QuarkChain (QKC) – 1,000,000 TPS. 100X Potential! My #1 ICO of Q2 2018. Here’s Why..

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

we're gonna look at Courchesne today
this is my number one I CEO of q2 2018
this ICO is gonna take off it's got
everything so what is core chain core
chain is a high capacity peer-to-peer
transactional system it is an innovative
permissionless blockchain architecture
that aims to meet global wise commercial
standard it provides a decentralized
scaleable solution deliver 1 million
Unchained transactions per second the
ultimate goal of their blockchain is to
extend scalability as high as possible
while keeping the security and
decentralisation at an appropriate level
okay so you're thinking another
blockchain so what what makes it
different from all the other block
chains core chain has three exciting new
innovations number one it's the first
blockchain technology that supports
States charting number two the first
blockchain charting technology that
supports turing-complete smart contracts
number three the first block chain
networks supporting clustering as peers
core chains alpha version of Testament
as already been running since April 2nd
is running at 2279 transactions per
second right now which is similar to
Zilla cos test net at the moment you
might think these two are kind of
similar but they're really not they're a
lot different they still use the same
charting mechanism for scalability we'll
look at them in a second so how is core
chain different compared to silicon
number one silica does not support Turin
complete smart contracts while core
chain supports turing-complete smart
contracts as they their virtual machine
number two silica supports Network shard
and WAP or chain supports network state
sharding number three core chain has
scalable cross shard transactions while
silicones cross card transactions are
pretty limited there are no ico token
metrics released yet for lists all we
know is that the hard cap is 20 mil
already talked to the team and they said
that this information is coming in the
near future 20 million is not bad before
we look at the main features we'll look
at the design principles that they took
an account when making this the first
principle was enhancing the scalability
while guaranteeing the security and
decentralization number two enabling
seamless cross card transactions for
user quality of experience number
three simple account management for
clients number four open standard to
support various daps number five and
sense of Dervin eco system the main
features of core chain are rechargeable
two layer block chain core chain
consists of two layers of block chains
it applies sharding as the first layer
and a route block chain as a second
layer that confers blocks for the first
layer the second layer is flexible to be
sharted as needed without changing the
route layer Courchesne adopts a
divide-and-conquer idea to separate the
two functions in two layers and dust
enhancing the scalability while
guaranteeing security the digital design
is as follows core chain consists of an
elastic shard in block chain layer which
contains a list of minor block chains
each shard processes a subset of all
transactions independently therefore as
a number of shards increase shards can
process more transactions concurrently
as a result the system capacity
increases as the number of shards
increase core chain has a root block
chain that converts all transactions
from chartres block chains the root
block chain does not process any
transactions but as block has
sufficiently strong enough difficulty
core chain is also designed to support
additional shards and active network
adding more shards is easy and fast
while users barely sends this so as you
can see here from the design there's the
root chain and there's the shards at the
bottom there's the root chain layer and
the sharding layer right there
so the second feature is guaranteed
security by market driven collaborative
mining to ensure that the security of
all transactions a game theoretic
framework is designed for incentive
where at least 50% of overall powers are
allocated to the routine to prevent
double spending attack on any
transactions the goal of collaborative
mining is to design incentive mechanisms
and difficulty algorithms so that hash
powers are incentivized to distribute
evenly among shards this ensures that
all shards are mine evenly and thus a
systems transaction per second increases
as a number of shards increases the root
chain has a significant large portion of
hash power over the whole hash power of
the network this prevents double
spending attack a malicious miner needs
at least 50% to perform an attack so as
you can see here the routine here
discharged here's a clustering of the
miners right there this is just an
illustration of collaborator of mining a
third feature anti centralized
horizontal scalability expansion in any
block chain network with high
transactions per second a super full
node can be extremely expensive which
encourages centralization in contrast
allows multiple cheat nose forming a
cluster to replace a super full node
Courchesne is designed to be more
decentralized because a weaker minor
doesn't need to join a mining pool to
collect its reward a fourth feature
efficient cross shard transactions
cross shard transactions and coaching
can be issued at any time and confirmed
in minutes the speed of cross shard
transactions increases linearly as the
number of shards increase cross shark
transactions are where the input and
output addresses are in different shards
cross card transactions are usually
difficult because of the synchronization
between the two shards the core chain
fully supports the cross chart
transactions as the first-class citizen
in the sense that any user could issue
any cross card transaction at any time a
cross right transaction can be issued a
menace a throughput of cross card
transactions could be scaled linearly as
the number of shards increases the key
features of Courchesne creates a world
in which anyone will be able to easily
perform any transactions in a
cost-effective manner this is an
illustration of a cross card
transactions I really like this feature
right here this sold it for me simple
account management there's only one
account needed for the entire block
chain in core chain all cryptocurrencies
from different shards are stored in one
smart contract wallet moreover a user
only needs to have one account to manage
all addresses in the charge and is able
to interact with the user seamlessly in
addition they will create a smart wallet
application which automatically performs
cross chart or in charge transactions
for the user and the user may not even
be aware of the charting in the system
some users may choose an advanced way to
manage their addresses for example like
allowing payments via in shard
transactions and thus emergent dies is
able to receive payments from all users
in seconds and this is just an
illustration of the simple account
management system as you can see here
there's one private key for all the
smart contracts nursing that before the
six features cross chain transactions
with their design architecture cross
chain transactions become approachable
since they only maintain one route chain
the transactions from another blockchain
can be implemented by converting the
tokens by an adapter and then performing
the transaction like a cross chart
transaction from 14 side another way is
to accommodate the other chain as the
sub chain so that the cross chain
becomes a cross shard transactions
number 7 core chain will be supporting
on chain and off chain transactions
number 8 core chain will be supporting
smart contracts via a theorem virtual
machine the most widely used execution
engine for smart contracts those that
demand high transaction
including advertising internet-of-things
AI big data game peer-to-peer sharing
economy etc today lots of DAPs are
awaiting a for more reliable and
scalable foundation to begin with
Cortana will become the perfect choice
number 10 Courtney will also be
supporting mobile decentralized
applications Courtney has a robust
infrastructure to fully support mobile
apps and its infrastructure designed as
mobile oriented okay so I heard some of
the features and us though kind of
skeptical and I was wondering how can
these guys hit 1 million transactions
per second if you go to their website
they'll explain their frequently asked
questions section about how they can do
this core chain aims to deliver millions
of transactions per second in a few
these numbers are capacity of chord
change system when achieving peak
numbers we need to consider several
bottleneck factors one CPU the most
consuming part of the CPU is validation
of transactions our experiment shows
that a single core core validated
several thousands of transactions per
second and core chains capacity could
scale almost linearly as a number of
cores increases thanks to sharding in
addition existent research shows that
with GPU optimization the cryptographic
operations of GPU could be more than
five times faster than that of a CPU but
for the optimization of CPU / GPU this
should enable us to validate 100k
transactions per second and a single
node with clustering features enable
core chain should be able to achieve 1
million transactions per second we're
more than 10 machines in a cluster
number 2 network bandwidth suppose the
transaction size is about 250 bikes
100,000 transactions per second takes
about 2 gigabytes per second network
bandwidth this is considerably high at
the moment but such network bandwidth
will gradually be available in the next
few years with new network technologies
such as fiber number 3 in addition
another bottleneck of core chain is a
block size limit of routine consider 8
mega byte route block size limit 250
bytes per second and 1 million per block
size and shard with 128 bits of block
header a route blocker confirmed 250
million transactions given that the
route blocks is 1 in 50 seconds the
maximum transactions per second
supported by core chain will be 1.7
million transactions per second damn
these are core chains token economics as
discussed previously the main goal of
Courchesne is to solve the scalability
problem of the current blockchain based
systems the key application scenarios a
core team will focus on financial
errors and game industries the token of
coaching will play very important roles
which carry the value of Courchesne
there are several detail application
fields of qkc the first is value carrier
the essence of encrypted currencies is
the value carrier which is the most
important attribute of qkc transaction
currency similar to aetherium each
transactional core chain needs to pay
transaction fee since core treat has a
powerful transaction processing
capability transaction fees will be very
low the transaction fee can only be paid
by qkc contribution award as a
peer-to-peer system using economics
means to produce a positive feedback
which for most continuous development of
a system qkc will be the reward to
motivate the community to make
continuous contributions to the system
let's look at the roadmap so in q2
they've already released a test net and
they releasing the wallet test with it
they are aiming to have 10 key
transactions per second in q3 they're
making upgrades to the test net and the
wallet and q4 they'll be releasing the
maintenance and they're releasing the
smart wallet by that time they are
aiming to have 100k transactions per
second in q2 2019 they're aiming to have
1 million transactions per second so
we're gonna look at a team here and this
first gentleman here is the founder he's
former Google expert in high-performance
systems he was a software engineer of
Facebook he's worked at Dell consulting
software engineer he was also a software
engineer at Google and EMC Dell again he
went to Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD Georgia Institute of Technology and
masters very impressive resume from this
gentleman here very impressive so next
we are looking at this gentleman mr.
Wang so he was a senior software
engineer at Facebook he was also a
software engineering Instagram and
Google he also it was also an intern at
AT&T he was also a research assistant at
University of Michigan he went to
University of Michigan he has a master
degree in computer science and
engineering very impressive resume again
so this lady here mrs. woo assistant
professors at a Polytechnic Institute
she was she's a research scientist at
Courchesne assistant professor of
Polytechnic Institute Georgia Institute
of Technology she has a PhD of
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology and
masters in Electrical and Computer
so another impressive resume as I said
before we are still very early with the
research the team doesn't have all their
length then post it up yet but I'll read
what they have so far on their website
this lady here is a full professor at
Georgia Tech this gentleman here is a
PhD from Virginia Tech he's also a
co-founder of demo plus plus this lady
here is doing the marketing she has a
background in finance and she also has
experience on Wall Street and Silicon
Valley does this gentleman here is doing
the business development and helping
build the ecosystem he's also the
founder at demo plus plus so this
gentleman here is founder CEO of
multiple international companies
enthusiasts distributed ledger
technology 12 years experience in
international trading and he's also the
founder of multiple international
companies this gentleman here is the
community manager crypto media writer
founder of investment firm three years
experience and financial investment
crypto media writer this lady here does
social media broadcasts and kids rich
experience in business development
she has marketing experience in both the
US and China so these are their advisers
here this gentleman won the Benjamin
Franklin medal he is also a university
distinguished professor at Virginia Tech
fellow of international academy of
engineering USA
this gentleman's here his name is Bill
Moore he's distinguished at Sun
Microsystems eco LED ZFS team and served
as chief engineer for storage at Sun
this gentleman here Mike Miller he's a
PhD physicist with the hundred-plus
publications he's also worked for IBM
Cloud Data Services this gentleman here
Kevin H has a rich experience an
investment and has invested over sixty
blockchain companies around the world
this gentleman here Leo Wang Leo Wang
crypto fund manager invested in over 50
plus projects all over the world
including ontology art block smart mesh
elasto score chain Penta vertical chain
and app coin this gentleman here is an
expert in cyber security discovered
serious vulnerabilities and Linux
Android TCP and IP assistant professor
at UC Riverside next we're gonna look at
their social media their github guys is
not like there's nothing on it there's
you haven't released code yet but the
team said they'll be releasing code and
q2 sometime so look out for that again
we are very earlier in this project
there are many things released for this
project yet but I'm still super bullish
on this they're talking has about 3,000
people in their telegram right now under
medium has about 227 followers their
twitter has close to a thousand
followers and their facebook
a small number of photos so the majority
of the people is in the telegram so to
conclude this is my number one IC o—-
q2 2018 it's the number one IC o—-
basically because of the technical
aspects of the team the team is versed
and meet all the goals and demands that
this project could require so this was
presented by KC I'm from Krypton PDF so
if you like the content press that
subscribe button smash that like button
leave a couple we got more videos to
come more reviews and we out

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