Ranking Michael Schumacher’s 7 F1 world championships

published on July 2, 2020

Michael Schumacher won seven World

Championships during his illustrious

Formula One career but which was his

best this is the question we answer in

this video ranking his titles from worst

to best

based on the opposition he faced how

well he drove how hard he had to work

the quality of his car his consistency

and all of the other factors that

combined to make each campaign unique of

course all of these were great seasons

for one of the best drivers of all time

but not all title victories are equal

and our ranking reflects that let us

know if you agree or disagree with our

rankings in the comments below and don't

forget to Like and subscribe there's no

question Michael Schumacher drove

brilliantly on his way to a first world

championship in 1994 and was a worthy

world champion after all thanks to the

to race ban he earned for ignoring a

black flag at the British Grand Prix and

two disqualifications he effectively

only had three quarters of the season to

score points in but this was a season

overshadowed by the loss of Ayrton Senna

that title deciding clash with Damon

Hill in the Adelaide finale and the

constant controversies that rightly or

wrongly engulfed the Benetton team this

makes it impossible to entirely divorce

the negatives from the undoubted highs

of the season during which Schumacher

established himself as a true superstar

while there were factors counting

against Schumacher

in 2003 notably the change in point

system to give ten for a win and just

two less for second this was arguably

his messiest title campaign during what

was one of the most unpredictable

seasons of the 21st century the bedrock

of Schumacher's campaign was a run of

four wins in five races in San Marino

Spain Canada Austria while he only

failed to score once after crashing out

in sodden conditions in Brazil but

Schumacher almost threw away the

championship in the Suzuka season finale

unfortunately time drain and qualifying

left him 14th on the grid but his

impatience in trying to recover resulted

in a collision with Takuma Sato he

eventually came through to finish eighth

although teammate Rubens Barrichello his

victory ahead of Kimi räikkönen ensured

Schumacher would have

this title even without that point

Schumacher was undoubtedly the class of

the field in 2001 clinching his fourth

World Championship with four races to

spare the trouble is he faced little

real opposition he comfortably

outclassed teammate Rubens Barrichello

but old rival Mika häkkinen was unable

to produce the kind of form that took

him to two titles before running

Schumacher closed in 2000 on anything

more than an occasional basis David

Coulthard started promising Li in the

other McLaren but his challenge trailed

off after a strong start that was

assisted by Schumacher setup troubles in

Brazil and a wheel rim failure at Imola

level on points with Coulthard after

four races he then eased to the title

taking first all second every time he

finished say for a subdued fourth place

at Monza in the wake of the September

11th attacks the combination of

Schumacher and Ferrari was unstoppable

during 2004

but while Schumacher's performances

behind the wheel were peerless winning

13 times in 18 races the lack of a real

title rival means there was a little

edge to this campaign and there was only

ever going to be one winner the second

fastest car over the season the ba R

Honda with which Jenson Button took

third in the championship was never

quite quick enough to defeat Ferrari

even when things did go wrong for

Schumacher with his costly crash in free

practice at Interlagos and then a messy

Chinese Grand Prix these came after he

had clinched the title for the rest of

the season he drove superb Lee only ever

being beaten in a straight forward race

by the inspired Kimi räikkönen at Spa as

his other second-place Tabarrok lor

Monza came after recovering from a first

lap spin along the way he also delivered

his famous four stop victory in the

French Grand Prix at Manticore

while there were moments during 2002

when Williams and McLaren appeared to

pose a genuine threat Ferrari and

Schumacher were consistently strong

Schumacher finished all 17 races in the

points as Ferrari set new standards for

reliability as well as pace never

finishing off the podium and only once

dropping as low as third in Malaysia

where Ralf Schumacher led home Juan

Pablo Montoya in a Williams 1/2 so

dominant was Schumacher in Ferrari that

it led to crisis talks and some extreme

suggestions for rule changes with

admittedly more mild changes eventually

made for 2003 this was a crushingly

effective season for Schumacher where he

showed just how far ahead of the rest

he was Schumacher's 2000 World

Championship has to be considered his

most important because it ended Ferraris

21-year wait for a drivers title he also

had to go toe to toe with great rival

Mika häkkinen to take it clinching the

crown with a race to spare after

defeating the fin in an epic Japanese

Grand Prix a win she maca rates as his

greatest despite there being no last

round title decider this was a classic

battle with momentum swinging between

häkkinen and Schumacher McLaren

unreliability allowed Schumacher to

taken early lead by winning the first

two races followed up by defeating

Hackman in another great battle at

similar but häkkinen regained ground as

during a five race spell in the middle

of the season Schumacher finished just

once when he won in Canada an exhaust

related suspension failure put him out

in Monaco an engine failure in France

then first corner collisions in Austria

in Germany left him on the back foot but

after hacking and took a six-point lead

with back-to-back wins at the


and after that legendary overtake spa

Schumacher simply proved unbeatable on

his way to sealing the crown the

brilliance of Schumacher's 1995 campaign

is too often forgotten taking what was

clearly not the strongest car to nine

victories and clinching the world

championship with two

to spare by winning the Pacific Grand

Prix without any of the tragedy or

controversy that overshadowed his first

Benetton title Schumacher might have

even sealed the title earlier but for

being wiped out at Silverstone and Monza

by mistakes from Damon Hill a crash in

damp conditions while leading after

switching to slicks on a drying track is

in Miller aside Schumacher had a superb

season in a Benetton b19 5 that took

time to get working

after the team switched to Renault

engines despite only taking four pole

positions Schumacher was formidable in

the races and even managed to win from

16th on the grid at Spa just to

underline how good his campaign was when

Schumacher tested the 1995 Ferrari at

Estoril after the end of the season he

was far faster than regular drivers Jean

Alesi and Gerhard Berger had ever been

there he later suggested he would have

won the World Championship more easily

in a Ferrari meaning perhaps the

Benetton was really only the third best

car of the season well that's our

ranking of Schumacher's titles but if

you think differently don't forget to

let us know why in the comments below


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