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What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video this video is going to be my most important video ever because i will be talking about things that have never

Honestly been mentioned in the cryptocurrency space how the current state of the economy is going to project cryptocurrency into oblivion absolutely crazy guys i'm so excited to talk about this

I was just talking to one of my friends here my roommate for like 20 minutes explaining similar things here so i'm going to be talking about this here real quick uh before i get started make sure to

Smash the like button thank you guys so much all support make sure to follow me on twitter as well we are honestly in a crisis right now it might not seem like it um you know for some people uh but truth

Is look at this look at the m2 supply in the us okay let's let's think back historically okay let's look back historically it's funny because a lot of the bitcoin

Max maximalists hate inflation they hate inflation it makes sense we want a deflationary asset why have inflation look back let's look at black monday for example in 87. there was no spike in the amount of m2

Um currency in the us there was no extra printing let's look at 20 um 2008 2009 decent increase you know a bigger a little bit of a bigger increase here we have you had stimulus checks you needed you know the requirement for that extra

Currency here in the in the us oh wait but look what happens now so we have over the past six months give or take increased three trillion dollars usd

What does this mean this means that inflation is going to be absolutely crazy okay that is why the usd is being devalued as we speak that is why gold and silver are going

In sane and i really truly mean insane guys you've been seeing the prices gold at all-time highs in the past few weeks silver pushing higher levels as we speak i want to point

Out here real quick silver actually which i think is a little bit undervalued considering that we are only about half the level that we were at all-time highs i think silver is a great hedge

Against inflation in my opinion that's just my opinion on that so xrp where does this come in you know for xrp it's much more than xrp it has to do with the entirety of the crypto market because the entire the

Crypto market is around 373 billion dollars it changes every single day bitcoin dominance is decreasing because alt-season is happening we have chain-link ethereum a lot of these all coins

Bringing so much pressure to the market now understand something here our inflation is not normal okay the past the economy has not reacted that same way with the fed with the whoever

Prints money um once again this is not a political thing this is purely economical looking at the actual money here in the us um one thing you have to realize here is the val the relative

Value of things okay for example my video yesterday talked about amazon's bar cap amazon smart cap is at 1.58 trillion at least it was yesterday which if you guys might see here is about you know

Five times the size of the current crypto bar cap so 5x now for xrp it is 120 times the market cap of xrp understand that valuation and some might say oh but it's amazon

It's one of the biggest companies in the world if not the biggest that's not a good example comparison oh look at the stock exchanges okay let's look at the other companies all the companies

Non-american companies okay just in the shenzhen stock exchange which i talked about in yesterday's video um shenzhen you know i can't remember the exact term but it's very you know

Focused on stimulating economics right the economy finance 2.5 trillion oh what a surprise is that really you know eight times the total market cap of cryptocurrency oh is that really 200 times

The market cap of xrp when you really look at you know what's taking into account right what's really happening really realize what the true value is you start to

Realize oh my god cryptocurrency is so undervalued and that's why that's why the stock to flow i was actually watching mm crypto and carl from the moon their video they made today about the stock to flow

And they actually talked about the gold stock to flow the reason why these things work is because of the fact that it is a these are deflationary assets that have max supplies obviously based on

Deflationary and are not able to be recreated you cannot create more okay in fact they did a very interesting um this was emma crypto who mentioned that when bitcoin reaches its max um supply when we're at 21 million it's

Going to become literally in the definition deflationary because no one's able to create mine anymore bitcoin there's no more creation of supply

But people will continue to lose bitcoins because they forget or lose their private keys and then or even their seed phrases and they lose their even their cold storage wallets they

Lose their pcs they forget the pass or whatever maybe they lose their crypto we're dropping down 18 million 17 million 16 million xrp could happen the same thing even though i think xrp's total supply

Will be circulated um later on i think there will always be you know a decent amount of supply from ripple because ripple needs to provide funding for its services and once you

Understand this guys it truly becomes a hundred percent reasonable you know in in mm crypto's video they were talking about um 900k or even what was it 900k bitcoin 9 million bitcoin

Whatever it was it was ridiculous it seems ridiculous but you'd be surprised when when bitcoin was i remember i remember dude i remember bitcoin was 200 2013. i was you know in middle school a

Friend told me yo you ever check out bitcoin man this thing's going crazy this is when bitcoin you had gone up to 300 from like 150 or something his like oh my family bought a theorem and bitcoin

I'm like wow that isn't that thing just like for pirates and for you know um hackers and stuff and at the time it kind of was um now that percentage has decreased substantially uh but

I would never have thought if if you told me that day it would go to 1100 11 000 13 year old me would have said hey mom can i can you um get me a checking account so i can send

My savings you know to coinbase or whatever it would have been back then and she probably would have said yes honestly i don't even know but you know 13 on me would have been

Bullish if they even thought about this that it would be able it's just even before ripple was founded that's crazy guys so that's the thing the growth happens and surprises everyone

And even looking at marquette we're so undervalued i'm trying to let out xrp because i've been focusing on bitcoin but i truly believe that there's no bitcoin xrp maximalist you got to be able to understand the

True value of all cryptos in you know in general together it's it's very much a co-existing group understand that it's like silver and gold etc so xrp a lot of bullish people who understand all these concepts i've been

Talking about they really understand these concepts okay they're gonna be like oh look you know i personally will think extra if he's gonna hit one um hit twenty thousand dollars i think xrp's

Gonna hit you know fifty thousand dollars unrealistic right but they understand the concept so i am not annoyed i realize that people are bullish people want to find

Reasons for price action hit certain levels if you said bitcoin to 10k back in 2013 when it was 30 dollars i would have said impossible and then you if you were to show me the market cap and compared it

To the market comparisons i've done before here talks about how deflationary it is and how the fed is absolutely going crazy then it would have been like oh wait he has a point

Right so understanding this bullishness makes you realize much much more than just one price level it's much much more than just one price level guys it is we're talking higher higher levels guys we're talking legitimate you know true

High levels and i've talked so many times i think tension dollar market for xrp is realistic i think the more supply is is released here for from ripple from the big holders

The more stable the press action will become the more liquidity the more stable etc it's part of the process i think at that point you know 100 xrp will be completely reasonable and it seems crazy now i know

A lot of you guys might think you know it's too little but it's what i've talked about and look i'm not saying it's i'm not you know giving you guys uh a sure number okay

I'm just sure you guys what i personally view as my all the hours of research the honestly the thousands of hours of research i've done how i understand how crypto can be

Valued and how xrp can be valued in relationship to its true valuation okay this is the longer intrinsic value based on my opinion this is the longer term okay

Tension dollars will not be tomorrow look at look at amazon this is literally six times the size of amazon 1.5 trillion 10 trillion not gonna happen overnight but what what could happen is once swift has been

Completely up become obsolete and ripple is using its services to truly garner the true power here of the markets the global payments

Odl that's when this will be insane and i'll be the you know first and last one to say it that's appreciated for this video guys i think there's so much support if you guys enjoyed please make sure to smash

The like button guys it's been absolutely crazy lately guys i'm so excited for anyone who's in link you know congrats to you you guys deserve all the success i'm not going to be salty and you know

Bitter that i didn't buy it i i had the opportunity at 2.5 dollars i didn't get it because i just thought it was another altcoin it turns out it's not it's amazing i'm glad for anyone who bought it

For those who didn't don't worry tons of opportunities always um i honestly this pointer still focusing the blue chips i own a few altcoins but i'm not really you know i i covered that in the stream once my

Different holdings uh but i'm not really the biggest altcoin fan i think the true money here is in ethereum and xrp these are my two biggest positions ethereum xrp um and then yeah there are a lot of great

Points guys i'm excited to see this next bull run stuff's gonna go crazy guys i'm excited i hope you guys are as well if you guys know the video please smash the like button um if you guys are

Still watching please comment down below so i can thank you personally and yeah i'll see you guys next video until then as usual peace

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