Reacting to Galaxy Unpacked 2020 (Part 2): Live! (Galaxy Z Fold2)

by birtanpublished on November 7, 2020

Yo what is good y'all i'm back let me know if you're able to hear me in the chat um for some reason i'm unable to see myself so i'm taking care of that right now let's see here i'm trying to see how obs works okay there we go so let's hit okay for that all right so microsoft webcam lifecam rather all right there we go there we go all right so i'm actually configuring this right now i think this should this should be a good size i think that should be a good

Sense all right what's good y'all uh it's 8 53 right now the uh live stream is about to start do i sound good though okay you can't hear you will okay cool cool um but yeah we got the whole live stream up here on the samsung website you should be able to hear the the actual computer too right just fine right now actually let's go ahead and drag this live chat over here so pop out

Chat all right let's go and drag that over here i got like a oh look i kind of look i'm professional now i'm professional now uh because i got my galaxy book flex over here and then i got my little lg monitor here in front of me so i got like the whole youtube studio thing with obs and everything so now i'm not for professional streamers so um but yeah so uh how y'all doing right now y'all hyped i'm about to go ahead and actually share this stream around so

Uh let's see here it's it don't look like it's freezing like last time so that's a really good thing and pull up my galaxy buzz manager and um i'm gonna go to youtube here go ahead and share around my live stream um what is this all right um but yeah we're at the live chat girl all right uh oh no here we go again um hey everyone god bless kenosha yeah yeah man kenosha is going through a rough patch right now

So for those that don't know yes i do live in kenosha wisconsin i plug kenosha all the time um like i have a kenosha wisconsin shirt if you look in all my videos they all say kenosha here for the weather so yeah kenosha really is going through a tough place right now but uh we're we're getting through it man um i've been out there you know contributing my part out there so yeah hopefully we can get through this man hopefully we can get through

This uh because actually here at kenosha the crazy thing is like you know says people's been out past curfew even though that's already been the thing people paying that people's bedpass out past curfew rather and they started arresting a lot of people out here so that's been deterring people and on top of that it's been raining somewhat and on top of that um oh what's up oh yeah so the the feds it just i don't know people have just been getting snatched up out here

That's that's that's crazy that's the crazy part man so uh i don't know hopefully kenosha can get through this oh this is samsung russia oh i'm looking at the same same wrong live stream let's go to samsung there we go that's what we want but yeah uh the fed has actually been snatching people up that's uh that's the wild part uh my cousin actually uh our black cousin he actually almost got snatched up uh or a wall i remember he was telling me

It was about yesterday i think or a couple days ago uh i remember he was telling me and his friends he was seeing how he uh he was just in this parking lot and all of a sudden all these cars start well you know what let me turn this down a little bit but i don't think that's a problem it shouldn't be too loud let me do this actually here let me turn this down a little bit for y'all so you can hear a little bit better what i'm saying but yeah so like i was saying yeah so

A bunch of cars just started surrounding him and uh they all had my gunpoint and that dude was scared for his life rightfully so but i was just like wow man this is not playing out here so stay safe y'all because they definitely ain't playing out here i'm staying safe as well as safe as i can be anyway uh i'm not trying to get arrested or nothing i'm not trying to get snatched up by no feds uh i have a video actually of this girl

That actually explained what happened to her and yeah i don't know man this is some crazy time but anyways let's see what's up with this live stream here i have my my galaxy fold here if if they're um pre-ordering after this i will be pre-ordering it live so get ready for that now let's now let's let's check out some of these comments here hey what's up jeremy studio jeremy studio he'd be heavy here in this uh in this uh youtube

Channel so i appreciate you i still didn't go around and share around that link uh what's the event more about the full two yeah basically because they didn't really cover the full two that much so you know that's what they're here to do today uh so that will be fun i will i don't know what color i'm gonna be ordering we'll see what colors they got but this youtube app is not loading for me i'm trying to share around the link you know what i can actually just do it this way so let's go to youtube here

And uh where am i i do not show up in this list let's see what would you do here is about to go uh live in a little bit let's look at my channel okay there we go so let's uh all right twitter now we're about to go ahead and share that around uh let's see i think let's see if this is that one so i'm live on youtube right now you're witnessing between this right now all the tweets that you've ever seen

Uh let's put that picture in a picture real quick oh it's starting that looks like come join all right hopefully this ain't that square gs last time all right let's go let's get it into here we're going to go ahead and drag this chat over here all right there we go welcome to september 1st where hopefully it isn't as cringy let's go turn up this desktop audio real quick oh i'm so excited

You can't hear there is no audio oh no i'm taking care of it now sorry y'all this is bad that's not my deal let's see i'll take care of it now i'm not really talking about anything right now anyways uh how do you input capture okay i have no idea what's going on hmm i think i have an idea but we heard that you wanted the option to go back and forth between the inner screen and the outer

One so we made that experience possible let's say a friend shares a youtube video you can still be watching and if you like what you're seeing you can open up your phone to get a better look and then if you need to get moving you can close the phone and keep watching on the go the transition is so smooth here's my major one of the ways i hope it's the same resolution mobile experiences inner display another

Is a fully hands-free experience called flex mode uh to use the fold without holding it in your hands and without the help of stands or accessories we announced flex mode on the galaxy z flip earlier this year and now we're bringing it to the z-fold 2. on the z-fold 2 we made the hinge even stronger with sturdy elastics and an advanced cam mechanism that lets you unfold your phone

At different angles check it out the youtube video is running on the front cover i can prop it up so my hands are free it's perfect for watching videos while multitasking now watch what happens when i turn the phone around like this i hate how you turned and on the bottom i can browse related videos or leave comments all without disrupting the video now you don't have to compromise flex mode

Works with a wide range of apps you use every day take google duo for example like many of you i've been using video chatting to keep in touch with my friends and family on the z-fold 2 the screen is even larger than the z-flip giving me a wider display for my video calls and on the bottom i can control the call and even add more friends it's a whole new way to experience connection whether we're minutes or miles apart

When is the pre-order through our partnership with you today you can chat in full hd video that's 1080p resolution with lightning fast 5g flex mode transforms your everyday experiences it's a game changer for everything from watching videos to taking them yourself at samsung we pride ourselves on the pro great camera experience our flagship phones provide should be the same photos and videos are shot with galaxy

Devices and we're taking that experience further with the z-fold 2. the z-fold 2 packs pro camera hardware into a sleek beautiful package with an ultra wide lens three cameras wide standpoints and tele lens and it's equipped with all the tools you need to take amazing photos and videos with flex mode you can preview the shots you are taking on the top half of the screen while using the controls on the bottom half

A brand new photography experience on the other screen only possible on a foldable phone the z-fold 2 also helps you get the best possible video footage it recognizes the subject of a video and optimizes a shooting frame to make them shine wait what if there are two people in your shot the camera will automatically zoom in and out to make sure both of them are always fully visible in the frame and of course thanks to flex mode it's easier than ever

To capture video hands-free the z-fold ii gives you a flexible innovative camera experience whether you're taking a photo with friends or snapping a selfie it has two selfie cams one on the cover display and the other on the main display galaxy users told us that when they wanted to take a high quality photo they'd ask someone else to take the picture with the cameras on the back of the device so we listened now you can use the high-res cameras on the back

Of the z-fold 2 to shoot a selfie i'm using the cover display as a viewfinder that was my main one you no longer have to ask friends or strangers to take your photo to get high-res results pull up the camera after all when you can see your photos before you take them you have a better shot at taking a better shot with the z52 you can even use both screens at the same time dual preview allows you and your subject to see the same preview through

Different displays here so everybody knows exactly how the shot will turn out before it's taken with all of these different experiences the z-fold 2 is designed to give you more creative control than ever before the fold was designed for people who live life to the fullest people who hold themselves to a high standard and expect the same of their devices users who want a large screen experience on a smaller more flexible form factor multitaskers who want to make the most out of every

Minute fold users who have told us that once they've experienced multitasking on a wide flexible display they can't go back to using a regular smartphone you can already use up to three apps at once and activate multi-active window by dragging and dropping we even optimize the ui so you can resize and reconfigure the windows however you want and with the updates to one ui 2.5 galaxy fold users will be able to enjoy

These enhancements as well for those who do a day's work from the z-fold 2 the productivity experience is paramount but so are the flexibility and convenience that this unique form factor makes possible now you can access your most frequently used apps with a single touch with that pair let's say you have some apps that you usually use together now you can create a shortcut that launches them all at once for me that's youtube chrome and messages you

Can rearrange the apps and they will automatically adjust themselves to fit and if you use a custom layout often you can save it on an app's edge for immediate access i'm making sure you can do this right now at samsung we're reimagining the entire smartphone experience from the design of the phone to the way you use it let's turn to the head of samsung's customer experience office patrick to hear more about our role in

Expanding mobile innovation with our partners thanks really apologize for being late on this presents the culmination of over a decade of innovation and our leadership in the foldable category is unparalleled we believe it's the future of mobile technology but a new form factor becomes meaningful only when it unlocks new user experiences when we began designing our four level series we thought deeply about what people actually do with our devices

And what the foldable could help them do even better viewing or creating photos and videos using productivity applications communicating with friends and family with the extended screen of a tablet and the portability of a smartphone foldable devices are poised to transform the experiences that matter most to our users to make that possible we need to start by defining and innovating those user experiences that is what brings our products to life unique features of our z

Series like app continuity flex mode multitasking we're all inspired by how we expected people to interact with this new foldable form factor with our device our user can enjoy a truly unique experience with our preferred apps and services to deliver this we have worked in close collaboration with our partners who share a common vision for the future of the foldable ecosystem to scale and optimize these services in particular we've worked very closely with our partners at google to optimize apps

For foldable devices running on android and we are pleased to welcome our friend from google hiroshima kaima to tell us more about this shared vision hi patrick and everyone at samsung i just wanted to congratulate you on the exciting launch so much has happened in this world since unpacked last february when i joined tm on stage to talk about the special samsung google partnership oh wow i hope the samsung team and everyone tuning in are staying safe and well during this time

This is the third foldable product we've worked on with you starting with the fold last year then z-flip and now the z-fold two i really sense the momentum and learnings we're gaining with each iteration i think foldables represent the future of the mobile category i envision that one day these devices will be the norm because they offer such an immersive experience that fits in your pocket it's a form factor that can revolutionize the way we communicate create content shop all the stuff you do

In your daily life the possibilities are endless and we're working hard to bring the best of google innovation to foldables we're also actively working with the developer community to build apps for this form factor together with samsung we have the opportunity to define and shape experiences so that users can be more productive and interact more meaningfully with these flexible displays the demos you saw earlier are great example which i'm super proud of by the way of how

We are developing new ways people can seamlessly interact with foldable technology i wanted to briefly talk about some of the product experiences that i'm most excited about first with the z-fold 2 i can watch my favorite youtube videos uninterrupted as i open or click i'll probably watch it that way more the other day i watched the cooking video and was amazed at how seamless the video moved from one display to the others we've worked closely to make video

Calling as smooth as can be on the z-fold 2. i really enjoy the crystal clear google duo video calls i can have with my friends and family using flex mode completely hands-free and you can truly multitask because the screen is so massive chrome and maps photos and gmail interacting with your favorite google apps side by side can really change the way you engage with a mobile device and let's not forget about 5g

On android oh you're continuing to develop experiences that are optimized and made even better by live speeds there's no hd video calling on duo which looks stunning on the z-fold 2. youtube supports 8k streaming and video uploads there's even ar search where you can search for something like shark and experience a great white in your own room thank you samsung for the continued partnership with google to lead the mobile category with so much innovation especially with these exciting foldables

This is just the beginning and we look forward to shaping this next generation of mobile experiences with you stay safe and healthy and congratulations again thank you hiroshi not as friendly as last time so a partnership with google has been a force for possibility and progress we're pushing the edge of innovation and the mobile industry forward all to give our consumers the trailblazing experiences that only a foldable phone can provide

Similarly our partnership and close working relationship with microsoft has redefined the mobile productivity experience for our consumers together we've been working on bringing microsoft platforms services and products to the z-fold 2 to help you get things done with its cinematic display and intuitive multitasking capabilities let's say you get a last minute update while on the way to a meeting and you get an excel sheet with a chart that needs to go into your presentation

But you don't have enough time to go back to the office with z-fold 2 you can open microsoft excel and powerpoint simultaneously from within the office app and work on both files at the same time then just drag and drop the chart over into the slides and that's it i like that though it's easy to move content from one experience to another so you can take full advantage of the larger display to focus on your work the z-fold 2

Is convenient when checking emails too on a regular smartphone you can only see your inbox or one specific email at a time so i'd have to tap each message to read it then close it go back to my inbox find the next message and so on we worked with microsoft to optimize the outlook experience so now i can keep my inbox open on one side and see specific emails on the other you can also see more of your calendar check out your day's agenda and get full details at a glance

It's never been easier to stay connected organized and get things done that's the beauty of the z-fold ii simple convenience in a powerful elegant package and beauty is an integral part of the folding phone experience we're especially thrilled about our special edition z-fold ii created in partnership with our friend tom brown this is our house i'm collaborating with tom brown to design a foldable phone we carefully designed every part of the

Special edition experience where innovative technology meets refined design let's take a look it's about like three thousand dollars or something bro i don't got money like that that yeah got me messed up introducing the galaxy z full 2 tom brown edition i'm trying to just look a little bit luxurious rised up the z4 and watch 3 with additional phone cases and watch straps the premium the phone embodies an iconic design

Philosophy in the tom brown gray with a matte haze effect and the multi-colored grosgrain stripe by the way a hurricane covered with weird fares and a back cover for casual like the case is only supposed to cover the uh the back side not the screen near an exclusive daily lock screen features artwork sketch by tom brown the four bar design from the home screen continues seamlessly to the back cover a scroll and a click the customized app icons and theme complement the overall design

Beyond these features there are two exclusive photo filters for a signature expression of the tom brown world every single detail is customized to complete the premium experience buds live small and sleek is that your notification vibrations fit perfectly inside the leather case in tom brown gray finally style meets function in watch three the highly crafted piece comes in tom brown gray with a haze finish

A delicately engraved logo on the body five watch faces offer deeper customization to match your needs way too expensive could never do that they got the tom brown galaxy watching collaboration with classic ideas and innovative technology the galaxy z fold 2 tom brown edition i'm just trying to flex bro i'm not trying to flex flex yo god y'all got me messed up with that song the galaxy z fold 2 is packed full of innovations

4500 million power made for dreamers and doers and drivers and we can't wait to see the way you reimagine the smartphone itself we're letting our users personalize their z-fold too which is why we offer z-fold two in multiple colors thank you and custom hinge options like you can literally just one-of-a-kind smartphone your own you can pick your phone's color and customize its hinge with four dynamic color options here

I've got mystic black which goes really nicely with the splash of metallic gold that's classy but once you've decided on a color combination you can choose from several accessories including a soft premium leather case and a slim standing cover made of fiber leather case the galaxy z fold too and the experiences that come with it can be yours on september 18th two thousand dollars so don't wait to reserve yours now two thousand dollars we are pleased to offer galaxy zero premier service

Which provides on-demand concierge support from a dedicated team of product experts it will now be easier than ever to connect one-on-one with experts and discover how to unlock unique experiences galaxy z-fold ii owners will also be provided protection against accidental display damage within one year of purchase the galaxy z premier service extends to our entire foldable lineup including the galaxy fold and z flip and in case you missed it

The 5g version of the galaxy z flip launched in august the limited galaxy z fold 2 tom brown edition will launch from september 25th you'll be able to pre-order this special edition in select market starting today it's truly limited with only 5 000 units available globally so you don't want to miss it at samsung 5 000 we're changing the shape of technology we've broken new ground in the mobile industry

And the galaxy galaxy's e-fold ii unlocks entirely new experiences how much is the sound experiences that are only possible with its unique foldable form the zfo2 will empower you to do more and to be more more productive more creative more you we can't wait to see how your journey unfolds with it thank you woo is that it i think that's it i've been loving you all right y'all looks like that was it for the uh yeah

I'll see z-fold two of them what y'all think about this way less cringey than last time way less cringy than last time i guess they heard us and you want can i pre-order this now please oh yeah you already know what flossy carter is going to be on you already know what flossy carter's going to be uh i can hear him saying it right now in my head all right so uh what did y'all think about that event definitely was a lot less cringy than

Last time i just didn't really want to speak in the chat because like you i just uh i want to talk over the event too much even though this is a live reaction um let's see here let's see what they have to say but these are comments i'm reading right now before this event started by the way the prize too well i hope we can pre-order it today says minty yeah i'm from france where there's no t-mobile here oh okay uh oh it looks like samsung

Already released their uh video on this on their youtube channel uh what time is it for y'all it's 9 23 p.m right now everybody's saying we can uh they can hear me because i was asking about that what phone plan do i use t-mobile one i'm pretty sure i'm having issues with my t-mobile account so literally right now uh uh nobody on the account has data for whatever reason yeah everybody was saying that's gonna

Be two thousand dollars it looks like uh are you gonna buy the new fold yeah snatch it about it snapchat by no fans lmao yeah creator live that means you're gonna show your credit card right no sir no sir i would like to do that on the side on the other side of the screen and then um basically uh uh move the window back over when i order it when it's actually ordered is everybody saying there's no audio check if the audio isn't muted on youtube

Yeah i end up figuring that out uh let's see here my galaxy watch is going crazy right now i want to see what the gimmick tax is so full texting you know true yeah uh the vibration thing galaxy z fall 2 tom brown edition the phone to get you and yours is dead you can't even sell both of your kidneys for that thing man you got to sell your kidneys and then somebody else's kidneys on the side of that these prices are no joke

It's 7 25 yeah yeah everything all right seeing them so make the price on tg i don't think they got a choice honestly optimize the formation of the display layers we designed this we invented what we now call the sweeper sweeping through it with everything all right the sweeper now let's go here to we're going to go ahead and on september i don't think we can order it yet so i already reserved my galaxy z502 so i should already have the fifty

Dollars in instant credit because when you reserve the z for two welcome back you would get fifty dollars in credit last year all right i did this replaying the stream now with the groundbreaking galaxy fold we pioneered the full category to push the boundaries of mobile technology how much is that yeah through camera system etc yeah we're going to look through that right now holdables one of a kind flexibility to offer uh one of the galaxy 3425g experiences

It's still seeing reserve right uh now tom brown edition is right unveiled our third generation man these notifications are going crazy it's so weak my notifications are going crazy so here at kenosha you already know about the whole protesting and rise and stuff so and trump is actually supposed to be here uh i think smartphone experience why we prioritize the cover display to allow users to take advantage of new experiences that are only

Possible i'm trying to flex bro i ain't trying to flex flip like i said earlier but anyways like i was saying as you can see here look at this picture much more you can see is this uh we've heard you is this too loud for y'all wanted a wide screen experience that fits in the this is a youtube video too loud for y'all september 15th september 18th how many people do you think will buy it i don't know how many people

Buy the without missing a beat there i don't know how many people bought the original phones i don't know how many people are going to buy this honestly there has to be more than their bezels and even uh more people than who bought the fold right nice large screen experiences so that you control so when does the samsung galaxy s20 aids to give users the unique benefits of this flexible immersion oh it's t-mobile tuesdays by the way y'all if you got t-mobile open up the app we'll see uh

So i forgot let me go to samsung rewards let me show you how many rewards voice i have and if you like what you're seeing you can i have a lot of rewards points so i think i'm gonna redeem that and then if you need to get moving you can close i have 15 000 points right now which is 77 dollars the transition is so small and i actually have eighteen dollars pending right now it looks like so ninety bucks experiences about another is a fully hands-free experience called

Flex mode without holding it in your hands and without the help of stands or accessories yeah anyways why is everyone so surprised about the price i don't know i'm not surprised about the price at least it's only twenty dollars more than the original galaxy full but same six times advanced cam mechanism they made a lot of upgrades since the original galaxy camera even if they do bring down the price for

These photos automatically transition the phone technology is still new and everything and on the bottom uh but anyways yeah about those cases here so basically here's what they got going on and i tried this um my galaxy phone by just taking off the screen part of the case right here but this is how they plan to have it so they're only going to have a case for the actual back part of the gal or gaussian default friends and family for the screen they're not covering that

The screen so i'm wondering if i just get displayed and on the bottom what is it called and even add more screen protector yeah i wonder if i could just get a screen protector for the z-fold too because i don't want to just expose like that i couldn't even find a screen protector with lightning fast 5g which really sucks but i haven't got any scratches yet so experiences let me just turn that down a little bit more

But yes i thought it was going to be kind of weird i already did the field test to see how it feels with uh can you screen protect on the front it says jaden htv don't really completely get your question but i think what you're getting at is that i can't like there's no screen protectors really for the galaxy fold no good ones anyway i'm hoping they got some glass ones for the z-fold too now the weird thing with the fold was

Like if you got a screen protector and if you have a case it was weird um because basically how that worked was you know you can either have a case on there or not and the thing is when you have a screen protector they don't really know if they should just cover the entire front of the screen or they should only cover the part where the case is um the case is not at so actually on the screen right here as you can see here

Uh but hopefully both of the screens are 4840p i'm gonna see about that where did my mic go oh wow the mic my bad yo let's go and put that back on there yeah i didn't even know that moved to mike my bad all right there we go but you didn't hear everything i said right uh should have been able to uh it is 1440p okay because of the galaxy fold like i was

Saying let me go and show y'all actually so if i were to start a youtube video on the cover display on my galaxy fold i'll go and show you all that right now um so okay so my video is 1080p right now my live stream showing 1080p let me go ahead and close youtube real quick let's try it again so if i want to go play a youtube video it starts out at 7 20p max because the out or the cover display is 720p max so if i unfold it here

And if i go over here to the resolution it stays at 720p the only way to fix that is to force close youtube and uh basically open it again with the cover display i mean with the main display open the 4840p display so i'm going to show you all that right now so if i go and close this force stop now you will be able to see that it's 1080p which is really annoying youtube should at least fix that but yeah whatever i guess but i really like the flex mode features

On here um i wonder how much it's going to be at 18t should be the same price that's why i'm ordering it as a tnt it is 1440p it is 14 and 120 hertz at the same time um only 120hz on tablet mode though now let's go and refresh this and see if there's any updates here like somebody like my my tweet it doesn't um like anything here yet uh yeah no nothing yet doesn't look like there's anything yet

Come on samsung give me something i'm trying to pre-order this live i can meet the galaxy z425g now let me go ahead and pull up gmail let's go ahead and drag that over here though um okay looks like i can get back i think so i was just looking through my emails here see if there's anything from samsung but it doesn't look like it so whatever all right nothing exciting there yeah i already checked my email read this whole message says s msm

Marley let your read this whole message and we have a deal on something all right so basically i don't know what uh what i'm typing but you read all the way here so you gotta give me your samsung account all right bro okay all right uh anyways yeah so are you buying it yes i will be buying it it's the front display glass yesterday's glass with the original galaxy photos class it was just uh the uh what's it called what they call

That screen whatever enter display that was just plastic looks like they're still going with it and they always disable the the chat for their live streams but anyways yeah so uh let's go back here i was just looking at my live gym earlier but looks like everything works good so cool i'm a professional live streamer now um what i was trying to do was i was trying to

On the side i was trying to go ahead and mess with the galaxy buzz manager that i posted on my community tab because basically with this galaxy buzz manager um basically this is custom galaxy buzz manager app works it's actually open source so uh you they give you a lot of options with this app over the official galaxy buzz manager app now i'm trying to see what is these galaxy buzz called 266b okay so let me go show y'all real quick i

Know this is way off topic but don't know what's up with this maybe i have to update this app because it was like bugging me to update it i guess i'll do that then all right um i'm just looking through this real quick all right whatever um options you register device continue start discovery 266p oh yeah i'm gonna look through this again check a couple times if we don't find nothing i'm gonna just have to get off the stream okay there we go so you can see

Here my galaxy buzz i can see even the temperature and everything which you can't see with the um even the official app on android i can see that my case percentage the the volt voltage you can see that i'm wearing it right now obviously i am my red galaxy buds plus it works with for the buzz and buzz plus but uh you see you have the ambient sound which i was trying to turn on this whole time now i can finally hear my uh my surroundings i'll go and turn off that extra ambient

Sound though but it is a really nice app so i'll go ahead and do a video on this hopefully resume start playback okay i'll do that all right so comments so what was the price they said says pat andrews so for the people that's just getting in here um two thousand dollars so let me go and show you i think they'll go ahead and cover it here again soon i can't wait to see the c42 on the pool table the trojan says lethal emperor you will see that but y'all don't do giveaways

Who asked for a giveaway but yeah i don't do giveaways by the way as you will see here if i look up myself uh why i refuse to do giveaways i did a whole video on this y'all like when was this 2018 so if you want to watch that then here's the link but yeah i don't do giveaways okay oh actually let's go ahead and okay that's better but yeah so what did y'all think about the event let me know in the comments actually i'm about to go ahead and close this up

And pull this chat back up pop out chats and there we go so you can actually see the comments by me can i get a free phone lol thank you sam the random for the five dollar donation i appreciate it my question did you donate on an iphone or did you donate on the web or android or what i heard the whole thing with apple and their app store policies and stuff i think it's stupid honestly but at the same time it is their app store but at the same time

A lot of these developers don't really have any option uh besides just going to google which even they do a 30 could so the event was shortened right to the point yes lethal emperor yes that was it but really i appreciate your five bucks that helps a lot on this channel at this donation so if you can donate guys the um the uh super chat is there you should be see a dollar sign next to the chat now i'm trying to see here you should be

Able to now you should be uh covering this price again soon but anyways let's go and refresh this again nope still nothing so it's just reserved now i'm assuming it's just going to be a little bit later in the day and i also will be uh getting this tab at seven here i already did my my reserve now thing really somebody calling me right now who is this sorry about that

Okay i guess they're not covering it right now but anyways the galaxy tablet 7 i will be getting is well the color anyways i'm not really sure it was cool but it was too short i thought it would have been more just for the fact they made it wait i'm sorry green is wrong i think it was cool but it was too short i thought it would have been more just for the fact they made a whole second a pact event for this fold says pat andrews um by the way i'm not pressuring anybody to donate

If if you can't donate you can't donate if you don't want to donate you don't want to donate i'm just asking but i i would appreciate it cast to josh oh man i need to get back on my youtube grind seeing you keep going this motivation thank you for you thank you keep doing you appreciate you cast josh so i want to go and tell y'all about cash josh real quick so i actually met this dude at best buy he works at best buy i don't know if he still works at best buy but i'm assuming he does um but he's a

Really cool dude he actually has a youtube channel too so um let me go and show y'all you should go ahead and subscribe to this man but yeah i met him at best buy uh cuz uh you know if you look at my live streams i'm always checking out the samsung ios or maybe even apple aisle seeing about their imacs or whatever but yeah really cool dude go and check out his channel here uh uh yeah i did watch this all the way by the way by the way okay uh josh anyways

Let me go ahead and see here question does the z-fold come with the buds and also where's the pre-order i don't know if it comes with the buds um actually i think didn't bts do an unboxing on this galaxy fold beats unboxing i think bts oh y'all see zefo too hold on tweaking all right oh wow all about samsung just posted their galaxy z4 2 unboxing in dutch but it's up there so let's see here actually cool

So i know about all about samsung uh they don't just plug or um publish dutch videos but let's see here this is the unboxing as you can see here that's when you open it really nice unboxing that should be the retail unit right i believe so that's better than the the galaxy fold unboxing which i thought was really nice let's pause this real quick see okay yeah you can see right there two thousand dollars all right so we got that cool anyways

Let's go back here and let's see we're going to watch this together so uh oh man you know we have to do that man but thank you nope look man you deserve it bro cash uh maybe the z42 is gonna sell a million units i don't know we'll see two thousand dollars is okay with 5g yeah uh i have my i don't have any 5g devices except for my oneplus nord as you can see here um why can't i see myself oh i'm looking at this wrong let me pull up obs

There we go all right so yeah you can see my my oneplus nord here which i love by the way this is really the only 5g phone i have right now i need to turn off that top border thing i have because i just turned that on well it was it was nighttime i couldn't really see it oh wow look i'm completely missing the unboxing sorry yo anyways that's the unboxing so far so it looks like let me let me let me get my galaxy fold box real quick

Let me get that real quick actually so i'm trying to do this there we go audio in the right now i hope not was eastern time essential time so far it doesn't look like wow is this do i see this right they give you some wired headphones in the box that is garbage no wow that's kind of like a stab in the back wow okay then that's garbage i don't like that at all man anyways

This is the galaxy 4 box here i don't know if anybody commented if you could hear the um the desktop audios kind of sound like it was echoey but hopefully not anyways this is it galaxy fold box you just unbox it like this and bring then down a little bit um yeah so you would just open it like this if you see my boxing you already know what this looks like or literally any unboxing in the world you would just take that out there you have this little

Box here inside of a box and inside here you would find the galaxy fold as you can see here so you would just find the galaxy fold resting right here just like this in the box and then you would just take it out here it doesn't really look like that anymore but yeah so you would go ahead and unbox that you get your galaxy premier service which they renamed to galaxy z premier service with this little thing here

And then you get unfeel the future unfold the future meet your galaxy fold as you can see here so let's go ahead and look inside this box right here is where the galaxy buzz lie so not the buzz plus or anything even though like uh even though it did come out when the galaxy buzz came out like in the end like originally when it was going to come out the galaxy buzz plus weren't even a thing yet they just announced wait no they didn't

Announce the buzz plus i'm tripping yeah i i'm pretty sure yeah they didn't announce the buzz plus at the time pretty sure they announced it this year with the s20 but there's your here's your answer there's no galaxy buds in the box you just get the same wired akg headphones which is really stupid but i don't get it man anyways let's just go ahead and put my fold box back here and let's go ahead and see what's up on samsung's

End of the names oh yeah we're not getting nothing yet so all right looks like i'ma just go ahead and get out of here um when the pre-orders do open i will be pre-ordering it on the video so if you remember when i was out in vegas last year which by the way i won't be out in vegas again for the second time this year i'm actually out there with my parents actually and my cousin so that would be fun uh visiting my brother but if you remember when i was out in vegas last

Year when i was recording on that espn ping pong table uh actually showed off that ordered the galaxy s10 plus out there blood oh wait no i want to do it down here latrell jennings galaxy s10 plus which really sucks because i cracked my samples like pretty bad at least it's not broken but yeah right here i when i had my tablet's four and i was using that as my main with the one you or never pre one ui actually

On this espn ping-pong table i was uh showing off how i had ordered the galaxy s10 plus i'm trying to see where you can see the espn logo but probably not there but yeah so i'm gonna do the same thing here um you can see here when i went to my orders he's i was just showing off right there how i pre-ordered the sn plus and 128 gigs with the galaxy bus white promo and a trade-in apparently so let's see about the traders and everything uh i think you can actually trade in the

Galaxy fold for z fold too because what's good he said take what's up jason what is good jason i'm just hashtag i'm just saying um realist dude on twitter uh let's see here what rappers do you listen to msm marley says if you want to see what rappers i listen to go ahead and check out my jenny stamper approval playlist on spotify which i plug literally all the time as you can see here then you'll see all the time who i

Listen to and we got 91 follows right now so that's really good appreciate y'all for uh following the playlist best ride music in the game i got juice wrote in here little baby uh more juice world pop smoke uh drake i can get rid of him though get rid of drake on live stream low key see that hunch oh yeah all these people fredo santana i'm that type of dude but they said when you buy it you get 200 credit towards your earbuds

Or watch whatever you get are you sure because i know they did that with the no 20 but i always thought look you see right here reserve and get 50 dollars of instant credit so i don't know about all that but still nothing here oh they update the website at least to show it like this meet the device change in the shape of the future so i can still reserve it now i still can't pre-order it yet unfortunately i think thank everything that they didn't show

My email and my zip code and all that stuff there or phone number um but yeah so you can get it i'm looking at this again here let's go ahead and learn more still nothing really there new okay okay there we go so meet the device changing the shape of the future reserve gauss's z4 to 5g and get 50 and say credit pre-order starts tomorrow they said today so tomorrow the second which is wednesday at 12 401 a.m so actually

No it is kind of today but it's gonna be at midnight so let's see 1201 oh wait okay let me see here 1201 am eastern standard time to central standard time say a location you'd like to check the time difference for wisconsin it's 1201 am in wisconsin usa hey man i hate bixby even though i use bixby why not just do this i couldn't just type it in google real quick

Okay so 11 o'clock so i guess it is today for me anyways so i will be i don't know if i want to be making a video at 11 o'clock at night showing off but i'll i'll i'll figure something now let's see here uh watch but whatever you get i'm just finishing okay let's read over this again but they said when you buy it you get 200 credit towards your earbuds or watch whatever you get and if you buy it at att or any company you got to call samsung and give them your imei number

I have no idea what you're talking about with all that i'm looking at rj here wow three thousand dollars canadian that is insane never can they pre-order it already in canada okay so anyways uh i'm gonna get out of here in a little bit y'all so uh i'm gonna go and do some videos i really gotta finish up uh getting like b-roll and everything here for my yeah i'll see uh

I'm just looking through here make sure my desktop body wasn't too loud but i was just uh i gotta finish up b-roll and everything for that smart motorola weather home phone here with alexa it's 69 degrees fahrenheit with mostly cloudy skies today you can expect it's getting cold out here yeah so go live at eleven o'cho we will come back then all right all right yeah that's that's a decent idea i'll go live then yeah so i guess you heard it here

First uh thanks lethal lethal emperor i will be live here at let's see here today i went live at when i go live 8 45 so i'll probably go live at i don't even know honestly let's see 10 45 i'll go live at 10 45 and then well 10 50 actually and then we'll go ahead and see what's up with that so appreciate y'all coming through the stream um looks like it worked out pretty well um i wasn't able to get any comments to see if if the

Stream sounded echoey but that's all right i'll figure out here in a minute but uh yeah so if you have any last questions let me know here but other than that i'm gonna get out of here so minty says i'll be right back i'm gonna step in walmart i'm probably off by the time he gets back here then uh but i mean with the notes one well i mean they gave wire headphones says parker i don't really know how i pronounced it

Uh that better than the note 20 ultra because they didn't give the tips and headphones that's what i was just about to get at so with the note 20 they don't give you any headphones at all you have to actually contact samsung support to get some free headphones but we're here with the z42 you just get them but it says pieces msm early but um looks like i'm not really getting any comments in right now but i'll give it a little bit but yeah so oh i'm getting a reminder

Here record clips for the motorola smart home phone says my samsung reminders app but look at this look at this i'm going to show y'all real quick so um let me go to my messages here literally every single day uh here in kenosha we've been getting these emergency alerts like crazy like they have not been stopping every single day multiple times a day even you would just get emergency alert after emergency alert

After emergency alert like it's it's insane y'all they really not playing out here i guess um actually this is starting august 15 15. so yeah i'm looking from yesterday yesterday we got three emergency alerts which two of them was the same exact thing what emergency the curfew and everything you know because of the rides and the protests because um jacob blake shot in the back seven times out here um two alerts for the same exact thing

One of them town kenosha businesses to turn off their fuel pumps and then uh the same exact thing just every single day you get two emergency alerts for the same exact thing and then one telling business owners to turn off their pumps at gas stations so i don't get it man but yeah so uh i guess that's the emergency everybody knows what all about kenosha at this point i honestly never expected this i never oh so we would get excited when

This uh somebody will put us on well for good reasons anyways once uh kenosha is on the news right now canosa is not on the news for any good reasons uh besides people uh being happy that kenosha is standing up for their city right now but uh this man i've never seen kenosha like this ever in my life it's insane right now let me go and turn this off real quick but yeah i've never seen kenosha the way it is right now it's honestly scary man uh a lot of family and a lot of people

Been texting me like stay safe out there man uh this that and the other which i really appreciate it it's crazy and like uh there's also this dude here named huxworld he actually lives out here in kenosha too so uh let me let me let me see here let me see if i can show y'all but he actually lives out here at kenosha too which is also crazy but the thing with me at least is that i plug kenosha all the time like you constantly see me talking about kenosha

If you look in all my videos i'm mentioning or i mean you see in the weather app on the home screen it says kenosha i'm always like oh yeah kenosha wisconsin is commercial wisconsin net uh and then all this happens which is uh really something man and actually where he got shot is about 10 minutes or so 12 minutes away from my house a 12 minute drive and uh i don't know man the downtown kenosha is about 15 minutes away

So it wasn't that far from downtown kenosha but and like i said i know trump's about to be out here the first time trump was out here was about last year so yeah it was last year i remember because when i was out in vegas i was hearing all about trump being in kenosha which i didn't know about before i went to vegas but knows er trump came out to kenosha he went to snap-on headquarters which i'm literally

Right around the corner with from its uh snap-on headquarters and uh uh okay so basically i'm not gonna review too much of my location but there's a park over by snap-on and um like down the street from that that part uh but yeah so i remember the whole neighborhood was just covered with people protesting and everything like that and just really before this whole uh george floyd stuff nobody really protested out here you would see like

Four people down by the courthouse but now they have to have fences around the whole block of that courthouse uh slash kenosha county jail so hell no man crazy times i heard trump's gonna go ahead and check out all the damages and everything everybody tell him not to come out here he's gonna cause more uh um meet people divided than unity and stuff like that i'm not going to get too deep or too much into that why does bixby just keep randomly popping up right now

So i don't know just look out for kenosha y'all it's some crazy times right now but that was pretty much what i had to say about it that's why i haven't been uploading for a little bit and i just now startly start started i can't speak today apparently or any day of the week uh started to upload again because i've been really busy contributing to the kenosha community basically because this is my city this is where i grew up at this um this is where i live right now

And i want to do my part and like uh because they have these like food supply drops and stuff so like they have a bunch of food uptown kenosha because it's already been like a dumb food desert up there and i grew up in uh uptown kenosha so it's crazy to see uptown kenosha the way it is right now and really downtown kenosha because now by the lake a lot and everything and gravity gaming lounge if y'all heard about that uh successful gofundme there but i'm gonna go and get

Out of here y'all so like i was saying already appreciate y'all for coming through really appreciate y'all um i'll go ahead and do videos on this oneplus nord here so i don't remember when i got with this oneplus nord let me see here actually when did i get this oneplus nord um because i'm gonna wait until two weeks to do my two-week uh impressions i'm not really gonna do a week impressions or anything like that um i guess i was talking about leafy there

Let's see oh yeah and also this iphone um uh i got a lot of videos by the way like the homepod iphone 11 pro max which i already returned uh so i will be doing videos on that i don't know when i got my oneplus in the word but uh all right so guess that was it appreciate y'all for coming through thanks for watching if you like this live stream anyways go ahead and give this live stream a like it looks like uh how many likes do we have how many times am i gonna say like in this live stream

Wait let's see here what phone carrier is the photo gonna be on so i heard t-mobile at t i'm assuming uh because atmc had the original galaxy fold um and maybe verizon maybe maybe just all the curious i'm not really sure right now bye says parker see it man uh but yeah if you uh if you like this live stream gonna get live stream i like let's i'll see in about how many likes are on this live stream right now so we have 29 likes so i appreciate the

Likes and everything uh appreciate the the five dollar donation if i go ahead and scroll back up here sam the random really appreciate the five dollar donation uh looking through here a lot of people came through saab um i appreciate y'all i'm i'm assuming one pre-order pre-order is gonna be starting here anyways it's gonna be 11 o'clock central standard time

Wisconsin chicago that type of thing i don't know if minnesota's central time but i'm assuming so uh texas yeah all that stuff there and then 12 o'clock eastern standard time uh well 12 o'clock a.m eastern standard time which is going to actually be actually going to be tomorrow technically because it's going to be midnight so i will be here live streaming at uh 11 o'clock central standard time or really 50 central standard time and i will be

Pre-ordering the galaxy's e42 live so look out for that ray stone that's what he was asking good luck assuming good luck appreciate that um but we have 31 likes hopefully we can like it up you can even like it after this live stream you can go ahead and uh watch after this live stream if you want to obviously i will have this up after the live stream and i'm gonna see what's up with this trump thing honestly i wanna uh see how that's gonna work but anyways uh thanks for watching

I'll see you on the next one and peace out so we're gonna go ahead and end this peace out y'all this is the shape of the future it's changed how so with a flexible new device designed to fold unfold and hold from 75 to 115 degrees so your world can flex to fit you watch life unfold in the palm of your hands with five cameras to capture it all a new perspective awaits and it's powered by 5g

Now you can see it hold it and use it differently i've been loving you too long and you want to be free foreign foreign foreign foreign oh

A samsung this is an immersive smartphone the display reaches edge to edge in both directions and then unfolds to an expansive tablet experience with a glass screen ultra slim bezel and a brilliant dynamic display for the ultimate mobile viewing or gaming experience with 120 hertz frame rate twice as fast as the last fold so you

Can scroll and scroll and scroll through the workspace game room and theater in your pocket this is a compact device but with a large screen impossible right well it folds and it's made of ultra thin glass thinner than a single hair on your head and the hinge doesn't just open and close but stays put with quadruple can technology protected

By corrosion preventing materials and sweep attack for the pesky dust and dirt you never see it's all hidden beautifully so now you can hold your phone anywhere you like or not at all and then fold it away you

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