published on July 17, 2020

Welcome back to We Need to Talk this is the shelter football on the internet over the past seven days or seven days that seemed Sergio Ramos showing us why such a beast in the air gerrae pique turn out to the new camp pregame on a bike and Sanh & hué gallery trying to

Scrap each other but really carries not birthright only at the end of the half without rich amish never did they get anywhere near and what's going on here with these Spurs players anyway today we need to talk about the world's best

Wonder kids yes over the past few months whilst we've been in lockdown i've been doing a few tear listen they'll be doing all right and with the emergence of Mason Greenwood I thought why not rank some of Europe's best wonder kids now

I've left out some of the more established names that are already crushing it week in week out for their club the likes from ballet the likes of Trent Alexander Arnold who I would kind of no longer classify as wonder kids I

Think they're already established stars within their first team but I've almost definitely missed some names off the list I've tried to remember as many as I can but I'm sure I will have forgotten some so if I have forgot any please let

Me know who are forgotten below and put them in a ranking position yourself despite the fact I've left in BAP a and Trent off his list I have included Jayden Sancho I don't know why I just still classify him as an emerging talent

17 goals 16 assists in the Bundesliga this season I think he's the first player in history to do that get 15 plus in that competition in both of those categories I don't need to say too much about him he's truly elite what a player

Tier 1 all right next up Alfonzo Davis he's still only 19 just an unbelievable talent I said it before I watched him tear Chelsea apart at Stamford Bridge the most dribbles in this Bayern Munich's quite a frightening turn of

Pace three goals five assists in 2000 lead minutes in a position he didn't even play until he arrived in Germany let's not forget gonna have to put him to here one too because he's gonna win the Bundesliga and he might well win the

Champions League so it's one for the Canadian genius all right moving on to Baku sacker 18 years old what a frightening Talent Vecchio Sakura's I think only Katy B and Trent have more assists in all competitions

For a Premier League player this season his goal against wolves was a really really good strike only Cesc fàbregas has more assists as a teenager in an Arsenal shirt in a single season I don't think he's at sancho level just yet he

Definitely has the ability to get up there I'm gonna put him in tier 3 just because I already know some of the players and you do as well they're going in tier 2 but a supreme talent Phil Foden up next 20 years old now Phil I am

Gonna put in the tier 2 bracket he's already won trophies in his young career directly involved in 19 goals in 25 starts in all competitions now he has turned 20 which means he's teetering towards the no longer a wonderkid level

But I think with David silver dupatta next season he's gonna be a key player in the C team so I'm gonna put him in tier 2 alright next up we've got Eduardo cam of inga now the youngest player on this list he's aged just 17 not really

Got the goals and systems because he plays in a defensive position so I find this one quite hard to rank but obviously he's been incredibly important for Rennes hasn't he I think they won 25% of their league games without him

Compared to 44% with him and I think he is gonna go on to come a star defensive midfielder in the future but because of his age and because of the levels of some of the other players on this list I'm gonna put him in tier 4 that's no

Disrespect because I think he is gonna go on to become a really good player but right now he's still got a bit of growth to do a bear club alright next up we have to talk about a Mason Greenwood 18 years old right and left foot sent from

The gods it's like a thunderclap every time he strikes the ball I think he scored 9 Premier League Oh 16 in all competitions for an 18 or days absolutely i water I think in the Premier League at his age only like

Michael Owen Wayne Rooney and Robbie Fowler had scored more in a single season so he is a frightening talent I just don't know whether I've ever seen from kick the ball as hard as he can at 18 but he's not quite Jaden Sancho level

At this moment in time he can go on to hit that level what a talent I'm gonna put him in tier 2 just because I don't want to be biased but he can definitely be a tier 1 player in the future all right next up we've got

Daejang kunis f ski he is 20 years old killer surf ski so he's got a little bit of time on the likes of Mason Greenwood and that moved to you they was for eye watering fee from Atlanta wasn't it and he has the well on loan at Palmer seven

Gold seven assists and I think soon a thousand minutes like something like that but just cuz he's not playing week in week out for his parent club and really pushing hard to be a starting care at the elite level I think I'll put

Him in Tier four but another player when he goes back to his parent club I think could definitely be competing for higher tiers and see fatties up net still just 17 years old it feels like he's been around for quite some time now became

The second youngest player in La Liga history to reach five goals in the competition behind bozo he's obviously broken a lot of the Barcelona records as well hasn't he but having said that two starts in bastards last nine games I

Don't know I don't know whether he's a tier 2 player maybe this is the Premier League bias coming out I mean it probably is but just because I've watched Phil fold an amazing green would play a lot more game sight than absolute

Fatty I'm gonna put him in tier 3 let the powders begin alright we've got another La Liga start here Rodrigo 19 years old obviously the fastest player to score a la liga goal for madrid since like

Ronaldo I think that was and the second youngest player to score a hat-trick in a Champions League after Raul so he holds some prestigious records doesn't he seven goals two assists in a thousand minutes for Los Blancos again I'm gonna

Put them in Tier three I think the Premier League bias is showing in me pretty strong here but you know 9 Gold involvement swen we're looking at sort of macing Greenwood putting up 16 plus Jade and Sancho putting up 30 odd he's

Obviously getting on to become a star in this Real Madrid site in the future Gabrielle Martinelli Arsenal fans will be excited by this one obviously the first players for 10-plus goals in an Arsenal season as a teenager since

Nicolas Anelka he obviously hasn't played since the restart because of that knee injury when I put the Cossack republic is a current tier 3 I put Gabrielle Martinelli in tier 3 as well although

It's very close between three tier two nast equity free Earling brauch Harland what to say about Thor I'm gonna have to put him in tier one because you know this is a player who scored scored 53 goals in 43 games

This season and he's got a frightening tick even in the Bundesliga 13 goals in 11 starts two assists what 18 for in the Champions League and he's just doing pretty much everything in every competition so yeah he has to be a tier

1 1 begin I was starting to run out of names at this stage I'm not gonna lie so Dwight McNeal I've put in here obviously the powders can begin now but he is pretty decent talent still only twenty years old of

Course released by Manchester United picked up by Burnley two goals six assists this season just because I need a player in tier five I'm gonna put white McNeil in tier five I think that's really harsh I do you think he's a very

Good player and has a much higher ceiling than Burnley so yeah I put him in tier five but I think he's a good player moving on now to take a few Saku bow still only 19 years old and doing really really well for a pretty shite

New Yorker side four goals four assists on loan he puts up big numbers in terms of dribbling but again a little bit like deja I'm gonna have to put me in Tier four just cuz he's not doing it for his parent club and he's not quite

Statistically hit the level of some of the players in tier 3 and tier two I still think he's gonna be a serious player and he's definitely going to start for Real Madrid in the future but I think the loan just holds him back in

This ranking system I'm gonna chop Williams Liebherr in here as well still only 19 isn't he and obviously doing great things for Silesia and should really be starting next season for Arsenal I think sanity and an 80% win

Rate with him in the team when conceding less than 05 goals per game and that dropped it's like 25 percent when he wasn't in the side and nearly a goal again more I'll put him in tier 4 just like Kubo like déjà not playing for his

Parent club right now so yeah I'll put him in tier four but he's gonna be a star for Arsenal next season alright so that was my tier list of Europe's best wonder kids obviously it's gonna be controversial because they are all

Fantastic players and all gonna go on to become exceptional talents for big teams but I had to do it so let me know who you agree with who you didn't agree with in the comments below alright so that's it for today's episode of We Need to

Talk of course we have launched the brand new football daily podcast channel hello it's partly balanced rather than just letting you know about our new podcast channel football daily podcasts from now on the extra time podcast will

Be going live over on that channel every week and it will not be alone we'll be premiering a European football podcast very soon headed up by our very own Doogie Critchley so head over to football daily podcasts if you want to

Check out the podcast in video form and of course you can still get it as an audio download on your favorite podcast app we hope to see you there but I go and subscribe to that because we will get extra time getting a European

Podcast on there as well it's well worth it thanks very much for watching we'll see you later

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