Realme 5 Pro hands-on & top features

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey everyone Ricky here for GSM marina
and today we're taking a first look at
the real me 5 Pro this is the higher end
of both real me 5 models announced today
but the Pearl does have a few advantages
and a couple of minor trade-offs shall
we take a closer look

the real me five pro features real meas
new crystal design on the back this
holographic effect can be found on both
the crystal blue and crystal green model
that you see here although there is no
official IP rating real Mesa is the five
although there's no official IP rating
real me says the five pro will be just
fine if exposed to the occasional
humidity or shower storm thanks to its
triple layer water protection around the
body seams and phone's ports there's a
six point three inch LCD display
protected by Gorilla Glass 3 plus
there's a water drop notch at the top of
the display which houses the 16
megapixel selfie camera although the
real me 5 has a larger screen this 5 pro
has a smaller one but with higher Full
HD plus resolution the performance on
the real me 5 pro is thanks to the
Snapdragon 712 depending on the storage
size you can get up to 8 gigabytes of
RAM and overall color OS has snappy
performance and smooth animations unlike
the real me 5 though the pro has ufs 2.1
storage which should translate to
shorter app launch times the 5 pro has a
four thousand milliamp hour battery and
even though it isn't as big as the real
me 5s 5000 it supports the quicker voc
3.0 flash charge both the real me 5 and
5 pro are the first devices from the
opal sister brand to have 4 cameras
around back the 5 pro has a high
resolution 48 megapixel quad bayer
sensor which should produce clearer
images and improved low-light
performance in addition there is now an
8 megapixel ultra wide camera which does
a pretty good job of correcting lens
Distortion the third camera is a 2
megapixel macro sensor so you can use it
to shoot small objects as close as 4
finally the last one is a 2 megapixel
portrait camera which is a fancy name
for the depth sensor the front-facing 16
megapixel selfie camera can also bend
pixels for better low-light performance
and our first impressions with indoor
selfies show promising results
I have to say it's very exciting to see
the competition between entry-level
phones get more intense with every
passing year real me is continually
delivering more value at the entry-level
price and Xiao Jie's read me brand is
definitely feeling the heat if you have
any questions about the real me 5 Pro be
sure to leave them down below so we can
address them in our full review
otherwise don't forget to subscribe to
our youtube channel so you don't miss
more videos like this one with that I'm
Ricky with Jia Sabrina and I'll see you
next time

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