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published on July 2, 2020


























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tonight we're celebrating the 15th

anniversary of episode three

revenge of the sith with some very

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let's say hi to our very special guest

tonight first ign's own

max scoville max happy 15th birthday

no that's not right wow yeah yeah

something like that

what are you introducing me first for

i'm not a special guest get me out of


i meant to say a guest now our special


uh no offense the special guests uh also

joining us the voice of ahsoka tano

ashley eckstein and

cal crestus from jedi fallen order

cameraman guys

thank you so much for being here what's


hey thank you for having me absolutely

welcome to watch from home theater so uh

first question obviously we're here

celebrating the 15th anniversary of

uh revenge of the sith uh today

um 15 years ago where where were you


15 years ago today are you opening night

type of type of

well i so normally i am you know opening

night type

type of people and uh let's see episode

one and episode two i was opening night

but um at this point 2005 i

um was just let's see

had just no i was engaged to my

now husband and he used to play baseball

and so

obviously we were in the middle of the

baseball season and i

i didn't see it opening night i i know

a terrible fan so i watched it later

i really really cornered you with this

opening question today

i think i was opening weekend i don't

know if i was opening night but i think

that this might have been the first star

wars that i saw opening weekend

i think i saw all the prequels in


i don't remember exactly but i'm pretty

sure because i remember there were a lot

of people milling about and there was a

lot of excitement and people were still

wearing costumes and stuff around the

theater for this one

well if i can oh sorry i'm not going


if i can say this is so this is actually

a big night in the eckstein household

um here david i'm gonna i'm gonna

introduce my husband

for a second because he's sitting right

off camera

but um here you can fit this one

this is my husband david but um this is

david say it say hi to the hi

hey guys so he's never seen episode


this will be my first time i know

so you're brave of you to uh to ask

yourself like that

i know thanks to that you guys have the


you guys have the matching shirts right

now and you look like the uh evil

bobsled team from cool runnings




we are that he's a good sport we're that

awkward couple that like

you know wears matching outfits to

disney i love that i wish we all got one

yeah so later later we would be wearing


later when i count us down to start the

movie i'll say ein vine

trine and then we'll go yeah

i love it

i'll give a david report every now and


but um yeah his first time over here

yeah you'll have to let us know what the

coolest part is

okay definitely you're a

star wars expert correct what

david is a star wars expert right oh are

you a star wars

throughout the movie making sure that

you uh know

everything that you're talking about

well you're the resident star wars

expert for

this actually well i've been a lot i've

been around a lot of star wars royalty

and i've

learned a lot through them especially

throughout all those years

well no no i i've sat through a lot of

the record sessions early on

and listened to dave filoni talks

forever so

i but i do have a funny story so the the

very first convention i ever went to

this was back in this is back in 2008


um you know he went with me because his

season had just ended but

you know he didn't he didn't know

anything like he didn't know much at all

and the i went to the movies to see

episode four five and six and number one

so like i was that guy and then

was into baseball after that but yeah

but he spent the whole weekend like

calling a

lightsaber a lifesaver and and he called

c3pocp3o and

yeah i didn't correct him i was like

what a bunch of polite people you must

have been around yeah well

i was getting asked how many um

touchdowns that i've scored

to at the convention so it was going

both ways

that's good my favorite was the look

that came over his face

when somebody asked us over to their

house afterwards

for some live-action role play for some


if you want to come over and and you

know larp

and he was just like like he looked at

me like what

are they asking me to do explain you

know what larping was afterwards

oh yeah so all right


uh okay well we'll check in with david

throughout the night and uh

where we're max were you you definitely

openly opening night for you

so this is this is a weird one for me

this was this was the first

this was the first star wars i saw

opening night midnight showing because

it came out when i was a senior in high

school and was sort of able to go and

you know do things on my own at after


um i was the second person in line at my

at the movie theater in my town and the

first person in line was this

was a grown man wearing full jedi robes


the next day wrote a nice letter to the

newspaper and was like there's so many

nice young star wars fans in this town

this is very good so i guess

i guess to made a good first impression

there nice

um but weirdly it's it's also i think

it's the

star wars one of the star wars movies

i've seen the least because

it was sort of right when i was just on

my way out to college and didn't have

time to sit around re-watching movies

constantly like i don't think i ever had

it on dvd whereas i had

episode one two and the original trilogy

on vhs and watched them every chance i

got and it was sort of like

you know and then the more recent ones i

was you know marathoning them in

theaters but like revenge of the sith is

weirdly like i

haven't i've seen it a bunch of times

but not quite as many as

the other ones so this will be somewhat

fresh for me

yeah i have a soft spot for this one too

it because it's

um i was actually working at fox at the

time one of the first

first jobs i got here when i moved to la

i was working on the fox and

it was right when the the movie came out

and they did a screening for the whole


uh like the tuesday before it came so i

got to see it like two or three days

early which at the time for like

the first gig right out of college you

know in hollywood

uh i got to watch star wars before

anybody else right away which was

was a real blast so i i've i've got a

soft spot for revenge of this

that's pretty cool so i didn't make it

opening night because i had already seen


and boy did i let my friends know


so uh on that note now that i'm the bad

guy of the

of the show um let's uh let's just get

right into the movie um

so if you're watching wherever you're

watching uh be sure to

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um and also on twitter with the uh


wfh um so with that

if everybody's ready to go we've got

cursors hovering over play hopefully uh

let's start

it in ein vine trine

play don't play

i did the cool runnings countdown i

promised i would i had to

ceremonial first question uh every

episode of watch from home theater we do

what's your favorite uh

studio oh

i got mine's fox i already out of myself

as a fox guy because i i worked there

for so long

i think i always thought it was just the

beginning of a star wars movie for a

long time

for me it's gonna be lucasfilm you know

you know what it's mgm it's it's the

it's the lion

the lion's a good one because it's so

loud and you have to lower your volume

for it because it blasts out your

speakers like

you never know how loud the movie is

going to be so you like a lot of times

i'll just like put it up really loud the

mgm logo comes on

it's ridiculously loud and then like i'm

like all right well

now i regret even putting this movie on

so that's what i love

about a movie logo same with the tv

the classic thx we're going to blow out

your sound system immediately

you know i like i like one that really

lets themselves be known you know

yeah a studio logo that really makes you

wish you hadn't turned the move

exactly exactly now

i thought you were asking specifically

between fox and lucasfilm but i have to

say i'm

i'm a disney girl i grew up on disney

and that just

classic just blue and white you know

castle logo

uh is what i grew up on for sure

i'm fond of the orion pictures one that

we don't get so much anymore

lets me know i'm watching something from

i don't know when i was three years old

or whatever

yeah well that discussion took us all

the way through the opening for all


was oh i thought we were just going to

do two and a half hours on two and a

half hours of studio logos yeah i got a

lot of material

a lot of material

we'll cover that we'll cover that after

the show

i will i do appreciate that that uh

opening crawl that starts with just

war and an exclamation

i i i missed i missed the opening crawl


i love reading it i can't believe i

missed it

well the cool thing about the opening

crawl there is is you know it includes


the their heroes on both sides which is

something that the clone wars

i think did a really good job of sort of


yeah for me i'm actually really excited

uh to watch

you know to watch the movie with you

guys because i haven't seen it since

i've seen siege of mandalore

so i feel like i'm watching it with a

completely different lens

than you know i've watched it before i

mean i know

now what happens right before anakin and

obi-wan leave like i know about that

conversation with anakin and ahsoka

and that reunion and you know what what

how he just presented her with all the


uh you know let's see a team tonno there


um so yeah it makes it all much more

that much more emotional knowing

what just happened behind the

on to ammar scenes master general

grievous's ship is directly ahead

so that's the longest opening shot of

any star wars movie

post credits or post opening crawl i

think it's like a

76 seconds to just one continuous shot

this is like the most kick-ass opening


these movies it kind of just hits you

over the head with it

and it's one continuous sequence for the

first i own

20 something minutes

it's i mean just the technology

what what so many people don't realize

is you know how advanced these movies


and all the technology that george lucas

created um

you know i feel like he doesn't you know

get enough credit at times

for you know how much he just

paved the way in terms of technology

it's just mind-blowing

have you been over to um i'm sure you

have to the skywalker ranch and the ilm

um offices and all of that yeah

yeah you've probably been you know given

more of a tour of ilm than i have but

it's amazing

it's it's incredible like the the amount

of technology that they use and

obviously at the time of film

was really amazing and the the the


and the motion control cameras that they

used and the way that they processed the

film and layering

on top of each other it's really

incredible and it was like mind-blowing

to think that

for the original trilogy that's

something that they did uh

throughout the early 80s you know it's

it's unbelievable and

the amount of stuff that they also ilm

also worked on

um is just unbelievable and they have

like little miniatures from like the

uh from like jurassic park and uh close


like all this stuff and it's amazing to


these beautiful matte paintings and

stuff like they are they were

i mean they still are just top of their

field and

technology and not only visually but

also sound as well

i mean skywalker sound is just it's next


oh yeah yeah

what i think is crazy is we like the

prequels got so much sort of bad rep for


you know for being either entirely cg or

being entirely in front of a green

screen when in reality it was

it was a lot of time it was like

miniatures for the backgrounds or like

actual footage that had actors comp

onto it and now with what they're doing

with uh with the mandalorian they're

filming in front of an actual

you know panoramic video wall right it's

just it's cutting out the middleman with

having to add that in post

just and it's the backgrounds are

running in the same the same engine as

your as your game camera

right they're using unreal right it's

yeah which is like real-time rendering


which is the right the right word for

that yeah it is

so my confession is i haven't seen this

movie in years

so this will be a complete refresher for

me i i went back and i

uh i watched uh the original trilogy and

the other two prequel movies

the past few days to kind of refresh

myself but

uh i haven't watched revenge of the sith


quite a while so i'll be watching along

with everybody here

yeah cameron same here i mean it's been

it's been probably at least a year or

two since i've seen it

especially you know i have the complete

background of

so forgive me if i get it emotional

at times knowing and knowing what


right knowing mandalore right now

yeah that's what's like so much fun

about star wars is

how it just adds on layers and layers of

like different

like different new pieces of media that

recontextualize what's already there

uh i mean you know ever since empire was

like surprised i'm your dad now it's


you know we're getting you know we're

getting uh you know a jedi phone order

that comes that comes after this we're

getting clone wars that butts up right

against it and it's kind of it's

like it gives you a reason to go back

and rewatch these old movies

definitely i just got to give a little

bit of love to r2d2 right now too

i my favorite character is in star wars

is actually r2d2

so any scene with r2 in it just

uh is automatically a favorite scene of


he's honestly the real mvp of the entire

skywalker saga isn't he

i think so i call him my hero because he

he is he's always there to save the day

he gets uh he gets pretty violent in

this one he gets kind of like

gets kind of bloodthirsty in that droid


it's definitely the sassiest of all star

wars characters

yeah i would go r2d2 then han solo but i


r2 is just a little bit sassier it's

just we can't always understand what

he's saying

he's just swearing constantly yeah it

would be r-rated if we could

yeah there's there's got to be a version

of this somewhere where somebody's

subtitled r2 with

with just the most foul like

filthy i need you to stay with the ship

yeah take this

i would love to to speak droid

yeah i do i am always jealous of like

and it was the same thing with

han and chewie of just it's like yeah

you understand what he's saying and you

just speak back to him in

in your language you got that's good

enough you guys can communicate that way

something so intimate about that

got to give a big shout out right now to

matthew wood

um voice of general grievous you know

he just blows my mind i mean such a

talented obviously voice actor

but then just a prodigy in sound

i mean what he does uh it's skywalker

sound and what he's done for the sound

of these star wars films is just

insane i love how much like people in

the sound department get to sort of

insert themselves into the movies

uh i think it's it's ben bird who does

the voice of like half the battle droids

too right

he just modulated it a whole bunch to

sound more robotic

yeah i think so there's more than one

way out of here

i know that grievous coughing is

actually that's george lucas coughing

like he had a really bad

cold on set and somebody just like hit

record and they just

yeah you get to be grievous you get to

be grievous as flam

i do love a lot of the stories uh


you hear some things where they had a

plan and then they show up on the day

and then

it lucas would just change stuff like

there was a

whole lightsaber duel in attack of the

clones with uh like the yoda wasn't

supposed to be in and he was like you

know what yoda

so him coughing and everybody else being

like yeah that should be grievous like


that attracts how collaborative these

things are

well uh wasn't that a final

um showdown in phantom menace with uh

qui-gon and

darth maul was not a lot of it came up

with uh by

um ray park and the stunt team and stuff

and it was kind of something that like

it was way shorter and and it was later

kind of decided on the day i remember

hearing about that i don't know i'm

going through great finds so let me just

sell a bunch of misinformation that i

heard but

we do most of our research it's fine yes

this is a very professional operation we

have here

wait this okay this scene is like

this whole part with like r2 getting

like carjacked and then basically just


messing stuff up with the elevators and

then proceeding to just completely wreck

shop is like

oh my look at this yeah

oh wow this is like

it's shot a little differently

especially between the other

the other prequels too it's like the

just the angle that they're covering

r2 flying like this shot like there's



bloodthirsty r2 oil thirsty maybe

oh my gosh yeah r2 is extra sassy in

this movie

listen and coming up here you know going

back to what you're saying

about oh sorry

going back to what you're saying about

george lucas changing um

things i mean i feel like that's that

happens a lot just on set

um but that did happen to us and in

animation it's

it's a much bigger process because

there's storyboards and

you know rendering and you know several

steps but um

he changed his mind on something uh like

a week before we recorded

and so dave filoni and the team had to

completely rewrite an arc

uh and and he was right to change it uh


but it was just it's very much like a

last-minute thing

but of course you know if it comes from

george lucas it's like well

of course we have to change it

you won't get away this time i would

like to talk about christopher lee here

and how thank you incredible he is yep

like his his line coming up he's when he

says i've been looking forward to it

is so good i've been looking forward to


yeah oh yeah yeah i love christopher lee

good twice the price i think what i also


about him too is how much you know that

he was enjoying this stuff

like have you ever heard about the

stories about him of how much he wanted

to be a wizard

and he would send pictures of himself

because he wanted to be gandalf

so he would send uh images of himself

dressed in a wizard's robe

to peter jackson as basically

auditioning for the role

and it's like it was something that was

like very

important to him was to be able to be

like a powerful wizard

and eventually he he managed to do it

and plus he was in star wars as


a space wizard as well which i feel like

all this stuff he was probably

relishing reveling in that movement

we did a uh a series of interviews with

some of the stunt coordinators and

things like that for these

uh uh called breaking down the duel

and talking about christopher lee on set

like he did a lot he's apparently quite

an accomplished sword

he did a lot of this muscle he also has

a metal band

he's got like a crazy crazy metal band

and he's a world war ii badass

he he was like like a spy and like

he was like record supposedly was like

he did a lot of stuff

and it was he was like there's like all

these stories i like read this

amazing bio about him a few months ago


that guy just lived a life an absolute


and he was a bond villain yes

he's the man and now he's about to lose

his head

so sorry christopher lee oh

oh oh

oh man again

you did well um here's uh

coming coming on the heels of that

lightsaber duel there which was it was


um johnny freeze uh

is out there watching he's asked uh to

to both of you cameron and ashley what

are your favorite lightsaber fights from

from revenge it wasn't the first time

remember what you told me cameron you

get universe

i i will say i have a new favorite um

after seeing

ahsoka and darth maul fight in the siege

of mandalore

that was mind-blowing and you know i'm

saying that more from

the aspect of you know even what ray

park was able to do

uh because you know they did it in mocap

and then they animated it

um so and it was lauren oh my gosh

forgive me i don't remember her last

name but

her first name was lauren she uh was did

the mocap for ahsoka

and um it's just mind-blowing i mean

they did

they did it on like on the roof on these

like really thin

rails in this epic lightsaber battle uh


shout out to everyone who animated it

and it's it's just incredible

yeah i think for me

it just has to be the classic throne

room fight from

return the jedi you know between

uh luke and darth vader there's there's

just such palpable attention in that


and i feel like it's the like you could


show those 10 minutes and you would know

everything you needs to know about star


you would be able to understand the

themes the conflicts

the you know everything the passion the

family aspects like

what it is that makes it um

feel the way it is like is so perfect

perfectly encapsulated within that scene


i you know that's like also it's just i

have such a fondness of that from

being a kid and that was the scene i

would watch over and over

you know when i was younger

that's true which is why i like him

no i'm with i'm with cameron on the on

the lightsaber duel i think that

just the throne room scene is so so

perfect i'm also like

i'm a little bit butthurt that we didn't

get more of that green lightsaber you

know like it's just i just want more i

like i

also i really appreciate the amount of

neon green and like grievous control

room i think that's just

spices things up a bit there's a lot of

you know there's a lot of like red and

blue in star wars but like i just

some good neon green in there just

really just

add some flair it's underused

for sure

also can we talk about star wars fashion

for a second i just was i was just

thinking like

when i'm old i kind of want to dress

like dooku

he's got he's got the riding boots he's

got this like tunic

and like a really like a short cape with

this very tasteful chain

it's a good it's a good outfit real good


so i have to i have to say i had the

chance to

tour the archives over this past year


see all of the original costumes from

um not only the original trilogy but the

prequel trilogy

and uh especially in the prequel trilogy

they did not skimp at all on details

i mean the the like the level

of these costumes i mean they were so

well made uh very expensive

i mean especially once we get to some of

padme's costumes

i mean these these are couture on every


um you want to talk about hand beading

custom dyed

even the guys costumes the robes like

it's the best fabric

um just very very well made gorgeous

i think the the biggest issue with the

the prequel costumes is a byproduct of

90s fashion and if you look at like

the jedi tunics in attack of the clones

they're very baggy like they're very


like what was fashionable in menswear at

the time which is

you know you can't it'll come back

around again i don't know compared to

like luke's like beautiful sort of

like like our art school tunic he shows

up in a turn of the jedi which is just


just clean lines like a versace suit

yeah i mean i i would say that padme

definitely is like a fashion show in her

in and of herself for for the prequels

like between the hair the makeup and the

designs for the

the costumes and also i i love all of


um the royal uh rooms that she's within

as well like there's some like

really cool like 70s contemporary like


and a lot of the areas and like they're

like purple and red

and weird colors like that and like

there's a lot of really

cool kind of throwback stuff that they

do with the architecture and set design


costuming as well um but as for the


they have lots of ropes and they look

very comfortable

i feel like jedi's are some of the most

comfortable heroes

in the world you know because they just

have like lots of like

soft cottons and wolves and

flowy robes do you think they do you

think they

captured palpatine when he was like

hanging around the house because

that looks like a that looks like like

like leisure clothing it's very fuzzy i

just want to like

rub my hand on it and see like what it

is is that just a snuggie like what is


you know i'm just wearing a blanket i'm

trying to remember because i did see

that costume in person

and i mean it i think i remember it

looking very comfortable

it was like a nice cozy robe

no if you're the most powerful man in

the universe

you can be comfortable you don't need to

dress up for anybody at that point yeah

who are you going to impress

you know you can just show someone or

fighting them if they don't like it

yeah we can also uh need to ask you

about poncho fashion

how where

straight from studio logos into poncho

it's layering all right

you got to go with the oversized poncho

to go over your oversized tunic to now

then compliment your undersized


so you know you got to have something

tight underneath to kind of show what's

going on but then loose on top of it

and then even looser on top of that you

want to be very hot when you're in the

desert as they

usually are you want to just be very

warm and overheating

poncho is the desert poncho is like a

robe for people who have places to

can you fly a be like this i like that

i like that i will say though now the


got better over time i i do have to give

dave felony a shout out there because it

it was very important for him to

give you know i i can only speak to

ahsoka but to give ahsoka something

that she would fight in that was


because i can't say that a tube top was

the most appropriate

form of attire to fight the clone wars


um but you know i find it funny all the

guys have these

you know covering robes and boots and

you know armor and then some of the

female characters uh

are not quite prepared for war

it's gotten better over time

so this is the first this is the first

star wars movie where you see the fire


they get they get fire truck spaceships

come out here i love it

do we know if jedi's wear underwear do

they have jedi

specific garments are they are they like


like long johns are they like a

loincloth so do we know what's going on

has that ever been covered in any sort

of extended fiction

i just feel like we should all know this


reasons i mean you know star wars being

around for 40 some odd years you'd think

that they would have covered it

at some point somewhere somebody's got

to have covered that

well have something to pitch the day of


uh i forgot to ask that when i saw the

costumes if

if they had appropriate undergarments

that match with the costumes

i will ask just for you cameron also

they've got to stink cause no one ever

takes a shower in star wars they're on

the mission

the whole time running around going

through swamps

bugs everything i've never seen a shower

who knows what's going on it's probably

a smelly universe no that's a that's a

good thing to get brought up because

like i think the other thing is just

like hygiene in star

wars in general is like nobody really

talks about bathroom stuff we see

trash compactors and like you know those

like stinky sewage tunnels but then

like first episode of the mandalorian

they were like all right let's find

let's talk about it let's talk about

star wars toilets this guy's going to

talk about evacuating and it's going to

be a whole weird thing but like

no maybe we'll finally get to the bottom

of it what's underneath those robes what

are they doing

that's the thing star wars has always

been missing bathrooms

one of those iconic uh star wars wipes


took us to it's about the 23 minutes and


that was the opening sequence of the

movie 23 minutes from start to finish

starting with that long uh you know

following their their ships around all

the way through crash landing half of a


uh about 23 minutes wow

the evocative of uh the original trilogy

the the third installment and that


the jedi that opening sequence of

breaking out

uh han from the prison um

dealing with jabba the land cruiser all

that until it explodes there's also like

25 minutes of action straight

um and honestly like even like empire

strikes back there's the whole hot

sequence that is also like pretty

explosive like i feel like that's

something that

star wars is very good at is like having

an open thing that punches you

right in the face and kind of like sets

the stakes really quickly

and then you start going back into more

of the character stuff but having like a


opening hook is something i think that

they just do really well

supposedly there was there's a there's a

four hour cut of this or there was a 14

hour cut it was the entire rescue of

palpatine was like over an hour long

which is crazy to think about i feel

like i feel like people would have

totally watched a four-hour star wars

movie especially

you know hot on the tails of lord of the


no i would i would have been there three

days before it opened on the fox lot

watching it for four hours

i i like this hairstyle of padme

obviously very reminiscent of princess


it feels like we've been apart for a


like slightly more subdued

yeah they uh they have like uh

they have like a bantha thing going on


this movie speaking of the opening

sequence and and

you know even now it's just gorgeous

i forget how beautiful this movie is

something wonderful has happened

you can pull another question here this

one is coming from

uh jose de jesus delgado

uh who's watching on cinema questions

for ashley

what do you think ahsoka would have said

to anakin if she would have had the


prior to facing darth maul do you think

she could have prevented some of this


it's a great question you know obviously

we see in siege of mandalore

uh ahsoka wants to talk to anakin

um but you know she kind of refuses

to tell obi-wan and you know master yoda


you know clearly that shows her trust

level you know she just doesn't trust

anyone anymore she doesn't trust anyone


anakin um you know obviously there's so

much just

ahsoka doesn't know but i do think and

this is just my opinion

but i do think ahsoka

you know would think that she could have

helped that she could have stopped

him that she could have maybe helped

saved him

um and and you know obviously would have

a lot of regret there

uh and just that's just my opinion um

but they never get that moment

never get them just a sad moment with a

lightsaber at the

at the very end yeah

i love how much grievous is just like a

he's like a silent film villain like

he's got the

he practically has a mustache and a top

hat like he's he's hunched over with

this cape

cackling breaking stuff it's great

yeah the the caped half a robot look is

it's scary for sure i forget how like

well he moves he's

he's a lot faster than i remember him

especially when he starts like scuttling

around on little pincers

yeah he's a creepy dude

oh he he's really creepy

here's a another question so we're

talking we're talking about grievous as

a villain here

uh this is for cameron from uh brock

peters who's watching on youtube

uh ign's youtube channel um what villain

if any from star wars uh would you want

cal kessel

any villain


cal to fight any villain i want him to

fight anybody i want him to be safe

kel's my fan you know i want to look

after him i want to protect him

i wouldn't want to wish that on him

that's an awful thing come on man

what are you doing um i don't know

i mean there's one big one that he does

fight at the end of the game which

if you guys have played it you'll know

and to be honest that was kind of

a dream so

i think that i think what we got

is already pretty cool

nothing nothing would i mean that's a

pretty big one

you know i don't wanna i don't wanna

spoil it for people who haven't

played it but also come on guys play the


i think i think he should fight subulba

just he just goes to tattooing and just

just beats the crap out of sabala for no


just like yeah subulba watto

all those guys water would be yeah while

i was like fixing a car radio or

whatever and just cows like

we need to talk i would actually love if

cal beat him in gambling

gamble off against each other and he

ends up like

taking everything from moana because

don't do

you see him later and he's like


so he lost everything so there you go

i don't think the timeline works that i

don't i never know like actually whether

or not he's supposed like you see in

episode two and like i don't know if

he's supposed to be poor or not because

he has a new hat

right he's got a new hat and he's on the


curb so i assume he but he might just

have gotten older

and had a change in fashion choices yeah

i don't know

he might have been like outside like you

know hanging out i don't know

we also don't know

there's a lot of a lot of things that we

don't know there's a lot of variables


but this is says this has been wado talk

with ign

and uh thank you everyone for tuning in

i would say this dress that padme is

wearing or nightgown i guess i should


uh i did get to see this one in person

and it's

it's amazing like

the detail of the pearls uh

jada like the it's not the embroidery


just the you know the stitching and the

dress right there

uh it's i mean the level that trisha

bigger and her team

went to uh for all of these costumes

is just it's mind-blowing i i highly


because they have they have exhibits

that travel the world where you can go

see the costumes

if you get the chance go see these

costumes up close

um it's incredible there's a there's a

beautiful book that they put out about


i think chronicle published it and it's

just called star wars costumes it came

out probably

four or five years ago and it's they

only made one for the original trilogy

but it's like

i read the whole thing cover to cover

it's it's phenomenal it talks

it has like beautiful archival photos

but they haven't done one for the

prequels yet which i'm dying to see


like you said you've got all these

amazing like you know padme dresses and

emperor palpatine snuggie i won't and

all that

become real palpatine we'll have to do


wardrobe watch because it gets


nuttier throughout this whole move in a

really cool like

yeah by the end of this he looks like

he's in dune like he's starting to


yeah he's either in dune or he's he's

he's one of the uh

one of the nazis at the end of writer's

lost ark during

the ceremony oh yeah

i have to say i i really like anakin and

padme's chemistry

in this movie i'm i feel a lot more than

you know i i did in the previous films

so this this is a scene here this

conversation with you uh

which i it seems a little like therapy

um but

they're they're just talking about this

dream that he had this is one of the

scenes in this movie that i think

really like plays a lot better in the

context of the clone wars

like knowing what anakin's been up to

the last couple of years and knowing

what else is on his mind here like it

make it gives this scene more weight

i won't let these visions

death is a natural part of life

rejoice for those around you who

transform into the force

this really does look like therapy yeah

it's nice and low light comfortable

chairs it's probably some inspiration

lighting it looks like a 1940s noir like

interrogation it's a cool kind of

like they're not really revealing

everything that

they know to each other sort of with

like just sort of the slashes of light

uh david david watch david

yeah david's feeling good he really

liked that scene with yoda

the train your wait train yourself what

was it training

like the fear of losing train yourself

to let go of

he was he was really getting a lot out

of yoda's advice

it got all of us to to be quiet

here's another question this was for uh

for cameron um

from a user named uh luke's professional


on twitter um wants to know do you think

cal would ever turn to the dark side

if you love your work as always and it's

making me feel uneasy

i mean i think that there's a temptation

within uh

every jedi and you know um

they i think there's

an inherent darkness to the universe

into these stories

and cal specifically has experienced a

fair amount of trauma from a young age

and uh you know he flirts with it in

um in fallen order i think that there

are moments where you see him

flirting with the dark side and i'm sure

you know if we follow cal moore he'll

receive other temptations as well

as the nature of these stories they tend


and whether or not he was to come to


just have to find out

i'm overwhelmed sir i like that his his

sconces look exactly like the trade


like battle droid ships from the phantom

menace like they look like bad guys

spaceships just on his wall

yeah who would guess that he's evil by

looking at this room

i do like i believe that the the

dissolve game

has changed a little bit from a new hope

all the way to the revenge

for george lucas like this has this has

the most wipes of any of the movies

right i know and they're not

just like a star a circle wipe or an

iris wipe or anything

weird shutter patterns and

dig it what it's just like yoda's head


how can you do this this is outrageous

it's unfair how can you be on the


and not be a master take a seat

young skywalker

forgive me master


did not look happy with them no mace


i mean he he gave a stoka some attitude

and clone wars too mace windu is not

messing around

there immediately he's right it's a

system we cannot afford to lose

go i will here's another question from


sweet lizzy blue is the username um

no i'm sorry i read the wrong one this

was from uh

from casey a question for ashley what

was your favorite part of

growing ahsoka as a character

put me on the council and not make me a

master you know

that's a great question um

i mean i think my favorite part of



maybe this isn't directly answering it

but it's

as ahsoka grew over the years

you know kind of having an entire

generation of star wars fans grow with


um you know was really cool to watch

you know i've been kind of been in the

star wars universe since 2008

and literally i've gotten i've watched

kids grow up

uh and and to see how

you know ahsoka was was kind of like the

eyes of the audience in clone wars

and um you know fans got to experience

the clone wars through her eyes and

learned some of the same lessons

you know through her and um to watch

the fans in the audience grow with her

and myself

included i very much feel like i grew up

with ahsoka

um that's been really cool that that's

probably my favorite part because i see

the positive impact she's had on

people's lives i mean she's

changed lives and saved lives i say and

it's it's true i mean i probably get

at least one story a day about how i


and many more you know about how she's

impacted people's lives and and that's

been really really cool to see

um how people are translating

her stories into their own lives

and and how it affects you know everyday


yeah that's one thing i wanted to ask

you guys about too is that because there


you know 40 whatever years worth of star

wars stories out there

um there are so many different like

entries into the franchise right like

there's the generation that grew up with

the original trilogy there's a

generation that grew up with prequel

trilogy and that was a and obviously

clone wars like you were just talking

about people literally growing up with


um you know and and gamers finding a way

into it through fallen games like fallen


um i mean you you talk about it being a

rewarding experience being like

somebody's way into this big

what is a prophecy

yeah i mean you know the if you look at


uh the way that kind of it's been timed

it's almost like there's a new set of

stories for every new generation so the

original trilogy

you know fans once they were old enough

and had kids

then the prequel trilogy came and then

now the prequel

trilogy kids are old enough and they

have their kids and now we have

uh you know the the new trilogy um

or you know clone wars too uh

you know it's it's just every new set of


has its own new generation and there's

you know there's fans that

of of the newest trilogy that haven't


you know the previous films uh or you

know clone wars might have been their

first entry into star wars or

you know gaming you know as their first

entry into star wars so it's really cool

to see

you know just new generations come into

star wars and

i think there's there's not any right


i think as long as and then through some

sort of story

it's just kind of like hey welcome to

the universe and look look at all the

other stories you have to enjoy

don't ask me i think it's

like emotion in the senate i think it's

a good philosophy when like

whatever um thing you're making be it um

a tv show or a series of movies or even

a podcast or something like that

each new edition you should just assume

will be

someone's first it will be their first

experience with it in their first kind

of introduction to what it is

and you always have to make sure that

you're putting your best foot forward

and telling something that feels not

only part of a larger universe but also

self-contained because for a lot of

people this will be their first

uh taste of whatever this is and um

yeah you know i think that it's amazing

for people to

be able to have a point of access and

introduced from a lot of different needs

i have this

like single beam of light going around

my chest

and driving me crazy i was trying to

warn you about that

all right you got you got tiny windows

in your place man

you know that's that's a really good

point the whole point of entry thing to

star wars because i you know part of me

is like yeah i grew up with the original

trilogy when i stopped and think about

it like i played dark forces at a

babysitter's house before i'd seen all

three movies

and you know it was and i watched the

movies and bits and pieces on tv so

there was always like this weird and

and then at the end of the day like the

movies are like episode four five and

six like you're missing out on something


and so you know they're really like i

said there's no there's no real

right way to go about it it's sort of

you know i would worry about

look at it from different angles from a

certain point of view

so here we have the the story of darth

plagueis at

the star wars cirque du soleil show here

she's believed that it's referred to as

uh squid lake

was the was the nickname given by the

behind the scenes people

it's a good one i do find these bubbles

fascinating no

i'm not able to i i get it i would be in

a show like this

yeah yeah you could overcharge for that

at las vegas

it's just everybody getting up to get

the entire run of the show

speaking of of drinks so i have my darth


mug here nice um all right

the handle is his lightsaber oh that's


yeah you can get these on the disney

cruise line

when they have a movie theater there and

so you can get your coke

delivered during star wars day at sea in

the darth vader mug

and i have a greedo tiki mug here

oh i love it uh yeah it was part of a

two pack with uh with han but han in

tiki form

just kind of looks like just a weird

wooden chiseled man whereas grito is a

little bit more identifiable

oh yeah

they asked you to spy on me didn't they

it's interesting here too and this is

another thing that i think like the

clone wars really helped with it

and the whole the whole notion of the

jedi doing something shady

like asking anakin to spy um

you know sort of a uh sort of a crack in

the veneer

of the jedi for this movie it was pretty


yeah and especially that scene you know


ahsoka said you know ahsoka calls him


and says you know he's really close

you know to to um to palpatine like i

can't believe you

you know you would ask him to do that i

i think

you know ahsoka comes back completely

changed and

uh you know she she's not afraid to

to call it what it is or how she sees it

still doing mug show and tell yeah

nice i got my uh

indoor uh tiki mug that i got from

galaxy's edge

it's good i love it it's got a little

ewoks on it and atst

and it's a beautiful day oh that's cool

where did you get that was that at

doc ondars uh i i got it at the cantina

uh you can get there's two drinks i

can't remember which ones there's two

drinks that you can get

that you can get the mug that comes with


oh cool okay see i can't get past the

bantha cookies did you guys

try the bantha cookies in the cantina

no i have not oh okay

it's it's totally the best snack on batu

it's like the most underrated you know

the snack that they have

you apparently like you're supposed to

get it with

the chill blue milk um but you know

like the underground secret menu is that

you can buy the cookies by themselves

and they're so good it's it's a

shortbread cookie

topped with like a samoa with a ring of


and it's it's amazing

this has been uh galaxy's edge snack

watch with actually

important things yeah yeah eventually of

course you did

i think we're all comfortable here so

i'm just gonna

take care of this there we go

the first one you pour one out there we



nice now we're watching star wars now

we're doing it

i i like probably to admit that i don't

have any star wars

related anything to drink out of right


i suppose i could turn this boba fett

helmet there there will be someone there

will be someone from lucasfilm who is

watching this who will send you

something right now

let me get a knock on my door here in a

minute like

this i have a lot of star wars glassware

but not like any i don't have any just


mugs for some reason all my mugs are

like anime themed

i don't know why we gotta we gotta fix

that max yeah i need more i used to have

a boba fett mug i don't know i think

that's at work actually

i love how we've made our own version of

the cantina

here from home social distance

we also missed um the big meme scene

of the story of darth sidious the wise

all right what is it darth plagueis yes


against uh yeah where uh

he says you know we can keep someone

alive and that might be considered


which a little callback to anakin uh

said that he wanted to keep people alive

after his mother died

nice little bit of pullback like a

little bit of forward shadowing there

i also like that it just establishes

like how evil is palpatine oh he will

just talk your ear off through cirque du


that's the word it's frowned upon we're

trying to watch this

do we have anything there's a lot of

theories about darth plagueis

and sort of what exactly that story

was was meant to do you guys have any

personal favorites but

who darth plagueis really was uh i like

the theory that it's jar jar

i think that's the solid one

possibly dark plagueis sure

you also mentioned that there's a we

missed out on the meme we've had a few

questions uh

a few people asked that question in some

of the um some of the comments do you

guys have any favorite star wars me


i think all of the all of the really

horribly mistranslated

subtitles from revenge of the seth are

really good like that's where do not

want came from

instead of no um

you know what's so sad is like i i

probably look at at least one star wars

meme a day and of course right now i'm

completely blinking

there's too many of them too many i

don't know what's do not want from this


i think so so should we all do what do

you not want

at that point yeah we should

do that all right cool um

i'm a fan of mcclunky mcclunky's a good


i like it it's a new one it's a new one

but i'm a fan of a small boy

well it's just such a such a bizarre


it really is and and finding all those

new bizarre

additions it's also like a game onto it

it will not be long before the council

makes you a jedi master

i think obi-wan is my favorite through

the prequel movies just because he

starts out like

so he's so happy he's like master we're

gonna go do jedi stuff and it's like oh

no gas and then it's like everything

goes downhill and it's like

you you invited the frog to come with it

okay there's a little boy here now and

then you get to hear and he's just like

he's just so tired he's so sick of all

of this

and he's channeling sir alec guinness so

it's just like a it's just

you and mcgregor you really got thrown

into a bad situation by qui-gon

this is better

i will say i i'm excited for an ob one

i mean i love you and mcgregor as


also shout out to my

great friend james arnold taylor uh and

you know his portrayal of obi-wan

uh for all these years but love obi-wan

is a character and

um i'm just excited for more more of him

save your energy

and you like that's the great thing

about ewan mcgregor in the prequels is

he seems to just be having a

like he seems so so thoroughly engaged


having fun with being obi-wan keno

i think that's the thing and and you

know cameron

now that you know you're part of the

universe what i love about

star wars is everyone genuinely

is just so excited to be there if you

get to play a character in star wars it

feels like you've won the lottery

and you know you're just like it's such

a privilege

that every day you know showing up to

anything you know

work or you know whether it be like a

convention it's just

you know everyone's just excited to be

there it's pure excitement

something some i i i also

have to agree with everyone on un's

performance um

not only in this but across all the

prequel movies i think that

he is so phenomenal in his

characterization and getting just enough

of alec guinness

for this and um also it's just a very

clear character arc

of what they do with him i i feel like

that this is kind of

it's the emotional part you know the


that losing his master and then the

relationship that he has with anakin

uh throughout these movies that for me

really personally resonates with me and

i think it's why revenge of the sith is

my favorite of the prequel movies is


of mcgregor and that dynamic

i will say i did think of it's not

necessarily a meme because i don't

remember what it says

but i i love the the call

outs for anakin's mullet i mean

anakin's mullet in this in this movie

it just it's great that was that was

like yeah he's a bad boy he's like he's

oh he's like he's a little bit tough now

honestly it's

it's very uh uh quarantine hair

it looks it's just the right kind of

unkempt and

overdue for a haircut i feel like i

could probably

sort out a little bit of anakin

if i wanted to okay so can we nerd out

about uh

teon medan here the guy who's he's

played by bruce spence who also played

the mouth of sauron in lord of the rings

he played the both the gyrocopter

pilot in road warrior and the

yeah he's like he's in he always plays

just this weird guy with like

kind of scary teeth and then in this one

he's just they're like yeah let's give

him a corduroy face and it's just

whoa like he's

creepy looking and that costume is

incredible too

tell your people what's this laughter

i'm gonna talk to you like i might

bite you was this after lord of the


uh yes yeah yeah

so they were like that is a scary mouth

we need to get another scary mouth and

put it on him

and he was also he was also he was also

in the matrix

i think so he's been in some big

trilogies there

and he's he's not really immediately

recognizable but

because he's always under all yeah

yeah i think there somebody pointed out

in attack of the clones there's

in the background there is not only like

the guy who tries to sell obi-wan death


is mouse from the matrix and right the

girl within the red dress is seen in the


and it's because they were both filming

on the well i guess some similar sound


because they're both they're both

shooting those in australia at the same


is that lizard

what a cutie

he's a good good lizard too

i i will say going back to what you're

saying it's

one one of my favorite things is when

you film on a sound stage

you know it's it can be so random

whatever is filming next to you

uh i once did a tv show called blue

collar tv

and and the the sound stage next to us

they were doing reshoots for mr and mrs


and brad pitt and angela angelina jolie

were literally right next to us um and

larry the cable guy

was a part of our show and he became

friends with brad

pitt so he just walked next store in a

trailer and was like hey we're filming

blue collar tv well you do a guest star

on our show

and he said yes so

we have somewhere in one of our episodes

the sketch

and brad pitts in it and it's the most

random thing

that like brad pitt is just randomly in

a sketch

and it's it's purely because they were

filming right next to us and larry the

cable guy asked him to

that is amazing didn't he also do the

weather for an australian

uh news channel for a while he was just

like the weather guy

really yeah he like you can find footage

of him he just

wanted to be a weather man so he went

and was like the weather guy on this


i've seen some stuff like that before of

people that are like

on a publicity tour for something and

they just happen to be in the studio and

they wander in and they do the weather i

think like will ferrell did it a couple

of times

it seems like fun yeah

i was i was shooting a a movie years ago

on pinewood in uh in pinewood in london

in london

um and it was at the time when they were

uh building the success for the force

awakens and

it was it was on one of the stages


and we would all during lunch try to

sneak over

and like see if like we could see

anything through like the tarps and

that kind of stuff that was like getting

like put into the stage

and we were like we would be asking the

guys like hey man like

anything you can tell us like anything

you give us a little

drop a hint you know just blink twice to

see 3pos in this just you know


nah they didn't give us anything

yeah this this fight with grievous i

like because

like you know the phantom menace you you

added the double lightsaber

into the into the and then all the way

building up to here to having

a guy with four arms and light tape it's

like how do you keep one upping these

lightsaber duels

that also that part where he's like

spinning just really fast it reminds me

of that

that scene in the simpsons where like

bart and lisa are like spinning their

arms and kicking and just walking

towards each other

it's like if you get hit it's your fault

i'm just going to walk straight forward

with these four lightsabers and if they

hit you

i also have to say to all the cosplayers

out there

that have that cosplay it's general


i mean it's amazing some of the general

grievous costumes i've seen

how they actually pull it off is

is just mind-blowing uh

it's really creepy to see a general

grievous cosplay

like walking towards you

that's a that's a big job to take on

right like if you're going to do

a general grievous gospel you better be

able to really

and to do this creepy spider oh

that is just oh

generally yeah he's one villain

i have a hard time watching just because

of how creepy he is

one of the nicest guys the the villain

thing he does where he's just like ah

and he scampers off like a spider and

then gets in like

a saw blade with legs like everything

about him is like evil and scary on some


this scene rules this is so good i'm

just watching the movie right now

i yeah right there's always a there's

always a moment every episode

of this that we do there's always a

couple of moments where everybody just

kind of

starts watching the movie

well and this is weird for me because

this is the first time i've actually

watched a movie live you know

with the group of people and i'm not

usually a talker in the middle of the

movie so

sometimes i'm finding it's like you get

lost in watching it and you're like oh


i do like these lingering shots here

like that shot of

of mace win where it's like something

something's wrong i like how everyone is

zooming in

on this meeting too like this is great

this is

like nobody's showing up to work anymore

no i mean like in the movie they're

having a zoom conference right yeah

in order to secure a peaceful transition

what are we going to get are we going to

get holozoom

this is the scene that actually ahsoka

comes in on yes

that's right so yeah technically it's

like she really was

there you know she was on the other side

of that

in the room while somebody was hollow

zooming yeah

okay so if you look closely you can see

that palpatine's clothes have gotten

more evil obviously

oh really

okay so i've i saw this costume

this costume is again i keep i feel like

i keep using the word mind blowing

but that fabric is it's

it looks i can't think of the word but

it's like it's ruched it's

i mean that fabric it has has texture

it's it's like

3d um i'm not sounding very technical

right now

forgive me but uh it is it's

poofy that's the word i was going to use


yeah but it's it's it's really it's

truly like a piece of art

no he looks like he he looks like

royalty there which is cause for

alarm because he's supposed to be an

elected official

how do you know my mentor

we actually tried to figure out how to

design something for her universe

inspired by palpatine's costume there

and we ended up not doing it but

we just we fell in love with this

costume so much we're like

you know how do we turn that into a

piece of wearable fashion that you would

wear every day

the short answer is you don't i guess

yeah no

you don't without doing this

only through me can you achieve a power

greater than any jedi so this is where

he's just like

yep i mean yeah i just got goosebumps

from this scene

from certain deaths

oh that's my ah here's there's a

a few uh a few people have raised this

question one

wanted to uh ask you guys your thoughts

on um

see one of them was uh wm

on ig and youtube maybe that's william

um but uh what do you guys think about


coming back for

of an episode oh a life i have i have

mixed feelings you know

i i like to i like to see ian mcdarma

doing his thing again but i feel like it

was just kind of

you know it all it all came together in

sort of a surprise sort of way

i know you his fingernails were

disgusting too

i i don't necessarily have strong

opinions of it

either way um

you know i didn't see it coming that rey


a palpatine but then i you know wasn't

necessarily surprised

once i found out um he's just really

creepy looking in episode nine

yeah i think that i think that what they


with uh the set design for his

uh sit generational throne room

and all that stuff is really cool and

the arm that he was attached to and that

stuff was really fun he looked like

glados from portal um which i thought

was great

um and also there any chance to give

ian mcdermott uh to be able to let him

shoot the scenery

it's just it's always fantastic yeah i


i think one thing that the sequel

trilogy did do a really good job of was

giving a bunch of

like beloved characters beloved actors

from the original trilogy a chance to

kind of have a victory lap

and just get to really you know revisit

those characters we got

we got carrie we got mark we got billy d

we got ian mcdarmit it's just

frank oz popped up it was you know it

was it was a lot of

familiar faces and including in


terrifying grimace familiar

well again now that we have grievous on


you know i said earlier matthew wood is

just one of the nicest guys

and mcdermott the same i mean it's just

funny how

some of the just the most evil villains

are played by some of the nicest people

i think one of my one of my favorite

bits of star wars trivia is like

carrie fisher felt horrible about that

line where she has to tell peter cushing

that you know i recognized her foul

stench when i was brought on board


apparently he actually smelled like


he was like just very polite and


you know who is truly one of the nicest

guys um

in in star wars uh is

boba fett um

well no daniel logan but um

uh jeremy bullock i you know i i got to

do star wars weekends with him

for several years and you want to talk

about just a class act

just a true gentleman one of the nicest

people i've ever met in my life

i am a huge boba fett fan i have like a

well pile of boba fett stuff behind me


i am so bummed because he announced that

he's like done doing conventions like

he's officially formally retired and i

never got a chance to

beat him or anything or get him to sign

stuff so

oh man yeah i don't know maybe he'll be

he'll pop up or something but

lord yes the one we've been looking for

just had the uh so uncivilized moment

which is

classic of obi-wan yeah him him taking

out grievous and

and also being like having to sort of

like wipe his hands afterwards

like we must move quickly that's his

like equivalent to an arnold

schwarzenegger one-liner

that's the closest he's gonna get it's

great stay out of this

i wonder how many times tomorrow

morrison appears in this movie

because they used his face for every

single clone if you went through and

like counted

like how many times does his face pop up

that would be

is that the most time one person has

been in a movie

oh being john malkovich yeah right

it's all over that would be

a the only thing that might rival it is

the uh

the the tim burton willy wonka movie


a handful of years ago because all of

the oompa loompas were the same

and now man there were tons

yeah but i don't i don't want to

re-watch that movie no that's fair

this is a cool little scene here just

how atmospheric nice moments

yeah in this room that we've always seen

full of the

of the senate to have that empty and

have that take that moment

that's a nice choice

sorry not the jedi it's done at the jedi

council yeah

this is a beautiful scene

the music is not like this this cue

doesn't show up

anywhere else

thinking real hard

this like if star wars used license

songs this would have like a

this would have like a real just a real


you know pop rock song like something

just real like a like like a city of

angels gugu doll song

you know thankfully it does not have

licensed songs this is what

this was 2005 right so maybe we could

get like creed in there

yeah yeah yeah

and i forgot about so many of these


i really like that cruiser design i

think they're pretty cool

yeah what did i like what is that is

that is that like anakin's like like

personal car

it must be he's got like a little uh it

kind of looks like a little like luxury


almost like a two-seater porsche sort of

it's like yeah he's got a miata that

padme bought

oh yeah here we go oh boy yeah oh

i think it's it's fair to say that that

the prequels kind of painted with a

fairly broad brush but we talked about

ian mcdeer

and just how much he's enjoying

everything that he gets to do no

are you guys a little bummed out by how

how easily those first two guys

yeah yeah that was what ethkoth and

stacey tin

and then kit fisto just well especially

the first two guys like

they were just surprised yeah

and like the this the jump and spin that

palpatine did was quite impressive

it was a long developing staff that got

the first guy which is which is what

kind of

bums me out but i also love so one of my

one of my story of

sam samuel jackson's purple lightsaber

and how he just asked for a purple light

he insisted and totally got it i think

that's fantastic

yeah one of my favorite tidbits is

apparently the

the character like the name palpatine

was meant because that wasn't

that wasn't used until or if it was it


it was mostly associated with the

prequels but the whole idea of senator

palpatine was i think a nod to senator

palantine and taxi driver

who's like kind of shady and the whole

idea of having the lightsaber pop out of

his sleeve is like totally the taxi

driver thing

very true i i think that's i think

that's legit i

i read that online somewhere and i

don't quote me on it but well that

that's one of my favorite things about

star wars names

you know sometimes you think it has this

deep meaning and it really doesn't

it it could be just like a name that's

inspired by somebody on the crew

or once i got to voice a droid in clone


and the name was k2b4 and it's because

somebody on the crew was a big kobe

bryant fan

so it was kobe bryant 24 kb kb24

we we watched uh rogue one with

gary whittaker and chris weinstein uh um

a while back and they had some similar

stories like there's whole reddit

threads about what this call sign

means but actually it's just my son's

initials and his bro yeah

there's that whole race of aliens that

are named after beastie boys character

uh beastie boys songs yup because jj's a

big beastie boys guys there's uh

ilco ilco munica and

it's gotta be fun to be able to name

stuff like that

but right here we're getting like

pure uncut mcdermott

oh yeah oh yeah which is just so good

this has got to be one of my favorite

the the unlimited power

oh yeah that's


i need him

oh where's that lightsaber go



he's evil and he loves it i mean he's

out he's yeah

he's into it he probably didn't have

time to think of a cooler thing to say

it's fine

do we do we think mace

maybe survives if darth maul can be cut

in half and come back for

you know do we do we think mace is still

out there i mean

it's it's star wars anything's possible


i would be incredibly happy to see sam

jackson and his current state show up in

you know with with a robotic arm in in

hiding and like a beard that would be

i'd be okay with that just a whole

series about him

looking for his purple lights

just on the bottom level like 40 stories


just just walking around just like

searching like a lost contact

you know that's the series

but no i i actually genuinely would love

to see him

love to see him back get a get

you don't see him land like what if he

just lands on somebody's windshield and

there's this like you know there's some

you know some poor boffin just driving

home from work and just sam jackson just

plows into the windshield

like i need to get to a hospital

take me to a back to tank now


it it really is possible i'm surprised

there's not more discussions about

about that it's all made up you can

it's just it's all it's all stories like


the emperor came back the emperor came

back literally anybody

i would love to know

how many times they said darth vader and

then how many different

reads different combinations of emphasis

that he did there is like that's i mean

that's the name right like the whole

story of the prequels is anakin becoming

darth vader

how's david doing what did he think of a

limited path

what did you think of the unlimited

power part

he's he's into it he's into it

david's like he's like a lot of things

are now making sense

so we're sneaking up on on the big what

has become

one of the biggest moments in all of

star wars which is order 66 here

um and there's we've gotten a lot of


uh from people um uh there's one for

example kanji

chris on twitter uh has asked if order

66 hadn't taken place

where do you guys think your characters

would have ended

well for for ahsoka you know i think

ahsoka was was actually in

a good place for surviving order 66

because she wasn't anywhere near the


um or the clones so she actually put


right back into the action uh you know

by by helping them find darth maul

um and you know now we see how

everything unfolded and how she escaped

but you know her i said it you know at

the end of season five her walking away

from the jedi order is

you know it saved your life

cal was um cal was in training um

you know he was uh he was still a


um so he would have just

led a normal jedi life within the

republic he would have

probably been analogous to someone like

qui-gon or obi-wan or someone like that

where he became a jedi knight

received formal training and had a


uh master apprentice relationship as

opposed to

what he did where truncate had been


awesome this shot that's iconic

come on how cool is this that's really


do you think the longer the robe is the

more evil

the wearer is becomes or like do you

a great that's a that's a great question

i there's got to be a guideline like i

mean there's got to be something

that you know costume designers think

about like well he's evil so the robe

needs to be longer and more billow

i like that that sidious has this like

clark kent thing going on where he pulls

his hood up and he's like

it's me darth sidious

it's like okay we uh we never recognized

you when you were wearing your hoodie

do you think palpatine saw anakin put

the hood up and he was kind of like

my thing why is he taking my thing from

me yeah i'm the hot guy

can he get like a hat or something this

is this is not fair

uh how different would star wars have

been if if palpatine's thing

were fancy oh

you know helmets are kind of like hats

with masks

attached to them 66 there's a lot of

great helmets in star wars there are

some terrible hats

watto's got a good hat it's like it's

okay it's kind of like a weird pork pie

it is it looks like uh one of those like

world war one

um elements that they were in the


so i think it just oh no and this

so the order 66 is happening here and

yeah this is one thing that i think the

clone wars

really cemented was like i feel so much

i'm more okay with what happened between

commander cody and

and obi-wan there like because now we


that it was sort of programmed into the

clone yeah

it's it's going down now

so i i have an order 66 story

um you know when clone wars was


at the end of season five you know

it wasn't planned obviously you know we

were still in the middle of making

more more episodes more seasons and it

was it was really sad i mean it was very

sad thing for the cast and crew

and we all went up to san francisco for

um oh man it's hard to watch

we all wanted that one yeah that was

um we all went up to san francisco

for a series wrap party which was you

know nothing at all

and um at the end of the party we were


you know we weren't ready to to go home

and we were all hungry and so we decided

to go to in-n-out burger

and um it was the cast and uh dave


and um they

you know dave said he's like hey i got

this i'll you know i'll

pick up the bill and so we were all on

one bill and you know it

in and out burger they give you an order

number well i kid you not

no one recognized us um but

our cast order for our in-n-out burger

order was order 66

and that was our final meal as a cast

you know before the series ended so how

appropriate for our final meal

for the clone wars to be ordered 66

that's incredible that is oh man

it was just by chance too

at least you got in and out that's these

that's more than these guys got

i know oh

i love yoda

yeah i i love that moment that we had

with yoda where

when order 66 is being executed he feels

the weight of everyone across the galaxy

um experiencing pain and and all of that

and death

and you know i think that that's what is

like my favorite thing about yoda as a

character is like his power

is he is a master empath and he is

he is um emotionally intelligent like


time and across everyone across the

universe and like

that moment to me speaks volumes because

you know

um he's just feeling the weight

of the repercussions of what's happened

it's uh it's a it's a quick moment but

it's something that i really like for

that character

so if you guys i mean watching order 66

play out now like and

and in terms of how your your thoughts


on this movie have changed uh or have

they changed from the first time you saw

the movie

to now after you uh obviously with siege

of mandalore and with fallen order

now that you've done that work and been

a part of order 66 kind of

you know on on either side of it just

watching this movie is is a different

experience for you now

oh yeah i mean definitely um you know

this is this sequence is

integral to the plot of our game and um

we had so many conversations about

what are the ramifications of this

happening for the character of cal

and what would it mean for him going

forward and uh

yeah i mean i'm going to intrinsically

always have an emotional attachment to

it now

yeah i mean it makes this this movie so

much more heartbreaking

for me you know getting to know these

characters i mean

in the clone wars we really get to see


anakin the hero and you know we become

attached to all of you know that this

jedi and

obi-wan and and now we know the

relationships between them

and um it's it's heartbreaking

i actually i i'm i'm

feeling so much more for the characters

now watching these scenes than i ever

did before

and the clones my gosh the clones

getting to know the clones the way we


it's just such a sweet little goodbye

between yoda and chewbacca yeah

ah chewbacca that's my favorite part of

it like

oh god like luke going luke going to

train with yoda

is such a weird thing to do in the

context of the original trilogy

and like i feel like it would never even

come up like not that he can he can

fully understand chewbacca but like if

you showed up on cloud city they've

already they've got like way bigger

things to worry about but nobody's like

hey luke where were you he's like yeah i

was training with this guy named yoda on


in a swamp and like chewbacca would be

like no way small world i totally know

him but like

small galaxy can't believe it yeah right

i don't know stranger things have

happened i do love the interior of the


uh you know as we we start to get closer

to a new hope

and some of that set design kind of

comes back

here's a question uh galacticnoodle2020

asks um i want to ask

cameron and ashley to debate who had the

worst order 66

experience cal or

it's important that we make it a debate

to galactic noodle

so cameron your first stop

great thing about trauma is you're

you're supposed to use it as a

medal to lord it over other people and

not disrespect

the things that they go through so i

think that that would be great for cal

um no i i don't know i

i i mean i think everyone has it pretty


for order 66 it's uh

pretty awful all around if if you were

living in that universe and uh

experience the

mass genocide of a people i think that

no one is going to be having a fun time

within that

doesn't need to be a contest necessarily

i mean i i don't want to speak for

ashley here

definitely definitely no contest here um

you know i think ahsoka it just keeps

getting worse and worse but

you know as we hear in episode 9 and

the advice she gives to rey is you know

they say let the light guide you as it

guided us

i think even as awful as it got

ahsoka just continued to find hope

somewhere in the middle of complete


she just continued to find hope um so i

think that's what

that's what got her through until the

end i mean it's really what's

heartbreaking for me is when she walks

away and we see that

memorial scene of of like the graveyard

of all the clones helmets

um i you know i'd love to see a scene of


where her mental state is then because i

think you know she's running on pure

adrenaline just trying to survive

order 66 and i don't think she fully

understands what's going on

until it's over so i i'd love to see

that where you know mentally she is at

the end of it all

you brought up here the the cameo in in

episode nine there's there's been a

handful of questions that have popped up

um richard weisenthal for one who's

watching on ig on youtube uh wants to

know how much did the episode 9 crew

tell you when they asked you to record

ahsoka's voice for that how much

how how much did they let you in on oh

very little very little um

you know i got to i got to go into bad

robot and record that scene and

and i was directed by jj abrams and

you know he couldn't have been nicer but

i i

you know he i didn't get very much he

told me what i needed to know

uh you know he said that a lead


you know i didn't even know it was rey

but i assumed it was rey

um was was looking up near death

and you know then the past jedi are

coming to give her advice

and and that's all i knew i didn't know

how you know she got there

um i i knew nothing surrounding it so

and that's usually how

how it works i feel like in the star

wars universe they

uh you're on a need to know basis do

they tell you what you need to know to

get the performance and then that's it

i feel like that's surprisingly

forthcoming given what i've heard about

you know keeping spoilers on lockdown

like to tell you that like a lead


was near death that's a lot right there

surprisingly it wasn't just like here's

six words i need you to say them in

every way that you possibly can and

we'll make it work

that that's true that's true but after

signing your life away

and cameron i'm sure you've done the

same you sign your life away in like the

future lives of all of your children

uh in nbas when you work in the star

wars universe they

they you know put the fear of death in

you so you keep you keep secrets

oh here we go when i was uh when i was


i had to keep that a secret for

um well over a year and that was

something that was

sort of like i'd be like working on this

thing for

you know over the course of like i think

like seven months or something

and friends would ask me like where are

you disappearing to

i just have to be like i'm just doing


just i don't know i'm gonna be going

away and doing you know i'm just just

doing adult films and infomercials you

gotta pay the bills somehow

i think that's your business probably

what they assumed can i just be

mysterious without all these questions

that's that's how it was um when i was

first cast as ahsoka

we started recording in early 2006

and actually it was february 2006 and it

didn't come out until august of 2008

so uh i couldn't tell anyone you know

luckily after a year i was able to tell


you know that who i was playing um but

i couldn't tell anyone else until it

came out so it's definitely a hard

secret to keep

that's amazing that's i don't know that

so yeah you were you were you were

attached to star wars

less than a year after this movie came

out that's

it sorry it cut out for a second um

but yeah i mean it was it was quite

shocking because

i think you know when i got the call

we thought george lucas was done making

star wars

i mean it kind of caught everyone by


he's just sort of following up on the um

the episode nine

and and talking about like the direction

you got is like all of the jedi from the


are here to to give inspiration to this

character um

there there is some debate among fans

and i just wonder what you consider do

you consider

ahsoka tano to be a

you know i mean

no i i don't because you know she

she walked away and she was very

you know definitive about that choice um

but i think the guidelines like

being a jedi at it at its core and what

that means is what ahsoka

you know i think she always wants to

she lives by those rules and and you

know many ways whereas the other jedi

strayed from it she didn't

and what she was taught she truly wanted

to be what you know at its core the jedi

the jedi you know preached what they

wanted to be

um so i think being a jedi is always

going to be with ahsoka

you know she truly i feel like ahsoka


wants to do good and represents the

light side of the force in my opinion

um and it'll always be with her but you

know she wouldn't call herself a jedi

and i love the fact you know she gets

the white lightsabers

because she you know from house

described to me she considers herself


um i i love that i i think she's

she becomes her own her own thing which

i love

this is another when you step back from

it just bodies strewn across

that much floor is a it's a

pretty macabre shot for star wars

yeah yeah yeah yeah

like this is one of those like oh it's

star wars and

you know but then like that giant wide

shot with just bodies littered across


the you know this hallway it's some dark


yeah another thing that i always

actually really appreciated about star

wars is

it's talking about pretty dark things i

mean i i think it's

you know it's not a secret that um the

original trilogy was using a lot of

imagery from world war ii

and you know all of that entails and and


a lot of these stories are are metaphors

for corruption

authoritarianism um you know rebellion

and what that looks like and um that has

a lot of darker aspects but being able

to put on

a face of it that is um relatable

to audiences of all ages and also to


put adventure and fun into that story

to make some of this stuff uh more

palatable for

a larger audience i think is really


and to be able to have these darker

themes to coincide

with the fun and adventure aspects i

think is um

something that makes star wars really


definitely and you know i love and this

even goes back to you know walt disney


you know some of the you know the darker

moments and

in the disney movies you know especially

with kids

you know they they didn't shy away from

it i mean

bambi's mom is being killed within the

first you know couple

minutes of the film and you know

that's evident in star wars as well you

know cameron you're exactly right with


with how serious it gets and how heavy

it gets but

you know there's so many wonderful

lessons in these movies

and you know i love that families watch

these star wars movies together and that

you know parents have such an incredible

opportunity to teach these lessons to

kids and

you know their their padawans and and

the next generation

um you know i feel like

you know it's not too heavy

for kids like these are lessons they

should be learning they should be


about lessons of hope and good

overcoming evil and

you know i definitely think there's an

age limit i know a lot of parents uh

have held off with episode three with

revenge of the sith before they show it

to their kids

um but three was the first one that was



i think so it was i thought account

yeah that's that's a that's a big part

of it uh

some people also thought that the lizard

that obi-wan rides was too suggestive so

that was

you know it was a big fight with the


no i mean like going back to the sort of

the the timelessness and the

i don't know generational accessibility

of star wars like it is that's what

lucas was trying to do like it was the

monomyth he was

you know reading a bunch of

joseph campbell and digging into the

idea of these archetypes that are that


powerful and timeless and it's

it's we we see people have like really

emotional responses to things happening

in star wars

and it's understandable because like


it it's metaphysical it borders on


iconography like it's you know tapping

into some

some sort of you know timeless epic

mythological stuff that really does

you know it cuts people deep so sure not

only not only spiritualism

but you know uh war family

themes that are ultimately on some of


unfortunately universal you know and um

that makes it also removed from any

specific time period and it allows us to

uh it's such a great backdrop as well to

be able to tell so many stories within


something that is uh this epic in in

in scale enables uh

writers to be able to have wiggle room

it within that and that's something that

i love so much about

the clone wars and a lot of these other

stuff as well is to be able to

um complicate these stories

and make them uh less binary in dark

side or light side and to have

uh you know characters like ahsoka

uh who are walking their own path

yeah i just think it's it's something

amazing that we have these universal

themes that can be transferred to

so many different stories within it

yeah you know we never had the

opportunity to work

directly with george lucas because you

know he works up in san francisco and we

we always recorded in la um but you


dave filoni worked directly with george


you know one thing that was really big

with george lucas is he would give

dave like homework lists of of movies to


you know classic movies that he would

pull from

you know in a lot of themes or not

necessarily pull from but he was

inspired by

and you know dave would often pass on

that homework list to us

um but it's just it's it's incredible

there's such a long

list of of films that um

that george lucas recommends you know

anyone he works with

you know to go and watch so when he you

know gives reference

to a certain film you have to know it

you know you have to know what he's

referencing and

that'd be a cool list i i wish they

would release that publicly like

george lucas's you know library list of

recommended watching

i do want to shout out matt martin who

works for lucasfilm he did a

series at the the cinema chain alamo

draft house

and he had uh it was cinema that

inspired star wars

and oh cool yeah like a showing of um

six different movies there was like a

character was hidden fortress

and casablanca and the searchers

john wayne movie and a few others and uh

you definitely could see

the the the themes and the stuff that

had transferred from classic films into

my movies i mean there there's there's


shots and moments from those films that

are pretty much one for one

which i think is is amazing you know

it's uh i love

i love how um not only for the films but


a lot of the shows too like mandalorian

and the way that they have introduced a

lot of

uh western imagery and iconography i

think is

really unique and to be able to kind of

uh twist

classic genres and to put that into the

fold and the scope of it

i think is uh it's really cool

yeah uh cameron if i can have you scoot

a little closer to your mic

again oh sure is that is the volume

level yeah yeah you're just a touchdown

for that

um was there anything like that that you

guys talked about while making fallen

order in terms of

uh touchstones like that sure

i mean uh i know that initially for

cal um they were thinking of going with


clint eastwood sort of like wanderer you

know spaghetti western wanderer

and ultimately we decided that that was

a bit

um it wasn't the right point of access

for cal for a story so early for him

but they definitely incorporated some of


that kind of rag tag uh group of

outsiders banding together very classic

western stuff also

cal where's ponchos which is very clint


uh jedi with no name

exactly um but i mean

there was a lot of references to

different films

during the discussion and a lot of times

from seeing the scene

uh we would be looking at these moments

and not only

referencing star wars moments but also

other stuff to

be like what what is this analogous to

what can we find here and

to be able to um you know we're all a


of this stuff and to be able to kind of

experiment with it

and find stuff that feels genuine and

kind of our put our own

passions our own little love letters

within the story i think was uh

was important to us

here's your question we let's get to

this question real quick before we start

diving into this

lightsaber battle that wraps up the

movie here but um

maya blizensk who's watching on ign's

youtube uh

wants to know this you got a question

from uh what would a meeting between

cal and ahsoka look like

oh probably probably wouldn't be over


probably it would be a hollow hollow


yeah that's i mean that's like a keyi

mundy joint right there just skyping in

i mean they're they're slightly

different time periods

so i mean realistically you know

i don't know i don't know what their

interaction would be within the timeline


um characterization i feel like they

have a lot in common

um that they s sort of both

um aren't

like tied to uh jedi

belief systems um i think that they both

bend the rules

a bit and they kind of walk to be their

own drum

um and i think that i don't know i think

that ultimately they would

it would be interesting to see how they

would interact with each other you know

i don't know if

two forces of personality would

get along or if they would uh butt heads

or what the dynamic would be

what's the forgive me i should know this

but what's

what's the time period from uh from


so fallen order takes place five years

after revenge of the sith

so yeah okay um

you know what's really interesting is i

i don't know because that's

that's a time period i would love more

ahsoka's stories

um you know i really don't know what

what happens to her

between you know we get a little bit in

the ahsoka novel

but i don't know what happens to her

between you know order 66 and when she

shows up in rebels

um but you know we do see in rebels that

you know she's been working with bail

organa and um you know helping start the


and i think ahsoka at the end of the day

you know as we hear her say in the

seventh season she says when i see

people in need

um i help them you know no matter what i

guess that's just who i am

you know she would help and i think

that's just in her nature

if she sees someone in need she helps

them um

and and so i think it would be a

positive meeting between the two of them

whether they you know continued on

together in some way i don't know

but um i you know i think it's just in

ahsoka's nature

it would be a positive thing gentlemen

start your fan fiction


i know i get that question at least like

once a day

is is ahsoka gonna be in jedi fallen

order too

have you gotten it yet today do we need

to ask you i've gotten it several times


i can tell you i haven't recorded

anything but i would always be up for it

that's for sure we are to say

anything more we might uh get a tranq

dart in our neck and

understood they'll come lucasfilm people

will come take my

boba fett helmet back if i let you but

i think that there are there are a

number of characters you know that

they exist in the same time period and

it's always

cool to imagine what it would be like if

they would cross paths

um you know there's a few characters

that i have uh

uh a definite um you know

uh interest in

what it would be like for cal to


it's a cool thing with you know ours is

connected now

you know how all the stories you know


that's that's what makes it so fun you

know to

to you know to do our our own fan

fiction with this because

you know there is there is a world i

mean i remember when star wars rebels

was going on there was so much talk of

well there is a world where ahsoka

and kanan would have known each other in

the jedi temple

how well they knew each other you know

we don't know but yeah

sure they could have been there at the

same time oh here we go

i mean that's the cool thing with you

know star wars it's

it's because of the generational nature

people have been

raised with these movies for uh 40 years

at this point

and ultimately the people writing these


are fans and it's fiction so

ultimately these stories are someone's


collaborative fan fiction that simply


official and i think that's amazing the

fact that

you know there are there are fans that

are writing this are like

man what would it be like if these

characters interacted what would it be

like if we explored this

facet of this universe you know so i

yeah i think that's

that's really cool well

you know it's funny if you go back and

look when we had

the premiere of our clone wars movie

back in 2008

you know it was met with mixed reviews

at times

oh this scene's crazy um

and and at our premiere it wasn't this

huge star-studded event

but jj abrams and his family were there

and you know he's been such a huge fan

and and to your point cameron it's like

you know to see how much he's loved star

wars and that he brought his family to

the premiere of the clone wars and then

all these years later to see

you know what he's done and how he's

contributed to the star wars universe is

it's pretty cool to see it's cool to see

how much

people love and respect this universe

yeah as we're getting into these two two

fight scenes here i really

like the uh the

the sort of kind of opposite nature you

got these two guys

here that are almost like beyond

lightsabers at this point it's like

we don't necessarily need the

lightsabers and then the two guy obi-wan

and anakin

are just going at each other with those

with the lightsabers so it's fun to see

sort of both sides of the uh

you know of the force

there's like occasional just really

funny slapstick in this

that was one instance i think the the

grievous scuttle we saw earlier was like

another where it's just

in the midst of this entirely serious

scene there's also just like a little

bit of like

kind of kind of buster keaton you know a

dude going

ass over tea kettle over and shit

yeah i love this scene

so apparently they never i mean they

never had anything on set

they had like an old yoda puppet that

they used as kind of a stand-in for a

lot of the yoda scenes and the rest was

sort of

i imagine there was somebody doing the

blocking for him but

that kind of like acting against uh

entirely cgi characters always

is always a little bit tricky uh cameron

what did

what did you have for uh for bd1 like


was there like a just a box there or

like a person or

we actually had a uh actor named gideon

emery he's um he's a he's a

quite an established um motion capture

and voice actor on his own right

but he uh he had a 3d printed version of


that he was holding and he actually

put him around the space and we had like

a little like

nose whistle for him that he would

be able to voice him and we actually had

every time that bd1 was on screen he was

moving the puppet around the space and

and interacting with me and i was acting

across from him because

we tried it we we did a test shoot

with uh bd1 um

it was one of the very first things that

we shot and

we just had him you know like just

a little bean bag on the floor and then

i was just kind of acting the space and

i i just didn't feel comfortable with

that i just felt like it would be better

bd wanted such an integral character for

him to be interacting with it you know

it's kind of like his best friend

throughout the story and

the only way i felt like it would work

is if i was actually acting across from

another actor for those scenes

that's really cool yeah that's really

neat yeah i know like one of my um

one of my buddies i think he started

playing fall in order before i got a

chance to get into it and i like

i have a little like a annoying little

pomeranian dog who i love dearly who's


kind of like bd1 and he pitched it as

like dude you're gonna love this this is


this droid is like having a little

pomeranian you hang out with us and what

i really loved with

with your character was how you'd go

like in in sort of the the parts where

you're interacting with other

humans there's always this sort of like

you know you sort of kind of put on

errors as like a you know

a tough hidden jedi or whatever when

you're out having adventures you're just


it was like a being a kid with his dog

you know yeah exactly

getting towards the end of the movie and

max knocking over can

yeah yeah it's a long movie


i do i do really enjoy this scene where

they're just kind of casually chucking

these things at each other this scene is


no go ahead oh i was just gonna say i

have to give a shout out to frank oz

too um it's just

it's amazing to see how much he just

respects being the voice of yoda

um and how serious he is about it

if you want to completely like flip this

scene onset on its ass go watch uh

dirty rotten scoundrels which frank oz

directed in which

uh features ian mcdermott as a uh

kind of snooty butler no way yeah

and it's i think it came out i want to

say 85 or so but it's

uh yeah ian mcdermott just he's in the

background just he's very like

very deadpan and the idea of that he and

frank gaz had a

you know working relationship long

before that whole scene

now i'm just imagining yoda and the

emperor between takes

just hanging out talking about dirty run


have you guys seen the the sets they are

the miniatures they use to make mustafar

no i think they're i think they're the

most impressive star wars miniatures

they did they had an entire

illuminated lava river and it was it was

like it was entirely shot in like you

know not the not the fight scenes but um

it was a mix of uh live-action footage

of a volcano erupting

because they shot some of these scenes

in italy and uh i think it was mount

etna was erupting at the same time so

they were just like

yeah let's take a camera up there and

shoot some of that but then they made


insane like illuminated glowing ooze


and they were shooting you know

miniature camera shots over it and


you know there's pictures where there's

i would say the river is probably like

maybe two or three feet wide there's

people looming over it with cameras but

yeah they're just they're fighting on a

big old action figure playset

that's cool this whole this whole fight

sequence too is an exercise in like

where where are you going to go like


they get put themselves in more and more


situations as they're literally tearing

this place apart

some would say the floor is lava

jumping from couch to couch with


i will say the miniature

or the actual death star i've seen in

the archives they have

the the actual death star uh

and it's it's impressive um

i mean it was probably like four or five


tall by five feet wide

um and the detail of the detail in it is

is just

it's crazy probably my favorite

like movie prop i've ever seen

that is a moment right there with yoda

admitting that he failed

like just seeing yoda lose

it's a bummer yeah

i mean that's really that's the whole

theme of the prequels is like the road

to hell is paved with good intentions

and it's you know you see you see

qui-gon being like this kid should be

trained it's going to be great and then

oops and then you know yoda being like

ah as well

i guess have yeah

that all this stuff looks really good

still you know i

i i'm a fan of um practical effects and

some you know the usage of that and

utilization of that but something that

star wars

has always been a pioneer in is is not

only practical events like miniatures

but also

compositing and green screen and

all the different tricks of the trade

and being able to put them together and

blend them

and um you know i it is really

impressive how

this movie these movies were doing stuff

that a lot of movies weren't willing to


like put fully cg characters on screen

next to live action characters like that

was bold like

ultimately i'm more of a fan of puppet

yoda than i

am cg yoda but by the third film

they were able to refine and hone the

process and get it to a point where

this stuff looks really solid like

you know even now 15 years later and um

i mean we wouldn't have i think a lot of

stuff if it wasn't for

filmmakers uh taking chances like this

you know i don't think that we would be

able to have like

a baby group or baby yoda or

you know that kind of stuff fully cg

characters interacting unless

you have people willing to take that


to no totally like it's i feel like

star wars has always been like this

weird pairing of like timeless

you know timeless monomyth but also

here's a cutting-edge tech demo of what

we can do with

cinematic you know special effects and

uh yeah the prequels honestly like they


they're so ambitious and they're so like

they're trying to do so many new things

at the same time

and like everyone was like well jar jar

was annoying it's like

oh my god like why just like can you

realize that that was

that was performance capture without a

mocap suit like without ping pong balls

on a green screen

they were like they were basically just

cgi rotoscoping i'm at best mean i was i

was guilty of this i was like there's

too much cg in the prequels and then


you know years later i was looking at

like making up stuff and i'm like oh

no they made a miniature lava river i'm

stupid this is

why and i mean it's oh man

yeah this is probably why it's pg-13 a

little bit this is brutal

this there's actually uh supposedly

lucas wanted to get

a little a little gnarlier with it a

little grizzlier with

with him getting burned up and getting


his remaining arm and both legs chopped

off and then

getting torched completely dark enough

this scene's just heartbreaking

i remember watching this in theaters i

do remember at this moment

i was you know i was pretty young at the

time and when uh

anakin burst into flame going

oh we're able to do that with these


that's all right all right cool i was on


yeah that's uh yeah

close up on flaming yeah

and obi-wan can't even it's also like i

i mean you know obi-wan is really trying

his best but

he just he just leaves

like does he like that's either inhumane

or it's reckless

like which one

but i guess that is one of obi-wan's big

mistakes and sort of

it makes sense for his characterization

in a new hope

you know he he acknowledges

a lot of the things that he didn't do

correctly yeah throughout the original

trilogy so

one one could say that that was one of

his moments of fault

no i mean he and he and yoda say like i

we have failed in in

within minutes of each other like

they're fully aware like oh we

everything's gone completely sideways

we're we're screwed here

so like why wouldn't they go into

seclusion and just become hermits

and you know i feel like

we we don't talk about that enough

i mean how powerful is it to have these

characters that people look up to

so much just openly say i failed

you know it's you don't think about it

but i just had a conversation with my

four-year-old nephew the other day

about failure and and just you know

he you know he's at the age where it's


you know he can't fail it's the worst

thing and i'm like no you have to fit

have to that's what makes these movies

so powerful especially for kids to

look up to yoda and have yoda say i


but you know thank goodness we have the

original trilogy too to see

ultimately how it plays out i just want

to call out to how um

how cool that moment is that uh that

synthetic hand the one thing that was

sort of left of him

and that he gained in the last movie was

the thing that he's able to use to pull

himself out of that situation like

that's a that's a nice little touch and

great uh

great foreshadowing for what happens

next with the character all this

all that's left of him at that point

that's he's more machine now than man

he's more emergency than a man yeah yeah

so ashley watching uh watching this

scene in particular

with like the dynamic that ahsoka had

with anakin for years on the clone wars

and revisiting this movie you know after

the clone wars wrapped up

he's like seeing this happen to him is


it's pretty rough yeah

you know it's i feel like i keep saying

this word over and over again

but it's it's heartbreaking you know i

i really got to know the hero

anakin skywalker um and

you know i i say that i i do

recommend when people ask you know in

what order they should watch the films


i do recommend that they watch the clone

wars in between episode 2 and episode 3

because it makes this fall of anakin


so much more heartbreaking

i mean ahsoka couldn't ahsoka couldn't

bear it ahsoka wouldn't be able to walk


like if she saw anakin there on fire

yeah i mean obi-wan like he he he kind

of he kind of got like a dud of an

instructor you know he

like qui-gon was like yeah we're gonna

we're gonna train this kid and then they

were like oh no he got

i guess yeah sure you can be a jedi

master go for it go you know

he's in over his head he's like a like

obi-wan is kind of like a

like a team i'm sorry i'm just i'm just

playing like defense force for obi-wan


like he was in over his head he's like

okay the kid's on fire he's half cyborg

i gotta bounce like this is too much

even when uh you know they're appointing


qui-gon is trying to argue i can mentor

mentor uh

anakin um obi-wan is ready and the

council goes uh i'm not

really sure that obi-wan is ready and he

goes you think i'm ready

you know and like there's even kind of

the implication that maybe he wasn't

quite ready to become a jedi knight at

the time that he did but

his master was killed well there's also

the the conversation that anakin and

yoda had earlier in the movie that david

liked so much

which was you know the uh be prepared to

let go or don't don't fear letting go

the things that you

care about the the quote that none of us

can read exactly

uh but the idea of which sort of applies

to to what obi-wan was going through

right there like he

as a jedi like that's part of the jedi

thing for for better or worse like you

have to you can't

uh you know possess things like that

yeah is it train yourself to let go of

the things you fear to lose

that sound that sounds close as close as

we've got yeah

yeah uh yeah and you know that's

something we talked about

a lot throughout the clone wars is

obviously attachments

and the difference you know the

difference between

um obi-wan and anakin and ahsoka

and you know obi-wan and his


with you know the dutchess sateen versus

anakin and his relationship with padme

um and you know i think that's one thing

that made ahsoka so powerful

is that she was kind of a hybrid of all

the jedi

you know she got to learn from all of



just a reminder guys we're getting close

to all yelling no

to yeah i do not want

or do not yeah that's what it is i'm

sorry thank you for reminding me

of course of course

you get that first

is there a sound more iconic than that

i don't know the sound design in all of


robocop walking

hmm it's close i think someone might get

the vader on that one i might give it to

you here

i'm willing to take any products down

from star wars

lightsaber igniting lightsabers yeah

yoda going

i'm guys i'm so excited

can you hear me i do like that the whole

thing that the emperor used to turn him

to the dark side

was keeping padme alive and here he's

just kind of like

look about that

he's safe is

she all right

it seems in your anger you

killed her i couldn't

she was alive i felt it


everybody get your vet your best vader

voices right


all right um

that was that was worth it uh safe

the children must be kept that was that

scene though of of darth vader

you know breaking away from the like as

frankenstein's monster

as that as that was and the no

uh how do we feel about that moment

in general like in the context of the


did that work for you like the first

time darth vader really gets a gets a


and what of the boy so rewatching it now

like i

i remember really not liking that in

theaters and just being like that's not

darth vader and it's like now i'm like

no that's that's still a little bit of

anakin you know like he's

he's like loaded up like that's like

watching somebody who's stepping out of

a hospital bed i mean literally

and it's i don't know i was reading that


the the costume was intentionally

top-heavy to kind of

give him those like this awkward baby

steps as like a new character

and it's yeah it's it's it's gross like

it's weird he's he's

still still like the man and machine

sides are still like kind of

balanced out but he hasn't completely

you know sold out

i don't know i i agree with you max i


that scene was completely different for

me now i i

saw anakin in that scene whereas before

i didn't see it that same way

even in james earl jones performance

like there's there's more

sort of emotion in it than the darth

vader we're used to


oh no r2 just straight up laughing the

fact that e3po is getting his money

he's like goldie here is a blabbermouth



this is beautiful this whole shot yeah

it's also such like a just depressing

dichotomy to like the parade celebration

at the end of episode one

right it's like no sorry you're gonna go

back the other direction and no one's

gonna be cheering

you just forget how dark and sad this

movie is

i think that's why i haven't i don't go

when i when i'm when i need hope i turn

to star wars

i don't turn to this movie this

is why this is one i haven't watched too

many times

get a look at the desktop

do you always feel like he looks

uncomfortable crossing his arms

williams score here is just it's it's

doing all the heavy lifting for these


yeah a little little john williams never




here we are all getting lost in this

again because we're listening to that

that theme that we've known since


no there's that i mean the tail end of

this movie is such like a

just massive series of payoffs of like

things alluded to and you know obi-wan's


sort of monologue in the new hope so

it's right

cute yeah

it's just beautiful

in the skies

and now we can say maybe this is where

obi-wan series starts

questioning oh i would love that so much

if it opened with him walking away from

from the farm

there's twin sunsets


well that is revenge of the sith

what do what do we think guys like max

you mentioned it once or twice that that


you know there's there's something about

watching it re-watching it now that it

was a little bit different

than the from the last time you watched


i think my favorite thing about sort of

how like i still haven't seen the

entirety of clone wars and rebels i've

seen bits and pieces

i've played jedi fallen order but i love

that we're getting

we're getting the gap between the

prequels the original trilogy filled out

by like

other other media and it all kind of

weaves together and we've seen

i think especially because it's this

wonderful mixture of like of

of computer animation and practical

effects and just

it's all i don't know it's

it's definitely really cool revisiting

this especially after

you know like falling order in rogue one

and just seeing those little caps filled


i don't know it's that's a visually

stunning movie though

it's i mean this was a completely

different experience for me

now that clone wars has ended and and i

will say i

you know i love all the star wars movies

i've always loved the prequels

um but after working closely with dave

filoni and

and getting to hear you know from him

you know about everything about the

prequels through george lucas

um you have such an appreciation for it

and you know as as we all shared about

you know the groundbreaking technology

that was in these films um

yeah there's so much to appreciate in

the prequels and i feel like every

single time i watch them back i find

something that i didn't notice before

yeah i mean having watched um the

original trilogy and then now

having sat through the prequel trilogy

again for

just the last few days being able to see

it all within context of each other

was really nice and

this is definitely still my favorite of

the prequels um i really think that

uh payoff is the right word this does

pay off so many moments in

in a pretty incredible way and yeah it's

it is it is really just exciting you


that uh after watching the original

trilogy again in this one

i'm very proud to say that i'm a part of

this world

um and it's incredible that you know

we've had the opportunities to be able

to tell stories within it

well if you guys don't mind a few more

questions real quick before we wrap up

um here's a question from uh

sweet lizzy who asks given

what anakin does what we see him doing

this in this

movie uh do you think the act of saving

his son

in return of the jedi is enough to


it's an interesting word right

redemption is a very interesting word

because i i don't know if it's relevant


whether he's redeemed i think it's

important that

no matter how much you might do the

wrong thing you can still

choose to do the right thing i think

that's a theme across these movies you


one could say the same thing for kylo

ren like

he assists with um you know the

destruction of planets

and um killing killing countless people

um but ultimately he still makes the

right choice in the end does that

vindicate him of all the wrong things

that he does

no but within the context of the story

it makes for a very flawed and

interesting character and

um you know i think it's uh that moment

is amazing in return the jedi even more

so after you see

the awful things that he does because


though he is so far into the darkness

there's still always a chance of

life within that

i mean that that's actually what i was

going to say cameron is that

there's there's still light in him as we

hear padme say there's still good in him

um and i think that's what it's about

for me

you know it's it's not about going back

and saying does

you know the the right that he


shows overcome you know the

the the bad that he's done but

i think it's i think it's it just

provides that hope that that ultimately


will overcome evil and i think after all

the evil

good still prevailed and that's that's

my takeaway

yeah i mean i think that the saying of

like there's good in someone or the idea

of there being

good and evil being separate concepts

from individual characters it's it's

incredibly i don't know reductive and

and sort of rudimentary to be like

this person is good or this person is

evil it's like there's more it's there's

more to it than that there's more nuance


more well i mean so much of what star

wars is is it's

about balance it's about how that light

can exist

without the darkness and that the two

are forever

intertwined with each other so you know

i think that there's also

something to be said that not only are

there people lined within the dark

or the light but also there's darker

light within those characters as well

in different amounts and it manifests in

different ways but um

you know i i think that uh it's nice


we have characters that are complex and

sometimes make the right decision even

though they've historically

not made the right decision yeah

uh here's another question that we got

from twitter um

lucas carvinitis um asked

um ashley if luke were to meet

uh ahsoka how would that go that's

something i've always wanted to see in

like a comic

well i will say that's definitely a

question for dave felloni

um but that is a scene

that i've always wondered about and that


that is a scene that i i personally

as as a fan i i hope we get to find out

that it that it happened

um you know i'd love to see that scene

play out

so i you know i i i don't write the


um but i i do often request it

i'll drop him and say hey did that


can you rewrite that one day we gonna

see that at some point

um and then one more for uh for both of

you guys

uh kyle steves who's watching on cinefix


wants to know um where do you hope the

franchise star wars franchise will go in

what are you looking forward to with

star wars franchise

i mean i think that there's a thousand

different directions that it can go from

here i think it would be really cool to

examine some of the older public stuff

um i

would be interested to know uh where the

story goes beyond

episode nine um i think that there's

plenty of pockets of the universe that

haven't been explored you know i

i love uh the skywalker storyline but i

think that there's so much that can be

explored beyond it

and it's interesting to see you know

these characters both jedi and non-jedi

um what they're up to and i

yeah i don't know i i i think that

there's a lot of interesting ideas that

are being worked on right now and i

can't wait for them

to i can't wait to see him

yeah you know i hope uh we get to

continue to tell star wars through all

the different mediums

that we have you know with film and

you know television and animation and

and game

you know video games and um you know

books and comics and

now we're getting audio dramas like i i

hope we continue to get star wars on

all the different platforms um but

my hope is that we just continue to to

introduce new generations to star wars

through new stories

i think you know we have such an

an interesting view of star wars i think

you know cameron you'd agree we we get

to be

we feel very lucky you know to be we

almost have a front row seat

to be on the front lines of of

of star wars and getting to meet fans

all over the world

you know you you very quickly realize


it is it's not just another role you


being an actor in star wars that um star


as i said earlier it changes lives and

it's even

saving lives like star wars is not just

a trend for people

it's literally a way it's it's something

that they turn to in the darkest of

times it's something they turn to to

make decisions and

it guides people throughout their life

and i i hope it continues to do that for

generations to come

that's great and did we get a thumbs up

from david

yeah david what so what's your what's

your favorite come on come on over

we've been out for a while so we really

only have time for a thumbs up or a

thumbs down

um well guys thank you so much for

joining us here at watch from home


ashley cameron thanks so much uh max to

a lesser extent thank you

um and uh come back on thursday

we'll be uh we'll be watching empire

strikes back on thursday night on the

40th anniversary of that movie so

uh we will see you guys thanks everybody

and good night

awesome thank you




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