Ripple XRP News: Don’t Make The Same Mistake With Ripple & The Signs For 4400% Gains Are Still Here!

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hello everybody we're giving away 500 xrp if this video can get a thousand likes it's in 24 hours all you have to do is make sure you press the like button make sure you are subscribed and make

Sure you comment something down below having said that buying ripple here's what you're actually investing in this is most likely one of the most trendy articles i've seen in the last

Week as it's been sent to me over 20 or 30 times while normally articles only get sent like maybe twice so definitely a lot of people found this very very interesting

And most likely it is quite controversial so checking into the intro ripple has just released its q2 market report while many are still referring to

Xrp as ripple the two are most definitely not the same thing with xrp routinely the number three crypto buyer interest is constant but the differences between xrp and ripple

Remain poorly understood and now actually in my opinion they do a pretty good job at explaining exactly what the difference is or mostly what the company and what the crypto really are about

And i would say that it is yet to be kind of confirmed for some people that xrp is not a security not a little bit more on that uh later today in another episode but these guys over at ripple have done

A very very good job at at least my opinion educating the folk that they are two completely different things now it starts off here by explaining ripple is a private company

Registered in delaware's ripple inc operating california from cooperation blah blah blah blah blah has the ceo you can literally check it all out yourself anyone asking why buy into ripple once they've done their ipr things like that

Well right now you can't really buy into ripple just quite yet because it's private and with their structure of organization you can't do it which is why some people are a little bit sad about it however again with the

Ipo it may be coming along then you can see again who who had thought about ripple you could see the mines right there so 2004 who's never really mentioned anymore

And jeff mccallup is only being mentioned for selling those are the two who started all this had been working on a monetary system which would be decentralized in nature and would facilitate the creation of

Value systems specific to a community 2012 mccallup working with a well-known fintech investor and disruptor chris larson engaged fogger with the idea of combining the ideas

In order to fill the gap in the market and then they found an open coin the company so to speak at that point which is again quite interesting open coin held wait let's actually see here first

At the time the set of solutions comprised of the ripple protocol rtxb and the ripple payment and exchange network opencoin held two funny rounds 2013. same year they changed the name to

Ripple labs now going by just ripple the company is responsible for creating the digital currency ripple xrp as well as your opponent now one thing that i guess people find controversial

Is they're responsible for creating a digital currency ripple xrp it is it's just how you want to view it right um are the same guys behind creating xrp yes was it ripple who created the coin

Xrp we can debate about that one we can debate about it for a very long while because it's a very controversial little piece because some are saying xrp was created purely purely

For becoming a better bitcoin and it might have been created by the same guys it was not created for the purpose of you know working with ripple directly theories they coincide they contradict you'll find a lot of different things

Out there because whatever these guys say it's always like contradicted by what another person has said right and exactly who founded it yeah there's no question about that

But really what the purpose was from the start it's really difficult because it's in their best interest to always tell us that it's just like they wanted to create something and then figure out what to do with it

Afterwards but i see a lot of guys in the comment section no they wanted to make money they were looking for a way this was a good opportunity for them and once they you know saw and knew they

Could do it they did it again you pick whatever you please however another one is that they here also mention their responsible kinder currency ripple xrp which i don't know a lot of

People don't like when whenever you're calling it ripple i personally sometimes call it ripple as well just for people who have no idea what it is about i mostly correct others though

Remember whenever they're telling me in real life you know ripple this rip of that i'm always saying like dude it's xrp man and the main reason for that is i just don't want them to mess these things up

For others like if you're telling me ripple and you mean xrp there's no worries right but if you're talking to others about it i think we get the misconception of those two being the same thing

We kind of put that on forward well basically what the rest is all about here is just about the lawsuit and the fact that xrp and ripple look like the same thing even though they've mentioned it tons of

Times that it's not it's a little part about how it's being controlled we went over this in my previous video though explaining how the unl and just the whole validated

List and everything has been arranged rather well where it's only a small part ripple and then another part of this is how much ripple actually owns in terms of xrp which is another good chunk

Everything is kind of explained in this article now the good part about it is i think it educates a lot of people about what the difference really is and how they both really work the bad part about it is i think it

Could have been a lot shorter and easier in in in just doing things because people would have had more attention for that and maybe also explain a little bit more about xrp

Specific you can kind of debate about whether or not they've posted all it's not that clear who exactly created it and why at least it's not being said in here at all it's just like

Ripple made the made xrp point um well again there are there are debates about that one uh often it said xrp was created aside from ripple as a company and you know ripple was gifted

Everything because xp was created before it can debates can go on for a long while but but i'm with that opinion though if you're wondering i'm thinking xrp was created

Then uh for a certain purpose who knows what it was mostly created to beat bitcoin it did ripple was created okay the founders were the same type of guys so xrp was gifted to ripple

That's basically it so it wasn't like ripple made it at the start now the values were of course in ripple's benefit they they kind of got rid of that and thus they also made it decentralized and make sure that xp is

Not centralized anymore um however if we're talking by the way about centralized systems it's actually pretty fun because whenever they say that and i'll talk about that later on in the

Next video coming out bitcoin is way more centralized it will always be that way and it's also possible for one country like for example china to take it all over keep that in the

Back your head it is possible here they go over about what ripple net is and how it has changed over the years well actually just mostly the smaller parts uh they changed all their three solutions

To ripple net in 2019 2018 they came out with x rapid and things like that you know they gave some details not too much at the bottom what are you investing in

Well of course anybody logically knows already but they also mention it you're just investing in xrp the cryptocurrency and it will be used by x rapid or odl they don't mention audio on the bottom

Part and yeah uh you're just you know you don't really have anything to do with ripple unless you're talking about them utilizing xrp3x rapid which then again will be

Connected to you you have nothing to do with ripple though this is just for the people that were wondering and all that it's a good article for all the people you you know think have no idea you can just send it to them they'll get a good

Glimpse of what really all this xrp ripple stuff is all about and it's also something we should educate our folk upon right you should educate your brother if he's also into rip on xrp that he knows

Exactly what he's being invested into just for the sake of all these lawsuits just for the sake of all this misinformation as i don't know the number but there's most likely hundreds of billions if not

Trillions of dollars every so often being lost by misinformation or being i guess poorly transacted digital asset advisory firm says bitcoin showing signs of a 4400 price surge now again grayscale came out

Here to say something like that all i can say about it is if we follow what happened in 2017 you bet your ass we're gonna have some crazy ridiculous gains it's just facts it's what's going to

Happen you should be wary for it and waiting for it then i saw somebody else say this bitcoin will sold 12k or 12 000 bitcoin price after holding for two

Years a bitcoin will with 9 000 bitcoin in late 2018 has sold after 22 uh months and two capitalization phases a bitcoin will an individual investor who holds a large amount of bitcoin

Took profit after two years data from wilma suggests that will purchase nearly 9 000 in the third quarter of 2018. the tsunami pseudonym trader byzantine general who shared the data said the whale is a legend see that big

Bubble at around 6000 2018 that's almost 9 000 bacon that was accumulated there he finally took profit after two years and two major capital asian events yeah lucky for him bad for us i mean

Nine thousand bitcoin dumped upon the market it's not just it once though i'm assuming right didn't check it out fully it's just like the fact that some guys are getting out

The fun part about it is even if he gets out there's tons more players getting in so in the end it doesn't really matter but i think some like to know about this type of stuff about big boys entering and

Leaving the game having said that though another important point to make here is this right here all right we're talking about flair and bg ira g said here the flair network is no doubt exciting

But i bet you if you have a hundred thousand xrp your air dropped about a hundred dollars worth of spark at most calm down and that's basically why i'm not too hyped upon

Spark or flare at all first of all because flare gets too much of that money i don't like it and second of all the airdrop is most likely not going to make you rich overnight

I know it's free money but it's most likely not going to be a lot all right and even if it is it will most likely take a long time to get to that value where the first years maybe first months

It will most likely be low in terms of price it eventually will get to that point which you wanted to get to however it may take a long while just so you guys understand that one and also important to know and important

To note is that well yeah you should have it on a good place which accepts the airdrop right you should actually remember that now here is status who says how to prepare claiming flair network spark

Tokens for legend nano s x users xrp holders can claim a one to one amount of spark to their holding and this is how you do it should check it out if you wanted to

And how it all works at least the small part about it i'm just recommending you guys to check out these websites if you want to it's um gonna be the simplest way again i personally don't not really too

Much want to be involved with it because as i said before i don't really like flair and how it all works and what it's entailing actually i should i should readjust that

I do like the way it works i do like what flair is about the idea i just don't like the way they're doing it because the team gets just too much money in terms of my opinion right that's just

My opinion and again you you may agree you may disagree here's a little bit about how it all works and how it all comes along you can do it if you want to uh you can skip out and if you want to

Oh yeah i don't know if i should make a video about it all the way together man i don't know it's free money though so i'm like yeah maybe i should but even if i don't support and again guys i told you why i

Don't right the team gets so much money it's just ridiculous and we're supporting that by holding those coins and giving them value and theoretically speaking they can just start dumping

From the start and get a lot of money out of it and if they don't want to they can just hold on to it while we all try to buy in for higher future prices and then they dump it on all of us

I don't know the team just got too much for my opinion i can't support but again everybody has their own opinion i will be claiming the coins most likely maybe not because i don't care too much

But if you guys want i'll do a video on that let me know in the comment section down below if you've not already watched some other youtubers do it and i'll get into it later today

Take care everybody thank you for watching and see you again in another one

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