RHUbarb Review – Decentralizing LAW.

by birtanpublished on August 18, 2020

We got an all new ICO review alright here a copy do what's going on is case seven so if you're new to the channel every single video I drop it's in the theorem giveaway guys the instructions are in the comment section of the videos as you can see right now about six

Giveaways going on right now so just press on the videos and check the comment section to enter ok for each video I drop so as you can see right now the market is getting crushed still we got a total market cap a 215 billion and

We got a Bitcoin dominance of 50.8% so that Bitcoin dominance is rising so I guess that's huge still for the cryptocurrency market but I'm not too concerned with everything going on in here like I don't even buy most of

Things on corn market cap anyway so let's get to that review so today we're gonna discuss an interesting project called rule bar but before we go any further I'd like to say this of course it's not professional financial advice

Please understand that this is an ISO review and there are many risks when investing in icos please do your own due diligence before investing your own money and full disclosure guys this is a sponsor of a few however I chose to talk

About this project because it has a real-world use case and the idea is like really cool it's also a working product you can test it out right now on their website as you can see right here and also to the team who created this they

Created people claims calm people claims out comments right here ok and some of people claims former clients include Microsoft and Amazon and other big companies that's well known in the world so I'll go through a rule bar is sort of

Explain everything and how it works ok guys first I'll give you like their definition of what rhubarb is ok so rhubarb is a decentralized ecosystem of justed minded individuals and institutions that develops funds and

Promotes new forms of alternative dispute resolutions through blockchain and other distributed applications their goal is to increase the access to justice and advance new and more democratic forms of dispute resolution

And other legal processes through their crypto token rule the ticker symbols are hu their current soon to be launched applications are focused on replacing mandatory consumer arbitration and class actions with more democratic

Blockchain processes so that could be a little wordy for some people I'll explain everything really well and give you guys examples to really show you how this thing works like I like this idea so let's move through the website here

In this section right here they talk about the problem that they're solving ok the 450 billion dollar legal system needs a cryptocurrency traditional centralized law is complicated expensive and exclusionary it is also poorly

Suited for modern Commerce and emergent blockchain applications ubar front is changing the way disputes are resolved by developing funding and promoting rapid distributed consensus mechanisms that make faster cheaper and more

Democratic forms of civil just as possible they're doing this through their new ERC 20 token rule coin so I agree with them that this system is very expensive and it's catered to only a few kind of people who can't afford it right

They also have a statistic saying that fewer than 15% of Americans can actually afford to hire a lawyer so that's pretty staggering they can only serve pretty much the rich so rhubarb is aiming to decentralize law that was their main

Goal that they have on the top of the page when you entered the website and the way that they're gonna be doing this is pretty cool they have some pretty cool applications there first one okay I'll show you guys it's down here this

Is their solutions here the first one that they're having is called pull verdicts and of course guys this is a working product you could test it right now and actually use a pull verdict and see like the results and everything but

Before I show you what a pull verdict is I like to show you like a crazy interesting statistic it's gonna blow your mind so this article right here I know it's articles written in 2004 but the evidence hasn't changed much since

Then so government surveys shows 97 percent of civil cases settled the litigation explosion em how missed the nation's courtrooms fewer civil cases are going to trial than a decade ago and juries are

Awarding less in damages according to a new US Justice Department study of the state courts in the nation 75 largest counties about 97 percent of civil cases are settled or dismissed without a trial you see that's that right there 97

Percent of cases are settled or dismissed without the trial that is crazy right you know so this is why this solution is awesome and why I think this poll verdict thing is pretty cool I think it's pretty cool because it gives

You ammunition to settle your disputes so that they don't have to go to court and the evidence that these guys provide is pretty profound if anybody sees the evidence that these guys provide or they present

It to them they will settle pretty quickly because they know that if they go to court they'll lose and they'll lose money because the core system is obviously too expensive to partake in so this is pretty compelling stuff that

They can make on here I'll explain okay so I'll explain what a pol verdict is okay so pull verdict is a new way to arbitrate mediate or neutrally assess settlements using rapid distributed consensus mechanisms developed by

Rhubarb's and people claim pull verdicts render rapid consensus based decisions from large informed networks of legal consumers or industry domain experts who vote via rhubarb Network on the best and fair's resolutions to dispute or other

Controversies or in other situations vote on likely outcomes pull verdicts allow disputes to be resolved in days or even hours and at little or no cost to either party because they are entirely self-funded voters deposit their ruling

And cast their vote for what they feel is the fairest resolution to a dispute the solution that gets the most votes become the consensus and those that voted with the consensus share the pot okay so meaning that whoever picked like

The fairest amount whichever decision one and whoever picked it will get to share the pot of the pie that's donated I'll explain how this whole thing works I'll show you an example let's continue again so it's

Pretty much like a game of skill any number of people can participate in a poll verdict it could be 50 100 1000 or million etc and the quality of the participants of the network improves over time the return on investment of a

Consensus vote for Roo coin can be substantial and voters are motivated to think carefully about each case because if they are in the consensus they will keep their deposits and profit Network members who mine rule coin in this way

Will see their Holdings compound and the demand for blue coin builds so pull verdicts can be applied to both traditional and alternative dispute resolutions to disintermediate democratize and decentralize decision

Process for settling disputes rhubarb will market poll verdict solutions to courts industry arbitration panels merchants and blockchain applications seeking human consensus solutions to network conflicts and disputes say your

Car broke down and you took it to the mechanic and you pay the mechanic two thousand dollars to fix your car however after fixing your car the next day the same thing breaks and again and you take it back to the

Mechanic and saying look you guys didn't fix my car properly you know I want my refund I want some of my money back at lease or whatever right and the mechanics saying no I'm not gonna pay you anything I've done all this work

Worked on it for a week or whatever you know so you come online here and you can take this case and you present all the evidence on here you can pull like three thousand mechanics around your location who can also look at your case and vote

On different amounts that you should get back which could be like zero percent which could be like 25% 50% or 100% of your money back so all the mechanics who participate in this poll they all have to donate let's say five routine to

Participate okay and the ones who chose the right answer that the answer that one liked the consensus will split the pot that everybody donated to participate in the poll also – let's just say that 60% of the mechanics agree

That you should get 50% of your money back or whatever let's just say that answer 1 the person who started to clean everything can get that evidence as well and they can take that back to the mechanic and say look I don't know how I

Don't know how these guys are gonna present it I think maybe they write it in a certain way where you can take it to the mechanic and words present legally or whatever but anyway so take that evidence back to the mechanic

Showing up look 3,000 other mechanics looked at this and then this many of them said that you owe me my money back either you pay me back based on what these 3,000 mechanics agree upon or I'm taking you Court and most likely you

Will lose because if you walk up to a judge right you know how in the courtrooms they always have this part when they're in court and there you know judges call for an expert witness and that expert witness comes and gives

Their opinion and whatever the case is or whatever is going on the case right and that expert opinions opinion is taken into consideration like it has weight in the whole case think about this is like 3,000 expert opinions if

You take 3,000 expert opinions to to whatever courtroom and they all agree that this person should get 50 percent of their money back you're gonna get your money back real quick and you can just sue for time for damages for all

This stuff like no one wants to go through that like guys like that evidence in the beginning is just showing that it's very costly to go to court and only a few people can actually afford to hire lawyers and stuff so back

To the poverty all those mechanics that voted on it the winners will get to split that pot that's their incentive they'll get split that pot of ruin and there are examples on here let's just go click through this

This is a working product and they're testing it out right now and they're different pull verdicts going on right now that people come participate in and as you can see this is like the pool size right here to vote like I was

Saying could be like 5 blue coin and consensus bonus they get 15 extra rule coin and also two of the total in the pool for this one is 2500 and the current jury pool is 32 so they have other ones down here where it's more

People and you have other different questions or it could be even cases that people are asking from so like I said you can pull from professionals you can pull from lawyers doctors or even judges or any professionals that's in this

Platform right now that's using this platform or you can even pull from regular people or men or women or you know anything to get this so let's go back to where we were at so yeah so that's a pull verdict there's a couple

Little more features and stuff about it but if you guys want to learn more about the pull verdict feature just check out the white paper it's all in there they'll have other applications that they're adding on so the first one is

OCD R and that was co-developed with people clean let's let's go to people clean calm and see what it is people claim is kind of like another form of this and as I was saying the same people who created people claim are creating

This right but they're integrating cryptocurrencies and stuff into it okay and on people claim the people claim community can help resolve your case online they can recover damages over charges or anything else to make it

Right there have been over 30,000 cases negotiated already on people claim and you can get help and advice from top lawyers mediators and consumers and advocates there's about 8,000 lawyers on people claim right now so this thing is

Working and there are many examples of successful cases that they've resolved on here as I was saying the past customers include Microsoft and Amazon so OCD are was co-developed people claim the largest online community dispute

Resolution platform over 30,000 cases 3,000 plus mediators and OCD are engages the public to compete for incentives to help resolve cases at a fraction of the time and money cost of traditional legal processes arbitration mediation etc

People claim will adopt group as a settlement currency so another feature is interactive class actions so interactive class actions will allow claimants to join others with similar cases to negotiate with the common

Defender counterparty as a group or settled individually if they choose the process replaces nominal settlements and excessive legal fees with meaningful compensation and fraction lists settlement and final results of OCD are

And polled verdicts as small settlements so tokenizing settlement process when embedded smart contracts or credits and fractional it's payment transfers between merchants and consumers smart settlements reduce friction and increase

Incentives for fast okay so let's move through the website they have other applications that's coming up down here current and soon-to-be launched products as I said already mentioned OCD are to be public fairness assessment which

Enables forward-thinking brands to lower their risks and generate consumer goodwill in matters of controversy by allowing the public to weigh in on policy and governance issue through Barb's Network voting process they'll

Also be free court fast binding arbitration a new solution based on rapid distributed consensus pools parties choose consensus group from legal professionals domain experts or consumer demographics price less than

$50 for places industry arbitration panels and expensive third-party arbitration providers with a free scalable and democratic process there will also be ruined neutral so that helps parties reach consensual agreement

By harvesting expert opinion from industry legal and consumer groups on disputed issues target users include court pretrial conferences traditional and online mediation platforms and health care and insurance providers it

Replaces hourly billed mediators with free and large population consensus voters there will also be rule predict so you can predict likely outcomes or source technical answers to help parties with pretrial settlements or litigation

Strategies this can also be applied to other outcomes it replaces mock trials trials and jury selection consultants expert witnesses and legal research so it's pretty much ammunition for law so also to I ask the team why do they need

The blockchain and they gave me three reasons the first reason that they said voters are transparent and immutable so they need the blockchain for that the second reason is that they can put identity verification on the blockchain

You can tell who is in the voting pools whether it's doctors lawyers judges etc or mechanics and they said that with the blockchain – as we all know it's easier to transfer funds and make micro payment

So they say the blockchain is perfect for what they're trying to do so let's move through the website the root token sale total token supplies 1 billion the hard kappa 60 million I don't like that hard cap is too high that says my honest

Opinion the soft cap is to be determined match token for sales 200 million grew corn and team investors will get 25% releasing them each year the token price right now is 25 cents so token allocation so marketing and development

Air dropped 10% future fund investment 30% rule bar team 20% launch partner people claim 20% investors 20% so broad map so let's just go to 2018 q1 q2 token creation testing audit and trial usage q2 first public poll verdict how to fix

Facebook q2 milestone May 31st public jury community near 6,000 members poll verdict community build out expand advisory tech and legal boards then q3 ICO date to be determined public fairness assessment pilot rollout and q3

Q4 mediation prototype rule rule neutral vailable for businesses and courts so these are the advisers right here let's look at the team first of all we look at the advisers so we'll start off with the founder and CEO his name is mark I had a

Chance to speak to mark on the phone we spoke for about an hour so mark really knows this whole thing in and out like very very well he's very very smart he's the one that created people's claim honestly I heard this guy speak and I

Was like man you gotta like go and do interviews and stuff and he's like hey that's all playing that's all coming so this guy's gonna be going around he's gonna be traveling and doing interviews and getting the business and exposure

And promoting the whole business and stuff so once you hear him speak it's gonna really like sell you more on this project he knows his stuff you'll see so let's move through his resume so he's the founder of 500 lawyers on

The blockchain I was in San Francisco he's also a founder and CEO people claim which I mentioned founder and principal at rate a drug calm he was also an advancement banker at Oppenheimer his education University of st. Andrews he

Has a bachelor's and a master's degree in philosophy so this gentleman is the technical or detect his name is vist hint so around nine years of total IT experience in software design and development

Currently working on a system architect and green matter India technology his experiences director and co-founder at rule consulting services system analyst ok.com system analysts at idh a soft system analysts at grey matter India

Technologies his education wall child college of engineering and these are some of his skills right here so this gentleman right here is one of the advisors his name's Wilfred this is his experience he's a CEO of humanity

Solutions head of innovating justice accelerator a hag institute for international ism of law coordinating and developing the justice investment program heading the innovative justice accelerator he's also president affect

This effect this is a non-profit Association dedicated to identifying and promoting effective justice solutions worldwide he's also an advisor for international engagement information exchange independent advisor he was also

A principal aspiration agent education he went to velorek Business School executive master innovation and entrepreneurship Humboldt University of Berlin master's of international management and economics else who went

To K u Leuven which he got a master's of law so he has an impressive resume as well so we went through here they have some more advisors and more team members guys can look at if you guys are interested in this project so this is

Like a whole example of resolving a dispute through you can go through it but I pretty much explain most of it is the rural economy so this tells you how people can acquire room so you can purchase it in the sale or you can earn

It through the crowd sourcing solutions to dispute you can also earn it by participating in poor verdict voting you could also receive rule a settlement in case filed on the network and you could also refer cases to the network and earn

Grew and this is how you would spend ruh you can deposit to participate in pull verdicts you can also have smart settlement payments to counterparties you can purchase goods and services within the merchant affiliate networks

That's cool they're gonna have that as well you can also have incentive payments or community dispute resolution members for case help or consulting you could also use it as a co investment in rule Autec applications why rule holders

Should retain their rule so unlimited demand for raw application versus finite rule supply will increase value significantly over time so holders retain proportionate voting right Polar's can call invest in many new

Rhubarb applications and proportionate payouts for monetization of rule Holdings business can lock in current values for future settlement payouts by pre purchasing route early this is a pretty interesting project I haven't

Seen anything like this yet if you guys are interested in this project come to Westside come check it out also to join there were social media join their telegram their Twitter their Facebook they also haven't read it as well that

You can join check out people exclaiming calm you can also check out their prototype right here and participate to win some blue coin okay guys I hope you guys enjoy this review this was kasem from crypto

Pedia we got more news and more crypto reviews to come

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