by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with our xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video over the past 24 hours xrp has increased how much

Six over six percent over the past 24 hours and that might not seem like much you know after we've seen things like this here however this is very crucial this is confirming many patterns that

We've been looking at here over the past few weeks i'm going to be talking about a lot of things ta articles perspectives a tweet etc guys so if you guys you know you guys for this one you guys want to

Sit down um relax grab some coffee grab some popcorn and enjoy today's video guys smash the likes if that like button is not blue yet you know what to do uh let's try to hit

500 likes in today's video let's get straight into it so number one i want to give a big congratulations to extra big community and i also want to give you guys a little bit of my perspective on this so

If you guys didn't notice yesterday's video i talked about the fact that we confirmed the two um consecutive monthly greens that we hadn't seen since 2017. so on twitter i've seen multiple people

Talk about that i'm so proud of the extra community looks at the macro scale because we're so focused in the short term sometimes i'm glad that people actually look at the macro scale

Now my perspective on this and i want to give you guys some advice for those who are might be nude in space when it comes to these sort of things i was talking about a week ago because looking in the future getting a

Perspective you know creating assumptions is one of the most powerful things because even if we didn't confirm those two green candles on the monthly i still looked at the possibility i saw

The possibility and seeing possibilities is very very important here as we are speaking we are having some little movement here on xrp as you guys can see we are not going to get distracted by

That however we go and talk about the video so yeah um big advice here for sure is to look at all possibilities look at possibilities when i'm looking at this you know i

Looked at the possibility for a triple top do we even need to have a triple top we shall see has this sell-off here which has created here the possibility once again

Pretty much possibility if we just confirm today's candle in the green i'm pretty sure it'll happen of another macd crossover where our macd line goes above the signal line what this means is that we've pretty

Much found ourselves at neutral here on the macd indicator and so that is amazing because what that means is that even though we're neutral here you guys will notice something where our

Macd decreasing price action trading sideways i don't know the correct term some bullish divergence bearish converges whatever may be the point is that's a good sign because

What that means actually some would argue it's not a good sign but i from you know my experience that is a good sign because it means that we have more potential more pressure more momentum

Keyword moment momentum as we do retest for the third time here for that triple top so that's my thoughts on those specific things uh i'm gonna come back to the ta towards in the video if you guys are interested

You guys should definitely stick around 30 cents is crucial also on top of this we are right at right at the level into the market cap of tether and you know this could change

Any second so i'm excited to see that i'm pretty sure it did go above tether towards the bar cap recently and i white i like seeing xrp in that third position it is just it

Feels natural it feels good it feels safe and it's just it's a good thing in my opinion so i want to start off with some completely unrelated news but this is definitely interesting perspective here for ripple so coinbase

Potentially building here a platform to help start crypto startups pretty much providing for them the financial support to some extent here the capital support

Through some sort of new platform they should be developing the pending here you know in the next few years maybe or potentially months that was first hidden in last september this is good for one reason for coinbase

And for crypto and even better for another reason the reason why it's good for coinbase is because obviously they're gonna have more momentum here and more uh potential to get you know

Um a stake or whatever they're gonna do with their um setup or just more exposure number two why is this good for cryptocurrency more exposure exposure is key for crypto and if startups are having a foundation

On the cryptocurrency uh technology specifically any sort of blockchain that is providing more exposure you know assume imagine yesterday a hypothetic earth tomorrow hypothetically

Apple decides to create a cryptocurrency that would completely shake up the news right so this is another way of having startups like uber startups like even ripple themselves

Uh that assumed ripple had not had a cryptocurrency um native token that provides them to implement crypto at the foundation when they are creating when they are getting their first rounds

Of funding from the vcs in this case potentially c uh coinbase so very interesting for sure uh for a ripple why is this important this is important for ripple because what is

Ripple ripple is the equivalent and this has been said by brad garland house wants to be or could be i don't know exactly what he said don't quote me on this obviously

Uh the amazon of cryptocurrency and what do we have under listen to this this is a perspective that not many people are thinking about here when we have amazon what has amazon bought over the past few years

Twitch was that a good investment yes for sure when did when google bought youtube was that a good investment yes for sure so there's a potential here that if this framework and ecosystem you know is successful

That ripple in my opinion could potentially be acquiring new crypto startups think about that and think about the roi they could provide for ripple and inadvertently provide for

Improvement of the xrp based services x rapid odl even ripple net partnerships because you guys know they've been paid moneygram and xrp so any profit that ripple makes i'm

Thinking so so ahead this way this we've got to do mata this i was talking about thinking ahead about the two consecutive monthly candles all those profits will just improve odl

Adoption implementation the corridors need to go all around the world if we want this global standard guess understand that the rich lists the rich lists here

Are looking good i like to see richness increasing while price is increasing because what this means is that your xrp hypothetically looking at macroeconomics less supply less circulating supply more

Locked up higher price what does that mean it means it's worth more and that's just truth of macro economics i want to talk about quickly here david schwartz

Talk of responding to the flare um post time about the spark token so the xrp ecosystem responsive flare has been massive more than 5 400 accounts holding a total of 295 million xrp have set up to claim the

Spark token in six days if my math is right that is pretty much around 50 000 xrp median that is insane oh sorry average yeah six give or take 50 000 xrp mean which more 60 000 x rp mean per

Person which is pretty impressive honestly okay i wonder if there's a lot of whales and a lot of you know smaller accounts or if just a lot of people you know with 50 to 100 000 xrp

That are truly you know hyped for this this event or whenever it happens i don't even know the exact date so david schwartz aka cto of ripple says they're basically just asking you to attach a note to your account on the

Xrpl specifying where you want the tokens to go so i understood this is the k um i saw something i missed it i forgot what i was going to

Say here but the point is it's nice to see that you know someone working at ripple specifically david schwartz uh to be talking about this i personally doubt at the beginning now become a little more optimistic on it

I'm still going to see how it plays out i hope i'll be able to um claim the whatever the spark tokens um regardless of if i'm you know a little late or whatever but i don't know we'll see

How that pans out okay so it's looking good guys if we look at the four hour here real quick let's just quickly look at the four hour that's pretty good we did break these resistances i thought so

I was talking to someone today and i was saying you know when we break this level here at 29.5 we should go parabolic but it seems like there's a lot of resistance around the 30 cent area

And these levels here are going to be the real resistances that we have to break but if we look at the actual time frame let's say we've done about half here how long has half taken us to increase

Here from about 27 to 30 it took us yeah let's just go with this one you know we're gonna we're gonna go a little bit more um less conservative or more conservative

And go with this four days okay so i definitely think that if we look if we think about this how markets move this is hot for us to continue this trend all

The way up is highly unlikely we're either gonna see something like this or something like this give or take with some recovery levels for sure some um

They're called retracements and then rallies 30 cents beautiful enjoy the moment guys i like xrp at 30 cents i definitely like it the technicals here are pretty bullish wow wow wow

Very bullish on the moving averages momentum is bearish interesting because i saw the momentum so maybe the momentum i think i talked about the momentum the bearish convergence

Bullish diverge okay a decent pump here as we're speaking awesome a decent push at least i thought this momentum here was looking good but i guess they're not talking about max either talking about the actual momentum

Indicator let's see here what's the macd saying macd levels wow still bearish so interesting that shows how it's all subjective right because

They're using actual calculations to find actual levels so they're definitely right on this uh the question is does it matter in my perspective if we're about to have a macd crossover on the daily not the 10

Minute not the 30 minute the daily that's a big deal guys that's a big deal the last time we saw that was all the way back here the last time we saw it was all the way back here look what happened after that

So i know man i think it's bullish for sure guys uh we'll have to see what happens here i'm excited we're going to close off today's video with this article ripple may have opportunity but a large

Outbreak outbreak because i even a word for this looks unlikely interesting i like to get a little bit more bearish perspective always you know look at all the perspectives here

Uh the fundamental analysis the major news ripple this last week this is this last day this is going to be um very you know in depth so if you guys aren't excited you know don't enjoy this you

Guys can go peace out now if you want like this is for the people that really want to see the bears perspective or if not just a ta perspective uh but make sure to smash the like button thank you guys so much for all

Support um i'm gonna finish off this show quick for those who care the major news for ripple this last day of august focused on some heavy trading action on the ripple asset the xrpl monitor and

Ripple lazio has also predicted a future followed us dollar we've talked about this as we speak beautiful beautiful i love i love seeing price action live

Guys i love seeing price action live as i make a video technical analysis the 10 classes for xrp we're getting to the price august has been mostly bullish however there appears to

Have that resistance that have met resistance at 33 so we talk about that um weekly in order to get better for the short-term price action the daily chart is called up i agree with that the chart reveals

That price action has been caught in a short-term consolidation that is true however we broke out above this this was on the 31st of august so we're not going to read all this the point is that

Perspective change markets change it's always hard for me to give a time you know if i'm saying like what do you think about xrp in two weeks i have no idea you know i don't know when we're going to retest this what day but what i

Know is that we're in my opinion probably going to retest it right so you know i it's for me in my opinion no not financial advice really just click

Down below it's very unlikely that we go back down to like 18 cents and never retest this that's my thoughts you know the market's looking strong this is much much more than just price action for xrp

This is a macro thing we are getting close to 400 billion usd total crypto market cap bitcoin is very very much you know solid xrp is still lagging even though even if 30 cents looks good in the short term

Because we have you know honestly got you know an amazing since we were at 15 cents or even lower 12 cents 13 cents 13 cents uh however the important thing to realize here is that the momentum will hopefully trend you know um be you

Know transmitted from bitcoin into xrp that's the hope at least that's the hope at least so yeah i'm excited guys i hope you guys are as well um

This is you know gonna be amazing next few days here uh i'm excited you know usually when i talk about the next few days i usually like mean in the sense that i'm hoping for a move but the move is

Somewhat you know obvious here uh we'll see if it lasts and i am pretty confident that we will be in my opinion in my honest opinion that we will be retesting this beautiful beautiful triple top anyways guys that's

Pretty much this video if you guys enjoyed the video please make sure to smash the like button if you guys are still watching thank you thank you thank you thank you i love that some of you guys listen to the

Whole video to see the whole perspective because i talk about so many different things i re affirm different you know ideas and then i mention them in other parts and just hearing the whole perspective

Is something that we don't really see here in today's um you know media age uh but yeah make sure to comment down below if you're still watching so i can thank you personally means the world to me guys

Uh thank you so much for watching i'll see you guys in the next video until then as usual peace

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