Receiving a Mystery Care Package FULL of Tech…

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

So you know we've been on this lockdown for a while now anchor reached out to me and they said look Lu we want to sponsor a video we're gonna send you the ultimate lockdown care package and it's gonna be a complete mystery and then this look at what showed up

Locked health care package open in case of emergency this is like robust packaging here I just think could survive more than a lockdown anchor innovations and there's some keys that came with the package as well is heavy I

Promise you I do not know what's inside it has a super serious clamp style locks on the front and we lift the lid whoa thank you for staying home and doing your part to protect everyone else special packaging it looks like for each

One I'm just gonna remove all the different items real quick oh and that's the big one right there okay look at this it's Christmas why don't we do this big guy first just like you would do on Christmas morning you would start with a

Big or maybe you would end with the big one I would start with the big one this is so serious you could reuse it you don't even feel right ripping it my goodness okay this is gonna be just a monster massive portable power bank now

I've seen some of these beasts in the past this is a type of thing I've used in the past to power a wireless router even when the power goes out it's nice to have it in an emergency if you need a phone charge you gotta charge a

Flashlight something like this it's got a real rugged build to it and then all the interesting stuff is over on this side hopefully that's gonna tell you your battery capacity remaining front of the device a DC output type a USB ports

Type-c USB port and you can turn each of these banks on or off independently wall output wall outlet output to charge up anything now this thing how big is this this is fifty seven thousand six hundred milliamp hours and the AC output is a

Hundred watts so yeah you could charge up a laptop no problem well as they say you can charge a MacBook Pro which is a relatively large laptop five times off this device if the power goes out or if this is more convenient to keep this

Nearby well just in case of an emergency this is a serious battery backup some people keep these things in their cars as well so what if I just turn on this section oh yeah so we have the display lights up right here also tells us which

Bank is currently selected so if I maybe if I switch let's see oh I can have more than one on at a time so you can kind of manage your power this way try to charge up my phone where is my phone this is the 1 plus 8 Pro and we'll see what

Happens I crack into this and toss it into there and we are charging if we're talking about recharging phones with what is it fifty seven thousand six hundred milliamp hours you could recharge a phone a bunch of times off

Something like this it could carry you through a serious blackout obviously if the only goal is to recharge the phone but like I said sometimes you got to get your Wi-Fi connection back up so I like these things to hook them up to a router

In an emergency scenario now I'm noticing that this USB port here is not fast charging here's a c2c cable so that port is charging rapidly if you have a quick charge capable smartphone you're gonna want to use the type C port and

Use a C to C cable of course if you want warp charge with the device like this you could always take the power brick that ships with the device 30 watt and just go into the hundred watt capable port on the far side here so tons of

Power output oh I see so it's sort of the way that it sits on the table ultra clear conference speakerphone so the sound looks like it's firing up from the table in a 360 manner so 360 voice coverage with five meter range six mics

For superior voice pick up so conference call you have multiple people you want call the family with your family boom everybody's available 24 hour time and USB C connectivity and connection over Bluetooth obviously DSP reduces ambient

Noise so there's some smart there some brains in there and this thing can charge your devices it also acts as a portable power bank dot a little carrying case look at the business look at the business still getting done very

Portable quite thin so that is what it looks like sits on the table like this and of course that's what you want you want something completely poor rubber foot on the bottom so it doesn't slide around the table there are some

Buttons here capacitive buttons in the center of the device I like that a big mute switch in the center you know you wanna someone's yelling in the background or trying to get your attention or you need out of the private

Words you just bam hit that button straight in the center there's also some tactile traditional buttons here for power and bluetooth connectivity plus some indicator lights and then on the back of the device we have that USB

Output USB input and an auxilary out so you can charge your phone while you're using this because this has a large battery in it microphone number one microphone number two four five six mics yeah of course it says superior pickup

All right let's see if it has any power yeah yo will ya how you doing man yeah yeah chillin at home well guess what you're supposed to be doing you know that's what they say that's the thing to do

Yeah I'm like on the news and you heard about it yeah yeah you go uh you know while you're live with the crowd right now you know they miss you man oh really I missed the The Hiding than the tomfoolery yeah there's a lot of that

Stuff you know yeah some people they criticize us they say there's too much of it you say there's just enough right it's just the right amount it's like it's like seasoning it's like seasoning

A steak well you gotta have the right amount of salt and pepper you understand yeah yeah that's true I've been cooking a lot o cooking okay yeah yeah what type of dish what are we talkin about I sleep today I made some hoisin

Vietnamese tacos waiting on us I was expecting something far more boring in Austin you come out with this the only thing I can feel in court kid all right dude well anyway yeah I'm glad to hear this thing works I think the the ideal

Scenario is multiple people on my end that's what the six microphones are for but yeah you sound good you say I sound good and it's a very robust little thing it'll also charge up your phone it's great to hear from you by the

Way I'm sure the audience is going to put their thumbs all over this video just because they heard your silky voice oh yeah it's nice I have the freedom I'm not holding any device I don't have to wear a headset it sits on a table you

Keep it in the kitchen you keep it on your desk that's the idea plus it'll charge your phone nice little package the whole thing is metal you can't touch it but it's cool to the touch and it's wireless earbuds premium call quality

Via four mics with noise reduction seven hour playtime on a single charge charge for 10 minutes listen for two hours Qualcomm aptX fully sweat proof IP x5 10 million plus people love this sound 10 million did they sell that many units

Geez 10 million you know people are constantly asking me for some sort of reliable alternative to say air pods for example because air pods you know it cost a few dollars the truth is there's a lot of players out there in the space

That are not delivering quality and you don't know what you're gonna get I'm talking about knock-offs in general these are not that this is an independent product you can see they serve 10 10 million people from a

Reliable company you could check the reviews on Amazon and so forth you've heard of ankor likely and so here now you have an alternative a viable alternative these are the earbuds and more accessories are underneath the tray

Here USB type-c cable to charge this guy up nice little short one with some cable management that's thoughtful some interchangeable ear tips that's a must I'm a big fan you got to have the right

Fit for the right sound if you haven't tried an interchangeable ear tip earphone you haven't got the good seal and your bass is suffering because that seal doesn't exist a lot of people in fact will actually use two different

Sizes because their ears might not be the same size you might have a medium and a large and get that perfect fit that's you can only do that with interchangeable ear tips

First things first with the case here you can see we have three little LED indicators on the front there's a type-c connector on the bottom a dedicated button this pops open there they're illuminated so you see it's two bars of

Battery let's find out it go like that and that and it's a tiny little that's a package you can live with isn't it yes yes ASA that's a valid it's a valid alternative for sure I'm telling you I get this

Question so much people saying where's that alternative you know how do I don't what are the price of these things talking about 80 100 bucks I'm saying you're looking for that fully wireless you're looking for a brand that you can

Trust a little better than some of the stuff that's popped up and trust me I heard about that as well anchor I've been using their products for a really long time you know they started with the power banks and of course now I have

Diversified massively this is an example of that so look this eighteen hundred and twenty three reviews on Amazon so you can go check those too but valid alternative I like the fit I'd leave the mediums the medium tips actually are

Perfect for me last up for us in the care package charge your kids box office prices to get into the living room you're gonna charge your kids tickets to get in the living room I don't know what type of

Kids are out there but mine definitely aren't paying me for anything Android 8.1 run streaming and media apps smoothly HD big picture sound capsule max pocket projector well you see how to use it right here take your

Entertainment to the max they put on the side of the tent it has one second auto focus this is something in the old days I've been playing with projectors for a while in fact I brought one of the earlier versions of this thing you have

Sea-fight once upon a time at the at the pals house on the side of the on the side of the wall so you're having a good time it's like a sports bar environment but it's all coming off here one of the new features is auto focus so you don't

Have to focus the thing manually it just reads the distance of the wall and focuses the projector it's just something you don't even have to think about I was just I was just sitting here thinking look those people having a

Party they got the table out what is it a little bit of wine what a time oh look at that romantic moment ooh nice little slender remotes some android-specific buttons because again it's the Android factor

You have a back button you have your multitask you have your home button there's a directional pad okay a mouse clicker so you're running real Android and then of course plus/minus and this is the unit it's interesting

What they've done with the design it's over the years now we have something that this tiny it's incredible and it essentially looks like a Bluetooth speaker because well it kind of is it's a speaker it's a projector all in one

It's even got a tripod mount on the bottom for different mounting options a USB type a port you can once again charge devices from here DC input to charge it up it's got an HDMI what are you doing you throw a game console on

There if you want to and then there's some more touch controls on the top of the unit the directional pad once again plus/minus and a back button so if you don't have the remote nearby off or sitting right beside the projector you

Have everything you need right on the top of any you could use it as a speaker as well just to play music you could play music with a visual at a party so you got the music videos going look it's it's option alright so I've got the

Device booted up now and it's super simple everything operating from the remote control I have it mounted up above here I mean you could put it anywhere I think the typical scenario would be against the wall so there's an

App called nebula connect which lets you use your smartphone to control the device as well if you want and you don't need to use a remote and there's other advantages of course with text input oh man check it out straight out the gate

Amazon YouTube Netflix more apps file management for your own files and then the HDMI port on your projector it's portable I mean check it out is it's full out you tube on your projector on any surface up to 100 inches it's it's

Tremendous it's a portable TV all these various apps available to you you want to load up your own files they got VLC over there and like I said this is very small this is on the desk obviously this is not the optimal scenario this isn't

Your backyard but it should just give you an idea of what to expect with it up to a hundred inches right here on the table I have maybe I don't know maybe a 20-inch image and the device is only sitting like a foot

And a half away so if you're wondering how much space you're gonna need to get a really large image it's not much you can get even four or five feet away from the wall you're gonna have a fairly large image so there you have it

Lockdown box complete looking to improve your lockdown experience it's the portable projector the giant enormous power bank to keep it all juiced up man forget about the battery on this bring this into the backyard

With you and then hook that up to that think about it for a second now you can run this baby you could do a marathon Netflix marathon whatever you need to do got the display on it power up all your stuff of course there was also the ultra

Clear speakerphone stay in touch with the loved ones and so forth you had the earbuds the wireless earbuds to stay entertained while you're doing chores around the house you're sweeping up you clean the closet

You got the podcast you got the audiobook and of course you got to sweet tune so there's a deal happening right now in fact up to 30% off on these various items there's a link in the description use that link you'll be

Eligible for those deals if you're interested in any of these let me know in the comment section which of these gadgets is the one you would pick if you could only pick one which one would you go for would it be the projector the

Enormous backup battery bank the wireless earbuds or the conference caller speakerphone

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