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hello and welcome to watch from home

theater our cozy little live show where

we can still watch stuff together even

though lots of other stuff is keeping us

part I'm Clint cage and this week we're

watching Rick and Morty season 1 episode

meeseeks and destroy' that is the

episode that you the IGN audience voted

on as your favorite Jerry centric

episode but before we get to our special

guests tonight we do have I just wanna

let you know we do have some clips that

we'll be playing right here in the

stream but not the entire episode so go

get that episode queued up to the very

beginning it's streaming on Hulu us if

you've got an account head that way now

pull up meeseeks and destroy' if you

don't have Hulu and you want to get

synced up with us there's a link in the

description that will send you to sign

up for Hulu they're offering free trials

so go nuts it's straight the episode is

also available to rent or purchase if

that's more your thing there are links

for that in description as well but

while you guys go do that let's say hi

to our co-hosts nice Sidney Goodman

Sydney how're you doing I'm doing good

man all right I don't think I've used

that what I knew yet to be here huge

Rick and Morty fan also if you have a TV

provider log in you can watch on the

Adult Swim app that's how I watch them

so there you go another pro tip but

let's bring in our very special guests

this week he's the voice of Jerry from

Rick and Morty Chris Parnell thanks so

much for being here Chris how you doing

I'm doing well thanks for thanks for

having me along of course of course

happy to I and I'm you talked a little

bit about this off-camera

we always like to check in with where

we're broadcasting from and of course

wedged into the corner of my very hot

garage tonight

Sydney looks like she's got a pro set up

there but and is that the laundry room

this is the laundry room this is my

basement laundry room yes so I'm cool I

have to say Ament not cool Oh like I'm

hip but I'm cool temperature-wise

that's because here laundry room is one

we haven't had on the show so far so

that yes that's cool we're taking that

box off um so so yeah we'll be watching

meeseeks and destroy' later

because and again that was voted on and

we put a poll out through IGN it was the

we had close to 14,000 people voting and

it was the episode I think they got 40

something 44% of the vote so it's kind

of a ran away with it as being the their

favor Gerry centric episode son of a gun

I think it's people be it might be also

because people just love the episode in

turn is that surprising for you that

it's it's their favorite Gerry centric

um well you know I they're only a few

Gerry episodes that I sort of hold in my

brain at all like the were lead early

conspiracy and then the more recent ones

the you know the ones with the one with

me in the talking cat and I had you know

forgotten about that one

of course I when I watched some of the

clips from it I was like oh yeah I

remember this but it made me realize one

of these days when I have the time it

would be fun to sit go sit down and go

back and watch all of them because I

haven't seen most of them since they

originally aired

so some of the others that were on the

the pole which is it was Total Recall

which is the one with all of the the

wacky zany characters that show up

because of parasites just that's an

amazing episode but Jerry finds love

with sleepy Gary

good old sleepy Gary oh yeah

Morty night run was another option the

the Jerry burry daycare

makes NC the in night Shawn Malians

is the other option that people had to

go for which is the simulation episode

where the hungry for apples out which is

also raised that's my personal favorite

Jerry one I don't know the name of it

but it's the one where Jerry helps Morty

with his science project and is like so

dead-set that Pluto is a planet becomes

like this hero but my vote didn't count

because it didn't even make the poll

even though I said oh so sorry Sydney

it's okay I am the Jerry of the group so

yeah there were a lot of options there

buddy and Jerry's really been through it

on the show she's so I just wanted to

ask what's fun about being Jerry well

you know it's fun to play a character

that's that's put upon in the way that

Jerry is by really everybody else in the

show I'm especially Rick obviously and

it's it's fun to play somebody who's

essentially a loser and I don't know

there's it's for better for worse it's

it's not hard for me to tap into that

part of myself so you know it's just

sort of it's doesn't I it's not a big

leak for me to play Jerry let's take

that as you will

have you ever got recognized for your

voice like has anybody heard you and

just come up and be like oh my gosh

you're Jerry or do you get recognized

for your face more often that's a super

random question but when you're talking

I was kind of like oh my gosh I'm

talking to Jerry yes sometimes yes

sometimes but I think a lot of people

you know have a sense of what I look

like from whatever and they hear me and

then that's sort of like oh yeah that's

him but sometimes yeah it's just it's

just a voice I think you know you can't

escape Jerry he's always with you he is

he is and I love him for that

um all right well let's I mean let's

just dive into this this episode I guess

if you've this is your last chance to to

go get synched up at home to watch along

with us and remember wherever you're

watching just get into the comments


leave your comments any questions for

Chris and we'll try to get to as many as

we can we're just watching the one

episodes nice it's kind of shorter short

of things to get him in quick but if

everybody is all ready to go let's just

go ahead and countdown three two one

play and we're off so I have to ask do

that they didn't usually get what they

give you your lines but first do you

usually do your recordings by yourself

or is it with the full cast no they're

so low they're also low yeah we uh we've

never done a group record which is fine

I think everybody kind of likes

recording solo and Spencer's in New York

now most the time and then Sarah's in

Canada most of the time so kind of makes

sense for you would do it separately

yeah do you ever see the final episode

and be surprised by like what it looks

like on screen or like we'd like oh wow

that's what I was talking to yeah I mean

I've come to expect you know something

pretty crazy with any given show so I'm

not too surprised but it's always it's

always fun to see it and see how the

animators have realized it I also

probably forgotten it mostly by the time

I watch it so it's you know it's it's it

makes it it makes it more fun – it's

like seeing it without having really

read this grid I love these out of

context hyper-violent codes they nailed

they definitely nail cold opens the tags

down pretty well too

do you have a neighbor turn make a

morning like mr poopy butthole he tends

to make me laugh yeah I think so I think

he means well

he's saddled with an unfortunate name

but he doesn't seem to mind it yeah just

fun to say it is humility that comes

with having that as your name so I'm

sure he's a pretty chill guy yeah it

doesn't feel like he's too in-your-face

about it my older son got in a little

trouble with my mother-in-law for

talking about the little figurine and

calling him by his name and I was like

well that's that's actually his name you

know can't get mad at in this accurate

yeah he's never seen the show but he

knows the characters you know from the

figures we're sneaking up on the scene

here where obviously you just just

explained what the new sees but how it


and gives the warning which is this is

one of the things that I really really

like about the show – it's just that the

weird high-concept sci-fi stuff it gets

played out – it's a sort of natural

conclusion very smart yeah they're

pretty good at that he was a user

question well I mean neat seeks and he's

amazingly complicated questions that are

asking but uh Jake's Healy who's

watching on Sena fixes YouTube channel

asks if Chris could have a meeseeks

what would he make it's one thing to go

geez just start with an easy question

I might ask him to dig me an in-ground

pool I can be something like that yeah

yeah it's a lot of heavy lifting to the

voice exactly

well that's smart give them a task

that's kind of like out of your way slow

tedious yeah clear beginning and end

right as we learn or maybe to make a lot

of money for me in a legal way very

quickly that would be nice you know yeah

it feels a lot like when you have to

give Janie's your wishes and like be

very specific you need to cut out any

wiggle room for misinterpretation yeah I

don't know if that of mr meeseeks are

as a sort of malevolent as genies seem

to be in general but yeah I don't think

it's as intentional I think it's more of

a what's the word like what you say is

what you get right right yeah but I'm

not trying to deal with a meeseeks then

finish eating just be clear about that

that's our headline Chris Parnell

prefers genies over you know and I don't

want to offend any genies but you know

I'm just being I'm being straight do you

think you share any characteristics with

Gerry I do I do you know the low

self-esteem is something that that that

I sometimes struggle with I'm pretty

much dealt with it through therapy and

obviously you have to have a certain

amount of confidence to to do something

like SNL or whatever but um yeah it's

like I know I can relate to the to the

loser in Gerry for sure and I think that

helps inform a fair bit of my comedy

because I I'm often playing characters

who aren't which you'd typically

described as winners so yeah I can

relate we've questioned already here we

see Gerry and mr meeseeks at the first

attempt at the golf course here a towel

pie who's on Twitter and Matthew diggin

who's watching on Facebook that both


how's your own golf game and whose golf

game is better yours or Jerry's sincere

golf golf ability something after the V

last time I played golf was putt-putt in

maybe st Croix or Cancun with some

buddies and I couldn't even play that

particularly well my friend Brian who's

a who does play golf for real

occasionally was just crushing me and I

couldn't take it I couldn't take it but

I've never I've never actually played it

on actually golf course only only

putt-putt and that many many years ago

Cancun I think that's where it was yeah

yeah one of our one of our mutual

friends had a rotating timeshare

situation so he would pick a different

sort of tropical or hot location every

year and that's that's where he picked

that year I don't need to go back don't

need to go back here's one of the great

things about about Jarrod's here is

great things but Jerry and Beth's

relationship is first of all like the

fact that Jerry gets so much heat for

like dude your marriage is awful like

not not just over the course of season

like several times in every episode

somebody points that after but there's

another question if some of the

Christopher 1993 wants to know if you

have a favorite Beth and Jerry moment

yeah yeah when they go to the marriage

counseling planet and we get to see a

physical manifestation of how GRE sees

Beth and how she sees Jerry and Jerry's

a really pathetic little wormy creature

and I found that very delightful but

you're saying that that was your

favorite Jerry oh it's yeah it's one of

my favorites just like the weird little

worms look that she pictures you as

it's hilarious why did she marry him you

know why yeah it's crazy I mean Beth

being the daughter of arguably the

smartest being in the universe and being

married to Cherry it was clearly not the

brightest guy it's it's it's a mystery

yeah I'll go ahead and plain that as my

favorite but there's another Crassus

into any dig no sorry for I'm sure I did

who's watching on I am Tom wants to know

what everyone has favored ups that's

oscillating earlier with the the Pluto

thing and that's the same one where

summer starts working to the devil

that's probably that actually that is my

favorite episode that one or anything

you did a second or third episode of the

first season with oh my gosh with it's a

dog's name certain that they thank

snowball snowball those are my two

favorite episodes but I think the devil

and the summer is just too good for me

so I think that's yeah I like I like the

one the Total Recall with all the

different manifestations of the parasite

that's pretty amazing I mean for Jerry

for Jerry episode I love the were

literally conspiracy said that was your

favorite favorite yeah what point do you

think you'll ever go back and watch

these episodes with your kids I know

that you're saying that they don't

currently watch but they know the

figures I'm going out yeah my older son

does my my three-year-old doesn't really

I mean he's seen the figures but I don't

think he really connects it with

something that I'm a part of I don't

know I mean hopefully not until he's 12

or 14 or something I don't know

hope hopefully along tonight right now

it's just trying to protect him from the

from the darkness and yeah the insanity

of the show you know even though I know

they're there plenty of younger kids who

watch it yeah so you were in Archer and

then you're in this and I mean just in

general it feels like these dads and all

of these adult heart or adult animated

series are always very dumb did you have

any and just kind of like an imbecile

and there kind of is the butt of the


we have many like degrees as to why that

is such like a common thread in all

these animated series yeah it's even you

know it's even been as somewhat of a

thread and in some of the on-camera

series I've done you know they're

they're not they're often they often

have an element of the loser about them

I mean Cyril and Archer has he's a lot

more capable than Gerry is Cyril can

actually get some things done what he's

feeling confident yeah I don't know he

it's it's like I said earlier it's

something that is fun to play and I like

playing and I apparently can connect to

those kind of characters well how dare

you laugh at this show do you usually

get the full script with you or only

your lines and kind of those

interactions no no I can throw script

and draw out what you think all of the

characters look like before you actually

see the final you can start releasing

the Jerry cuts what is insane face

people look like that would be really

sad to see

I say that would be a pretty pretty

pathetic maybe even more pathetic than

Jerry in the universe it could be me

poor mr meeseeks yeah this is really

really tragic arc for me it seemed like

and talk about – about like these these

being sort of coming into Jerry's orbit

and their whole world just gets

destroyed Jerry he's not a he's not it's

not good for them mr Gela gates into

it's it's another thing about the show

Jerry ends up I feel like being kind of

a tool to to sort of illustrate this as

well but like just little meaning well

when you go out into the world and just

being proven like that the universe is

just insane yeah


oh my god so much chaos maybe I got a

really good question I want to ask you

but that completely wiped my memory all

right oh is that so

you know I saw some theory online that

Jerry is actually the bad guy in terms

of everyone kind of feel bad for Jerry

like out of all the jokes Rick clearly

hates him more so in the earlier seasons

I feel like um but that Jerry actually

is the one who is like self-centered and

always plays the victim do you think the

jury's the like the bad guy or do you

think he is undeserving of kind of the

heat that he gets from the rest of the

family I think he's generally

undeserving of the heat he gets he does

play the victim I guess a fair bit he's

sort of gotten used to that mode of

operating but he's also he can also be

content just kind of doing his own thing

and puttering around which is why I

think he would do OK in a quarantine

situation like this but yeah I mean I

obviously have a you know a lot invested

in Jerry so it's hard for me to feel

like he's a bad guy but they might have

a point it's something about an episode

like this year with Jerry Jerry starts

the the adventure here with the meeseeks

with like thinking that he knows the

right way to do it it has something

simple of the golf game so how often do

you find Jerry is is you know just

desperate to to be right well I think a

lot of the time and you know in the

context of the family that he lives in

because he very rarely seems to be right

especially you know with Rick

and everybody being apparently a lot

more savvy and and at least somewhat if

not a lot more intelligent than him I

don't know how much smarter summer is

but I don't know summers summers a lot

more capable than Jerry do you think

that Jerry like summer Morty better

that's a good question it's hard to I

don't remember him showing a lot of

parental affection for either of them so

I'd I don't know there if there's

evidence to suggest his love of one over

the other artists favoring of one over

the other I don't remember it but I I

also have a terrible memory this was an

interesting one on third for chariots

here just like getting that tiny bit of

confidence yeah yeah I don't this is




this is an easy show again Boston it's

just so insane and goofy and fun to

watch I love if there's the stickler

meet six yeah I didn't I had really

forgotten about this it's ending to

Jerry's all he needs is that that's a

little little nudge right yeah yeah

that's funny because I I don't think I

ever noticed that and after you talking

about Archer that's interesting that

this is the episode that we're watching

yeah yeah I just interesting you just

kind of become the hero in a way yeah

even though he created the problem as

much as you can be a hero for solving a

problem that you created just wanted to

get better at golf which also feels like

the most dad thing I don't know if my

dad is just a dad my parents actually

watching this if you were not Jerry I do

imagine that my dad would probably ask

to improve his golf game anything I feel

like okay like it seems relatively

benign and like a nice nice to have yeah

I get the appeal of golf for sure I mean

I think it'd be nice to be able to play

it fairly well and be out and all that

greenery I think that's gonna be a big

part of the appeal right but I would

feel so self-conscious with people

wanting to play through behind me people

that are behind me waiting on me to get

the freakin ball in the hole or be

crushing no I use knocking Sydney you

mentioned there's something there's sort

of a weirdly defining trait for Jerry I

think when you mention something like it

seems like it would keep in mind is that

sort of sort of an abiding principle for

Jerry in a lotta ways in terms of the

approach of the character that it seems

like what he into that he was what he

wants or what he's doing is benign yeah

we're just him as a

as a person sure gonna be benign but

ends up I think that's a good

characterization yeah I think that I

probably fits with a fair bit of what

what Jerry does but also a lot of it is

mostly benign I think he doesn't usually

as I remember effect that many others

but maybe I'm wrong

he's definitely a benign kind of guy

well cuz I'm thinking about that one

episode where I think it's the ABCs of

summer maybe um where he starts dating

the alien hot Libby after he and Beth

breakup and yeah that's true that's true

he he definitely seems to make a

terrible choice with who he uh he goes

out with post Beth I would like to see

an episode of all the women that Jerry

has dated up until Beth because he does

seem to have a pillared taste he does I

guess he likes to be dominated and ruled

over and put it down you know hey

whatever makes you happy yeah sure sure

we can't judge him we can't judge him

can't judge Jerry we all have a little

bit of Jerry in us I think so

well it's why we all like him so much so

that that was mr meeseeks and Chris me

actually when was last time you think

you've seen that episode you mentioned

not really remembering much of it well

they my uh my managers assistant sent me

the link to it so I started to watch it

just to sort of have some idea what

we're gonna be talking about but I

didn't even get all the way through and

I certainly didn't see the end of it so

the last time I saw it before yesterday

was probably when it originally aired

you know I don't know if that I've gone

back and watched any of the episodes

over I'm ashamed to say but I have

limited television viewing time with my

young children and so when we can watch

I mean my want my wife and I watched the

the premiere episode of the second half

of season

for the other night but yeah usually

it'll be the one viewing and that's

that's about all I manage how's it hold

up I think it also pretty fantastically

well you know anytime something is is it

as well written as Rick and Morty is and

then the animation is you know

incredible so yeah I think I think it

holds up quite well you know well if you

don't mind stick around we got a few

more questions from the audience we

talked about the creative process in

recording solo and everything like that

what Tony James on Facebook asks about

your thoughts on the interdimensional

cable episodes because it feels very

improvisational so what was Ali

recording by yourself and having to deal

with it just a ton of improv well it

it's really just Justin doing the improv

I I don't do a lot of improv because the

scripts are really well written and well

thought-out and you know the idea that

I'm gonna go into the booth and you know

come up with something off the top of my

head that's better than what they've

spent you know weeks or days or months

or whatever thinking about is is uh is a

little presumptuous there they're not

like sticklers for sticking words to

word but you know if you want to mix a

few things around or say in a slightly

different way they don't they don't care

but I'm not I'm not doing a lot of

improvising in there Justin however I've

never seen Justin record but you know

you can have a sense of what it's

probably like just based on something

like interdimensional cable and he's

he's so good at riffing and just you

know changing voices and all that he's

it's quite a quite a tour de force

here this is a real quick I just want to

make sure you get to this comment lesson

question Scott Kelly's watching on

Facebook says that I like Jerry better

than Rick well there you go all right

yeah thank you on the other side of the

coin there sorry Michael Michael Cooper

hurt asks have you ever heard anyone

used Jerry as a derogatory term

oh you're such a Jerry we will be in

such a Jerry yeah only my wife only my

wife I don't think I have I don't think

everybody should use it that way

do you have

Fresh Prince Carter and Beira a nice

tariff and very sorry about that

they're both watching on Facebook well

wonder if you have a favorite line from

Jerry favorite line from Jerry I don't

know if this is stick this quite counts

but back to the episode where Beth and

Jerry are on the marriage counseling

planet and Jerry's just sort of like

presenting his his backside to be I

guess raped or dominated or whatever and

he's making these sort of kind of sounds

I've always liked that I thought those

were that was that was kind of funny

question from Ben Monticello I was

watching on sin affects who would you

trust your life with Jeremy Cyril Figgis

we talked a little bit about where dr

Spach Anna ah that's a good question

you know I guess on how high the stakes

are what the situation is you know I

don't know I guess I guess probably

Cyril you know as long as he's in one of

his more confident and not breaking down

moods I don't know how I don't know how

well Jerry would take care of me or

lioska Chapman

so I guess Cyril

strong endorsement yes I guess Zak Ramos

is watching on Facebook wants to know

where do you find more fulfillment as a

voice actor or as fiscally physical

actor on Kim

you know I guess I'd have to give it to

the on camera thing a bit just picking

while I light I love recording voice

over solo I also love that I get to

sometimes do on camera stuff and be

there with other actors and you know

connecting with him in scenes and the

camaraderie around that you know

sometimes I get to travel to fun places

I went I was in Thailand earlier or I

guess it was last I'm working on a movie

and that was fun you know so I I think

that because it I'm there in a different

way you know not just not just my voice

in a recording booth that's it tends to

be a little more fulfilling but I'm very

happy I get to do

michael myers apparently watching on

sinha fix as well if that's the Michael

Myers if Jerry could one hour yeah

if Jerry could one-up Rick on one thing

what do you think that would be I think

I think if he could you know prove that

Pluto was in fact to plan it I think he

would he would enjoy that I think

anytime he is relationship with Beth is

is good on those on those rare occasions

and solid you know he feels good about

that in the face of Rick's constant

scorn and disbelief that that he's

married to his daughter

okay and then last one Carson Magus

mages wants to know are you doing

anything for season five yet

we have not started recording season 5

but I know that they certainly episodes

written and you know have it boarded to

a certain extent but I don't know when

we'll start recording I've upgraded my

home setup even though it doesn't look

like it I've upgraded it so I can

actually record proper sessions from

home you know as long as the studio does

like you know some safety protocols and

and stuff like that it's it's an easy

sort of situation to go into a booth and

record and not really have to encounter

anybody you know but yeah I haven't

haven't started recording yet for season


yeah well Chris thanks again for joining

us glad we gave me an excuse to watch

this episode again I am – thank you very

much Clint and Sydney

but it's great to meet you and thanks

again for everybody watching at home

everybody who voted on this being their

favorite cherry centric episode and we

can see you guys next week for more

watch from the home theater thanks Kim

Kris all right thank you thanks for

watching everybody


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