Ripple/XRP News: Exit Plans & Price Expectations | Ripple Rant #17

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

Hey guys happy friday kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update hope all is well and be sure to watch until the end of this video and let's get right into it so without further ado guys this video is going to be super informal ripple

Rant number 17 i believe we'll talk about some news and developments but be sure to tune into tomorrow's video to go over that i just kind of want to get a few things off my chest talk about what we've

Endured the past two you know three years for some people keep in mind a lot of us were here in march when and obviously we might not have been as much in xrp per se but there were bull runs in early march 2017

Guys and that was kind of you know essentially a much bigger bull run than what we saw later and just understand you know fractals again

They do not often you know they are not exact they're not to scale but they often do rhyme and yes they do occur within market cycles so do not be surprised by any means for these fractals to start waking up and

Actually following suit in my opinion i do believe whether even if bitcoin closed a massive gap and went to nine thousand dollars rather quickly and wicked on a weekly basis and went up again i

Still see higher highs coming for this market as a whole and speculation and utility will be combined and then eventually the idea is because speculation is very important for markets

Very important and that i mean i know we kind of just talk about this being a largely spec market but again utility is on the way so i kind of want to just rant about some things i was already ranting on twitter

A bit yesterday but figured it would just be you know kind of fun to address it in a video so again guys let me know your thoughts down below be sure to like share this video around i'm not going to

Be arrogant enough to pretend i know exactly what's going to happen in this market i have my beliefs and ideas and you guys have yours and nobody is going to be right 100

Of the time whether you believe x or p is meant to top out at ten dollars or one thousand dollars or even higher that's completely fine i'm honestly very open-minded with this but again

Um i kind of want to have that attitude of i'll believe it when i see it and you know try to keep my feet on the ground but we are entering a new paradigm so don't listen to anybody that tells you it can't happen

Because anything is absolutely possible in this marketplace so i'm not going to be upset if you guys have different beliefs than me and hopefully that's the same way because if everyone

Agreed with you in life it'd be pretty boring i mean let's let's be honest guys so again we have different developments of course right near here i'm just on uh the faster payments task force page was gonna reference ryan zagon of ripple

Again in a minute or so but we have all kinds of price predictions we have all kinds of market news moving of course and developments and utility for the xrp ledger in particular so we also have again a buddy of mine kia crypto on

Twitter another um ta guy and he basically is just showing you know the elliott wave theory and also new targets for xrp now this is not overnight by any means

But kind of towards end of year he's looking at potentially you know targets of you know three dollars eight dollars fourteen dollars you name it and again i mean he called the drop

Pretty well and it seemed like we have finally bottomed out and also guys he's one of the few to nail that gold call since gold was 1300 per ounce same with silver now everyone has an opinion on xrp

Price you really can't win and ta is merely just an indication it's not a crystal ball by any means and you guys can comment i i see it all the time well ta doesn't work for cryptocurrency

That is completely false ta works with a lot of things um nothing is 100 percent you know certain by any means but they're just indicators to give you probability all right so whether you guys believe

Xrp is gonna be one dollar ten dollars one thousand dollars that's fine i have huge expectations for this market and from you know at least three years of research living and breathing this

Every single day i don't think people comprehend like i'm talking well over 40 hours a week i've seen some very very interesting things that do make you wonder and kind of put a tinfoil hat

On at times so if you want to pretend to be conservative and you know you own you know good amount of extra p and you only need you know a 5 10 xrp to be good and you know you're set for life

That's awesome but i'm telling you there are some very strange connections in this world 2020 has been crazy so we cannot put anything off the table by any means

Period so you know if i want to be conservative and you know actually really intelligent my personal solution for me my solution it's not going to be yours is just owning enough extra p

Or so much extra p that if we even capture the liquid corridors with high friction you know mexican peso philippine pace so you name it i'm going to have generational wealth

Or you know a huge amount that i would be happy with now and then if we also do moon like others hope and we do get into the derivatives market which we're building products on for quite some time guys

Think logos network think vega protocol i mean it is rather odd that we already have you know hundreds of millions of dollars in the spring investments to build on the xp ledger and we're working on the derivatives market which is

You know an average of 700 trillion dollar valuation that makes the cross-border market look like a baby if that conspiracy is right in the extra p ledger somehow worked in the derivatives market

Which i do believe it will i would have 1 000 times that generational wealth and that is still being conservative and you guys can dislike this video call me a moon boy and you know what

Time proves all and the last laugh is all that matters okay because even the worst case scenario in my mind i think that xrp will still have a place in the future financial system and hopefully as you

Guys have been seeing this market waking up maybe some of you have been paying attention six months ago when digibytes started moving in other assets that is awesome hopefully it taught you the importance of diversification

If you are traders if you're holders you are probably just better off holding taking advantage of you know the capital gains cut as well so to each their own guys remember my solution is not going to be for you it's

Not for everyone that's why i call it my solution right now it's up to you to find yours everybody lives in a different country has different goals has different baseline needs and

Necessities some are in different places financially some have children some have several cars some want to keep working some want to you know prioritize travel some want to retire tomorrow to each

Their own guys again my solution is not going to be the you know one size fits all by any means it's just going to be the right option for me at this time it keeps changing as well

As this market as well as the world geopolitical tension you know policies everything and i'm sure yours is going to change as well so again my personal solution for me whatever you believe because i

Wholeheartedly do not believe xrp is going to be going to zero um obviously i have you know well over 400 videos in this channel discussing all of this the data is out there i don't need to persuade you i don't need

To convince you of everything or anything i'm just simply putting a video i'm trying to do a video a day if i have time and again this is going to be like you

Know a book just looking back and going wow like a type of scrapbook but in video form and just going wow these lunatics saw this and again this isn't just me this is tons of researchers in the community

I appreciate everybody you know we're all just kind of working together is this you know mastermind per se so there are big things i had guys period just like a lot of people in the

Industry have been saying there's not going to be you know one blockchain one ledger one network to rule it all um they're gonna be having interoperability across the board some will overlay somewhat

Different use cases some will even develop their own niche niche type of you know solutions as well now i understand and i said this on twitter yesterday i understand like believe me i do i

Understand this market is designed to you know mentally psychologically exhaust you to chase gains and disregard fundamentals for instant profits it's frustrating specifically for those of you that may just have you know x or

P you've been here for two years and you're seeing other projects going up five hundred percent or two thousand percent and you're sitting here you know still

Around all-time lows it works on my psychology daily and i'm aware that extra p price action is extremely extremely boring um guys i'm the one doing videos every single day

Even during the bear market i stuck with you and i'm the one taking the flack more than anybody i read the mean comments and i keep going because i simply don't care i'm a man on a mission just like you guys and i see

What is ahead so the extra pl the xrp ledger in itself in my opinion because it goes far beyond just xrp's capabilities is going to be one of the few obvious

Contenders here to stay in this new decade whether it's going to be you know five plot chains or networks or you know 50 to 200 xrp is here to stay in my opinion

None of this is financial advice guys i just want to say that again this is just one man's opinion this decade guys is going to eventually derive price more so from actual utility and a thousand other

Factors that will increase demand that we cannot predict that's why i always enjoy galgatron no price predictions it's silly the longer you're in this market the you know the better you

Understand all the factors and variables that is just ridiculous and i know you guys go but how much is enough or you know is this i i have no clue your guess is as good as mine and that's just the truth i wish i had

Some you know secret knowledge with price exactly how it moves my knowledge is acquired from research period and talking to people in the industry i've talked to some really really cool people

I've gotten some really cool emails and been able to talk to people like privately on the phone from some of these huge companies like sbi again guys some people are in the know some might not know

But i do believe there are huge things on the you know on the precipice or just really you know coming up next so you know we haven't seen anything yet period guys that's just what i want to

Get across from xrp and all of your other favorite assets i wish you guys well provided they have sound tokenomics you know token distribution appreciating value correctly and are actually needed

They have a good team they have a strong use case they have necessary funding there's so many factors and again that is why i believe ripple the company you know years and years ahead

Some of these guys have just appeared the last two years and there's also going to be some players that might take over people that have been here for five years so that does not necessarily mean that they're going

To win just wanted to share that guys xrp to me it might not solve everything but for me it is one of the obvious use cases for liquidity for this entire system again they call it you know the oil for

This old legacy infrastructure i hold and you guys hold huddle total hold on for dear life the financial lubricant in a global economy that is run dry again the gears are stuck in motion

We've gone through documents cbdc's you know obviously cross-border issues with payments i think you understand it's been 40 years you know 40 years ago they built all this infrastructure just think of the

Dtcc the fed before they were the fed 40 years ago pre-internet pre-digital era they have not updated a single thing we already have the internet of information we arguably have you know information at

Our fingertips yet we cannot do that with the value that is why i'm concerned so again guys just think of all of these initiatives think of you know margin delaney think of kahina van dijk think of just

Chang um i gotta name some guys too but those those ladies are superstars look at the connections all right it just goes incredibly deep so right here again guys

You can look and just kind of read through this i recommend listening to ryan zegon on youtube if you can find him you can literally just type in ripple here we see mr ryan zagone

The steering committee editorial board um the global payment steering group guys ripple on that there's just too many coincidences okay so let me see where i want to take

This video a little bit and i'll keep ranting i'm sure so again maybe just to be funny so embiagi tag a bunch of us on twitter and martin vault goes what's up and he's like what's up forgot

To attach the article i always got a laugh out of that this morning um and then right here so martin valk was asking this and this is what i was thinking of so by failing to prepare you are preparing

To fail so he says moon lambo is going to outhold anyone blockchain backer will fibonacci his way out at the top says you know i will never sell all of it and absolutely and

Teach their own guys if you guys want to just get out and not have the stress and you don't you know you don't want to you you don't need to be greedy i completely respect that completely but again and his plan as well as you

Know not to touch the principal principle principle and live off its interest and i think that's very very smart as well and everybody has to live within their own means and find what they want

Again i i said what's an exit plan because we are entering the internet of value this is not to persuade you to follow me by any means you guys do what you want obviously take profits get it all out if you want to

Live stress free if this is too taxing for you crypto market is the most fun but the most dangerous and volatile nascent market there is i completely get it but again if we're

In the internet of value us dollar is you know kind of dying and undergoing a type of switch we'll see if we get some type of new backing with you know energy and metals and you know fractional you

Know baskets we'll absolutely see i can't take anything off the table but we're entering the internet of value and we own a piece of protocol x or p on the xp ledger just like you're owning ip packets

And the more the internet is used your stock your protocol your share you know your token appreciates in value to me that is something i would absolutely want to hold as a hedge to maybe the u.s dollar maybe

As a hedge to my real estate portfolio maybe as a hedge to you know other metals you know my equities you name it so for me i think that you know holding a portion is very very important

But i also think it's incredibly important to get your initial investment back so you're just you know playing with you know free money and you don't you know mentally you guys are

Sharper you're not as emotionally invested i think that's also critical you know being debt-free there's a lot of factors and you guys are going to have to discover you know what's most important to you to

Your family you know your goals this is kind of one of the rants about that again exactly my solution for me not you guys because some people would be like well i can't own that much i

I don't have the money um i completely get it but again that's just for me let me know your guys actual solution your expectations down below maybe some of you want to blanket a few of the top assets with you know a little

Money in each one and again one would pop off hypothetically that could potentially work i'm not gonna say it won't i'm not gonna say it will remember in the dot-com

Bubble if you guys pay attention to a lot of the documentaries these literally like companies these hedge funds they blanketed you know millions of dollars across you know they probably you know say put

50k in you know 20 different companies and they just said okay well statistically and it was any company that had a dot com attached to their name if one company succeeded

And the others went to zero it would literally pay off tenfold so they're in profit every single time and yeah i know that's a silly investment you know investing strategy but that is exactly what happens during

These great wealth transfers all right dot com bubble again guys we call it bubbles but look what the internet became today and look what some of the surviving behemoths became

Amazon apple google massive keep in mind ripple guys we all know the narrative we know the stories we know you know everything that they talk about and obviously their plans to go public just like amazon focused only on books

And doing that really well then expanded into other verticals this is the same thing for xrp ripple's focused on remittance again super conservative yes it's solving a real problem for real customers i think

There are much bigger goals at hand they're working on lending um you know you guys know all the things with standard custody poly side i just think there's a lot of bigger

Things at play that us little guys have no clue about all right so again i'm gonna continue to speculate on a speculative asset people hate that but again guys you're gonna have to do what is best for you

All right was teasing with this on twitter but again hope everyone enjoyed that two week candle that pushed 70 percent you know a few weeks back see you all next year for the next one thanks for coming out um again guys just

Overlaying this is the sloppiest fractal ever i literally did this in two minutes so don't judge but again just on bitstamp on a weekly i have high hopes for xrp um you know i do

Think that we will in the coming weeks and it's not going to be a straight line up but i think that we will follow some type of rhyme of this type of fractal i

I really do believe so i don't think this is going to be another fake out i think we've had plenty i think based off of not only ta not based off of these market cycles but based off of every other piece of

News that we know we see goldman sachs we see connections with moneygram we see like everybody exiting the market we see these acquisitions we see warren buffett and berkshire hathaway hathaway

Investing heavily into bank of america we know bank of america is a proven ripple net customer we know that them and some other groups are actually vamping up their banking services

Now again rip on that guys is not going to solve everything but the whole plan and purpose of ripplnet is to utilize xrp is on demand liquidity all right so stay with me remember on this channel we

Talked about the connections of the people i know this video is just kind of a super sloppy you know rant but again i kind of want to put this out there because i feel like i've been covering

The news and people are forgetting the big picture you're looking when extra p's 20 cents or 30 cents and you're losing faith now don't come to these videos for reassurance to feel

Better about your investment because i just said good things like honestly do your own research you can watch you know a variety of people making videos but at the end of the day you are going

To have to decide for yourselves what this opportunity means to you it is 2020 um you know you guys can think we're gonna go up slow and steady and that's exactly what people do always believe after a two to three year bear

Market this crypto market has been doing that like clockwork i know there's some people i have not been here since 2013 but there's some people that watch this video that have been and they know

The deal and they are financially mature they're mentally mature they're ready for what's coming and there's other people that i really respect they don't even keep up with the news they've seen all they need to see

They invest they hold they set it and forget it and they're happy and they'll come back and check it when the time comes so i just think there's huge huge things coming guys and i think we can all agree

On that it's not just going to be extra p but for me i'd rather i'm going to say this i'd rather hold xrp than fiat right now period that's just my personal choice all right so again guys additional news

You know the fed payments improvement just talking about participating with again the committee on payments and market infrastructure we've seen the cpmi mention xrp directly as you know

Ripple's virtual currency for cross-border payments in the past we can see cross-border payments task force on ways to promote cross-border payments they are faster less expensive transparent sounds like you know dlt and

Inclusive all right so just on the fed link and we can kind of go through it briefly again guys same vernacular just talking about making it all transparent literally what dlt solves today what you

Know ripple has been years ahead with everybody keep in mind thanks to the global payment steering group aka ripple net we finally had the groups like the dtcc you know developing and testing dlt and

Then in you know 2018 or maybe even now now they're acting like they've been working on it but they were quiet and they never admitted eight years ago to me bitcoin is just really a beta test for

What's to come for true utility will it be a store of value in the future perhaps but by the time bitcoin goes to 20 grand you know extra p is not going to be sitting at a low value and if it is

It's just going to be more explosive when it is i'm here for an roi a return on my investment period and i think you guys understand basic math you understand you know coupling and when it is decoupled utility is going to

Drive this market eventually all right it's just like a slingshot what is it what did they say the what is it the uh the longer the base the higher in space so again guys cpm i just talked about

This it's a committee within the bank of international settlements the central bank of the central banks think of our buddy you know mr benoit talking about safety efficiency clearing and settlement systems high

Value payment systems guys whether they're you know local domestic or for actual international clearing all right talking about g20 the financial stability board we've gone through this

Extensively many many times you guys get the gist across the board they're focusing on solving cross-border payments specifically extra p's use case mitigating risk no more six percent air rate no more two to six days

And yes swift gpi x current they can help expedite some of that but i think that they need a solution now for settlements with finality everyone needs trust there's been issues

Um i know people have been talking about this extensively even with the derivatives market that was huge during the financial crisis guys there was no visibility there was no accountability

With dlt i don't think people comprehend everyone having a shared copy of a ledger that is always updating how you know game changing that is i know some guy talking on this like saying this online

Isn't that convincing and that's fine but time's going to tell and i just encourage you guys to do your own research i don't care if you're you know 18 or 70 watching this video all right i'm sure a lot of you guys are

Smarter than me as well but i think you can you know recognize an opportunity when you see one so again i don't really need to go through this per se but just talking about you know federal reserve

Again ripple's meeting with them within you know one or three months of its inception guys greg kidd all kinds of connections just chang you know at the federal reserve board and the imf

It's it's not for fun this is truly global domination whether you believe it's only going to be for the low value payment systems or the high value payment systems ripple whether it's as a treasury

Function a company or whatever i believe that xrp will play a role in cross-border payments in the future in this future global financial system all right just pay attention to what

Christina giorgieva is saying currently i saw crypto eddie showing clips of her recently as well there are huge things coming i don't know if it's tomorrow or you know another six months

But it is you know absolutely on the way okay so keep an eye on this guys again international monetary fund world bank has actually praised x rapid which use x uses xrp in 2017 about innovation i think of the

Innovation hub you know benoit um all these people guys it's just absolutely you know insane maybe i'll try to put together a better comprehensive video in the future but again

We know ripple working with the top 40 50 central banks we know they already are well into the pipeline of many of the brics nations as well um we understand that the dollar is has

A very sensitive status currently we hear conspiracies of you know gold backed and in all of this and literally whatever you believe guys it it doesn't matter worst case i'm excited and best case i'm

Beyond excited all right that's just my thought so right here guys matthew oh i and why just sharing this and we'll finish up with uh these two tabs right here so moroccan cih bank

This is a commercial bank they select ripple's partner finastra to digitize its end-to-end corporate banking services and again just kind of speculating with you know on-demand liquidity being

Available in morocco as well potentially and again adam with a good question so do you think finasterida keep in mind guys they're a technology provider for the clearinghouse they're absolutely massive top 48 of top 50

Banks in the world 9 000 clients right there integrated with ripple we know their payment platform global pay plus is also ripple net enabled we know their connections with

Cls which provides over fifty percent of forex foreign exchange you know volume two day i mean this is absolutely insane guys just like swift is you know five trill trillion dollars per day

So you guys just got to connect the payment hubs just like even low value payment systems like you know these hub and spoke models like earthport we are connected and that is what's important now developing these corridors

If you believe it's slow and steady yeah that's a whole other challenge but i just want to show you that the integration the interoperability is at least there okay

So just asking finaster you know we'll use xrp in some shape or form and that's kind of the the question guys will we know ripple's plan we've heard all of them say yes get every company every you know partner to

Love ripple services and guys they're valued at 10 billion dollars right now if not even more as extra xrp's price appreciates in the future i think it's safe to say that ripple is a legitimate company

It is a unicorn out of silicon valley that that is not very common for these little startups to be meeting with the federal reserve you know within months of its inception

Right and i know that doesn't mean everything and i'm not going to just keep referring back to that but when you consider that with everything else we know i you know i don't even know what else i need to do

To even you know share information or encourage you to look all right so cls dtcc you name it guys whether these groups use x or p or not i'm showing you that interoperability is across the board and there are going to

Be silos that are connected to ripple net all right period that is what's important so again even matthew going in you know why would they partner with ripple finastra could have created their own blockchain their own type of

Network for settlements you know their own settlement platform with their own tech xrp in the future will be involved because we already know the argument with stable

Coins obviously i favor algorithmic stable coins rather than you know vouched or any other type it's an issue of trust if everybody if every country created their own stablecoin

It's still an issue again you need an agnostic protocol an agnostic ledger and agnostic token of value of exchange right so again just repeating that for any newcomers hopefully that clarified it and all

You'll you can be sure i'll repeat it in the future videos too all right and to finish things off guys again i know you've already heard many talks of trump talking about potentially proposing capital gains tax cuts

Which could boost crypto profits for you and i i don't really know the implications of this in the long term effects you know in the entire system on the entire economy so let me know your

Thoughts down below keep in mind for those of you that are simply buying and holding you can send crypto to other crypto wallets like xrp from coinbase to binance and you're fine but if you trade it too the us dollar or

Even another cryptocurrency that is a taxable event for those of you that simply buy and hold over a year you could be potentially saving a lot more money than those that are day trading and trading

Um again it really is kind of a case-by-case basis but just keep that in mind okay so be smart work the system and always always always talk to an actual tax professional

And i just realized that i've been ranting for over 25 minutes my apologies guys this is what happens when you give me a microphone and talk about crypto so again hopefully you enjoyed this video be sure to like

And share and i hope you guys have a good rest of your weekend thanks

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