Realty Income Corp, O, Stock Analysis For Monthly Dividend Income

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Realty income corporation the monthly dividend company is the asset I'm going to analyze today using my weird Japanese investing system my name is Kiana Danielle I'm the founder of the invest diva movement where our mission is to help 1,000 moms start investing in the

Online financial assets the right way and make their money work for them if you're new here and wondering who the heck I am I'm an adjunct professor of Investment Management at universities in New York and in Japan you may have heard

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This video with any mom in your life who can benefit from this analysis to see if this monthly dividend stock is right for their investment portfolio now if you're just getting started with investing make sure to check out the link in the

Description area to discover how I make over $12,000 per month using my weird Japanese investing system now let's go take a look at the Realty income Corporation and analyze it from the five points of the investiga diamond analysis

Using the Ichimoku Realty income corporation the monthly dividend company is an S&P 500 company dedicated to providing stockholders with

Dependable monthly income its symbol on the market is o the company is structured as a right and it's monthly dividends are supported by the cash flow from over five thousand nine hundred real estate properties owned under long

Term lease agreements with commercial tenants now let's analyze this stock from five points of the investable diamond analysis or the ID da I use this method to analyze almost any online trying to assess from stocks to proceed

To Forex and we start with fundamentals market sentiment in the move to risk which is capital technical analysis to get a holistic view of the stock and see if it's right for our portfolio and our unique risk tolerance and unique

Financial goals fundamentals first the company has a market cap of twenty four billion its earnings per share is one point twenty seven and as forward dividend yields actually pretty high is three point seventy one percent which is

Two point seventy three dollars per share wheels an income owns roughly five thousand properties most of them are freestanding single tenant triple net lease retail properties and his properties are located in 49 states and

Puerto Rico and are leased to 250 tenants from 47 industries recently positions have added industrial office manufacturing and distribution properties which make up roughly eighteen percent of its revenue now what

Is the opportunity with Realty income corporation will to income is the largest triple net right in the US with more than five thousand properties that mainly house retail tenants the company describes itself as the monthly dividend

Company and its line of business and operating metrics make its dividend one of the most stable sources of income for investors now even though over 80% Realty income tenants are in Mattel most of them are focused on defensive

Segments with characteristics like being service oriented naturally protected against ecommerce pressures and resistant to economic downturns Realty income is still on track to close on the acquisition of 454 single tenant retail

Properties for 1.25 billion dollars at a 7% cash cab rate now let's take a look at the risks involved with investing in this stock now despite the defensive nature of most of Realty incomes tenants they are still subject to change in

Consumer case and economic situations we also income has been increasing the average quality of a sentence but about half are not investment-grade the company has also reduced the overall concentration in his tennis over time

But more than a half of its net operating income is still concentrated in the top 20 tenants and seven tenants represent more than 3% of it Noi so issues at any of these top tenants might negatively affect Realty incomes revenue

The other thing is that Realty incomes properties are generic shells that can attract a wide number of possible tenants but there is nothing unique about the properties that can't be recreated by other developers that means

Competition can become tough and additional competition from better capitalized investors could actually drive up prices and portal to income tea either pursue yours acquisitions or acquire a lower cap rates or reduce the

Quality of properties that it acquires right so on the other hand Realty income depends on regular debt and equity issuances to find acquisitions so if the stock price of Realty income o drops or if interest rates increase that will

Right raise the cost to acquire which reduces the spread between the companies weighted average cost of capital and the acquisition cap rate so that these could be problematic in the long run the next point of the IBD a is market sentiment

Now while back in 2019 a bunch of companies like Citigroup and Jeffrey's operated their position for real to income to buy and Morgan Stanley back in September maintained is a Kuwait most recent quarterly results for real

Tanking were actually slightly below the analyst expectations so right now Morningstar actually gives the stock a two-star rating which is kind of bearish now the investment eva's I'm analysis research shows that the majority of the

Trading crowd is normally wrong with the prediction of where the price will be going next so one thing that you can do to stay ahead of them is to actually go against the crowd but now the next question is okay now we know that Realty

Income is actually made now that everybody's barrage in the software's our drive dropping it may be an opportunity to buy but when should we pull the trigger and buy this brings us to the final point of the investor by

Diamond analysis which is technical analysis and I use my weird Japanese indicator it Shimoga for the most of it and other main technical analysis techniques for the rest of it with that let's take a look at the charts a Realty

Income corporation with stocks on both oh this has been on the market since 1995 and as you can see on the monthly chart the price the stock actually has been a growth stock overall which is great it did had a dip back in 2008 when

The markets crashed but it was even covered actually within a year which is pretty fast for this market it did have some other stumbles along the way back in 2013 and then a little bit more in 2006 a dropped massively but it was able

To recover again in 2019 and that is basically when all the corporations that are just mentioned were upgrading their position and that led to / bye and now we are seeing the stock price dropping for the past three months

Now zooming in and looking at the daily chart you will see that the the price has actually broken below the daily HTML 4 o'clock this is the HTML flat right over here right and the future cloud is actually bearish the other moving

Average of them each mo qu the 10 confusion and Chico spend all of them are moving downward signaling further drops in the price for o Realty income now the next step that you want to take now that we know that the market was

Overbought and is now in a process of correcting or a pullback we can use Fibonacci retracement level I'm gonna do it again so they can see exactly how I do it I basically identified the most recent

Uptrend which is which started back in February 2018 and ended back in November and then the Fibonacci retracement levels magically appear we can see that the pivot level or the 23% of nitrous rates models that's $73 and the next

Level which actually falls exactly on the support level from back in July and June and this actually was a massive support level for where a long time is at $68 so it was very likely that in this correction or market pullback the

Price is going to dropped at least sixty eight point seven eight dollars now when every time that royalty income Corporation has had a drop back let's see what has happened because I mean history does not repeat itself exactly

But I just want to know what happened in the last time the last time the stock had a pullback the stock price actually dropped we just above fifty percent of national level so with that we could expect this is the 50 percent in this

Ryan you could expect the price actually to drop as low as sixty four point seventy three is 70 now for those of you who want to buy even lower and can afford the take it take the risk of waiting on the stock

Price actually drop there you can also have a buy limit order at sixty point 54 but remember that the only reason why we're actually investing royalty income is for its monthly dividend payments so the sooner you get in it the sooner

You're gonna start accumulating the dividend payments so when you put all this in a consideration you might want to start buying a little bit right now and then have final image orders at lower prices and that is exactly what I

Did for my dad's portfolio this concludes my analysis for a Realty income corporation with the stock symbol o I personally have invested in the stock as of today and I bought some of the stock for my dad as well if you're a

Premium investing group member or a pig member you know that I manage my dad's portfolio as well as my family's portfolio and he is over 80 years old he's retired and he really depends on dividend income for his lifestyle and

That doesn't want to take that much risk so for him I actually bought a little bit more at the current market price because he has a larger lump sum of money for myself I set my limit orders at lower prices that I just showed you

Based on my HMO confabulation technical analysis now let me know what you think of reality income corporation do you think this is the right investment for your portfolio do you have a higher risk tolerance medium loose owners or lower

Risk tolerance what do you think of dividend payment stocks in general and would you rather invest in more riskier assets in 2020 or just stick with dividend payments go ahead in the comment section and let me know again

Thank you so much for joining me today this is my new youtube channel so I would really really really appreciate you subscribing liking and sharing this video with your friends and family and any woman who you think would benefit

From starting and investing in the online financial markets once you subscribe to my youtube channel make sure to turn on that bail notification button so that you know exactly when I publish my next video in the meantime

Don't forget to make your money work for you

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