Quoll: The Polka Dotted Predator

published on July 2, 2020

at the edge of the world on the edge of

extinction lives the little creature

that could only found in Australia and

New Guinea these nocturnal polka-dotted

predators are making a comeback this is

the Quall


hi I'm Daniel Defoe and you're watching

Animalia logic this is an Eastern coal

one of four species of cool found in

Australia and they're all marsupial

carnivores the cool family are the

largest extant marsupial carnivores left

on mainland Australia this species in

particular the Eastern coal only now

lives in Tasmania in total there are six

species of cool found across Australia

Tasmania and New Guinea and their size

and appearance varies widely New Guinea

is home to the smallest call the aptly

named New Guinea and Cole and they can

wade fully grown up to just 450 grams

about the weight of a three week old

kitten also found here are the bronze

calls their range doesn't overlap with

their local cousins and they thrive in

New Guinea savannas the four other

species of Cole live in Australia

Northern pools live in small isolated

pockets along Australia's northern coast

Western pools are only found in the

Australian southwest and despite the

vast distance they are actually more

closely related to new guineas bronze

pools Tasmania is home to two species of


there's the eastern Pole such as this

lovely little fellow as well as the

larger more spotty spotted tail cool

these chunks usually weigh up to three

and a half kilograms with some rare

cases seeing spotted claws

also known as Tiger claws weighing in at

seven kilograms

this makes them 15 times bigger than the

smallest Cole's

bulls are the closest living relatives

to the Tasmanian devils and like

tessie's they're primarily nocturnal


given their vast terrain pools are quite

adaptable and thrive in a variety of

environments from forests to grasslands

to jungle

to arid shrubland clothes are almost all

terrain animals because they're very

capable climbers diggers and even

swimmers they'll do whatever it takes to

find a meal holes are known for eating

carrion but there are also very capable

hunters they'll find all kinds of small

vertebrates and insects to snack on

qualls are also known for eating eggs

from all kinds of nests from Turtles or

birds but the largest species the tiger

Cole prefers larger prey these chunky

cuties will go after echidnas and

opossums but they seem to have a

particular interest in cameramen tiger

walls are the largest carnivorous

marsupial on mainland Australia with

their cousins the Tazi Devils being the

largest in the world

they're called tiger pools because of

their spots which extend all the way to

their tail of course they should have

been called leopard Falls since Tigers

aren't spotted but whatever they have

large territories of up to 500 hectares

and can cover six kilometres a night

pools are nocturnal animals and they

live in holes in the ground in dens or

entry hollows because of this they are

quite good climbers feed on trees or


forever coming in second the tiger pool

has the second strongest bite relative

to body size among mammals being ousted

by their devilish cousins


Tiger quills use their strong jaws to

break the neck of their prey pouncing on

them and biting the base of their

targets skull while Tiger calls get

their name from their spots all species

of call are polka-dotted

my favorite thing about these calls

really is their beautifully decorated

pelts it's very endearing just how how

individually spotted every single one is

every cool has their own fingerprint of

spots they use it to identify one

another it helps them with camouflage

mimicking the light dabbling across the

forest floor between the leaves walls

are solitary creatures and only need up

to mate though they do have communal the

trains of sorts we're up to a hundred

individuals poop they're thought to have

a social purpose for letting each other

know who lives in the neighborhood who

they're hooking up with and what they're


it's like reddit but with feces mating

happens in the winter and like other

marsupials they give birth to very

underdeveloped young who have to climb

up into the pouch in order to survive

the quoll will breed once a year and

because she only has six teats she can

only raise six young at a time you could

say that clothes live hard and fast with

a life expectancy of only four years but

one of the biggest threats to their

survival are feral cats Eastern pools in

particular have faced a hard time ever

since Europeans started introducing

non-native species like cats and foxes

which compete them for prey and predate

upon them as well we're gonna see a

black more of a cool oh that's so


so this is a black color morph of the

Eastern coal and they come in two colors

who knew kind of say this one's my

favorite the black morph of Eastern

coals was particularly hard-hit by early

European settlers hunting them to make

rugs out of their pelts well they used

to roam mainland Australia they've gone

extinct in the region and can now only

be found in Tasmania despite the fact

that Eastern calls have gone extinct on

mainland Australia there are efforts to

reintroduce populations from Tasmania


since 2016 there have been several

programs aimed at reintroducing Eastern

coals to mainland Australia the first

program was a reintroduction into a

fenced reserve north of Canberra in 2016

the program has been successful and with

more recent introduction their numbers

have been growing steadily they were

raised in captivity with very little

human intervention in a Tasmanian

sanctuary to prevent them from becoming

to use to people then they were

outfitted with GPS collars in order to

track their activity in the wild

fortunately the reintroduced Eastern

coal started reproducing soon after and

hopefully they'll repopulate mainland

Australia and claw their way back from

the brink of extinction if you want to

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morning person but I got up at the crack

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Rise and from where I am it's gonna be

quite a spectacular view this week I got

to check out the tessellated pavement

off the east coast of Tasmania it's an

absolutely fascinating geological

phenomenon and it also looks exactly

like a coral puzzle times are tough for

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it's amazing he doesn't seem to mind at

all though

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