by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video as you guys would have seen i took a little break you know i just wanted to take away um take some time away from cryptocurrency

And it was a good time because as you guys can see the market's kind of struggling but i still want to come back and make a video here real quick talk about some price action some articles and pretty much look at the

Macro trends in the financial sector in general right now because a lot a lot a lot is happening okay we've been looking at the usd being devalued and how that could potentially

Be affecting price action for a lot of cryptocurrencies and stocks and even recently um we've had some you know red some red in the stock market and cryptocurrency so when we talk about

That here so first things first for xrp we find a beautiful support here at 23 cents now not only is this exactly 23 give or take support i also want to point out here that we are at a fib retracement here at the 618

Now i've seen people say crypto jeremy this isn't how you use fit retracements um it doesn't really matter to me because truth is fib retracement is just a repetition

Um it's just a use of a um repetitional pattern in nature okay and so if we're looking at a swing on low and a swing high you know when we see the support the retracement of retracement is pretty much from the

Swing high to a lower level because of cell pressure and it you know fits perfectly you know that's is realistic usually you'd have the 382 as well as the support for the retracement um usually not going

To get close to the 786 but to see that it's right the 618 um means a lot because what that means is um that not only is it 22 20 22.9 23 area of strong support it also means that we did not have to close the

Entirety of the quote unquote gap that we did create here with our bull trend okay from here to the top which is nice because it means that we pretty much hopefully made a high

Low from here to here that's the hope uh once again there's a lot a lot of cell pressure happening in the markets in general and we'll see if bitcoin and xrp follow those um for now though let's really quickly

Talk about the flare token um airdrop quote-unquote almost 1 billion xrp and 17 000 accounts registered for airdrop is growing guys it seems like this thing is legit um i still have not yet to do it um to

Claim or be ready to claim or whatever it is uh but yes to let you guys know that there is a lot of people doing this um do i personally why are they they always mention this man i love it the

Whole cryptocurrency space is so obsessed right now um with decentralized finance men i don't blame them anyway it seems interesting but yeah so i was talking about this you know about

A month ago and i was saying you know i'm not sure about this but we'll see we'll see what really happens guys honestly i think that the the value of these tokens gonna be relatively low um considering that at

Least now you know xrp is if xrp is only at 23 cents what is pushing this flare token to even be worth anything um hopefully they'll be able to be developments on that coin we'll have to

Wait and see i will be covering all that news for sure so i think this was really tweeted by the bearable bull or retweeted tesla fell 21 today so this is pretty crazy because as you

Guys might know um tesla has been in a insane bubble has been an insane bull run and that's a decent sell-off within 24 hours for us to drop 21 in the stock market um keep in mind

Black monday was somewhere around don't quote me on this 17 to 19 percent somewhere around this level so tesla pretty much just had a black monday here today i think this was today right was

This today i'm assuming it was today it was tweeted yeah it's tweeted today so that's crazy guys what this means is that the cell pressure is here and i think that xrp in itself

You know within the cryptocurrency space has been succumbing to that cell pressure the crypto market in general has been selling off you guys can see that link you know is down now to below 12 you know a lot of people say

That we have to go for bitcoin we have to see below 10k once again we saw below 10k but p some people a lot of bears out there you know are saying that bitcoin did not deserve to be above 10k

At this moment i think a 10k as a support is good and i don't think i don't want to see xrp below 20 cents when xrp lows below 20 cents that's when things can get really dirty real quick in my opinion

So this is also interesting for sure the litecoin atm network added 380 atm so the reason i'm showing you guys this is because as you guys might know there are multiple use cases for a lot of these cryptocurrencies

And litecoin is kind of like the um the commerce coin it's used for um you know selling things you could view it as kind of like the the liquid coin that you'd use to buy your

Coffee you know what i mean something that's relatively quick relatively cheap and is reliable uh however i'd like to say that ripple through xrp i don't know why it says

Ripple here but xrp in itself could tap into this market only 124 xrp um using atms that have access to xrp transactions if xrp and through ripple tapped into this network here of purchasing

You know actually being used to you for as purchasing power beyond global transactions that could open a big big market here for xrp and for ripple so i've been talking about this before

You i think that xrp speed you know its revenant's average average time of 3.8 seconds can be used to this benefit um so it'd be interesting to see in the next few years if ripple decides to

Have this sort of implementation as the the in you know in the true use of just pretty much commerce i don't care what the word was when i used to make these litecoin videos i used to think remember that word

Um a merchant that's the word the merchant's coin so if x if xrp could push into the merchant merchanting area that would be definitely interesting so i want to check out the xrp stats here real quick

Uh you guys can see we haven't flatlined as of recently but we are still still pushing you know look at this 10 30 30 100 xrp we are up 100 xrp here in the past three months give or

Take on the 10 it is growing it is definitely growing specifically this one here wow look at that compared to the beginning here we're up two thousand two point three thousand for the top

Zero point five percent turns xrp so it's growing man and you know if i'm holding xrp i'm seeing my number you know drop down lower and lower i still think the ten percent here is

Going to be crucial a crucial level for um the xrp holdings once xrp in itself through um remnancies has gotten global adoption i think it's going to be very crucial to that 10 percent um but we'll see what

That moves i'd like to use that as kind of a baseline as a um frame of reference for how the um accumulation phases are happening here for the xrp market 10 definitely interesting

Let's close off here with the coin for value which is pretty much just reminding us that it's all a bunch of um cell pressure and fear there's not truly any fundamentals that are being changed here for

Xrp as you guys might see the fair value when we were at our low and we were at a low let's go to six months here the year to date when we were at our low here of 16 cents

I don't know why i said 16 cents here let's go one year why is there a low here okay low is 16 cents or sorry 14 cents we're at 33 cents on the fair value now we're at 31.6 so this is relative i

Truly do trust this fair value more than um i used to because it shows that nothing really has happened negatively in the xrp space since that low um it is purely due to the global

Markets that have that have affected the price action here for sure so it's going to we're going to reach a point here where the fair value is going to maintain its position below xrp's real price action

Which in that point will allow for that actual growth so once we have to keep an eye here on this once we are able to not like just touch the fair value once you're able to truly go above the

Fair value for a month or so that'll be good a good signal for xrp because it'll show that the actual uh market psychology around the cryptocurrency will be relatively um

Agreeable with the fundamentals based on the quote-unquote intrinsic value you guys can look at the formula that does calculate this fair value on that's it for this

Video guys i hope you guys enjoyed if you guys enjoyed the video please make sure to smash the like button um sorry once again for not making a video for the past you know five days or so

Six days whatever it was uh i'll be hopefully coming back to daily videos but yeah um thank you so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video please um smash the like button and i'll see

You guys in next video until then as usual peace

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