Review & Unboxing | Trezor Model T – Invented for your digital freedom.

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be doing another hardware while it review this one is specifically gonna be on the new treszura Model T I want to thank treasure for sending me one to sample

With and to test out also I'd like to thank my Twitter follower who bought me this cool aetherium shirt off my Amazon wishlist I appreciate it a quick reminder I'm not a financial advisor all investments have inherent

Risk and please do your own research if you're interested in supporting the channel you can do so by checking out my merch store on my website or by becoming one of my patrons alright let's get into it

I'm personally pretty excited about this unboxing and review of this product because I've actually never seen a treasure in real life so this is gonna be a bit of a learning experience for me this is the box comes in pretty simple

Pretty small I kind of ripped open the plastic here by accident already I've had this for a while and I've been meaning to open it and do it but I got kind of sidetracked with a bunch of other content I needed to make to the

Serger took the back burner all right slide it open the safe place for your coins okay let's see here open here I guess I probably should have read that huh okay get started connect your treasure to your computer or smartphone

Open treasure dot IO and your web browser and follow these instructions and sleep tight oh that's kind of cool so this is the treasure and this looks like it's something sticky this would be the tamper proof seal is over the USBC

Slot they did this obviously to indicate the fact that the item has not been tampered with or touched some common complaints I did hear about this was that apparently it leaves a sticky residue on the treasure itself that's a

Treasure that's it's gonna be a touchscreen once I turn it on that's your tamper proof seal pretty small I like it it's I'd say equal in size overall to the ledger just a different shape I got to say out all of

The hardware wallets that I've reviewed this is definitely my favorite packaging so far for sure so in our box we've got a USBC wire which is it seems that a lot of electronics are moving to that now it's kind of neat only because you know

The first time you put it in you're definitely gonna get it right not like the usual ones we got some stickers which is kind of to be expected that's pretty cool all different sizes and looks like a place

To write the personal recovery seed so that's obviously pretty important number four says bonus place the magnetic dock anywhere to hold your device well that's pretty cool if the hologram seal over the USB port

Or the device is damaged or missing please contact treasurer so that would definitely be the tamper proof seal that they're talking about they left a little warning to remind you guys and all the consumers that the tamper proof seal is

Gone or damaged contact treszura because it's probably been tampered with obviously okay so let's take this seal off and see if it's as bad as everybody said well I guess you know these nails probably obviously aren't the best for

It but yeah so that's that's kind of not fun I'm definitely gonna have to work on getting that off as you can see here there's been some leftover seal and that's a very common complaint that I've heard anyways all right now I'm going to

Move over to my computer so that we can power this bad girl up okay so moved over to my computer let's get the started I'm going to plug this thing in the safe place for your coins

Welcome to the treasure okay so my computer is telling me that it is now connected okay cool this is a treasure Model T you're opening the treads or betta wallet shows our bay door well as a public features as you know data and

Contrast okay please let the treasure be a well it might be collecting an anonymized data okay okay I understand that's fine so let's check for up with sector devices connect install firmware because there's always updates or

Installations as you can see over here it's saying that it is strolling the firmware that is a good sign so while I'm waiting for this to install let's talk a little bit about what the treasure holds Bitcoin litecoin – Z

Cache Bitcoin cache Bitcoin gold etherium if you're in classic all ERC 20 tokens expanse ubi Q nem name coin and dogecoin and I'm sure they're going to add implementation for more things they also say that it's future proof with the

USBC and it's ready for extended functions with microSD compatibility that way it can handle in the future maybe more cryptocurrencies or other services okay here we go so create new wallets preparing your treasurer but

First let's get familiar with the various features okay use labeling at transactions comments renaming accounts oh that's interesting what's next verify address authenticity on your treasure okay that's not

Clicking what whatever move on to the next one two-factor authentication safeguards your online accounts and identities and able the industry-standard two-factor authentication well that's cool continue

To wallets create backup in three minutes probably should do that alright your recovery seat is the backup key to all your cryptocurrency applications okay so I want to touch on this quickly I touched on this on my other two

Reviews as well the backup seed is basically the key to so you lock your house and you leave your house you have one key if you give that key to somebody they can get in your house right so this backup seat is exactly the same thing

For your treasure you need to hide it you need to write it down never tell anybody never input it into anything and keep it safe because if somebody has that C they can access all your crypto currencies if you ever lose your

Or gets destroyed you can take this seed buy a new treasure type it in and restore your wall from exactly where it was previous to it getting destroyed which is very important information to know things to avoid do not take a photo

Of your receipt do not write it into a computer do not save it into your cloud storage never upload it onto the internet so basically everything I just said what am i confirming never make a digital copy of you recovery so okay I

Understand okay recovery seed so like I did with my other video I am going to blur out this recovery seed because chances are and by chances are I mean I definitely am going to be using this treasure in the future

And obviously I'd like to keep my privacy secure as well but they give you a little book and I'm gonna write down all of my words in here and then store it somewhere safely type the fifth word in my recovery seed so that it can make

Sure that I know that what my seed is okay typing in the seed was a little frustrating because it's like the old-school t9 where you have to like scroll through all the digits if you have big hands it may be a little bit

More difficult but once I got the swing of it got a little bit easier so it asked me to type in two words and now it's asking me to set a pin I'm just gonna say can door's treasurer confirm on my device do you really want a name

Anna yes enter the pin on candor treasurer do you really want to set a new pin yes stay active the newsletter I don't really need that skip this step follow us I actually think I do already follow them cool awesome your treasurer

Is all ready and set to go so I'm going to keep your backup recover seed in a safe place all right so some pros obviously it's well known and it's very reputable I do believe it's actually the oldest wallet that's been created to

Hold cryptocurrencies since the start of the popularity of the hardware wallet it requires double verifications for transactions to be certain that you know who and what you're sending where and there's a microSD slot for future

Expansion I would say that the touchscreen is probably a pro and a con because it's cool but it's also kind of a pain in the butt to get used to cons it requires a third-party add-on just like the ledger for Chrome you know it

Requires this little website also the Model T is a bit pricy comparatively to the other things on the market although it is their brand new flagship hardware wallet so I guess I can understand that does have a

Touchscreen and it does have a pretty wide variety of capability of crypto currencies that I can hold if you want a safe device and your ledger really isn't your thing this is probably the best second option again I'm definitely gonna

Be using it so I guess that probably speaks volumes about the fact that if I'm going to use it it's got to be pretty good so between this and the ledger and I mean I like both the cool wallet and to keep key to the you know

The keep keys great for keeping something locked up like this maybe in a safe and then the cool wallet is good if you're on the go but this is definitely you know high up there on security as far as just kind of being on market a

Long time and not running into any issues here you can see all the crypto currencies that holds I'm gonna go download the treasurer Chrome extension now which is again very similar to Ledger's okay I'm gonna download

Treasurer bridge and see what this is I'm assuming it's gonna be similar to ledger live cool installation was successful move to trash I added the treasurer chrome app and it doesn't seem to be wanting to load which is kind of

Bizarre hold on let's see here I just unplugged the treasurer and plugged it back into which is obviously the the usual go-to so I'm wondering if maybe because they're phasing it out because I know chrome is phasing out the the apps

The add-ons so maybe that's part of the reason and I also just downloaded the bridge so they said basically it's going to replace the fact that Google is getting rid of the Chrome extension treasurer also supports my ether wallet

My Kryptonian owl all those things so the treasurer bridge which should certainly work with those as well if you guys are interested in picking one up I'll leave my referral link in the video description down below alright

Guys that about wraps it up for me today I was gonna show uh sending and receiving of a transaction on the wallet but they're almost all identical so I really don't necessarily see a point again if you're interested in getting

One I'll leave my referral link down below and if you haven't liked you haven't subscribed yet please do so and as usual guys I thank you for all the support and I will see you all soon

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