Ripple XRP: At $17/XRP Ripple Will Be A TRILLION Dollar Company. How Close Do You Think We Are?

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Hey guys and welcome to the working money channel good morning xrp community are we at 24 cents it looks like we are and it looks like mac attack has noticed this as well we got the crypto market up here guys

And the market cap is gaining momentum every single hour right now the market cap is at 325.6 325.6 billion and bitcoin dominance uh still at 62.5 so we're seeing a rally for bitcoin as well

Uh bitcoin uh up to 11 000 right now eleven thousand twenty nine dollars ethereum three hundred and twenty two dollars and look who regained number three position on the crypto

Market cap ranking xrp right now trading at 24 cents give or take uh so bitcoin is up one point seven five percent ethereum 2.96 and xrp a whopping nine point five seven

Percent change in the last 24 hours let's bring up the charts here guys and you can see boy look at that xrp almost trading at 0.242 right now and we've seen nothing but growth steady

Growth over the last few days and remember all those haters in the space that were slagging xrp it's not making the kinds of gains that i wanted to make you folks really need to eat your hats

Because i got to show you something uh let's look at bitcoin since it's pumped since its most recent pump back uh the pump started here back on july 21st uh right now bitcoin where it sits currently has gained about

Twenty point five percent okay and if you look at xrp from july 21st the same date range here well we would bring it down here july 21st is right here xrp has pumped 24.44

So actually more than bitcoin in the last eight days now let's take it even to the beginning of the month xrp uh by july 1st or on july 1st xrp was trading right here that's the july

1st candlestick so 38.35 uh month to date and bitcoin let's bring up bitcoin here just to kind of compare that with bitcoin bitcoin on july 1st right here

July 1st actually less 20.9 for bitcoin since july first so guys always remember these rallies are relative i'm not even necessarily saying ha ha i told you so

What i'm saying is these things are going to rally differently sometimes you'll see good days for xrp sometimes you'll see bad days for xrp as we all know just keep that in mind the good news is the entire crypto space

Is moving up this is what we should all be happy about this is what we should put our focus on and so rob art has mentioned in the past you gotta love rob art this guy is

A technical trader and so he really does understand technical analysis more than a lot of people on crypto twitter the most crucial levels are 50 cents and 80 cents if we breach those we break out of a downward and regular

Percentage gain and decline it's irregular activity basically and so he retweeted his uh his tweet from july 27th only a couple of days ago once xrp breaches 24 then 34 50 then 80.

So 24 34 50 80. let's just take a look at that real quick here um so this is xrp on the daily let me get rid of this for a second here so far we have breached that 24 cent

Level it's about 23 and a half so that's the 24 cent that he is talking about and then he says 34 right 34 cents that is this one up here so let's draw them here that's 24

Okay 24 this is 34 up here zoom out here a bit 34. this is terrible um then he says what's the next one 50 cents okay guys and you can see 50 cents that uh we hit

Back in um what was it july no it was june it was late june 2019 that's the 50 cent 150 okay is up there and then 80 cents that is going to be the biggie and uh

You know what this is a zone in between 75 approximately or 76 cents and uh 96 cents okay so he's talking about this zone here uh where you know i mean if you take a price somewhere in the middle

It would bring us to about 80 cents so let me just mark 80 in that zone there so that's about 80 cents there let me just delete these lines to give you guys a sense of where we stand

80 cents is the final resistance level we must break so 24 we have now broken 24. next stop is 34 and so we just saw that at the beginning of 2020 34 cents uh next resistant level and these guys

Are going to be the big ones 50 cents and 80 cents uh or i'd say more or less 96 cents because that's the top of that level we need to pierce through 96 and then we're on our way to all-time

Highs three dollars and change for xrp and crypto is on the move so this from michael at val five links on twitter uh ripple transfers almost 100 million xrp while it's odl partners move

Large amounts of xrp as well uh this according to according to the data from the xrpl monitor bot over the past 15 hours the san francisco-based blockchain behemoth ripple

Has made several transactions totaling 98 million xrp so you guys can see the xrp monitor here on twitter meanwhile its european odl partner bitstamp has wired around half of that

Amount 48.5 million xrp a substantial amount of xrp has also been sent by mexico-based bitso so ripple and its odl partners moving large

Sums of xrp who knows why does this have to do with the current rally that we're seeing uh is it to get their ducks in a row make sure that all systems are a go because demand for xrp well and other

Cryptocurrencies is rising who knows we're just seeing that they're moving these sums of xrp uh and we're not actually privy to the reasons why according to whale alert part of these funds was sent from ripple

To its distribution wallet so we have that clue around 33 million xrp one of the twitter users in the comment thread assumed that this could be an institutional investor laying its hands on the xrp

Stash for future usage so that a possibility as well thanks so much michael for posting this more crypto is moving in the space though guys uh one of the largest bitcoin

Whales on record just transferred 166 million in crypto so a giant bitcoin whale just emptied one of the richest crypto wallets in existence if you can believe it the unknown whale

Transferred a total of 15 022 btc worth about 166.1 million dollars to three separate wallets for a fee of just 91 cents most of the btc around 14 442 btc worth more than 156 million was

Transferred to a single wallet so maybe he's got a cash out wallet and uh several stash wallets i guess we could call them uh and maybe just moving the bitcoin

Around so it doesn't stay stagnant uh prepared to possibly cash out maybe in different countries on different exchanges around the world you got to think to yourself if you're worth hundreds of millions of dollars

Because you are a bitcoin millionaire you likely have various different properties around the world or you tend to travel a lot maybe you have financial relationships in other countries and so it only makes sense that uh when

You're dealing with these kinds of sums of cryptocurrency not one exchange will be able to handle that load the bitcoin in question could be owned by an exchange so that is also a possibility

A custody provider or an institution however none of the addresses involved are known to be tied to any companies in the cryptocurrency industry so they are assuming that this is a bitcoin whale the btc

Whale could also be an early investor who traded btc over the counter or shifting assets to a new address for security and maintenance purposes that is more likely um that's what i think personally think

To yourself all those bitcoin investors who invested in bitcoin who are multi-millionaires today who are still invested in bitcoin and who are living the life whose only job really is to wait for

Bitcoin rallies and to cash out another portion of their btc so that they can live for the next four or five years until the cycle repeats so guys we're gonna see a lot more of

This uh during this crypto bull run we're going to see a lot more of investors cashing out of their btc position of their other crypto positions so this is just the beginning and i

Reported on grayscale the other day but grayscale's crypto fund grows by 1 billion in just 11 days guys so more being added to the grayscale bitcoin trust uh that currently holds 4.3 billion in

Assets crypto fund manager grayscale investments has managed to increase its assets under management by another one billion in less than two weeks according to an update posted to

Grayscale's twitter account on july 28th the investment firm currently has 5.1 billion dollars now in assets under management aum uh the funds are mostly held in grayscale's trust for bitcoin and ethereum

Along with the firm's digital large asset cap funds so here are some of the products the grayscale products uh and where the funds are allocated so there's the grayscale bitcoin trust uh

Gbtc with 4.3 billion in that uh bitcoin cash trust uh 12.8 million the ethereum trust 581.7 million greyscale's ethereum classic trust 80.4 million

Uh we got horizon litecoin stellar xrp trust 3.4 million so they do hold xrp in their cryptocurrency basket and z cash they are uh finishing off that list so this represents an increase of nearly 1

Billion in aum in just 11 days according to a july 17 update from grayscale the firm more than doubled the aum in its bth trust from 6 million to 12.8 million in that time

Grayscale added 782 million to its btc trust 174 million to its ethereum trust 12.7 million to etc and 6.7 million to ltc so grayscale obviously accumulating as

Well adding more cryptocurrency to their trust and so guys just to reiterate to uh these guys you can you can buy these uh products from your regular stock broker so you can have exposure

To cryptocurrencies if you don't want to necessarily open up a cryptocurrency account you just go to your regular stock broker and buy the ticker symbol uh me personally i do have some gbtc so

I do have some of the bitcoin trust i wanted to get more exposure to bitcoin and i was uh in a good position i had money in my stock account and so i liquidated out of stocks put it into the gbtc when we saw a

Correction and so yeah just another way to get exposure to cryptocurrencies if you are a traditional stock trader this from the daily hotel guy santander's ripple-powered payments platform hits

Half a billion dollars in volume so that's a big milestone banking giant banco santander has now executed more than half a billion dollars worth of cross-border payments through its ripple-powered

Remittance app santander first launched the international payment solution one pay fx in 2018 in the united kingdom poland brazil and spain then since then the app has also

Launched in chile and portugal and has processed 528.63 million dollars in total remittances according to a new update from the bank one pay fx payments can also be sent to two dozen countries including the entire eurozone bank

Officials ad the app uses ripple payments messaging system as opposed to ripple's native token xrp to move money between currencies the tech product which is a competitor to the international financial network

Swift helps banks settle fiat to fiat transactions in real time by using messaging to clarify and verify transaction details so uh one pay fx

Ripple partner hitting a new milestone 528.63 million in total remittances and yeah they've been asked uh several times by the xrp community if they will be using xrp in their product at any point in the

Future and uh they did not get a response but again guys i think that this will have to do i don't think that they're trying to ignore you but i don't think they really have an answer

I think ultimately this has to do with uh crypto regulation worldwide you know as we all know it is different everywhere in the world and so once we see that sweeping world regulation once most countries get on

Board with cryptocurrency regulation uh this will become clearer and i have a feeling that more of these companies are likely to use xrp in their products just because

It'll be much easier to source liquidity uh for those types of transactions another one here guys from the xrp rk this from leonidas new york securities lawsuit against ripple has now moved to

California so the simmons versus ripple labs one of the two cases open up against ripple claiming the company has violated the securities law has been moved from new york to california

Uh daniel simmons filed a lawsuit against ripple labs brad garlinghouse and xrp to llc in march 2020 claiming at least 119 206 dollars plus interest cost

Disbursements and reasonable attorneys fees on july 22nd both the plaintiff and defendant filed a joint motion to transfer the case to the northern district of california

The motion was approved on july 24th and the case was moved from usdc southern district of new york to the united states district court district of northern district of california on the same day

So uh it has moved um you know what the lawsuit is still ongoing but this is good for ripple because uh now they can have their cases in one courthouse in california where they are

More efficient for them to defend themselves against these what seem to be frivolous lawsuits just from what i have gathered over the last several months uh the zakhanov lawsuit is the oldest case against ripple

Almost active for two years now ripple has recently filed for the fraud charges to be dismissed and asked for four additional documents to be taken into account by the court one of the documents is the newly passed

Rule from the u.s bureau of customer financial protections notice the fcpb on remittance transfers under the electronic fund transfer act uh and then there's bradley sostak the lead plaintiff in the zakin off versus

Ripple labs case replied to ripple's motion to dismiss the fraud allegations by providing more than a dozen alleged misleading statements made by the defendants claiming that the cfpb

Rule should not be taken into account so this guy's still fighting this tooth and nail uh i don't understand why i mean get over it man you lost some money on xrp xrp though trading at 24 cents now so

Maybe you'll recoup some or did you buy at all-time high probably bought it all-time high i mean i mean you gotta you gotta think to yourself anybody who is going to take the time out of their day to fight

This frivolous kind of lawsuit uh for something that is probably their fault to begin with likely got some screws loose anyway i'm gonna keep moving here guys this from xrp crypto wolf ripple cto david

Schwartz or joel katz here on twitter spoke with the professor of economics and political science at berkeley barry eschengren about crypto assets and so uh this an interesting podcast guys i will link it in the description

It's 30 about 35 minutes the role of digital assets in a post beer flu world uh so this uh david schwartz and barry what was his name barry eschengren ashen green uh yeah they they talk about

It here one thing that i found very very interesting was uh down here they talk about crypto currencies and uh cbdc's or rather not specifically cbdc's

But cryptos pegged to the us dollar uh and up here they mention given bitcoin's history of price volatility some investors are exploring stable coins as a more reliable store of value yet

Barry notes that most of these coins are stabilized by being pegged to the us dollar and if the dollar loses its purchasing power due to high inflation the same will happen to the stable coin obviously yet he remains optimistic that

Some digital assets will prove their value over the long term what does he say about that he says and here's a quote i don't think that thinking about crypto as speculative investments is really a

Long-term viable business model predicts barry speculative investments have come and gone throughout history tulips came as a speculative investment and they went digital assets they

Provide actual tangible services like cross-border payments are the ones that are likely to have legs so he is also suggesting that the types of cryptocurrencies that are going to be

Valuable down the road are the ones that solve problems are ones that we're not going to be speculating on now again guys today we're speculating on everything

This is why we're seeing crypto move this is all based on speculative movement bitcoins moving the rest of the crypto markets moving but one day it's not going to be like that and uh this is what barry

Uh i keep forgetting his last name eshen green is talking about here tulips came and went other speculative investments like in the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s that came and went but it's not to

Say comms disappeared for good they still exist but now only a handful of those companies from way back 20 years ago have done really well and uh this is going to be

The same for cryptocurrency digital assets the ones that provide actual tangible services like cross-border payments are the ones that are likely to have legs uh so

I thought that was kind of interesting guys again i will link this in the description if you want to read further by the way i know uh sometimes i kind of go through these articles fairly quickly i don't

Want to read the whole thing because i don't want to bore you i just kind of want to get to the salient points and i always do mention that i post these articles in the description i guess what i'm trying to figure out is

How many of you guys actually go to the description and read these articles is it frequent infrequent never uh put it in the comments i am curious to know if it's even worth it but i am

Going to keep moving along guys uh this from the cryptic poet this just in ripple partner name has integrated with google pay that's right neim and google pay now integrated boost your business with

Branded cards launch your own debit card program in as little as four weeks we take on the complexity for you grow revenue reduce costs and simplify the payment process by adding memes card issuing capabilities

To your business and you guys can see here uh neon with google pay integration it's an open money global platform folks send money faster than ever uh this is the official niem website

Just giving you some idea as to what they do real-time payments in 65 corridors access to 3.21 billion beneficiaries on one platform uh you can send money via the most

Direct route to avoid delays and fees deliver payment instructions in virtually any format pay suppliers via card to optimize cash flow delivering savings and working capital benefits and i am almost positive that most of

This wouldn't be able to be accomplished without the ripple partnership so neim another uh ripple partnered company now integrating with apple pay great news there thanks so much the crypto poet on twitter and in regulation

News guys i saw this from xrp crypto wolf the cftc chairman heath said a large part of the financial system could end up in blockchain format so this from coindesk uh perfection shouldn't be the enemy of

Good when it comes to regulating the cryptocurrency space said the commodity futures trading commission cftc chairman heath talbert or tarbert the nation's top commodity regulator who recently marked his first anniversary

At the cftc detailed his approach to cryptocurrency in a wide-ranging interview with coindesk tarbert noted that many of the crypto's unique attributes namely borderlessness and decentralization

Require a thoughtful approach our entire financial and economic system outside the current system the non-crypto system basically evolved since one could argue the renaissance in italy

Uh whereas what people are doing in the digital asset space is effectively building within a decade or less an entire economic system based on human incentives and trust i just find that fascinating

He goes on down here to say when you think about the idea that at some point a large part of our financial system could very well exist in blockchain format that's also revolutionary and so he is

Suggesting a building out approach he joined the department in 2019 and uh obviously familiar with bitcoin here's a quote from him my view is that to be a successful cftc chairman meaning regulating

The derivatives market you have to have a keen understanding of the underlying market he said and so i've tried to learn as much as i can about the various agricultural sectors i've gone

Into fields so on and so forth i'm learning about oil i'm also learning a lot about crypto and in many ways because it's so revolutionary and so cutting edge i'm spending a lot of time just learning

How it all works in the ecosystem so uh this guy still needs to get beefed up on his crypto education but he's going about it the right way and he sees a future for blockchain technology within the

Financial system just moving down here to the borderless nature of all this the cftc also has to contend with the fact that crypto is inherently borderless market participants and developers all hail

From different jurisdictions and many live outside the us the us should harmonize its approach to crypto both across the 50 states and additional territories as well as with how other nations are

Approaching it so here we go he's likening it to new asset classes and other commodities under its jurisdiction commodities are commodities all around the world wheat is wheat so

The commodity price and the derivatives price based on those commodities around the world are interconnected well now we take digital assets crypto assets and there they are

Uniform and people are not thinking about regulatory and national boundaries by definition this stuff is outside of it so he realizes that this is a borderless issue similar to

Commodities and other types of valuable assets that we trade globally like gold silver precious metals stuff like that so this gives you guys some information

On heath tarbert and uh where his mind lies with cryptocurrency regulation guys again i will link this article in the description if you want to read further we also got this from michael at val 5

Links on twitter transferwise reports that it serves 8 million customers worldwide processing around 5.1 billion dollars in cross-border payments each month so uh this from decrypt the uk-based

Money transfer startup sees its valuation hit five billion dollars up from 3.5 billion just in may 2019 so only just over a year ago uh so as demand for industry disrupting low cost money transfer continues

Transferwise a challenger bank founded by skype alumnus announced wednesday that it had closed a 319 million round led by lone pine capital there's a lot of talk about unicorns but in reality

We're building something even rarer transferwise is a fast growing profitable business guided by a mission to build the best way to move money in the world instant convenient transparent and eventually free

We've been funded exclusively by our customers for the last few years and we didn't need to raise external funding for the company this secondary round provides an opportunity for new investors to come in

Alongside rewarding the investors and employees who've helped us succeed so far so they are processing 5.1 billion dollars in cross-border payments each month that is amazing and guys i don't know if

You know this website xrp right a very good resource for uh ripple and xrp news top 14 money transfer companies and ripple's connection to them uh this back from may 2019 but i do

Still think it is relevant because transferwise is number five on this list and uh you guys can see here transferwise an emerging consumer remittance provider uh and their logo right down here that

Is how they are connected to ripple along with many other companies here so a great resource i will leave this in the description for you guys if you're interested and i wanted to get to this so uh this

Originally posted by the digital asset investor but he took it from hodor's blog and for those of you guys new in the space i don't know if you remember hodor he was the biggest

Contributor to the xrp community from let's call it 2016 to about 2019 he decided to pursue new opportunities so he stopped his blog posting but a lot of this stuff was really really insightful and i think it is time

To revisit what he wrote here about xrp and ripple the company being worth one trillion dollars so the big number i know what you're wondering because i wondered the same thing at what xrp price point will ripple be worth a

Trillion dollars and he has calculated it out xrp price 17 usd would make ripple a one trillion dollar company so just to put that into perspective guys

I had to bring this up the five most valuable us tech companies are now worth more than 5 trillion dollars after alphabet's record close when we talk about a trillion dollar

Valuation we talk about um you know many tech companies have gained that over in less than 10 years in a lot of cases we have facebook here one of the most recent ones at the time of this writing

It was only worth 632 billion uh but now i believe it is worth over 1 trillion if i'm if i'm not mistaken we've got amazon obviously at the time of this writing and this article is a little older now but i just wanted to

Kind of give you guys a sense this is from january 2020 just wanted to give you guys a sense of where we're at uh with ripple market cap 931 billion uh alphabet which is the google parent company worth one

Trillion dollars market cap at one trillion microsoft market cap at 1.27 trillion and apple guys market cap at 1.38 trillion dollars these are some of the hardest hitters in

The space computer companies uh social media companies search engine companies that we know have also expanded into different avenues like amazon for example

Started with books and is now responsible for the lion's share of online retail at least in the united states if not worldwide and so when you think about what's going on with regards to cross-border payments

All these connections that we're putting together how close do you guys think we are for ripple to be a one trillion dollar company we know just a few months ago they've already said that they were worth over

10 billion dollars i guess another question for you is how close do you think we are to a 17 xrp do you think we could see it in this bull run do you think that it'll take

Some time for that to build organically let's not forget guys we saw three dollars and 80 cents in what was essentially the blink of an eye and that was an immature market back in

2017 i've done price projections in previous videos and uh 17 does not seem unreasonable let's just remember here guys this from mr bxrp at xrp mister on twitter demonstrating some of the gains that

We've seen in the crypto space look at the 7 and 30 day returns i like the direction we're moving in and you know what i agree with that sentiment anyways that's just my opinion

But i want to hear what you guys think please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already like the video if you like the content i'm providing i always love hearing your comments

See you in the next one guys you

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