves at the end of the day and you know you don't have to agree

With me you don't have to agree with anybody just decide for yourselves all right so again um ripple and then also right here guys this is basically how the future is going to work it's they're not

Just saying x or p x or p x or p because they're not worried about x or p success they already know this is a done deal in the future of payments so in financial services i think we're

Going to see a mixture of different blockchain technologies also if you guys saw i watched a di uh digital asset investors video this morning talking about even back in the day oh

But the obama administration had a dlt group again distributed ledger technology who would have thought again this is simply the future for the financial market

It's beyond just you know us getting lucky on a few digital assets i mean public private public you know all these permission blockchains and ledgers are databases and this is where this is

Going for a variety of reasons so there's going to be many chains chains for swaps chains for bonds they're each can have different characteristics based off of the market and we're going to see chain patterns

Evolve so you could plug and play you know a variety of consensus algorithms based on the products that exist on that chain again the best fit for the customer the best fit for that specific

Asset okay derivatives future swaps those types of products are going to have to interoperate and connect to you know live feeds and oracles um it's quite evident when you just kind

Of sit back and look at it from a macro all right given this multi-chain vision we see smart contracts as a key piece and again remember what they say you need iop interledger protocol and they say so that's the protocol but

Then the asset the native asset on the xrpl is xrp ripple has said interledger protocol and xrp are their secret sauce iop right here is the glue in the system that holds all this together

Different chains can interoperate a derivatives chain can interact with the securities chain it's derived from again talking about derivatives and this is exactly what we were talking about that 700 trillion dollar market

I'm not saying that's a guarantee to get a huge portion of the market i'm saying that it exists all right all right and then again monica long and michelle bond of ripple right here as you can listen up

We are engaging um with 50 different governments worldwide and we all right 50 different governments right there we have uh cigar sarbhai i always butchered by ripple because uh so we actually work

Very closely with about 40 50 central banks across the globe all right i mean and again guys the sky is the limit we have e-commerce growing we have payments you could argue even domestic

Use cases we can look at lending what ripple net is doing syndicated loans real estate equity you know all kinds of equities like stocks even intellectual property

Art who knows i mean the sky's the limits trying to speculate on this is just trying to speculate you know what the internet would have been like in 1980 i mean today like truly

And things are going to happen faster than we think just like i showed in that previous video of christine lagarde's quote regarding economics all right talking about you know special payment vehicles

All of this guys there's a variety of things bottom line is dlt is going to make a dent in the universe and yes bottom line is i believe that xrp will be one of the obvious contenders

Will there be others that might have short-term gains better than xrp possible i don't know and we will simply see but i wanted to share that information now something else that i wanted to

Share and just kind of give you guys a laugh is xrp cryptowolf sharing this so bloomberg put this out and this is one reason why i'm a little cynical on what they say goldman sachs and deutsche bank said the

U.s stock market sell-off may be close to an end um every time we see this then you know we see stocks drop every time they try to keep the people calm oh the dow jones is back up the 28

000 relax and then boom you know next month drop all right so the federal reserve will have to give the stock market a boost by printing more money soon since a bullish stock market

Will help the upcoming presidential election um perhaps we have that same sentiment but when the majority think one thing typically the opposite happens um again guys a high healthy dow jones

You know a healthy stock market i'm just using that index as one of the oldest index or indices is very foolish because we relate a high number with a healthy economy and it could not be further from the truth

Again i know you guys that watch this channel you're well aware of this you're probably rolling your eyes at why i'm you know saying this again but it is the truth now notice right here just a quote

From again leed goldman uh let's see right yes so talking about this a typical sell-off in the s p 500 and then this wrote the goldman strategists despite the sharp sell-off in the past week we remain

Optimistic about the path of the u.s equity market in coming months if i i don't really care if you believe me or not i don't believe these guys whatsoever all right so you guys let me know your thoughts hopefully this video

Didn't get too drawn out um and then the only thing i want to emphasize was this i saw a variety of people covering this video um really really well done by again ripple strategic

Advisor zoe cruz and basically just talking about netscape in the early 2000s and that's you know comparable to bitcoin per se or could bitcoin be the google and actually you know survive and explode um my

Thoughts on this is this there's no perfect investment that's one asset can solve every single problem again there are trade-offs for everything just like even that blockchain trilemma if you guys believe

That to be you know you know a real issue now one thing is this if i'm in this market keep in mind i'm biased i hold a lot of xrp i would much rather hold 100 extra p

Over 100 100 bitcoin but i would much rather diversify rather than holding 100 xrp as well now xrp is obviously one of my biggest positions it will be for the coming

Years as well um but it's just it's not going to be bitcoin in my opinion for payments i'm looking at the connections i'm looking at groups that have been meeting with the federal reserve

I'm looking at people that will profit and pay off handsomely from all of this again this world is run by greed and just with a little little common sense i think you guys can agree that

You know xrp will be an obvious contender in the future of payments now there's going to be a variety of others in a variety of verticals and probably new verticals that we can't even predict

But i just wanted to share that with you i think it's pretty evident you guys let me you know know your thoughts down below maybe i'm just crazy but i will see you in the next video

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