Real Samurai Explains Rules for Peace and War // 17th cent. Scrolls of Natori-Ryu // Primary Source

published on July 17, 2020

The primary principle the samurai should keep in mind during daily life is during a state of order you should consider and prepare for war and in a time of disorder you should think for the best way to bring about peace

forget the following to aid loyal devotion wives and children treasure and properties your body and your life do

Not forget the following to aid loyal devotion determination in loyalty the name of your family parents and ancestors for a bushi it is essential to comprehend the following primary

Principle as you have been born a samurai you must understand the difficulty of devoting and sacrificing yourself for righteousness and loyalty and you must value your name highly the truth is that

Samurai just like everyone else have a fear of death however if your understanding deepens it is not so difficult to enter death it is possible to die from illness drowning fire to be killed in a moment of rage or even

Through lust even humble towns folk and farmers can die such a death of course for those born into a military family it is natural to die upon the field of battle therefore if you are prepared in full for any destiny be it glorious or

Ignominiously a few are determined upon the above primary principle then be aware that to die is not such a difficult act keep reminding your wife children and other family members of the position that you hold and that all are

Indebted to the Lord and if the Lord should order so you must sacrifice our lives to expunge this debt tools for daily use a katana a longsword wakizashi a short sword as mentioned previously it is desirable that they are

Well sharpened so they can cut with ease and that they have to rivets items that should be kept on your person a quick rope a set square a stone pencil gold and silver a mirror tweezers a comb a cloth to clean a katana blade powder

To clean a katana blade a sword rivet to remove her medicine for sudden illness and breathlessness beard for a person or horse a fire striker a wooden taper one or two sheets of paper for the writing of oaths be prepared like this when

Traveling and even during normal times although houses grand plans reception halls and entrances can all be constructed according to individual preference samurai do not need to have splendid residences this is because they

May die for loyalty at any moment and it is wrong minded to spend a lot of gold and silver on your homestead with the intent of securing a future of a hundred years however if you have an enemy or someone who has targeted you for

Vengeance and wishes to murder you then if your Lord has ordered that you should survive and you must cherish your life a carefully constructed house may be required used as a strategy to kill your enemies constructing an elaborate house

Will cause them to underestimate you apart from cases where a use of tactics is required most normal samurai do not have elaborate houses that being said having a well-designed appearance is desirable

Know that merchants and farmers tend to have luxurious houses for the need of family business there are a few things to be aware of when constructing a garden do not worry too much about tasteful

Design or creating handsome views a master should make sure that the greenery and landscaping have benefits within their layout in terms of defense it is often the case that gardens are unsafe if they have been designed with

Too much emphasis on creating beautiful views furthermore there are a lot of things to be aware of concerning both the doors and the paper sliding doors of bedrooms among other things when entertaining guests is a host keep the

Following in mind if the guests start to fight unexpectedly make sure to settle the situation so that no one is injured and that the grudge's do not fall however when samurai argue do not take one side over the other and do not to

Judge which is right and which is wrong if one side is judged is correct and the other is not correct then the side judged is incorrect may lose face and have then forced into peace this may result in them returning to kill their

Adversary later on if present when rumors or malicious gossip about certain people are being spread then it is desirable to be very discreet and talk with care generally those who gossip and pass on rumors about others are cowards

If being questioned or asked to confirm what has been said they will often quote examples of other people's faults and state that they did this or they did that this is because they lack dignity even though samurai may sometimes change

Their words at a later date in order to present an excuse for a misdeed they should never pass blame on to others for those actions improve yourself by considering the above points and know that you should never speak of others

Behind their backs if you do say anything about someone behind their back then you should repeat those words to their face also know that those who talk to you about people behind their backs will talk about you when you are not

With them when attending a dinner give compliments on the dishes served even if you don't like them when there are samurai among your associates who are ignorant turned stupid and tall can behave without

Thinking it is essential to keep your distance and know that it is a huge mistake to trick or make fun of them as they are stupid they may suddenly threaten to kill you for the smallest of reasons

There was once a case where an ignorant samurai took offense and despite efforts to persuade him that he had taken the situation wrongly he would not listen and killed the person he thought had insulted him if you are unaware of a

Person's stupidity then it cannot be helped but if you are aware of it and still have dealings with this person then you are also to be considered stupid in this world there are many tales of people who have come across

Mysterious monsters when they've been walking alone at night however they are most likely invented from my childhood I have heard various stories of this kind and have dared to walk alone in the middle of the night in

The places that are rumored to be frequented by monsters but I've never encountered anything mysterious that being said it is difficult to conclude that they really are fake just because I have not seen one even if you actually

Experienced such things it is still hard for samurai to talk about supernatural beings with any certainty the people who claim to have seen a monster usually say that it happened when they were out late at night on their own or with one other

Person on a deserted street this would suggest that monsters fear large numbers of people but if monsters truly existed surely they would show themselves to any number of people if a samurai believes he has seen a monster he should be

Reserved in this matter and not talk too much about it to others during an earthquake immediately opened the doors and paper sliding doors and get outside however if you panic and are too eager to get outside you might

Injure yourself on the other hand not being fast enough is negligent being crushed and killed by a house is a dog's death so exit quickly the way to walk in an emergency is called a shiiin AMI

This involves concentrating on the big toe if all of a sudden an insane person enters through your gate send him back to his parents or brothers generally speaking if you talk gently to those who are insane giving them an impression of

Timidity their insanity will become more intense this also applies to people who are violently drunk sometimes the person may be one who has been possessed by fox but know that these people will not fight those skilled in our school Hui

Means anything that happens unexpectedly for example fires earthquakes rainstorms gales thunder storms blizzards floods fights attacks by group of thieves people running you in madness people coming to you for sanctuary and people

Who have collapsed on the street there are more than can be listed here however in any unexpected situation it is most likely that you will become confused therefore the first thing to do is to settle your mind before dealing with the

Situation at hand if you are unaware of this more often than not you will lose the initiative because you will feel rushed therefore always calm your mind and be prepared for this type of situation this is a key aspect of our

School since old times there have been three places to which a kudu grass is administered the first is in the windpipe the second is in the solar plexus or or around the heart the third

Is in the lower leg if no good grass is given it is like a death offered by townsfolk or farmers to cut is undesirable while to not cut his virtuous never shy away from an act of virtue

However if two samurai have drawn their swords and are about to fight sometimes they cannot just sheath them when lending either of your swords say the following this cuts extremely well therefore you

Must use it for a trial cut never just say I will lend this to you without mentioning trial cuts place horse droppings inside some paper and wipe it over a blade that has been used to cut someone this will leave traces of the

Wiping and the blood will no longer be seen if there are no horse droppings available to wiper blade with use the back of your straw sandals or soil inside paper this way is good because it oils the blade if you do not use this

Method you will notice a deterioration in cutting here Moochie mono means to be sent to someone at the request of a Lord to inform the person of his crime and then to kill him however as he is a samurai he may fight back

Therefore there are points to keep in mind so as not to fail to make the kill with extreme rapidity inform the person of his crime then immediately strike and finish him only afterwards should you say out loud and for this reason the

Lord has asked me to kill you if you think that you have to explain yourself in fold beforehand it may end in the opponent drawing his sword and fighting back as well this may be taking place at the criminals home be aware that his

Servants and retainers may join in the fight also whatever the circumstances do not say the phrase do you remember that you did commit until after you have struck it is not good to say beforehand and then fail to kill the target

Even the smallest amount of crimson blood will look like there has been great bloodshed and if you are not used to this the stench of the blood will knock you sick and turn you pale something which is inappropriate for a

Samurai because it suggests cowardice young samurai should accustom themselves to the stench of blood by taking any opportunity to observe executions and punishments otherwise they may be reputed as squeamish around blood and

Therefore unsuited for bloody deeds when you inform your servants that an order for war gives a specific date for departure remind them that your fief was given by the Lord that their bodies and

Lives are maintained through this and that repayment can be given during battle if they forget this relationship and flee leaving the Lord's service then make sure that they understand it is equivalent to living as cattle or a

Horse also tell them if this happens they will be searched for across all the lands and then executed and that if they have fathers mothers and children that they will to face this punishment as often as a hundred times a day the two

Sides may face off and look as if they're about to start fighting do not be alarmed at this both sides with advance and the ashigaru will move into position and shoot their muskets but more often than not close combat will

Not ensue however from the moment you step away from home you should never drop your guard sometimes it will seem as if the battle is never going to begin but events can turn quickly and combat may break out at any moment it is also

Said that within three days after taking up a position volleys of bullets will be shot therefore do not become flustered by this an army may fire off a volley of paper bullets to show that it has a large number of muskets in addition

There will be lots of noise such as the cries of those on night duty and also goading war cries this may unsettle the inexperienced both sides will face off in formation which will be followed by an exchange of

Musket and arrow fire between the ashigaru after which the ashigaru from both sides will peel off to the left and right at this point the samurai will dismount and form a body of men and rush to the advanced warriors from both sides

Will work their way to face each other this stage is called the yari bun the field of Spears she Russia taking evidence of who has been killed this includes taking the head of an enemy soldier after the enemy has been

Put to rest and chase down if the enemy is prestigious take his longsword short sword or banner as proof and as a way to discover his name improper heads these are also called Shira Miku be lice heads an improper head is one that has

Been cut without witness and brought after the book of heads has been closed these may be presented by samurai who have failed to make a kill and take a head during actual combat the truth will be that they have found someone who has

Had difficulty in escaping and it was been left behind by his allies they take this person's head and display it so that people will take note this is the act of a coward however if they have managed to find to capture and behead a

Good enemy warrior who was hiding with tactics then this is not a cowardly act but should be regarded as an achievement noses taken from heads in the confusion of a large battle without a witness to verify the act are considered to be on

No Kuby possible female heads such a head cannot be properly judged it could be that of an ally a monk or a woman good bushi do not engage in such actions this involves taking the head of an injured person of lesser importance and

Pairing it with a helmet that is left behind by a different fleeing enemy discovered heads these are also called chiku be death heads if there has been a large battle or even a skirmish both allies and enemies may be injured and

Died brave warriors tend to leave their kills so they can move on to kill more enemies sometimes other people take these abandoned heads when you have taken an enemy head in battle people may approach you as if they are offering to

Help but instead they snatch the head and run away with it when presenting a head hold it with your right hand while putting your left hand on the cut of the neck allow the Lord Commander to glimpse the right cheek of the head and then

Withdraw to the left do not kneel down the person presenting the head should not look at the face of the lord commander but instead focus on the head itself the following types of head should not be offered for inspection

Heads with their eyes and mouth open malignant heads with flesh blood or such using from the cut heads with their tongues protruding these are called a Yushin no Kuby malignant heads and are not the preferred type for those with

Their eyes open pull out the eyelashes and tap the eyes with the handle of your great sword at this they will close for those with protruding tongues force the tongue back in malignant heads differ from other heads taken in battle as they

Sparkle with moisture and have an intense look in their eyes as if they were still alive upon returning from a successful campaign with your reputation enhanced

You should hold a celebration just as you did at the departure for war in such a celebration all family members including wives and children should be gathered together to engage in a drinking party achievements that

Servants have attained should be examined and rewarded accordingly if any of your servants were killed during the war track down their offspring and compensate them warfare is more dangerous than treading on thin ice

In order to see into a deep pool therefore if you return with success and have gained achievement know that you have unified with heavens principle and truly have been blessed by the gods


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