Resident Evil 3 – Game Review

published on July 2, 2020


Resident Evil three the remake is now

out from Capcom I played it on ps4 and I

got to give a big thank you to my wife

because she went to the store to get

groceries her and I have been self

isolating for almost a month at this

point and there was resident evil 3 one

copy left and she grabbed that thing for

me I was about to get the digital but

thanks to her I was able to get the

physical copy because as you guys know

I'm a big physical media collector

having loved the previous remake I had

very high expectations for this game I

thought the last game was an improvement

on an already incredible game they've

done really good work capcom has with

these remakes there are things about

these new games that are undeniably

improved one of the biggest being the

camera system I've never been a huge fan

of the stationary camera angles and you

have to walk through rooms and things

change that can create a lot of suspense

because zombies fucking come out of the

corners and you didn't even know they

were there even though they're right in

front of you because the camera angle is

fixed in this game though it starts with

the first-person POV but you eventually

start playing behind Jill Valentine's

shoulder as you would expect to this

game takes place just before Resident

Evil 2 and in some ways matches up with

the timeline of Resident Evil 2 as well

you wake up in your apartment and the

zombie outbreak is getting worse outside

you venture out into the city and you

find yourself being pursued by the

Nemesis a giant fucking hulking

terrifying beast this was something the

original game had going for it in spades

this thing was fucking horrifying so

annoying always running out and just

fucking ruining your life in this game

though they've done some changes to

things some of them are for the better

some of them are for the worse that's

for sure I think the most widely talked

about criticism is this game's length

the game is really fun I had a great

time playing it it looks beautiful the

graphics are incredible the combat is

mostly really great it feels just like

the Resident Evil 2 remake that most

people liked

so all of that as you would expect is

still really strong but the game is

pretty fucking short you could sit down

and play the whole thing through in one

sitting if you didn't have anything to

do for a whole day this game

unfortunately doesn't really justify its

$60 price tag with that length

it's a strange criticism because while

playing the game I liked it but you have

to take into consideration that price

tag I think if they even took $10 off

the price tag for this game they would

hear a lot less complaints the game can

also feel a bit disposable because the

character work here isn't particularly

strong the Resident Evil games aren't

really known for their character

building or their acting the voice work

in some of the originals was fucking

awful the Resident Evil games are known

for their tension for the survival

horror aspect of the game limited

ammunition not having enough ink ribbons

to save at the goddamn typewriter and

you feeling incredible amounts of

anxiety as a result they're known for

being very scary creepy games and this

game is as well it's very tense at times

when you're playing is the Carlos

character there's moments where the

zombies are just pouring in through the

windows and you're mowing them down and

as you watch your ammo depleting it's

kind of like oh shit die but because of

its length and it's almost complete lack

of characterization I just didn't really

care that much while I was playing it it

felt very forgettable it felt like

something that was gonna be here and

gone really fast and it was which is

unfortunate but I must say that while

playing the game I enjoyed myself

there's an aspect of this game that's a

bit of a double-edged sword for me and

it's that it is bigger and it is more

sprawling than Resident Evil 2 3 takes

place in a lot more locations that

should make the game feel bigger but in

a strange way it kind of ruins the

claustrophobia that 2 had and that one

had the game still has a lot of tension

and while the city feels bigger and more

expansive than it did in the original

game that is at the expense of

claustrophobia the game's short length

is made even more curious when you

realize that a lot of things have been

cut from the game specifically puzzles

capcom seems to be trying to make a much

more realistic game this time around

which in some ways makes the game

scarier but in others it makes it less

fun so while the game is at times

strengthened by a more serious tone

it could have benefited from more

puzzles a slightly more tongue-in-cheek

nature to its situations and scenarios

and certainly a beefier length that

could have really helped a lot

still I can't deny that I had fun

playing Resident Evil 3 and I'm gonna

give it a 7 out of 10 this game could

have been better but I did enjoy playing

it I would recommend waiting until the

price drops though $60 is too much for

this short of a game if you're a mega

fan of the Resident Evil games like I am

perhaps you're gonna play it anyway and

that doesn't really matter to you in

that case have fun hope you like it

Capcom has been asking fans a lot lately

whether or not we actually want any more

Resident Evil remix they did a poll

recently I certainly don't need a code

Veronica remake but I would definitely

like playing it I'll tell you what I

would be most excited for I know a lot

of people have talked about this I know

it's been widely discussed and I'm not

the first to acknowledge the Dino crisis

really really King needs a remake and

it's a Capcom game too they should do it

this game was fucking cool man guys

thank you so much as always for watching

it was kind of nice to talk about

something new I haven't talked about a

new release in a while I'm gonna review

trolls a world tour this weekend so

that's gonna be fun thanks to Universal

for putting that out on VOD guys thank

you so much as always for watching look

forward to more reviews very soon and if

you like this you can click right here

and get stuck mine eyes


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