Ripple XRP News: Gold Backed Recovery Act, New $1.5 Trillion Stimulus & The Elite To Allow High XRP?

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

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Me know in the comment section down below all right today i want to first start off by explaining a little bit more about this quantum operating system or quantum

Financial system all of that we've talked about earlier move over into some stimulus talk some more xrp conspiracy stuff got a lot of things uh validity from david schwartz over on

Spark some crazy stuff is coming so make sure you watch the whole video now first i showed you this article in my previous video and it says quantum operating system trialed successfully

Riverlane's universal delta flow u.s could establish or os could establish uk's standing in the technology and basically what it's referring to is that within these quantum computers

They've been testing out things testing out things and finally a cambridge university spinout has completed a successful trial of a quantum

Universal operating system months after receiving a grant to install it across the uk's quantum computers and at first i was like okay so that's what a lot of people have been waiting

For and yes that's what a lot of people have been waiting for let's check it out quite right here it's a technical breakthrough but there is also an enormous commercial

Breakthrough added roger mckinley challenge director for quantum technologies at uk research and innovation we need to define the interface between software and hardware

And we cannot leave it to the big players said miss mueck the uk is in a strong position to take a lead on standardizing the space and uh you know we're seeing the power right now yadda yadda

Well basically why this is so important why this came upwards is because of a lot of theories i've been following and checking out and that has to do with this quantum operating system or quantum financial

System and all that and i've been checking out all these videos i've opened them check them out i've been watching them been trying to try to get what they're saying and what get where it's coming

From and literally all of the theories come down to nasara in some way shape or form or necesera i don't know how you pronounce that i'm trying my best

And what that means is national economic security and recovery act and by the way guys before we continue understand that i'm just trying to show you guys what i found all right in no way shape or form am i

Doing any promises of price or i don't even want to talk about some conspiracy talk in that way i just want to show you guys what is really really trendy as these are topics that a lot of people

Watch 30 000 here 20 000 or 16 000 it's not just me it's not just you wondering there's a lot of people wondering about this stuff and i i want to see and show you guys what i've noticed all right so

Please don't think it's anything crazy not doing any price predictions just showing you what i found now in this video here you can see gold-backed qfs quantum financial system nasara and gesara

With santa surfing and chris pomfret so that's the podcast right which got a hundred thousand views and well i i i don't want to say it's it's it's it's not let's say it's interesting right

Because i also checked it out when it was actually a lot more apparent when it was there and what this one was about mostly is a gold standard right it falls along with this though with the nasara which

Stands for national economic security and recovery act and basically in the end what it comes down to is just that the debt is going to be wiped away right at least that's what i fetched

Again guys it could be wrong this is what i affect what i percepted or perceived from all this looking up here what it all comes down to is just we're going to get rid of that

Actually this video was really kind of useless in that sense i didn't really fetch much from it i just saw the title i was like let me check it out but i actually didn't use it at all it was just reading this first line that

Got me already kind of on the on the road national economic security and recovery act was a set of proposed economic reforms to the united states of four suggested during the 1990s by

Harvey francis bernard bernard claimed that the proposals which included replacing the income tax with the national sales tax abolishing compound interest unsecured loans and returning to a buy metallic

Currency again that's where you see gold standard coming in would result in zero percent inflation and a more stable economy the proposals were never introduced

Before congress and asara has since become better known as the subject of a coldlight conspiracy theory promoted by shinee candace goodwin doing business as dove of oneness who claimed that the act

Was actually passed with additional provisions as the national economic security and reformation act and the suppressed by george w bush administration and the supreme court

Goodwin's conspiracy emails have been translated into several languages and have a very large following online and really it all kind of comes down to this by the way guys it all kind of

Comes down to the national economic security and recovery act which is based upon a gold bi-metallic but really a gold standard and it would wipe away all the depth i've been reading a lot into it and i i

Don't want to get too far because i'm like a lot of it is just talk and not really fact you know and i don't know how far i want to get into that here's a lot more criticism and explanation of

Conspiracies and again i'm not the one to judge all right because i really don't know i've just tried to find things out and by the way if any of you know more about it let me know in the comment section

Down below or actually better so send it to me over on twitter because i'll be able to check it out a little bit better if you send in the youtube comments it might get faded in in the tons of

Comments out there but really it's so interesting to a certain degree to another degree it's really stupid because if you guys check this video out the whole gold standard

Part within the videos of charlie ward here was based upon the internet you know he said he he looked it up somewhere in in youtube or was it just

A form no i think it was youtube that he mentioned and everybody on twitter went like this so this guy based a whole theory at least the theory he told somewhere in the video

On something he found over on youtube you know the gold standard talk so that was a little bit crazy in the end though um a lot of this stuff is not confirmed and we can't confirm it it's just the

Idea that something like this may be possible and through that a lot of people have decided to attach xrp to it where it will be like okay so quantum computative is coming quantum

Computers coming in quantum financial system could be coming in then and that will be backed by gold and since i just go back by gold it's going to be wiping things away and that would

Ultimately also then utilize xrp in some way shape or form you know that that's kind of a part that i don't get i can understand how you'll be able to connect some dots by saying all right

You know what there is this system quantum financial system and it's going to be back back gold it's going to be erasing all the debt it's going to be used by everybody it's actually already being used but they

Don't tell us about it okay i get that part but then xrp comes in to just provide liquidity then in the middle because it's gold-backed and within that quantum financial system you

Can't have proof-of-work or things like that because i mean it's quantum so hmm right and that got me thinking like where where exactly or i think these theories just say that this whole quantum financial system

Is based upon xrp which is then backed by gold and that makes the world go around so that's basically what i've kind of noticed and got from this if it's wrong if you think it's wrong let me know in

The comment section down below guys this is that's what i fetched if it's really really off you gotta let me know but i think that's uh you know pretty much what these guys have been talking about but again maybe it's not

The truth i tried my best to check out as much as i could about this but uh of course it goes down a little bit further further this is just like the red line but uh i'll probably not be able to

Explain it as well as dai does here and you guys can check it out if you want to whatever all right moving further though because again i don't want to stay with one subject all day i ask myself this question every day

This comes from dxron2 if xrp reaches 10k a coin the elite are making their enemies us rich why would they make us rich and uh that one was something that i don't really understand

Because um the elites are making their enemies us rich now i i really don't understand where or what that comes from or they mean us or us i think us

Well yeah i don't because if you think about it if it's if it's a choice to get executed ten thousand dollars by the elites if all right this is hypothetical then it would most likely be so because the

Elites have about sixty percent of it or more you know at least fifty one percent where they can still possibly control something in terms of how much they have in terms of holdings doesn't mean that

Has a lot of power but still and where they will always get richer than you because in the end guys the quote-unquote elite will only get richer if you get richer as well right and it might be like oh no but the

Poor get poorer yeah the poor get poorer but that's not us all right the elites might possibly depending on how you view it be a really really slight view of like 0.0001

Maybe like maybe maybe a thousand people who knows what you call elite i don't know and for them to get richer they're in within the system people gotta get rich otherwise they're first of all not able

To spend more money because if they don't get more money that they can work for they won't be able to spend it and also wealth has gotta come from somewhere it's gonna be built somewhere

Yet and it can't just be the upper layer otherwise it would be a little bit crazy because then nobody would see the money unless you count all the top wealth individuals like warren buffett

Jeff bezos and you know a couple of those guys as elite uh then i guess the theory kind of falls apart otherwise no it could it could really you know it could really all work out it's not it's

Not a problem to conserve yourself with they'll definitely make you rich if it can make them that much richer if somebody has 10 million xrp maybe even 10 000 no no let's say 10 million xrp maybe 100

Million xrp you choose something a billion xp yeah you can bet your ass that he he doesn't care how much you get how much money because he has a million times ten thousand dollars you

Just do the math on that one i don't give a but it's just to give you guys a little bit of an idea all right then stimulus deal update with the republicans latest offer

The parties are 900 billion dollars apart oh my days is this getting out of hand the whole stimulus situation is getting so far out of hand and the main reason for that

Is and the reason i bring it up because this could really be another breakthrough another make or break for just the whole of america we've been talking about stimulus we've talked about qe talking about money

And we've also talked about the election that's coming up november and how all this quantitative easing that has been done could really have some major effects over on the price

Let's check this out the meeting concluded without a deal and pelosi said that the two parties were at a tragic impasse pelosi told reporters on thursday that democrats offered to come down

From their requests for 3.4 trillion to 2.2 trillion meanwhile on friday the white house offered to come up from 1 trillion to 1.3 so yes obviously 900 900 apart 0.9 trillion

It's a lot of money but also you just got to understand for yourself here how much money is printed you guys get that you guys even get in the back of your heads once more you think this is for us the people no

In the end it's not all right in the end these stimulus might look like they're really really for you but in the end the consumer is the one who gets hurt the most all right the lower class this is what i

Want to call it right here and guys stick with the grain of salt the lower class are the ones that are not really able to get out of us dollars they don't have a a big amount of you know i guess a big

Portfolio they don't know how to switch over from us dollar to a different currency or work in some different countries with different currencies and things like that no they're just tied to the us dollar

With their normal job and once everything hits the fan everything becomes more expensive their wage becomes worth less they'll be the ones that are really really bad off or however you want to

Say that and some of you guys said yeah but this this stuff is for the guys who don't have any money at all well yeah it might be able to feed them for you know for a little bit but

Eventually they'll run out because all the money they get from their welfare or whatever social security i don't know what it's called in uh in english in america welfare is that what you call it when

You don't have a job and things like that eventually it's going to be worth less and less and less you might be saying yeah but of course you know the government and things like that they

Call out for this inflation so they'll up it the thing is i don't know what type of i don't know what type of agreements have been made but this all kind of kind of works in a

Stable economy right for example in the netherlands it's called say i o you know where it's like um if if if the inflation is two percent then somewhere there's decided that your

Job must also possibly pay out two percent more each year to to match your purchasing power however all of that works in a very stable economy but if for example your

Currency were to go up by 30 percent or down by 30 or become you know 60 less worth if you guys get me all of a sudden it all kind of makes a lot less sense and people don't really know how

To value things anymore you're really uncertain all of that and also another point to that is the changes to for example how much welfare you're going to be getting will most likely be applied next year or

Maybe even in one and a half year when things may be looking drastically different so in the end it could be that people are very very bad off or worse off i don't know how you say that one for in a very

Bad situation for a little while uh because of this and even though it might feed them for a little bit giving them a little bit of money one trillion 2 trillion whatever it

Sounds like a lot of money but in the end if you divide it over all the people it's not that much it's not that much and and even then i don't know if it's really possible to check out exactly where all the money

Went you know i don't even know how to check exactly how much money they've printed and how that all works are like some some public places you can see exactly how much is being printed

By the way guys make sure you follow me over on twitter it's just a little bit of a reminder and also if you're not done it today go do some exercise man you know just do a couple of

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If you can't do sit-ups just uh you know walk three circles if you can't do that then um you know do three eye rolls all right then moving over into david swartz

Really important figure in this space of course and he has just spoken out on the validity of claiming spark tokens and the safety of xrp holders i don't think there's really

Many people who are afraid that their xrp was gonna get scammed by this at all but um he still he still tweeted out anyway flair posted the xop ecosystem response to flair has been massive

More than 5 400 accounts totaling a total of 295 million xrp have set up to claim the spark token in six days below is a set of facts to help people better understand the process and then somebody asked

Has ripple gel cats made a statement about the validity of this and that if done it's secure david said they're basically just asking you to attach a note to your account on the

Xp ledger specifying where you want the tokens to go so in the end there is actually no way shape or form this can really be bad all right there are a couple of ways you

Can make it a little bit bad for yourself however they're never able to steal your money or things like that the only way you can make it bad for yourself is by kind of mixing up your ethereum

And xrp accounts so that at one point they might know some guys are out there with some some you know not so nice intentions they might know that those two accounts are connected to each other

In the end though there's really not that much they can do they can't all of a sudden steal your money or anything like that so don't worry about it unless some big bug were to come in xrp that wasn't wasn't called out for but i

Think david would have mentioned it if that were the case our xrp researcher just posted on twitter miyazaki bank will participate as a shareholder in moneytab making them the 37th financial

Institution to participate now again guys this is not profitable for xrp straight of the bat right away however i think and i'm quite positive on that one that eventually with the circle it's

Going to be very positive for ripple and in turn also very positive for ripple uh for xrp i've explained before ripple connections are very very important and brad gallinghaus has

Stated in some interviews before that the really hard part is to get them on to ripple net the really simple part which kind of comes logically after a little while is getting them over into odl a

Specific part of ripplnet but again guys these videos are not financial advice they're just for entertainment purposes only i try to look up things and share them with you but i don't know if xrp is

Going to moon or anything like that i can't tell that i'm just checking out stuff and sharing whatever i find but in the end guys i appreciate all you guys feedback as well if you know better than i do just comment down

Below and try to correct me because that's what we're here for you know i'm not i don't know everything i try my best but i don't and yeah that's basically it thank you guys all for watching take care

Everybody and have a very very nice day

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