Remember Nintendocore?

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

it was 11 long years ago that I first

heard a song about a boy with scissors

for a head

Nintendo core first it was a joke then

it wasn't and now it's like nostalgia


Dow Nintendo core was originally a

tossed-off term used by horse the band

in the early 2000s to describe their

blend of hardcore breakdowns and a bit


but we're horse the band's video game

connection ended with a few lyrical

references to cut man and the creative

use of a Korg

there was a whole slate of bands ready

to take the mantle of Nintendo core way

way more seriously

if you're wondering whether or not this

has been the most high energy research

I've ever done for this show I assure

you it has

that last one was a bit out of place but

I wanted a big finish let's talk about

how we got here yellow magic Orchestra

released their self-titled debut in 1978

along with German robot dudes Kraftwerk

they helped to pioneer synth pop and

additionally built the foundation for

chiptune and hip hop through their

unique use of keyboards and arcade game

samples that's Afrika Bambaataa 's death

mix an early bootleg release from the

hip hop originated ym O's Hosono whore

unni would go on to release what many

consider to be the very first chiptune

album in 1984 with video game music

chiptune genre that would take more than

one episode to explain and would still

inevitably end with someone calling me a

shitheel in the comments the short

version is the chiptune blossomed in the

80s died a bit in the 90s and has gone

on to become a contemporary pop music


artists like Ke$ha and Snoop Dogg or the

people who write for them have drawn

heavily from the nostalgic sounds of

chiptune although the results are often

a bit closer to bit pop which is what

you sometimes called chip tune when uses

non electronic instrumentation in a

minute Gucci our prime contemporary

practitioners and it's here in the murky

to thousands of a bubbling chiptune

underground splintering off into pop and

hip hop that we find Nintendo core

melding goofy metal energy with

nostalgic bleeps and bloops hoarse the

band accidentally kicked off a whole new

sub-genre when they brought a keyboard

to hardcore

Nintendo core itself didn't have a

tremendous shelf-life the advantage

haven't released any new music since

2006 is super awesome elf titled and it

was six years between the last two

mini-bosses albums but from the ashes of

the genre rose straight up video game

cover bands and many of them totally


fans like powered love carry the torch

for hardcore Nintendo worship but ditch

the keyboards in favor of old-fashioned

shredding like vomit Ron

but there will always be room in our

hearts for a bit breakdowns nostalgia

for nostalgia layers in a dream but

that's all a little too rayji for you

the one-ounce do pretty much the same

thing but jazz

do you remember these bands do you

listen to these bands let us know in the

comments and share some of your favorite

videos subscribe to this exists for new

episodes every week and this is

unrelated but I can't think of another

way to share it there's a guy who does

8-bit covers of black metal songs last

week's episode was our second ever

collaboration with the fantastic

philosophy tube where we looked at

whether or not you are listening to

music wrong epoch were SJC asked an

interesting question which was whether

or not that video actually belongs on

this channel so those of you that have

been subscribed for a while know that

we've been experimenting with some

different formats with some different

ideas not everything we do is explicitly

about music now we've done episodes

about video games episodes about movies

that was less about a musical trend and

more about the you know psychology and

physiology of listening to music and I'm

genuinely curious to get your thoughts

when we do something new do you like it

do you hate it is that why you came to

this channel or is it gonna make you

unsubscribe and hate me forever and not

invite me to your birthday party so I

appreciate that comment and as we

experiment with the kinds of things that

were covering and the way that we're

covering them I'd really like to know

what everyone thinks so thank you ragnar

1999 asks about music that is intended

to sound bad like blackmetal which he

listens to on cassette on his Walkman

and that's actually a really interesting

idea and one that we have yet to explore

on this series is lo-fi music and what

the intention is when you are

deliberately producing something that

isn't supposed to sound great and I

don't really know that I have the answer

to this question because I haven't


whole episode on it but it's a really

interesting idea and one that I hope

that we can explore in the future last

week's episode touched briefly on John

Hinkley who attempted to assassinate

President Ronald Reagan because of his

obsession with Jodie Foster and he also

wrote poetry for Jodie Foster which as

David Sutter pointed out was used by

Devo on their album oh no it's Devo for

the song I desire which meant that they

had to get permission for Hinckley and

then Warner Brothers their label at the

time had to pay Hinckley to use his

words they were included in the lyrics

he was given a credit on the song and it

was not uncontroversial but a great

piece of musical Hinckley history that

we did not include in that episode LSD

is good for you was very excited that I

had an accent and then made a secondary

comment when apparently it came out

quite strong in that video which is

interesting I'm sure most people that

have accents don't think they have

accents but I really don't think I have

an accent I'm from Toronto my parents

are from Toronto I do you think that I

have an accent I don't know what you're

talking about

jokes talking about that's how you say

head Bret Kortright wanted the shout out

so what's up Bret and wondered if

dubstep is bad for activities I don't

know what activities you're talking

about if that activity is dancing

awesomely or enjoying a subwoofer great

for those activities if that activity is

hanging out with your mom and talking

about you know how sad you are that your

father is dead that's probably great

yeah it's awesome this week's book thing

that I feel like I should give a name to

like a cool guy book club or something

totally sweet if you're watching this

far in the video you have a suggestion

please make one is David Kushner's

masters of doob it chronicles the rise

of the creators of doom and Wolfenstein

and quake their company the offshoots

the impact that I had not only on the

video game industry but culture as a

whole I mean obviously this was one of

the most popular games of all time doom

and quake and Wolfenstein but they had

far-reaching implications that obviously

reverberate it well beyond the walls of

video game culture and it was a

fascinating look at a very interesting

time in cultural history and in

technology history so masters are doomed

by David Kushner excellent book


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