Ramadan In Quarantine Around The World

published on July 2, 2020


my name is mariam my name is allah

and i am a libyan american living in

pennsylvania where do i say i'm from and


am a palestinian iraqi brit living in

new york but now

staying with maryam in pennsylvania and

that's my friend from new york by way of

the uk she's been spending ramadan with

my family

because she was living in new york we

just couldn't have allah spending

ramadan by herself

so she came a couple weeks before

ramadan so we could quarantine

and then has been with us ever since so


is a holy month in islam it's a month of

fasting so muslims around the world wake

up at dawn

or before dawn and eat what's called and

then they fast

from all food and water until marib or

sunset we don't eat or drink anything


not even water so had it not been for

quarantine my ramadan would definitely

look a little bit different definitely

would have been seeing a lot more


having dinner with a lot of people

friends loved ones family members

i would have been completely by myself

in new york in my really tiny apartment

probably breaking my fast every day

alone and really really missing my

family i felt

very very blessed and very very lucky to

have family who's taking me in like one

of their own

getting emotional

stop it the fact that uh maryam's family

have welcomed me

with open arms encapsulates what the

spirit of ramadan is about

okay so the first thing that we're

preparing or i'm preparing today

is gd which is basically libyan

lamb jerky started the process yesterday

and basically

cut up the lamb and seasoned it and just

left it to sit overnight

and so that's what it looks like and

then now we have to put it in the


for like six or seven hours we've been

quite creative yeah

a lot of that is i wish you guys could

have like a slideshow of all the

different foods

we've actually made at this point


okay so alas helping me out getting a

head start on the monkey

just slicing and dicing some onions just

adding some onions

so that we can boil the chicken so

making essentially the broth

we've all been going through very

different like variations

of ramadan i guess at different points

throughout the month indeed

is in process it smells really good

but it's interesting i feel like we all

have very different experiences on a

day-to-day basis

but we're not uncomfortable sharing them

i mean it's it's

it's been a great month it's been

memorable there's been a lot of laughs

yeah a lot of laughs a lot of lost i'm

gonna miss that kitchen

hello my name is iman i am from

minnesota but i currently live

in seoul south korea wow my ramadan has

already been so different since living

in korea for about

over five years now um but here in korea

it's i would say it's a very lonely


in quarantine my situation is a bit

different because seoul is not

necessarily on lockdown

we are just social distancing you know

taking the necessary precautions wearing

masks wherever we go

and you know following whatever

guidelines and rules the

government puts out before there were no

regulations right

to prevent us from going to the mosque

and praying

in congregation or meeting up for iftars

and breaking our fasts

with friends or hanging out on the

weekends and then having to hurt


at a 24 hour restaurant and whatnot so i

feel like the fact that we have to

follow and abide

specific rules that's what's changed

feeling really restricted

i still go to work i definitely have to

wear a mask

my contact with people is very different

even my students are

all spread out within the classroom

they're not too close together i


break my fast again with family and

whatnot i'm usually teaching at that


so i do take a moment to break my fast

and then

get right back to work my situation is

very very very unique

to this whole ramadan experience than

most people but

definitely making it work and making the

best of it

hi my name is lima dashboor i'm from

jordan i'm living in amman

and ramadan this year would have been

completely different if it wasn't

for quarantine so for me ramadan has

always been the most social time of the


you get to catch up with all of the

family and friends that you don't


have the time to see during the year and

sit together and have a great meal

usually you are invited to somebody

solid every single day unfortunately

this year has been completely different

i'm actually a fashion designer and

ramadan is usually a very busy time for


unfortunately this year we had no orders


outfits for eid or for the weddings that

usually happen after ramadan which

were all completely cancelled so this is

one of the

busiest streets in amnan for buying

shoes and dresses and then as you can

see there's not many people inside even


we're only two days away from uh

in jordan we were forced to be home

by 7pm where sunset is around

at 8 and you're not allowed to use your

car every single day

so it would depend on your license plate

if it's

an odd or even number so that they

didn't want too many people in the


so this is rainbow street which is

usually a very busy street filled with


it's fully closed not a lot of people

are walking here

most of the shops are closed with no

customers inside

the sirens go off at around 7pm so you

need to make sure that you're done

and you're home if it's the time that

you're allowed to drive in

it did create a special memory where i

found out that i can actually cook

great food every single day and that you

are capable of cooking nonetheless even


we were very lonely during this time i

think that it was the only ramadan that

wasn't so busy

and kind of focusing on yourself and and

to have a little bit more of a spiritual


in my opinion even though it has been an

unusual ramadan but i'm very

optimistic and hopeful for uh what's



abu dhabi quarantine chronicles

and ramadan vlog madan whatever you want

to call it

it's your girl henan and you guys are

going to be coming along with me

on my journey today i forgot to mention

i'm not from abu dhabi

from seattle and i got stuck here about

two months ago

came to visit and my flight was


and i've been stuck here ever since i'm

one of the lucky ones though because

abu dhabi is basically home i was born

here and it's kind of home away from


i'm not stuck here i'd just say it's an

extended vacation

abu dhabi is very interesting because

they've implemented a lockdown

where the residents are not able to go

out during

you know typical ramadan hours but since

the coba 19 pandemic

we are not allowed to be out after 10


since you fasten all day you want to go

out after 10 pm but

you can't because cover 19 it's locked

down they do a sanitation i'm gonna

bring you guys along with me

going to the grocery store typically i

would not leave during the day when i'm

fasting just because you know

i'd be hungry we be hungry and you don't

want to lose your energy

so you guys are going to come along with

me so in order to

be outside you are required to wear a

mask it's not optional

it's a governmental mandate like

everyone has to wear masks

stores will provide you with gloves like

they take your

fever when you're walking in so i'm

going to see if i can get this on camera

okay so my mask broke and i can't go

into the wall without a mask

but thank god he has a mess for me

replacement mask on deck

we made it in the mall we have to wear


is this required i guess in the mall

it's required

everything is shut down literally only

thing open in this

place is the grocery store down there

that's it

stickers around the mall implementing

social distancing you have to maintain a


of three steps this is so crazy because

in in like the west in america and like

london and stuff

you would never see celebrate you would

never see eat sales ramadan sales like

this is so normal here so we made it

back home

and there's about how long


40 minutes left i can't wait to eat i'm

so hungry i'll show you guys what we

were having for iftar should we lie and

say we cook the biryani


right okay so i'm gonna show you guys

what we cooked

these are two ramadan staples dates

and retail you don't know what binto is

go out and try

it it's bangin



my name is zayn i am originally lebanese

and palestinian

i was born and raised in london which is

where i am right now so i graduated from

medical school last august i don't think

a typical day

in quarantine ramadan actually exists

for me it's been a bit weird in that


like some days i'm super productive like

revising my arabic notes revising my

medical notes

making loads of music and then other

days it's just literally me lazing

around the house

good morning guys so i've just woken up

so i'm just heading over to the studio

space we've built at the back of our

garden that's where i've been the most


the first thing i'm going to do today is

start doing some arabic homework ever

since quarantine started i haven't been

able to do

lessons in person so i have an arabic

tutor who i meet with twice a week

virtually so i've got some homework for

tomorrow and that's what i'll probably

do for the next half an hour when the

situation started getting quite bad i

was actually in lebanon so they

literally gave us

three days to catch a flight back to our

homes otherwise we'd have been stuck

there so

i was probably being in lebanon studying

classical arabic

making loads of music relaxing chilling

out one of my friends from canada his

name is cuckoo really cool producer so

we're just gonna have a meeting and see

exactly what he needs

bro this is so good honestly okay i'm


i'm gonna spend some time recording to


i'll be on the way

tonight for a start we will be having

mana ish

which is kind of like a lebanese pizza i

think some of my favorite memories

from this ramadan have been the ones of

me and my dad in the kitchen

learning his recipes learning the

stories behind those recipes

are things i've never really had the

opportunity to do before

i think that's that's been my favorite

thing i think in a nutshell this ramadan

has just been

very different it has its pros and it

has its cons but

i've never really had a ramadan like

this thanks for joining

a day in my life in ramadan and

quarantine i hope it was insightful





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