Research: Why I don’t invest into ICOs anymore

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hello there and welcome to this slightly
different video in which I'm basically
looking at the current ICO market and
why I personally don't really invest
into ideas and I also kind of stopped
reviewing them as well because are
reasons for it so first of all let's
have a look at what's happening to the
market in general because this is a very
important thing so market situation so
market has been in the downtrend since
January now we have recovered in last
few days a little bit but if you compare
the price that we had in December of
January to the price that we have now
you can see how bad it has gotten so
while in the downtrend the most stable
investments are usually doing much
better than the lower market kept out
coins of the likes of Bitcoin mostly and
also its cerium to some degree so this
means that Bitcoin in this room are more
likely to retain value when you compared
the value to the US dollar so even if
they are losing value against US dollar
they will gain value against most of the
smaller out coins and when compared to
the most of the ICO tokens which I think
it's the main reason why most of the ICS
nowadays are losing money so that's kind
of reversible but it's not the only
reason why they are losing money the
second one is basically over saturation
so more and more are SEOs are introduced
with many ICS that are basically doing
the same thing as already established
coins and if you ask yourself a question
why would people reinvest into something
that's just starting instead of
something that's already established it
doesn't really make sense if you think
about it because they're already
established cryptocurrencies and coins
they already have a development team
they already have some development done
and they have been working most of the
cases on the coin for quite a long time
so why would you take a high risk and
basically invest into something that's
basically a copy of something that
already exists more competition like
this also means there is less demand for
the tokens introduced in the IC o—-
and that as we know always affects the
rate of return as visible here a lot of
different coins available for sale it's
just too
you know it's too many projects
happening at the same time it's really
difficult to find a good ones and most
of them are simply losing money because
people just don't see the reason why
invest into something that's already
exists in a form of a different coin or
if some development done or ready which
leads me to another point which is
basically scams and the poor quality of
the icos in general so there are more
scams all these cash grabs and poor
projects than ever since people are
trying to quickly profit on the
cryptocurrency hype even though the hype
is a bit lower now there's still quite a
lot of people that try to make money
this way because of that it's difficult
to find alleged projects with bright
future there are also successful scams
in the past where people simply run away
with the investors money so there's
always that risk there is always that
risk of that happening and that
increasing fear uncertainty doubt and
because of that there is also less
investors and whenever there is less
investors there is less demand for the
tokens so the risk reward ratio is quite
often not worth it since fighting good
ico is super hard and there's a fair
chance of the investing into a losing
project so there is just simply not
enough initiative to invest into icos
which leads me to the rate of return
because most of the ICS nowadays are
actually losing money when compared to
you know either fiat it Syrian Bitcoin
all of those are losing money and you
don't have to consider it takes time to
the research and it also takes time to
actually invest into the ICS because you
need to do the know your customer and
then you actually have to send them in
cerium so it takes time and basically
that means you're essentially wasting
time to lose money which just doesn't
make any sense out of the recent
projects only few actually generated
money with majority losing money against
Bitcoin and cerium and usually fiat
investment as well if the investment
took place after January this little
screenshot I didn't include the names of
the ICS but this is the general trend
just losing money against the bigger
cryptocurrency so it just doesn't make
sense to invest into icos at least for
now there isn't for bad I SEOs return on
investment is a combination of
of the previous points and currently
it's actually unclear even if the market
becomes bullish again if it recovers
what it really changed that much I don't
think so it's probably gonna make it a
little better but not enough voices me
to the conclusion so nowadays investing
into ICS is risky takes time for both
research and investment process and
really rarely generates money so just
there is no point in most cases the
money is actually lost which completely
defeats the purpose of investing into
the ICO there is simply no reason to
invest into them unless you really
really like the ICO you know stuff like
superb team great token economics or
interesting and very unique idea and
even if that's the case they might not
generate an actual term because of the
situation of the market so it just
doesn't make sense no because of that I
personally have stopped doing IC reviews
that's in the last one I've done was
like months ago I really don't want to
endorse something that could lose money
and since most of the ICS are losing
money it just doesn't make sense to
review them anymore once the market is
bullish and a situation might change
potentially but I don't think we're
gonna see the returns like 10 times for
example that we have seen last year it's
just not gonna happen anymore it's kind
of sad you know it might it might be
back at some point when we get big
companies doing IPOs in a few years but
I think for now the era of I see us it's
done at least for now like I said before
we all see what's gonna happen in the
future but for now I personally wouldn't
recommend anyone to invest into any I
SEOs unless you really really like them
that's it
as always thank you very much for
watching hope this video explains why
have we done any ICS reviews in a while
I did hope it was useful and if you have
any questions feel free to contact me at
lovely chairs and bye

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