Ripple/XRP News: Going To Make A Lot Of Money | XLM, ADA, VET

by bigr10published on August 3, 2020

Hey guys happy monday kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update i know it took a few days off last week good to see that xrp finally exploded through those moving averages as predicted many people have been calling this for quite some time i wish i could

You know estimate timing a lot better we know this market is suppressed we know that you know obviously trading bots have information and ai integrations everything could be ever changing is it

All pre-planned i have no idea i'm just showing you some data and you know seeing what some other people are seeing within this market i'm not a financial advisor i want to go over some charting before

And then we have a plethora of extra p information to get through so i'll probably be putting you know quite a few videos out today because there's a bunch of information i want to get through

And get it out there so cardano ada again versus v chain we know cardano successfully go went on its main net and we should be seeing this obviously going on coinbase and you know

In a relatively short period of time and we have v chain as well vet and we can see these fractals they cut through both the 50 and the 100 moving average again this is on a weekly and we're sitting on this r3

Pivot we've seen many other assets do this we've seen lend and some other assets that are going on coinbase shortly just like snx synthetics with its tesla partnership and we can see that they're

Even approaching those next pivot points so don't be surprised to see them approaching their all-time high simply following the data and we know that xrp and also xlm are behind these two assets i think

This is going to be good for the entire cryptocurrency market i'm simply trying to capitalize on going between them at the right time and that is quite the gamble but i'm willing to take the risk i have my

Long-term bags you know full not touching them whatsoever so right here we have ada sitting on the r3 and we can see that v chain is just a little bit above it again consolidating on a weekly basis

We'll definitely be seeing a push in the future i just wish i could tell you when but i absolutely can't so let's kind of take a look at xrp because i know that's what you guys primarily care about just as you know i

Do so we can see remember when we were talking about it was below the pivot so we are consolidating around here and we knew we were due at the 17 cent mark while people were calling 12 cents

Again or 15 cents i mean besides you know a flash wick or a flash candle on exchanges like bit max i you know don't see that happening whatsoever and again we went right through

To this yellow 50 moving average to 21 cents as predicted i had no idea on the timing but we knew that it was going to follow suit because xlm was ahead of it so let me pull that guy

Up really quick and remember that bold prediction i made we're gonna see xlm go long term of course to that r3 on the weekly basis of 20 cents i just don't know when um i know i made

A bet with some people that you know in september so we will see but we went through the 50ma finally cut through the blue so we're right around that point of the pivot and funny enough we'll kind of

Zoom in here and we can see people are calling for 28 cents to 34 cents anywhere from you know this week as well so we'll see if we we can break you know 34 cents in a few weeks a few months i

Easily see this happening it is just a matter of when so with xlm it seems that we're finally at the same point but we are you know well above the pivot with xlm almost to this r1 which is around 13

Cents i know mr level up is calling that as the next price target um definitely agree with that sentiment uh we'll simply see how long we consolidate here but both at the 100

Moving average so just wanted to show that and then again we do have silver making some moves so remember silver was kind of leading the way at you know 24 cents 23 cents well ahead

Of xrp and we knew that xrp had to catch up and it seems it had remember they were all 1776 you know per ounce relatively speaking whether it was pennies dollars etc for gold silver and xrp funny

Coincidence for sure um it would be amazing just for fun i'm just speculating uh that silver we could see again xag go and approach you know 30 dollars per ounce it has been quite some time

Since silver has reached that all-time high nearing 50 per ounce and if there's any time to do that i think 2020 we can't rule it out because it's been already crazy enough

And all i've learned in this market is that i cannot predict how things are going to play out exactly and i'm not sure if anyone can per se but i definitely did not see xrp kind of just doing one giant candle

I thought we were going to kind of do a slow climb to you know around that 22 cents 25 cent mark and then go to 28 cents and what do you know i mean we're already wicked successfully to almost

33 cents we'll see um my bet and watch me be wrong i'm betting that we'll kind of consolidate here for quite some time and i really hope that's the case but again time will tell

So notice that the assets that are coming on coinbase specifically let me see if i can find it so right here 19 new digital assets again we've had previous blogs released by them kind of predicting some

Other assets to be you know added such as v chain ada etc we know that the you know the regulatory framework that is necessary for the assets to be added and again this is lowering the barrier to entry allowing more buyers to get on

So this is good for all asset classes typically you see whenever coins are going to be announced or explored that the coins have already pumped substantially beforehand just like as we can see

Kava labs a few others that i'm definitely watching include hedera hashgraph absolutely with uh fetch ai band protocol ample fourth a lot of things that people are looking at ocean

Protocol um it's funny that they have you know theta we've already seen some massive pumps same thing with reserve rights and some people aren't going to touch these

Assets because they're already up 100 you know hundreds of percent and it's funny because watch that you know watch these continue to do so just like we see lend just like we see synthetics

A lot of these assets again this market is highly manipulated there is not as much liquidity it's a lot easier to move and manipulate this market i'm not saying who's guilty of doing so i'm just saying

It's you know obviously the cold hard truth of the matter right now in these nascent marketplaces so in other news xrp obviously during any type of pump you can see on trends with google search

Terms that we have kind of seen this go up again highest point since we've seen since february all right and then same concept with the ripple not as high but we can definitely see a spike

Towards this last week of july going into early august all right and then again you guys can compare it with price action um and you'll see the same type of trend all right

So again coinbase right here i just wanted to point this out and just talk about crypto as a whole learn more about how coinbase handled ethereum network congestion on august 1st

If you guys don't see any red flags and again ethereum's in many documents um whether it's you know quorum you know jp morgan experimentation and held by some institutions but if you don't see this as a red flag when we are

This early in the race exploring with blockchain in dlt i don't know what to tell you we know that xrp is already far superior in terms of

Scalability in terms of cost and handling in mitigating you know network congestion so this is just something to pay attention to if ethereum does not successfully migrate to

You know proof of stake is not improving its scalability issues look at how many tokens are erc 20 tokens built on the ethereum blockchain today again you know regulatory clarity could

Come just be safe out there it's always recommended to diversify i'm not a financial advisor do what you see fit but we can't get comfortable with any asset all right next up i want to tie in again

Finabler another ripple net partner with roughly 9000 financial institutions and this is just the tip of the iceberg as i always say and also show some additional connections with ripple with the uae

With express money directly integrated with alipay google etc so again this is all going to be hyped to you guys until it isn't and that's what i'm showing is years and years and years of these

Acquisitions of ripple net partners acquiring and going on shopping sprees developing corridors developing liquidity directly regulated and partners with the central banks and again to be a partner you have to be

Directly regulated just like michelle bond monica long of ripple and i almost mixed their names up have directly said that yes all of our customers are directly regulated therefore we are directly regulated

We're going to show some central banks below we already know easily the top 40 and 50 should be no surprise just repeating this for newcomers so ripple partner finabler is how i

Pronounce it is creating a massive crypto ecosystem that includes central banks cross-border payments again extra p's primary use case right now is focused on payments

Now what kind of verticals can we kind of get into from there who knows we already know that we've been exploring lending for quite some time and we're just at the beginning payroll for cross-border gifting

Innovations etc so this is just one company creating future utility again i just want to emphasize that well said so right here just to show you a few pictures again uae exchange remember

Brad garlinghouse kind of known as one of the most what was it influential people in fintech in the middle east out there something to pay attention to we are all going to a distributed landscape

It's not just going to be x or p but i'm just showing you some you know high evidence that we will see some substantial adoption in the future right and that is just my opinion all right talking about remittance talking

About cross-border hundreds of millions of dollars moving daily all right so we can kind of go through you a you know uae exchange etc just showing you some of these

All enabled with finabler we know their partnerships with groups like samsung as well and i know that we've also had crypto wallets and you know being developed for quite some time with lumens and many other assets

So if enablers central bank partners and others is impressive 9000 financial institutions to integrate cross-border payments so they integrated with ripple for a reason was it just simply messaging or are they

Looking to integrate the whole suites and include settlements which obviously as there's more on-ramps more liquidity more volume xrp becomes the most cost affordable and fastest choice

Bar none we can see against central banks just listed all right here i don't even need to name them you guys can pause the video take a screenshot you guys can find these documents as

Well again matthew li ny is always sharing this daily all right so we can see global money transfer companies uae exchange is a leading financial service brand established in the united arab emirates

You can see 27 countries 1200 express money stores again we've talked about express money 170 plus countries and of course we've seen other groups expanding to the 47 countries we'll go

Over in the next article i believe just as i've said if enablers also partnered with samsung pay and alipay ali pays the largest mobile network

In the world ripple was meeting with china's central bank whether it was only as a consultant in 2017 who knows whether it was just to kind of advise going digital to integrate for remittance and

Cross-border payments and interoperability who knows but i just think that that speaks volumes because we understand what china's doing with the dc ep their digital currency electronic

Payments all right we can see right here just additional partnerships cross-border payments samsung pay with enabler express city it's never ending all right expanding in the saudi arabia

Alipay partnership for remittance which is again xrp's on-demand liquidity use case working on those illiquid corridors first and we'll see if we can expand into other corridors as well

All right and also union pay and we know that they're integrated with many people we see a lot of you know mo mou's memorandums of understandings i believe with many other groups as well and i think that these partnerships absolutely

Mean things so payroll again employees to send money cross-border via smart pay you can talk about cross-border gifting again we're seeing this on a daily basis now these are all the articles right

Here this was from let's see 2018 to december so if enablers uae exchange which is another behemoth ripple to begin blockchain payments by first quarter so you know many groups and

Banks throughout the correspondent banking system already utilizing swift gpi for messaging and then another good portion are also using ripple's x current but we want them to use again

Formerly x rapid we want them to use odl all right it's been a few years and i think that we are still going to see that some people say you know if this was going to be the case it would have

Happened years ago xrp is going to fail i highly highly disagree there's not going to be some new asset that pops out of nowhere that they just flip a switch and it replaces xrp

They've been going a good eight years in development for the service central banks are by nature extremely conservative and guess what compared to any other open source you

Know open network the xrp ledger has successfully processed well over 55 what is it million ledgers successfully closed and never had an error again there's no issues of double

Spending like bitcoin whether you guys like bitcoin xrp ethereum i wish you all well i'm just saying that xrp is best positioned to integrate with central banks and solve

The payments problem whether it's smart contracts or store value or whatever narrative you guys want i you know i absolutely respect that as long as you can keep an open mind all

Right so right here guys even asia was one of the biggest recipients of roughly 613 billion dollars in remittances sent globally and as we can see expatriate workers in the middle east as well

Huge exchange if enabler is again a behemoth there one of the main players so this is significant and i just have a hard time finding a country or a region i should say that is not

Integrated with ripple net per se right whether it is you know the apec region whether it is southeast asia whether it's you know m e n a again middle east northern africa whether it's throughout the latin

America you know latin america or the americas as a whole the whole euro system with t2 integration it's all right in front of you guys and i know that the price is low you

Might not believe it but these things can happen relatively quickly whether it's end of year or a few years from now i think that there's not going to be a better opportunity

For you know potentially generation you know potentially earning generational wealth people have lived through the dot-com bubble i had a gentleman dm me yesterday or two days ago

And i took a screenshot because it made me happy and i love seeing it just saying you know in the last 25 days my portfolio has gone up a hundred thousand dollars thank you

And you know i'm not acting like i play a role in this but just to know that you know i'm making videos to keep people focused or remind them and i don't want it to just be reassurance but just to know that it

Keeps people going and keeps them researching and doing their own research that feels good and if i even play you know one tenth of a percent of you know influencing that and helping people stay strong

Hey my day's made all right and my job here is done so ripple now this is an old article when they only had a hundred member banks nfis but just pay attention this is one group

We've talked about finasteride you can talk about you know integrations with huge groups like aci volante with volpe integrated in the uk's fps system it's all hype and speculation until it isn't

All right just like the bank of england you know prediction by lee with teaming up with accenture for their real-time gross settlement system time and time again um we're gonna see that and just remember there were

Content creators there were people on twitter there were bloggers everybody was staying strong through this bear market remember who didn't give up you're gonna see a bunch

Of hype boys coming back onto youtube and they do not understand this ecosystem as well as you and i period just remember who had your back who knows what they're talking about is always doing their own research

And is not stuck with a myopic view of things and seeing things one way if i do see something bad with xrp truly alarming and i understand that it's much more than just fun yes i will tell you guys i

Will get out i'm not in love with this investment but from a fundamental perspective i don't see a better option right now so whether you hold you know five assets or 20 assets

Xrp is absolutely in my portfolio it has some of these strongest and most sound fundamentals period all right ripple's not valued at 10 billion one of the highest valued private companies in history for

No reason and let me tell you that all right and ripple derives its value from xrp as well so you can see that you know the original investors when you trace it back have a vested interest all right we'll

Talk about this in future videos because i know i'm ranting again as always but again talking about samsung pay integrating with enabler we already knew that talking about 47 countries we see a lot of these

Repeating countries again some of them are illiquid corridors like the philippine peso all right thailand vietnam mexican peso with bitso we're seeing network effects take place

Again metcalfe's law i believe that's how you pronounce it we can see moore's law all of them just taking over all right and we'll finish up with this guy so i know

You've seen this article again ripple cto again joe cats on twitter aka david schwartz says the lack of smart contracts is good for the xrp ledger but did admit that ethereum was widely successful and i'm interested to

See why he's saying was um perhaps a word you know words mean things mean things but maybe i'm just you know over analyzing it so david schwartz again was speaking with stephen thomas

Keep in mind stephen thomas is now over at coyle he was the former cto of ripple he and i i repeat this a lot but just so you guys know because i've watched tons of videos of stefan speaking this he actually did code bitcoin from

Scratch as well and when he went through xrp he knows that there's no ability to double spend and you know basically submit fraudulent transactions on the xrp ledger it's a lot more sound

We have literally financial institutions using xrp and payment flows today they're not using bitcoin and i'm not talking about a merchant saying oh yeah you can you know shop on

Amazon using bitcoin that's a very big difference all right so again talking why they did not introduce smart contracts on the xrp ledger itself in the first place because they wanted to focus on payments and so

Ethereum was chosen to do so and yes from a price point from adoption from you know assets being built upon it it was and is to this day relatively successful but they better really step up because

There's a big future ahead and innovation competition is coming remember cooperation and competition coopetation so right here they're kind of talking about why the

Exp ledger is better off without smart contracts so he took ethereum as an example smart contracts short said made a platform worse for conducting payments again xrp's primary use case

Besides the ripple cto said they infect their blockchain with fee rates jumping up and down creating problems with performance and generating many weak points for attackers to exploit

Interesting all right it's talking about that again fee instability performance issues lots of you know attacks can surface and hopefully they made the right choice and only time will tell there's not

Going to be one asset that does everything we want to see you know a level playing field services protocols ledgers all have interoperability and be agnostic for value

Transfer and that is what is going to win this race all right if they want to try to get facebook libra to take over and win and force that into you know winning it's because they know that libra

That permission database masquerading as blockchain would not win on its own exactly again dlt about financial inclusion about you know openness mutual trust within an

Ecosystem and of course there's additional benefits that we could go on and on about but this is the future like 100 zero doubt in dlt and you guys just have to do your own

Research don't just watch my channel do your own research find people you like find people you trust you can disagree with me 100 that's fine but keep looking because we're all trying to figure out what's

Happening before it does and those that choose correctly and speculate correctly are going to make a lot of money period all right appreciate it as always guys i will see you in the next video

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