Ripple/XRP- Mission Impossible,More Like Mission Possible, XRP price Up 11%

by birtanpublished on September 16, 2020

Welcome back to digital perspectives everybody i'm brad kimes you can follow me on twitter at backup bradley above at the top of the screen so let's go ahead and get into this thing you know from day one ripple has worked within the system

The financial system within the government systems around the world in order to bring the technology that is available in the innovation to the system

Not an anti-anti-bank or anti-government approach and i believe that has been the long game and that long game is about to pay off and what most people think is mission

Impossible and has been mission impossible is now mission possible and i'm really excited about it so let me go ahead and start here for instance and and this is a conversation

That we're going to start with about central bank digital currencies now chris giancarlo made a great comment on twitter from coindesk post that said a director at the imf has spoken of the value

The private sector could bring to central bank digital currency should they be adopted by nations and you know this has been something that chris giancarlo has been saying from the digital dollar project uh seat

Since he's been there and he puts rightfully so that's what i'm saying and i just love it so shout out to chris john carlo the crypto dad it really

Is amazing to see all this coming together and i don't mind telling you it is coming together much quicker than anybody really thinks i really do believe that and we're going

To find out here's another great post from barry silbert who was talking about uh yesterday all eyes on 10 500 that has been the watermark for bitcoin if it can get above 10.5

We're looking at a really great chance of staying above 10.5 and getting that staying power and maybe we move into a bull market right not a bull run but a bull market and that would be refreshing for

All of us no matter what you're holding so um that's exciting little side note here from sir gordon gekko u.s senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says package to include

Direct payments to americans of twelve hundred dollars each if you haven't seen that yet uh shout out to sir gordon and then insider r3 think central bank digital currencies

Are a thing of the future find out why central bank digital currencies are the lowest risk monetary asset how they're being implemented sooner than you might think

Really really interesting stuff now i covered this morning and this is really just to kind of overlap from the news that we built on this morning r3 has said that there will be 70 to 100

Italian banks on corda the quarter platform by october of this year in just a really a few months and that to me is absolutely exciting now that gives them access to the court

Of settler from the platform which uses the digital asset xrp for settlement so does that mean they'll use this xrp for settlement maybe not in every case but what it does

Mean is that they obviously are getting on the quarter platform and knowing that that will be an option for optimum efficiency in the complete process

Of settling i would imagine that is the end goal so speculative to a degree yes but you know is it on on point to the way we're seeing the adoption of the quarter

Platform and do i ultimately believe that the court of settler is a key part of why they're choosing the quarter platform platform you better believe it and i think you'd have to be robotic

To not see it another way so that's exciting all right now let's keep this going guys because you know what price is up i don't know if you know this but xrp up 2.3 today is up 11

On the seven day now i got to be honest with you i'm just happy to be able to say that to everybody out here bitcoin sitting at ten thousand seven forty nine

Right now and again ten thousand five was the mark and we see barry silbert's calling for thirteen nine you know the big thing for me here knowing that the market is is still young regardless if it's a decade old or

Not is understanding that we don't have true price discovery on this market to be perfectly honest with you and and especially xrp so

Be careful with the ta stuff but at the same time we do know some historical things about bitcoin and we do know that it is a pretty strong indicator that if if bitcoin can stay above that 10-5 mark

Most technical analysis have have have said that it is a positive move from there if it can hold that watermark so at 10 749 we were even higher we were almost pushing 11 000

Earlier if it didn't touch it already so uh bitcoin up eight percent on that look again you know i'm seeing with the occ the federally chartered digital custody

Uh provided for banks in the united states of america here for all the federally chartered banks this is massive news now that's custody so we still

Have to see what they do for a solution on the buy and sell side for businesses and customers that want to enter into the bank for custody you know we still have to see what's

Going to happen with stable coins and the buying and converting to stable coins to even purchase assets i think all of this gets done by a third party that's a plug-and-play just like i

Believe the custody is a plug-and-play with poli-sci i can't even believe that there's been people out here that said poli-sci wasn't even a big deal i could tell you something uh anything that has the ability to scale into the

Trillions is a very big deal so uh keep your head on a swivel when it comes to that and i'll tell you one thing you know there are so many companies moving now into this space and companies that have

Been here you look at uphold you look at uh robinhood you look at coinbase you look at ripple you know and you see that either one or a couple of them out of them

If not all of them eventually plan to ipo again i i know there has been plenty of people and i can't even believe this have said that they don't see how ipos would be good

For the for the coin space look at the awareness it would bring from the traditional markets into this space i mean you know again you know this is the

Dot-com era for crypto that we are moving into okay i really do believe you know dot com era was a boom that happened in the tech industry for about five years or so

And to be perfectly honest you know the technology didn't cause the boom the stock market did and that's what i see happening all over again here the technology won't cause the boom the stock market will and these

Companies ipo and moving towards this are really going to drive the money into this space even more than we've ever seen in our life i

Really do believe that so the one thing i hold on to is is exactly what happened to the internet is exactly what happens here is that because the technology didn't cause the boom

And the stock market did at some point you will see the innovation the technology prove to you hands down who deserves to stay and who deserves to go because if you

Don't solve a problem and you don't solve a pain point or have a use case you're not going to make it and that's the new watermark in this space it's not a white paper it's a use case and if you don't have one

You won't be long for this space so it's pretty exciting stuff that's happening here let's keep this moving because speaking of use cases this goes out to jesus who sent this to me hey zeus d good to you good to see you and thank

You so much for sending us across multiple digital and fiat currencies blink bcb liquidity interchange network consortium boy i'm telling you you talk about use case

Bcb group is the number one business banking challenger for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies we provide business accounts otc out of london so let's keep this going bcb group

Pioneers blink the first network to enable free instant settlement across multiple digital and fiat currencies bc group bcb group leading digital asset financial services group today announced the

Launch of one of the first real-time payments networks of its kind to allow free real-time transactions across fiat and digital currencies the world's oldest active cryptocurrency exchange

Bitstamp is set to become the first exchange to enable transactions on the bcb liquidity exchange network consortium called blink so uh this development builds upon

Accelerating client demand for bcb's group platform over the year to end june 2020 with average monthly payment volume growth of 24 percent now that's pretty nice number the network aims to transform

Traditional payments infrastructure by providing a unified architecture capable of handling instant domestic and international fiat transactions crypto transactions cross currency transactions security tokens

And smart contracts wow all provide fee free within the network now that is amazing listen to this using bcb's proprietary technology blink enables participants to settle instantly in any of the currency

Supported free of charge blink launches the gbp the euro and the chf support eliminating the need for immediate clearing reduced operational and settlement risk

Simplifies inter counterparty settlement reconciliation has no cutoff times and addresses scalability issues inherent to blockchain networks blink is also integrated with dsdasl

Developed by lab577 which is the leading global digital asset liquidity network for issuers investors financial institutions brokers and administrators built on corda hello come on in

I gotta tell you again you know this just looks amazing to me that we are continuing to see these different projects and platforms roll out for

Payments that i believe just become this huge huge imagine a cable with a million wires in it and then a sheath around those million wires that's what we have here and i see

Honestly back back side of this thing you get that federated working as a single unit all the layers working as a single unit when you have a few protocols in there that have the

Interoperability to allow all of these payment systems and different networks and protocols to work together as one single unit that would be the ilp in the xrp ledger in my eyes that is for sure

So now let's take a look at this because here is an example of what we're looking at from jesus thank you for sending this over swift sepa wire etc

Slow you can see the payment here right blink goes right through here right look at this and wow if i'm not mistaken that is an xrp symbol right there sitting just across

From the bitcoin logo and then regular fiat here this is pretty darn exciting and of course they go through the whole alice incorporated bob ltd charlie lcc debbie you know and it shows

You the pathway and how everything will go instant instant instant and it's because of this exchange between fiat and crypto i got to be honest you know on the heels

Of getting the news of in the of the us now obviously this is a program uh from bcb that appears to be out of london so you know to me this is a great

Reminder that this is as good as the news is domestically we're talking about a global system a new global financial system so anytime we're able to see massive

Moves coming out of london or europe and then japan with sbi knowing what they're going to do with money tap you know to me those are the things we want to every every so often we have to pull

Back and remind ourselves i know i do that you know this is not just domestic here in the states even though we need a lot of things to happen here because we have such a large economy

Compared to the rest of the world but this is extremely exciting guys i got to tell you you know seeing this kind of motion taking place knowing what's happened here in the states

I feel like it's all really really truly coming together in a way that i think not too long from now we're going to be able to witness this in real time i mean it's going to be amazing

And what in a day that'll be when it's no longer just a retail investor market but an actual the use case happening in large scale to where it outpaces the retail that is an exciting day and i can't wait

For it to happen and i think we're getting closer every second all right guys that's gonna do it for me xrp on the move and bitcoin and the rest of the market too let's hope we keep

Going with that trend and let's hope we keep the news coming that would be amazing and by the way remember we did the ripple ipo watch this morning still no information on that

We'll keep you posted head on a swivel you never know this is crypto make sure you share with somebody you know hit the like and subscribe leave a comment below catch you on the next one

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